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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Hey :)

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) umm.. idk lol

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) do you want to do a romance rp?

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) we should start with characters first. Are we gonna do boy/boy, girl/girl, or boy/girl? I don't really care either way.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Let's just do name, age, appearance (picture or slight description)

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Name: Lorelei (Lorel) Serenity
Age: 16

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) :)
Ok so now how do we want to start? School?

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) I can go fist :)

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Lorel rolled down the halls on her skateboard, only to be stopped by the principal, who gave her detention. Lorel walked the rest of the way to her locker where she stored her skateboard and grabbed her books. She started walking towards her history class, which she hated.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Lorel has her feet up on her desk and she do talking to one of her friends when the new girl sits next to her. She turns slightly so she can face the girl sitting next to her. "Hey. I'm guessing you're new. I'm Lorel."

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) "Well.. Welcome to hell." Lorel said smirking back at her. She's cute... Lorel thought. "Where'd you go to school before here?"

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) The bell rang and the teacher stood up in front of the class and silenced them. "Lorel feet off the desk please." He said to her.

Lorel put her feet down. She leaned over and whispered to her, "Mr. Linley is probably the best teacher you're going to have.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) "Most of the other teachers are horrible. They loving handing out detentions."

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Lorel put her feet back up on the desk, now that the teacher wasn't paying attention. She pulled out her phone, ignoring the teacher.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) The teacher asks a question that Lorel didn't hear and turns around to pick someone to answer, and of course you can guess who got picked... "Lorel why don't you tell us the answer?"
Lorel looked up from her phone and glanced at the board, hoping to get some kind of idea of what he asked. No luck. "Umm... I don't know."

"Well maybe you would know the answer if you were actually paying attention instead of having your nose in your phone, and that's the 4th time this week so I will be seeing you in detention.. again." He walks back and takes her phone, putting in his desk, before continuing the lesson.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) The teacher smiles at Rosetta. "Thank you Rosetta. If you'd be kind enough to share with the class."

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) "That is correct." He goes back to teaching.
Lorel leans over and whispers, "so what did he even ask?"

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) "Abraham Lincoln got shot in the head?" Lorel said. She wasn't very good at history... Or school. "I thought that was the Teddy guy...."

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) "Good to know...." Lorel said. After about ten more minutes, the bell rang signaling the end if class. Lorel quickly got up, got her phone from the teacher and left the class, heading towards the gym, which was her next class.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Lorel changed quickly for gym, short shorts and a tank top, and immediately went over to the climbing rope. She was amazing at rope climbing and loved to out shine the guys in her class. It didn't take her long to get to the top of the rope.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Lorel watched Rosetta and the rest of the cheer squad from the top of the rope.

"Lorel! Come on! Hurry up and come down!" Her friend, Jamie (a dude) called up to her.

"No! I like the view from up here!" She called back down with a smirk. Lorel stayed at the top of the rope for about 4 more minutes before she started climbing back down. "Ok I'm coming down." About half-way down the rope, her hands slipped and she fell off the rope, landing on the gym floor on her leg. She cried out in pain as she hit the floor.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Jamie was already on the phone calling 911.

Lorel looked at Rosetta when she ran up. "Hi.... My leg.... Really hurts."

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Lorel nods. She could feel herself starting to get lightheaded and dizzy even though she was laying down. It was either from the fall or from losing so much blood in her leg, either way it wasn't good. She might have been concussed from the fall and that could be the problem, but Lorel wasn't sure. She was too weak to think about it.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) Lorel tries to follow her finger with her eyes, but has trouble. Her head hurts a lot and trying to focus on something doesn't help.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) "Umm.... I... Um... I'm a dancer." Lorel says.

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) "Umm.. Since. I was... Um... 2 years old."

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Gillian (Demigodboookluver) " Started in ballet. Um... Now I mainly do hiphop and break.."

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