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Kristen Ah yes, The Lunar Chronicles characters, from our sexy space captains to the lovable cyborgs we've all come to adore, these characters have already earned places in our hearts. Something recently has come to my attention though, particularly with what I thought was everyone's favorite Lunar guard. I love all of the main characters, and yet I'm finding that some of the characters I love are actually disliked by quite a few people (Jacin Clay being the most evident) Is everyone entitled to their own opinion? Of course! I'm just attempting to figure out other reasons for loving/hating the characters based off of how others see them. Write about whoever you desire, from ships (Rampion included) to antagonists, I'd love to hear your feedback.

Rachel NOTE: I haven't actually finished reading "Cress" yet. Some of these opinions may change after I've finished. But this was a good question, and I didn't feel like waiting to answer it, haha.

So far I like everybody a lot. If I HAD to choose someone to dislike, it might be Scarlet or Wolf. Scarlet kind of annoys me in the way she doesn't think stuff through and doesn't grasp some things that seemed to me fairly self-evident, like Wolf's reasons behind his actions. And Wolf is interesting enough, I suppose. I just...don't find him as interesting as most of the rest of the characters. Not totally sure why. Maybe I just find how emotional his struggles are slightly less interesting? Gotta think about that more...
But I still like both of them. Meyer seems to have a gift for writing lots of likable characters.

Cinder and Thorne are my favourite individual characters, I think.
I like Cinder's determination, her struggles with the morality of her Lunar gift, her ability to (usually) follow what she thinks is right despite her emotions (evidence is her utter refusal to go to the ball, no matter how attractive she found the prince). Also her cyborg-ness and mechanic skills and lunar gift. She's cool.
And Thorne is just loads of fun. And also hilarious.
I like Cress a lot too, especially since she's a computer programmer like I am. I actually wish Meyer would emphasize that aspect a bit more. Programming is cool! And Cress is so brilliant at it! There is so much opportunity for awesomeness there.
So far I'm really liking Jacin. Not sure why so many people would dislike him, he's quite a fascinating character.

Favourite ship is Thorne/Cress. There isn't the same immediate attraction thing that there is for the other couples--ok, well, Cress has it. But it's such a naive, non-informed crush that I almost don't count it. But Thorne's first description of her is "sort-of cute"! So much room for growth there! It's great. Plus they seem like a more unusual couple in some ways, and I'm a fan of non-normal romances.

Kristen Rachel wrote: "NOTE: I haven't actually finished reading "Cress" yet. Some of these opinions may change after I've finished. But this was a good question, and I didn't feel like waiting to answer it, haha.

So fa..."

Thanks for giving your feedback! And I agree with you, Marissa does a fantastic job with writing insanely likable characters.
Our lovable cyborg, Cinder, deals with so much emotional turmoil without even being able to physically cry and yet she still manages to be sarcastic and fun almost to a fault. She just wants to save everyone because of her selfless impulses and yet she always feels like she falls short. Whether it's with attractive Princes or the citizens of Earth or even the innocents of her own home country; she wants to protect everyone.
And Carswell Thorne...I'm fairly certain there are not enough words in the English language (or whatever language their "universal" one is) He's like the Han Solo of our generation! (And trust me, in my book, that's a HUGE compliment) Honestly, what is up with Captains being ridiculously attractive these days? It's going to be such a let down when I meet an actual captain and he doesn't meet up to the standard :(
Cress is such a fun character too, because she's not your usual externally super strong female character and yet she's still very bada$$. Her and Thorne are great together and really bring out the best in each other. Again, I'm not sure how far you are into the novel, but you'll really see that come out later in the book ;D
I think people don't like Jacin either because A) He's snarky towards the crew (which I just so happen to love him for) B) I don't want to spoil anything. If you read the three Winter chapters in Fairest then you will see an ENTIRE separate side to him that I just plain adore. Plus, the released quotes from Winter really show how some of the characters are going to act! I need to know what happens; I'm not even joking, if I die before the release date I'm going to haunt the Barnes and Noble and force someone to read it to me (let's just say I hope you wouldn't be in that particular B and N ;D)
If you want to, then tell me what you think of the feisty-gun-wielding-farm girls, the socially awkward and adorable hackers, the snarly (and oddly attractive... well at least to me) rogue Lunar guards, and of course the best ship to fly in space when you're finished with the book :D Again, thanks for the feedback, I'm glad there's someone out there who doesn't hate the characters I enjoy so much.

Rachel So verdict after finishing "Cress":

Everyone is awesome.

Yeah, still don't get why people don't like Jacin. His snarkiness is funny! And his devotion to his princess is admirable. I haven't read the first three chapters of "Winter" yet. I'm still deciding if I want to or not... It might make the wait even harder.
The small snippet we got of Princess Winter was GREAT. She's totally nuts--it's going to be really fascinating.
Thorne/Cress is the cutest, and I really, really hope it all works out for them in "Winter". I almost wish Thorne would stay blind, though... It would certainly make for an even more unique, interesting, and diverse hero. But somehow I doubt that's going happen.
Kai is also growing on me. In the first book, he was too much just the "handsome prince" for me. But I enjoyed reading about his struggles as Emperor and his reunion with Cinder at the end of "Cress".
I felt dreadfully sorry for Wolf. Poor guy. :(

The wait is tooooo looooong. Sigh. I won't be in the Barnes & Noble when you haunt it, don't worry. ;) I live in Canada, and we don't have B&N as far as I know. (Our version is called Chapters.) So haunt away!

Kristen Rachel wrote: "So verdict after finishing "Cress":

Everyone is awesome.

Yeah, still don't get why people don't like Jacin. His snarkiness is funny! And his devotion to his princess is admirable. I haven't read ..."

Yeah I agree with the whole "everything is awesome" comment (uggh, I never thought I'd ever quote that song in my life, pardon me as I run to the bathroom to gag) This series is truly one of a kind and I still CAN NOT decide whether I want Winter right now or am dreading the end of a series I've grown to love so much! (Oh and btw, you should read the three chapters, we'll be getting a short story about Jacin and Winter this Summer:D!
Yeah, I think people mainly don't like him for his betrayal to the crew, but in his defense he was only doing so because the girl he (doesn't admit to, just like about every other guy on the Rampion) loves wanted him back and he didn't want to be free and without her (well, and maybe because he didn't realize Cinder was Selene... besides the point) Maybe it's also because we haven't gotten his POV yet...Do you even know how excited I am to read that? Honestly my obsession has turned into addiction...I'm in need of a fandom support group.
Winter's craziness I think comes and goes with her emotions. Like when (poor) Scarlet was telling her how Jacin's dead, confirming her worst fear, she was very upset and having those hallucinations be even worse. Again, we get a sneak peek of her in the Fairest sneak peek where we see why she may... No spoilers ;), I'll write you about it when you read it!
Yeah, Thorne will probably get his sight back, because in the original tale Rapunzel "cried" into his eyes and he got his vision back (along with two young children... I'll leave *that* piece of information to the fanfiction writing fangirls :0) It would be kind of cute if he stayed blind because as a guy who loves appearances he still fell for a girl who he just thought of as "semi-cute" on a netscreen; but I don't think that would be fair to his character to keep him blind forever. (Plus a quote came out that revealed he got it back)
Sometimes I don't even know why I enjoy Kai so much...Honestly, sometimes he'll do something simple like pull his hair or start pacing the room and act, well human, and I for one can't help but love him and sometimes I don't even know why. (Maybe I'm going crazy as Winter because of this release date...)
I know right? That poor (huntsman) Wolf, never even said he loved her before she shot him and was taken back to his home planet that he hates.
I've never heard of this "Chapters" you speak of, but if it's anything like B&N then it must be lovely. Canada huh? That's nice, and thanks for the blessing of my haunting. MWHAHAHA, well, let's hope I don't have to, I'm only 13 actually. You're around that age too, right? If your not comfortable sharing that, it's cool, just wondering if I've been corresponding with a person 1/2 or 2x my age :0. If you bothered to read all this, (sorry about it's length! I hope that stereotype about Canadians being kind to their neighbors of the South even when they're annoying is true!) then feel free to keep commenting if you have anything else to say :D

Rachel Haha, I actually like The Lego Movie quite a lot, and that song too. Although by this point, it's DEFINITELY overdone. So your gag reflex is justified. ;)

"Fairest" is on hold from the library now. It's the one with the three sample "Winter" chapters, yes? And yes, I heard about the Jacin/Winter short story! I haven't actually read any of the short stories yet, so I still have some things to tide me over while waiting for "Winter".

I'm really looking forward to knowing more about Winter. I'm a bit partial to characters suffering from mental illnesses of various sorts. (Cress kind of falls under this too, with some fairly severe anxiety.) I'll let you know what I think of her once I've read the three chapters!
Yeah, I think it's fairly obvious Thorne will get his sight back. If only that he does in the original fairy tale. And I must admit, I'm looking forward to his reactions to things (especially Cress) when he does get it back.

I was in the States recently and of course went to the Barnes & Nobel (cause I can only go so long without a bookstore). And yeah, it's pretty much exactly like Chapters in style. Only minor differences.
And actually, I'm in my twenties, so I'm more in the 2x age range. :) But I find that with avid readers who read for the sheer pleasure of it, the age doesn't matter very much, and I can have excellent coversations with 13 year-olds as easily as 53 year olds. My reading hasn't even changed all that much since I was 13. Back then I read children's, YA, and adult books in all sorts of genres, and I still do.
And really don't worry about the length! In fact, the longer the better! There's pretty much nothing I like better than reading/writing long ramblings on the awesomeness of fiction and its characters. So keep at it! I'm really enjoying this discussion. :)

Rachel P.S. I was going to especially mention that scene in "Cress" where Cress is captured and surrounded by enemies and Captain Thorne comes in heroically to rescue her, and then it turns out everybody in the room is an ally. It was really funny.

Kristen Rachel wrote: "Haha, I actually like The Lego Movie quite a lot, and that song too. Although by this point, it's DEFINITELY overdone. So your gag reflex is justified. ;)

"Fairest" is on hold from the library now..."

I shouldn't probably say anything rude about The Lego Movie since I've technically never seen it, but that when that song starts playing...I know you can't tell, but I'm shuddering in horror right now.
Good for you! It's interesting to see into the way Levana's cruel mind works and "justifies" whatever malice she does in Fairest. You're partial to mental ill characters you say ;)? Something is telling me that you'll begin to care more for everyone's least favorite character.
Marissa always writes great short stories so I'm sure this one will be just as good. My favorite one was probably The Queen's Army because it gave insight on Wolf and his mysterious past before meeting Scarlet. I actually was recently mad about not being able to find Carswell's Guide to Being Lucky online and not being able to subscribe to Marissa's newsletter to get it. (Honestly, I groaned so loud my mom gave me a motherly "are you hurt?" look and I gave her the "not in the way you think" look in response. That was a dark day.)
I know what you mean about enjoying characters that are seen as mentally ill. I think everyone has at least a *little* insanity to them , some of us are either better at hiding their eccentricity. so reading about a character that KNOWS they have a few screws loose makes the character even more enjoyable. And also, good catch on Cress's anxiety! I feel like sometimes no one notices anything unless the book actually comes out and says it in the text. Like if you've ever watched How I Met Your Mother (well maybe not, since Barney's always making fun of Robin's Canadian ancestry...) then you might think that all the characters actually suffer from mental disorders. It's off topic, but if you watched that show then you might agree.
Yeah, I'm so excited to hear what Thorne thinks of the rest of the crew and especially Cress when he gets his sight back. Honestly, if he's thinking such good things about her personality, she'll definitely be surpassing "semi-cute" when he first sees her. And I know this will probably sound weird, are you kind of hoping that Iko will say something about Wolf or Jacin's looks now that she can see what they look like? I mean, she has made comments about both Throne and Kai, I kind of feel like the other two guys of the Rampion deserve to have something said about their good looks, it would be hilarious because they're probably not used to it :D
The Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite places, so I'm sure I'd like Chapters just as well (the name's certainly better)
I'm finding that when it comes to people who truly enjoy books that it really does not matter how old they are so long as they love it for the right reasons (and by that I mean if I see an 80 year old slobbering over Fifty Shades then I might avert my eyes and be glad at least it's a book and not the movie... Ick, it's not even love... Nevermind, I'm not in the mood for more justified gagging today) As a 13 year old of today's world, it's kind of hard to find people my age who love reading as much as I do, especially with the books I love, like this series most people haven't even heard of at my school. That's one reason I got this account, I'm able to connect with nerds, I mean, book lovers like me, so I'm glad that you're bothering to stick around with my long ramblings about places I'll never go to and people I'll never meet. As someone who agrees with loving long, lengthy rants, I'm proud to say that we're probably the minority in that opinion. Plus, 20 something is nothing to me, I have 8 siblings (6 half, 2 full, long story) and 6 of them are 25 -31 years old! Hope I didn't offend you with making an a** out of u and me by thinking you were my age. And I'm enjoying this conversation too, it's nice to know there are people who love this series as much as I do!

Kristen Rachel wrote: "P.S. I was going to especially mention that scene in "Cress" where Cress is captured and surrounded by enemies and Captain Thorne comes in heroically to rescue her, and then it turns out everybody ..."
YES! That was one of my favorite scenes of the novel! Vicious and confused Wolf with snarky Jacin, annoyed doctor Erland, anxiety ridden Cress and some blind, heroic Thorne? Though that may sound weird to anyone who hasn't read the books (the unorthodox names don't help there), it was so lovely and great and really showed some of the characters best sides! I still want them to start saying friends instead of allies to one another but there will be 824 pages of awesomeness in Winter for that to happen anyway.

Rachel How come you weren't able to subscribe to MM's newsletter? I was able to subscribe and get the story. Do you want me to send it to you somehow? It's short, of course, but lots of fun. Totally worth it to get more Thorne awesomeness.

I have a couple of very close friends who suffer from a few mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, and OCD*). So it's really nice to find characters that suffer from those illnesses and yet are still interesting and cool. I also have a fair amount of social anxiety, so it was easy to spot Cress's.
I haven't really seen How I Met Your Mother. Just an episode here and there. I don't mind the making fun of Robin's Canadian heritage, though. It's funny, and it's nice just to be noticed at all, haha. We're actually a pretty small country--our population is less than that of California (but with in an area bigger than every country in the world except Russia).

I hadn't specifically thought about Iko commenting on Wolf or Jacin, but yeah, now that you mention it, that woud be really funny! Iko really is a hilarious character. I remember MM saying something somewhere about Iko and Thorne specifically being really fun to write because they were so funny. I can totally see that being the case.

Yeah, Chapters is awesome. If you ever go to Canada, you should visit one! They also have a WAY better in-store computer system set up. Trying to search if a book was in the store in B&N was really annoying, but it's really easily done at Chapters.

Totally agree on 50 Shades of Grey, haha. I can do the justified gaggin this time. ;)
And it can be hard even in my 20s to find people who love reading as much as I do. It's why I decided to comment on your post, because I had noone else to talk to about how much I enjoyed this series.
I have 6 siblings, so not too far off there! They're all younger than me, and my 12-year-old sister is almost as much of a book-lover as I am. So discussing books with a 13-year-old is pretty much normal for me too.
No problem about assuming I was your age. :) I have a tendency to assume people are my age too. In fact, I'm pretty sure if I'd thought about it, I would have assumed you were about my age. Hard to tell on the internet, especially when talking to readers, who all tend to be well-spoken.

Gaaaaaah, I can't wait till Winter. (For a GoT reference: Winter is coming!)

*This is NOT the "OCD" that people talk about when they casually mention, "I'm so OCD! I always have to eat my Smarties** in a certain order!" or "My desk has to be totally order! Lol, I'm so OCD!" or something. Actual OCD is rather different, and an actual disability.
**I just realized that I think Smarties might be a Canadian candy not found in the States... Are they? They are small round coloured chocolates, a little like M&M's, and it's always fun to compare with people the order in which you eat them (all of one colour first, alternating, chaotically, etc.).

message 11: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy Okay, 1st book:

Love: Cinder being an awesome cyborg girl.

Hate: Being SO stubborn and turning down the prince just cuz she's half robot.

Love: Kai and all of his prince-ness

Hate: I wasn't too sure about his (Kai's) reaction to the "Cinder being Lunar" thing. It could have been a bit clearer on how he felt about it (was a little confused on that part)

Love: Iko's personality. It was so funny how she just cared SO much about the ball!

Love: Peony acting like the annoying little sister that you can't stand but can't stay away from.

Hate: Peony getting the plague.

Hate: That lunar queen crap face.

2nd book:

I have no words.

3rd book:


Rachel Have no words because it was so awesome or because you didn't like it?
Thanks for the comment! :)

message 13: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy Because I LOVE IT :D

Kristen Rachel wrote: "How come you weren't able to subscribe to MM's newsletter? I was able to subscribe and get the story. Do you want me to send it to you somehow? It's short, of course, but lots of fun. Totally worth..."
Oh my goodness, I never realized you even respinded to me, my notifications were not even working, I'm terribly sorry for that! The American lazy streotypes must be rolling in right now!
Yes, I don't know WHY I can't subscribe to the newsletter but for some reason I'm completly unable to get the short story and I've been quite vocal about my unhappiness about it (honestly, it does not take much groaning to the computer for your family to assume you've gone mad) Since it's not quite as important to the story, I guess it's not as bad, but I'm still very mad about it because I want to see Thorne when he was my age! Perhaps even compare him to what I consider the "normal" 13 year old these days! (not that I know how to be like that…)
Yeah, I completly understand the mental illness factor with this book and the world; I too, personally have friends/family with diseases like that and I like the fact that Marissa has a certain…subtleness to the character's diseases. Like for Levana she isn't just like "WE'RE ALL MAD HERE! MWHAHA I KILLED EVERET!" she layers it under things that almost seem evil rather than insane. Yet another reason she's one of my favorite authors.
I know right? I've been dying for some more funnies with Iko and the rest of the crew, fact is, the only characters she has never ereally had a funny encounter with is Wolf and Scarlet, and both of those characters would add up to some hilarious dialoge with Iko or really anyone. Wolf, because of his seriousness, and Scarlet because of her snakiness of course. I've really been hoping that would happen, and since the book is an astonding 824 pages, I'm nearly positive everyone will have a fair share of great dialoge along with adventure, action, romance, etc. Winter IS coming!!! (GoT joke, haha, I have siblings complettly obsessed with that show)
Along with having a better name, Chapters sounds like a very fun store to visit and I will keep it in mind just in case I ever go to Canada again, so thank you for that. I love visiting new book stores, because there's always something truly fantastic about trying to look your way through a store to try and find the section you want. Granted, I can't say I'd exactly be thrilled to learn how to pay in an entirely seperate currency, but based on your description, sounds like it's worth it!
Well, having a sibling who read all of the fifty shades of grey books can give you many oppertunities to do some justified gagging, but really as long as it's reading I guess? Maybe? I'm never going to touch those books personally, but no judge to anyone who does. I'm sure the male character is perfectly insane hot, so if that's what one wants to read, they should go for it.
6 siblings? Wow, not too much of a far cry from me, I don't see that often, and especially not the age gap like with my family either. Honestly, today I was justr reminded that when my little brother is 20, my older brother will be 40…What a strange world we live in, ins't it? As a young teen living in the technology driven world of looking-down-at-your-pants-to-pretend-you're-not-using-your-phone-in-class (while getting awfully weird looks from teachers who see you and don't know you have a phone down there, believe me, I've seen it enough times to unforchunately remember that tidbit) it's comforting to know there are more book lovers in the world like me. And, sidenote, it's also quite comforting to know that it's completly normal to be reading young adult books like this in your twenties, because I thought that I'd be getting weird looks for reading Percy Jackson for the nyth time in public when I grow up. Not that I'd care, I'd probably ask whoever said that to me what their dam (inside fandom joke in the "dam" instead of "damn") problem was, but still, thanks for that. I don't know what communicating with someone online causes people to believe the other person is the same age as them, but it's probably because it's kind of hard to believe that other people of all ages could really love/hate something as much as you could. (or maybe, it's because it's very scary to believe that you're communicating with a perverted 70 year old, so we just choose not to think that. Well, I at least try to not think of that too much, there's nothing i can really say or do to prove to you I'm actually a teenager, but since you can't really either, I guess we're just going to keep taking each other's word for it. I'm just here to talk about my beloved books, so I don't really care)
I never thought I'd be the person begging for Winter to come during the Summer, but this anticiapation is killing me! The only thing keeping me more sane than the actual Winter is the short story that'll come out and the other books I keep re-reading. My dwindling into madness starts…now!
*Well, the Smarties in the States are little colorful candies that aren't chocolates or anything, they're more like the sweet tarts or the candy hearts that people often get for Valentime's Day (only Smartties don't actually taste like chalk dust) There was actually recently a craze where people began pounding the SMarties into a powder and snorting/smoking them, quite disgusting actually. And they say smoking doesn't influence children… If you bothered to read this long thing, and especially after I didn't respond to you for nearly a month (sorry again) then have a lovely rest of your day

Kristen Amy wrote: "Because I LOVE IT :D"
I know right? They're get even better with every book, and I can only IMAGINE what Winter will be like after the amazingness that was Cress. I feel like hibernating until Winter comes out (haha, usually happens the other way around though ;))

Rachel Kristen wrote: "Oh my goodness, I never realized you even respinded to me, my notifications were not even working, I'm terribly sorry for that!..."

Haha, no problem about being slow to respond. After how long I took to answer this time, especially... I think it's my turn to apologize, but I've been terribly busy with moving and various life changes.

I presume you've heard of the book of short Lunar Chronicles stories that being released (in 2016, I think)? The short Thorne-as-a-kid story will be in there, so at least you'll definitely be able to read it at some point. I wish Goodreads had a way to send attachments, because then I could make a PDF and send it to you. It's actually only around 43,000 characters, I think, and the Goodreads private msg limit is 29,999 I think. I could split it up into two private messages?
It was a fun little story. Not very long, but I enjoyed it.

Speaking of Percy Jackson, looking forward to the new Norse series much? :) It'll be interesting to see how he handles the gods after the really popular Marvel movies. People wouldn't be able to help comparing them, I'd think.

Yeah, I NEVER thought I'd be a person begging for Winter to come in Summer. Especially since Winter is SO COLD here. Cold and long and miserable and I don't like it. Thanks goodness the book version is coming out so I have SOMETHING to look forward to.

You have a lovely rest of the day too. :)

Kristen Rachel wrote: "Kristen wrote: "Oh my goodness, I never realized you even respinded to me, my notifications were not even working, I'm terribly sorry for that!..."
Haha, no problem about being slow to respond. Af..."

Haha, let's just stop apologizing to one another about this; it'll probably save us a lot of characters ;) And anyway, as I said to another Goodreads friend on my other TLC question, if your life is busy, your doing it right.
YES! I heard about Stars Above and I'm extremely excited for it. I'm officially out of mourning for the Thorne short story, but knowing that I will end up being able to read it is enough to make me terribly happy. I'm sure that it will be a fun and light read, especially considering it has the always-lovely Carswell Thorne in it. (And thank you for the offer to send me the story, that's very kind of you, but don't feel any responcibility to send it to me now that'll it'll come out. If you really want to though…;D It's okay, don't worry about it)
I love Percy Jackson and so hearing that there's another book by Rick is enough to send me into a book coma. I've been thinking a lot about the Marvel connections to the series and I desperately hope Rick makes some Chris/Tom comments in there. What a great dialoge/comic relief that would be! I'm sure Rick's will be just as fantastic as the Marvel one, so I'm not worried about it too much.
I know what you mean! I was actually just in Canada recently for vacation, and the smoke coming in from Eastern Washington made it so foggy for almost the entire trip! I'm almost kind of excited for the Fall/Winter months, (mainly because the Norse series/Winter comes out in those months…) because, as a person still in school, during the Summer I basically do the same thing everyday and I like keeping busy with things like school.
Oh, and by the way, I was wondering if you had any big predictions for Winter. Is there anything you're almost sure will happen or are you completely unsure about it? Have a lovely (and hopefully busy-in a good way!) day.

Rachel Amy wrote: "Because I LOVE IT :D"

Yeah, it's SO GOOD, isn't it?
Who are your favourite characters? Do you find any of them really annoying? Are you with me and Kristen in thinking Jacin is a really interesting character, or do you find his snarkiness and lack of loyalty to anyone except his princess hard to take?

Rachel Kristen wrote: "Haha, no problem about being slow ..."
I was going to write a nice long reply, but it's already almost release time, so this'll have to be shorter. Because WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!! Sooooo close. I can hardly believe there's only a week left.... Aaaaaaaaah.

Now about predictions: one of the reasons why I love these books is because Marissa Meyer manages to stay remarkably true to the original fairy tales while still surprising me. So with that in mind, I'm pretty confident some things that happen in the fairy tales will happen, like Thorne getting his sight back and the various couples getting together (except possibly Scarlet and Wolf... not sure how's she's going to deal with that one since the original tale didn't have romance). But I also think there will be lots of stuff I had no idea would happen, so obviously trying to predict them won't work. But I can still try. ;)

I heard some rumours flying around that someone is going to die. Not sure where that's coming from, so I don't know how to interpret it exactly. It wouldn't be too surprising if it just meant Levana. I doubt any of the main group will die. If one WERE to die, though, I'd probably put my money on Wolf, but yeah, still doubt it.

And for a few personal predictions: I think that I'm going to LOVE it. Also I think Winter/Jacin might end up being my favourite ship after Thorne/Cress. I suspect Winter will end up being tied with Cinder as my second favourite character. (Thorne always gets first place.)

Kristen Rachel wrote: "Kristen wrote: "Haha, no problem about being slow ..."
I was going to write a nice long reply, but it's already almost release time, so this'll have to be shorter. Because WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!! Soo..."

Yes! I've been dying from excitement. When this book comes out I'm not sure whether I'm going to cry or pass out. After waiting this long Winter is just going to be that much more entertaining to read!
I have some predictions for Winter too; Winter's sleeping curse in reality will be letumosis (The prince's kiss being the cure...a kiss from Jacin along with wouldn't be bad either though ;D) Levana's hatred for Winter may also be because she has gotten the palace guard she loves to love her back, unlike with Levana and Everet. I know this will come as a shock to you, but Levana has a way of getting jealous (I know it's hard to tell online, but I'm practicing my sarcasm :)) I have some lesser predictions (well...things I want to happen anyway) as well, like Thorne revealing more about his childhood, Wolf's parents meeting the crew, including Scarlet, etc. Some unpleasant things will probably happen too, like Cinder having to use glamour on Kai to save him or other unthinkable plots.
On the Scarlet and Wolf romance, I almost get a Beauty and the Beast feel from their relationship and so I'm assuming their relationship will be one of the most stable despite all of their trials. Wolf is going to lose it when he sees that pinkie, but I don't feel like she'll get a cyborg pinkie like some people are saying. Scarlet would want to wear her scars proudly, plus it wasn't even her entire finger, she's tough, she'll survive.
I doubt any of the main characters will die, maybe Torrin or one of the more minor characters will die just as a way for Marissa to try to get us dedicated readers to bawl our eyes out, but I don't think she's heading in that direction. Usually you can tell which authors are the kind to do that and so far she hasn't come off as a murdering kind of author (cough cough, Looking at you, pretty much all other YA authors)
I feel like Jacin and Winter as a couple will be fantastic, they're different from the other couples and yet they're so similar. They have known one another for years, so they'll certainly have amazing chemistry. The only thing is that it's so obvious of their feelings for one another (Winter anyway, and unless the citizens of Luna are stupider than I thought, then Jacin's feelings should be pretty obvious too) I bet they'll be criticized a lot, the other guards calling him "Lover boy" or "pretty boy" or whatever names they can because they're jealous he's captured the beautiful princess's attention and Levana and the court making fun of "silly, useless Winter". Winter is such a strong character, like all the other ones, and her intelligence throughout the except I read shows how she's used her insanity almost to her advantage. I wouldn't be surprised if she became one of my favorites, or Jacin becoming one of my favorite male characters, right after Thorne of course ;D What do you think?

Rachel Kristen wrote: "Yes! I've been dying from excitement. When this book comes out..."

I have it pre-ordered, so it's going to arrive on my door step Tuesday. :) :) :) We should compare thoughts when we've both finished reading it.

Thorne revealing more of his childhood is a cool prediction! I never thought of that, actually, but I hope he does. That would be fun. So would meeting Wolf's parents.

Yeah, I agree, she's the type of author to have four, nicely paired couples. It seems unlikely she'd kill any of them. And though sometimes I like the realism or depth or whatever that sometimes comes with being willing to kill of characters, in this case, I'm TOTALLY happy with them all living! I think it suits the tone of the story so far.

I really like how different the couples' dynamics are. Jacin and Winter are different yet again from everybody else. Also there are no love triangles, which I like. I rarely enjoy love triangles. (For one thing, it always seem like the protagonist chooses the character I like least, sigh.)
And yep, I'm expecting Winter and Jacin to both become some of my favourites. The problem is that I have so many favourites, haha. MM is so good at writing really great characters.

Kristen Rachel wrote: "Kristen wrote: "Yes! I've been dying from excitement. When this book comes out..."

I have it pre-ordered, so it's going to arrive on my door step Tuesday. :) :) :) We should compare thoughts when ..."

Definitely, I believe that one of the best things about reading is the things you think about after finishing it. And, this being the last book in the series, I'm sure I'm going to be freaking out and acting completley insane for weeks. You've been warned.

Yeah, everything said about Thorne always makes him seem almost resentful towards his parents, I (unfortunately) still haven't read his novella, but I heard something about his parents being wealthy and him not enjoying their lavish life (that sounds stragne considering he's a thief, but it still sounds interesting! Thorne's probably not one of those cut-off little rich boys, but I'm sure it'll be interesting nevertheless!) The only thing I can imagine that makes a Wolf and parents reunion any better is him finding out he has younger siblings (the plot thickens…) Now THAT would be interesting.

Four nicely paired couples. In novels today, that sounds like a fairytale (pun intended) Death should only be put into a story when it means something, no death should just be just put in their just cause'.

All of the relationships and personalities are so different, and I'm ridiciously grateful for that; nothing annoys me more than when an author's characters and relationships are all the same. The lack of love triangles is VERY refreshing, they're so unrealistic and it's usually obvious which one is end game. Honestly, the only love triangle I've ever had is To sleep in longer? Or to get up and finish my book, that is the question Yeah, my list of favorite characters of her's is getting a *little* out of control…No regrets? They're just all so lovable and unique! 5 days till, do you have any more predicitons left in you?

Simplydevi Hi! Jumping in on the finding more about Thorne!!! There was a quote posted on Goodreads from that compilation of all the quotes she released on twitter that went something along the lines of "I expected palm trees and a red carpet. This is a disappointment" (sorry, can't remember the exact quote!)

I think that's Iko talking about LA because they ended up having to go there! And Thorne is from LA!!! I bet we get more back story from him for sure!

Kristen Simplydevi wrote: "Hi! Jumping in on the finding more about Thorne!!! There was a quote posted on Goodreads from that compilation of all the quotes she released on twitter that went something along the lines of "I ex..."
I know what quote you're talking about, and I never thought about it that way! You're probably right, I'm sure we'd get to see Thorne's parents then. I've only read part of the short story, but his parents didn't seem like a very pleasant people. I guess the apple fell FAR from the tree there. Before I learned he was from LA, I was hoping that he'd be from the South, but a fast talking Californian is just as good. So excited for that.

Simplydevi Oohhhh Thorne with a southern twang is much sexier than it should be, but wow can I see that...

Kristen Simplydevi wrote: "Oohhhh Thorne with a southern twang is much sexier than it should be, but wow can I see that..."
Haha, yeah, I'm a little disappointed about that, because I felt like it would just fit him so well, don't you think? Nothing too thick, but a little twang would be lovely. I was wondering if the Lunars had an accent of some kind too, the audiobooks never showed anything like that, but after generations of living not even on the same planet has got to give them some sort of twang, no?

Simplydevi Kristen wrote: "Simplydevi wrote: "Oohhhh Thorne with a southern twang is much sexier than it should be, but wow can I see that..."
Haha, yeah, I'm a little disappointed about that, because I felt like it would ju..."

I somehow have always imagined the Lunars to have a British accent. Like, just super prim and proper for the royalty and "families", and then different accents for the sectors! I have no idea why I picked British, but I just feel like it fits somehow?! Maybe because I always saw Levana as Emily Blunt, and I always think of her as she spoke in The Devil Wears Prada!

Emily Scarlet's the only one I don't really like very much. I don't dislike her, per se, but I find her boring. The other characters are just so original and refreshing, but Scarlet's the only one who feels more like a classic YA trope, so whenever it's from her POV, I find myself getting impatient and wanting to move on to someone else.

Kristen Simplydevi wrote: "Kristen wrote: "Simplydevi wrote: "Oohhhh Thorne with a southern twang is much sexier than it should be, but wow can I see that..."
Haha, yeah, I'm a little disappointed about that, because I felt ..."

I see where you're coming from on that! I definitely pictured a more European accent and British does make a lot of sense to me. Maybe those closer to the royal family are moe proper British (like Downton) and then the people in the outer sectors are more Cockney accent. (And yeah, Emily Blunt is amazing and The Devil Wears Prada is beautiful)

Kristen Emily wrote: "Scarlet's the only one I don't really like very much. I don't dislike her, per se, but I find her boring. The other characters are just so original and refreshing, but Scarlet's the only one who fe..."
I see where you're coming from on that; the more hothead, act before you think character is fairly common in YA nowadays. However, I personally still found her interesting, because despite her flaws, she was very much wasn't judge mental towards others. I don't love her as much as the characters like Cinder or Thorne, and I wasn't always thrilled whenever I got to her chapters, but I still enjoyed her character quite a bit. Its pretty common for there to be more shallow, judgmental characters, but non of the ones Marissa Meyer created were like that (in my opinion that is!) Have you read her perspective in Winter yet?

Varsha Hi okay, so I just finished Winter yesterday, and I am absolutely positively in love with all of the characters. Especially in this book, the characters developed so beautifully. My favorite character is obviously Cinder!!!! but a close second is IKO. The android is so amazing. I love all of the other characters, (Scarlet I didn't like for a while) and they are all just so perfect. The ending made me cry for how perfect it was. I am sort of grateful, and sort of annoyed that she didn't kill any characters. Sorry, but someone needed to die honestly. After Cress, I shipped cinder and Jacin, because I loved their individual characters so much, but now I love Kailene. READ WINTER IT IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL.

Kristen Varsha wrote: "Hi okay, so I just finished Winter yesterday, and I am absolutely positively in love with all of the characters. Especially in this book, the characters developed so beautifully. My favorite charac..."
Hi! I understand our pain; what a tragic thing it is to be in love with fictional characters. I love all of them and their character development was oh-my-stars amazing, Cinder was awesome as always of course. Iko is about as lovable as an android/character gets and I'm not sure i have enough characters left in this text bubble to explain my love for the rest of the crew. That ending nearly destroyed me; it was the perfect ending, so I'm wondering what Marissa will do with that epilogue she's writing. A death? A fangirl-filled wedding? A resolution between that Iko and Kinney relationship? The galaxy may never know...never mind, we will when it comes out in February. I get where you're coming from on liking Jacin and Cinder relationship but I personally have always loved the idea of Jacin/Winter and Kai/Cinder. Some people didn't enjoy Jacin, but I, as you can probably tell from this feed, absolutely adore him and his lovable snark. I love what we saw of him and binged on all of his chapters mercilessly. I did want to see more of everyone's favorite captain in this book though...I wonder if the epilogue will give us even more Thorne to love. Do you have any predictions for the epilogue? We're you happy about/disappointed with how any of the characters turned out? Have you managed to hold on to your sanity after finishing that book? Because I think you can probably tell how my sanity has been holding up..."Do you see the snow?"

sydney paolercio My all time favorite character is Jacin Clay. I felt so bad for him tee entire time he talked. His voice was layers of sarcasm (like everyone in my house) and plus I see myself in him. So everytime he did something, I automatically knew why since I think like he does. My overall least favorite character was Cress. She was way to overly emotional. I get that she is most of the fan favorite but I can't understand why. I get that she was good with computers, but other than that she was constantly having breakdowns everywhere. I get that it was overwhelming, but it was for all of them. My favorite ship would be Scarlet and Wolf because when they met Winter, Wolf was the only who was unaffected by her beauty.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Sydney wrote: "My overall least favorite character was Cress."
I totally agree with you. I mean even though she was stuck in a satellite, she is like such an over reactor. I mean it's like I know she may be braver now she is like such an emotional baby. Sh is like so clingy and I hate that she and Captain like each other. She and Thorne are my least favorite couple ever since I thought that cress was 13 at first but then I was wrong but she still acts like she is five. But she and Thorne are just bothering me. But to respond to the question my favorite person is Cinder of course. She is so AWESOME. Scarlet and Wolf are my Second favorite because of how much I love wolf and I like their relationship strength. Kaider is my favorite just because it is so cute but I total understand why you like wolf and scarlet.


Darina I loved Thorne and I liked Cress individually. But as a couple it just didn't make sense for me. Why did he have to change to "deserve" her. He was perfectly fine rogue before. His recklessness and vanity were 50% of his charm. Why change him into something less awesome is beyond me.

Else the characters that I liked least are definitely Jacin and Winter. I didn't dislike them and I appreciated how the author changed the voice of her writing when the POV was Winter. It was very distinctive and it added up to the feeling of the character. But Winter was just so useless most of the time. And Jacin, while his attachment to Winter was admirable, refused to do anything for the better good that wasn't directly related to Winter's wellbeing. He didn't really grow. He was just Winter's lap dog.

The most awesome character IMHO is Cinder. I mean, come on, she's a cyborg and a lunar! And she did grow a lot throughout the books. I loved her friendship with Thorne. They had a very cool dynamic between them. I liked Thorne when he was just her sidekick the most. He was awesome back then.

I liked Kai too. He was a very steady and honourable character. But apart from that he wasn't all that interesting.

The rest of the characters, Wolf and Scarlet, fall somewhere in between. They had an interesting relationship which did add a different tinge to the overall story.

message 36: by Nae (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nae (NOTE: Still on my way with Stars Above)
My feeling for Thorne suddenly faded. It happened after I'm done reading Winter. In my point of view, he became a bit too overprotective toward Cress. At first it was sweet, but then it disturbed me. But still, I love his jokes. Thorne never failed to make me laugh.

But I like Cress. In spite of her over-reacting and sometimes being useless, she's lovely plus, a programmer. She's cool in her own way.

For Scarlet, let me put a 50:50. Honestly, I love how she love Wolf even though he already became on of Levana's hybrid soldiers. But, her absence in about a half of the fourth book made me didn't really think of her.

And I love how Jacin love Winter too. But Jacin was a bit annoying. It's not about how he betrayed Cinder and the rest, but it's about how he refused to do anything if it's not related to Winter. But tbh, I'm amazed on how he pretended to not loving his loved ones to protect them. And Winter, I read the fourth book in about 4 days, and I like her willpower, can't wait to read the real incident of her and the maid in Stars Above.

Wolf. Surprisingly, I came to like him. I don't really like him at first for some 'I-don't-even-understand-reasons' but I like him now, knowing that he was actually just a sweet boy who missed his family.

Last is Kai and Cinder. I love their sarcastic jokes. And that's enough to make them my all time favorite characters in this series. Well, I love Cinder's determination and toughness, and I love how Kai fight in his own way too, but seriously, I love their jokes, even though not as I love Thorne's jokes.

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Kathleen To tell you the truth, I don't like any of the characters very much.

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