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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Wren-Wilson | 282 comments Mod
Post your book under this thread ONLY if you are an active, participating member. Otherwise, use the BOTM nominations thread.

message 2: by Alan (new)

Alan Stroe | 5 comments Against Her Other Love by Alan Stroe

On an island ruled by women, a lonely boy gets an unexpected chance at love, but a callous Casanova ruins it.

His friend, Mario, an opponent of the matriarchy regime, attempts to coach him in matters of the heart.

Mario soon realizes his own romantic relationship is in trouble, from the very same cause.

To his further dismay, he will have to fight for his love by dueling in the upcoming stun-sword tournament.

message 3: by K.M. (new)

K.M. Herkes (kmherkes) This book could just as easily be categorized as a thriller or romantic suspense. The focus is on characters and setting, not science as such.

Flight Plan by K.M. Herkes

When terrorists fire-bomb Naomi Kwan’s San Francisco apartment block, her police record makes her a target for corrupt officials eager to shelter the true culprits. Innocence is no protection; dead scapegoats tell no tales. She flees her powerful enemies before they can silence her, but she can’t stay hidden forever. As conspiracies unravel on all sides, her fate rests in the hands of allies she doesn’t even know she has.

Justin Wyatt is in no shape to go adventuring, but when the men who saved his life need help rescuing a friend in peril, he can’t refuse. Carl and Parker are determined to liberate a woman trapped by escalating violence, but they need resources only Justin can provide. He joins their mission without a second thought.

A daring escape and a desperate rescue are only the beginning. Mysteries in Naomi’s past will collide with Justin’s secrets, and unraveling the plots that tie them together will lead to explosive consequences.

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Wren-Wilson | 282 comments Mod
Blended genres are great. Put it under both.

message 5: by K.M. (new)

K.M. Herkes (kmherkes) Jessica wrote: "Blended genres are great. Put it under both."

thanks, I shall!

message 6: by Bryan (last edited May 19, 2015 04:37AM) (new)

Bryan Pentelow | 7 comments Sea Change (Human Advance 1) by Bryan Pentelow Be careful what you wish for, you may get it! If you could have your way, if you had all the information at your finger tips, if anything was possible, could you cope? Would you control it or would it control you?
See what can happen when all is possible. Could you avoid the unintended consequences? Would you want the responsibility?
Bryan Prentice, a retired man dissatisfied with his lot, trips over taking a short cut home and makes a find that will change his life and the world he lives in.
This book explores the possible effects of an artificial intelligence on an ordinary person, his life and relationships. Explore what small changes and on the surface simple ideas can have on individuals and societyBryan PentelowSea Change.

message 7: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Pentelow | 7 comments I am gobsmacked! I have just finished Warpath by Randolph Lalonde and having written a review tried to post it on here. But the book isn't listed! worse neither are any of his other books except Origins and even that has no reviews. I now have to start listing all his books so others can find and read them. Anyone else out there a Spinward Fringe fan who will give me a hand in this exercise?

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