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Eve and Adam
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Eve and Adam

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message 1: by Alondra (last edited Apr 27, 2015 10:57PM) (new)

Alondra Gonzalez | 35 comments "It's the fate of all creators: They fall in love with their creations." The science fiction novel called Eve and Adam, by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate, is about a girl named Evening and her project to create the perfect boy, Adam, in her mother's research facility. I really enjoyed this book because it talks about a lot of futuristic technology and medical devices and Eve's process to create Adam is very interesting as well as their relationship. I recommend this book to people of the ages 13 and up. Other books written by Michael Grant are the Gone book series. “Observant, smart, and unencumbered by emotion, this is a tasty read that readers will devour in a flash.”―Publishers Weekly.

message 2: by Dylan (new) - added it

Dylan Not Michael Grant's best book (which was Fear) but i stil loved it

message 3: by Brigitte (new)

Brigitte Jimenez | 37 comments Good review Lola. It sounds cool because in the Bible it says that God created Eve out of Adam so it's different, and I can actually imagine it in the future.

message 4: by Abraham (new)

Abraham Hernandez | 43 comments This book sounds amazing, with all the technology and science fiction, and you made it sound even better. Great review.

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