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message 1: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Do you have any specific ideas? I would want a guy who's the slave but what are you thinking by 'slave'?

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Okay so mostly just an extremely strong bond? Could it be a sire bond then maybe (that your vampire turned mine)? If that wasn't already implied.
Do you want character sheets/what would you like included in mine?

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Alright I'll make it in a sec. Are you wanting to use a guy or a girl? I'm totally fine with both but I have more experience with writing M/M, although if you don't plan on any PM it doesn't matter too much to me.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Sure, no problem. If you're more comfortable with M/F we can do that, but if you're wanting to try out some more M/M I'm open to doing that too. If you end up changing your mind later and wanting to switch the gender of your character I won't hold it against you xD

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Yes that's fine. And I'll post my bio now, I just wanted to know what gender you're using so I can decide more specific stuff about my character.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay)
Name: Quinn Valentine
Age: (if he were alive) 16

Personality: Quinn is a bit of a smart ass, always testing limits/boundaries, sometimes even breaking them slightly just to see what the consequences will be. Ever since he's been turned, he's become this way even more so because he knows next to nothing can kill him. But he's learned the hard way that being away from his master is a bad idea and he doesn't know how he feels about that. He cares for his master a lot but can't tell how much is the bond and how much is his heart. He doesn't want to be in love with him; he wants to be able to venture out and be completely independent. His mind and his heart are warring with each other and within each other and some days he feels like he's losing his mind; some days he goes beyond the allowable distance and tries to ignore the sudden depression and strive out on his own. It's usually the hunger that brings him back. Nothing makes him return faster than the hunger, than the want for vampire blood. He's had human blood but even if it did satiate him, it doesn't taste the same. It doesn't make him feel as strong or connected to another person.
His conflicting attitudes show towards his master in open and often bipolar actions/words. He can switch between his moods as fast as a candle being blown out and there's no telling what is going on in his mind that sets any of them off. He can be obsessive and protective but also distant and rude. He can listen but he can also deliberately obey. He's still struggling to find himself and sometimes blames his master for his problems.

((As a side thing, how old would Quinn have been when he got turned? How close are they relationship wise [meaning are they 'together' or is Quinn still trying not to give into him at this point]? And do you want them to have been involved/know each other before Quinn was turned?))

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Okay so how about he was 15? And then he'll be 16 now not 23 so the feelings are still new and he's getting used to everything. And I'm good with them not knowing each other and no problem, you don't need a personality. I usually just do the main things I know I won't change and add in little things later anyways.]]

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) No worries I think I'm responding to 4 rps all at the same time right now! xD Do you have a picture for appearance? Nothing is showing up for me. ]]

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Ooh kay. Yeah I see it now. How should they have met? Or should we maybe start right from that point since they didn't know each other at all beforehand?

message 10: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Sure. A little before or just before? Since Quinn is sort of a rebel he would probably sneak out of the house at night frequently, crash parties he finds out about through friends of friends, and possibly even got involved in a theft from an expensive house one night with a group of "friends" he'd basically just met at a party who were likely a little drunk at the time and talked him into it. He doesn't drink and he never has, but he might do drugs occasionally because, as anyone would, he likes the high. I'm thinking his parents aren't the most watchful or openly loving so he might do E as a way to replace that loss.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Okay sounds good. Where should Quinn be when they first meet?

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Quinn waited until his clock hit midnight. His parents should have been asleep by then but he listened for a minute to make sure. He climbed out of bed, already dressed, grabbed his parkour backpack and slung it over his shoulder, opened his window, then jumped from the sill and into the tree. He climbed down within seconds and jogged off into the night, avoiding street lamps until he was out of sight of his house.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Quinn lived near the south side of town so lots of people were still out at this hour--unfortunately that was mostly drunks, addicts, and prostitutes. He stayed clear of the really suspicious looking ones, head down but eyes up. He wasn't looking for anything in particular, although a rave might be cool. It was Friday so if he couldn't find one one of the druggies would probably know about one.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Should have worn a heavier jacket dumbass." Quinn hissed at himself, zipping up his hoodie and shoving his hands in his pants pockets. "Always dressing to look like a badass when no one's around to see it." It was only fall so it wasn't really that cold but enough that he could feel the chill in his bones and knew he'd have to be inside within the hour if he didn't want to start shivering like a lunatic.
Riley, a trans prostitute Quinn had befriend at one of the thousands of parties he'd snuck into, waved him over when he saw him, smiling from behind purple hair. "Hey Cutie. Looking for some more fun?"
"Not that kind of fun tonight, Ry. Sorry."
"Drugs or parties, babe?"
Quinn sighed. "What do you want?"
Riley bit his lip ring and smirked at him. "You know exactly what I want."
"Ry, come on, I don't want to be down on my knees in the middle of--" he gestured to the barely secluded alley around them.

message 15: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Then come home with me."
"I already told you I'm not looking for that kind of thing tonight."
"Well then." Riley slowly blew a large bubble of light blue gum, popping it loudly with his tongue right in Quinn's face. "Guess you're shit out of luck tonight, babe."
Quinn sighed and started to walk off. "You're a narcissist, you know that?"
"Comes with the career, love."
Quinn rolled his eyes and went back out onto the street, distracted enough by his own mind that he didn't even see Sora around the corner.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Quinn flinched and stepped back, openly startled. He looked Sora over with a frown but a little bit of curiosity. "What do you mean 'someone like me'?"

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "What does that even mean?" He stepped back when Sora stepped forward, tensing when he felt his spine hit a corner wall of the alley. What does this weirdo want?

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He gave him a suspicious look, crying out when he was bit. He struggled and tried to get him away, to call for help. This guy's crazy!

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He whimpered and stared at him, shaking his head but it hurt. Vampires weren't real. They couldn't be. This was a joke. But then why did it feel like his whole life was pouring out of that bite wound? His cries gradually quieted against his hand and his eyes drifted closed as his breathing and heart slowed. After a minute he slumped, unconscious. Dead, technically.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He was a ragdoll in his arms, chilled to almost ice temperature by the time Sora got him home. He didn't move for a couple hours, the vampirism taking its time to spread through his body. The bite wound bruised over, changing from white to black to purple to yellow and fading all within the couple hours. Once the wound had healed over, Quinn's eyes opened and he gasped, sitting upright hyperventilating. He couldn't breathe! He couldn't breathe! Everything hurt and he felt sick. He leaned over the side of the couch and made noises like he was throwing up but he hadn't eaten today so all that came out was spit, followed by blood when he'd dry heaved for too long. His head was pounding and his eyes were sore and everything felt frozen but on fire at the same time.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Get away from me!" He tried to shove at his arm but swung his own nowhere near and nearly fell off the couch from the momentum. The smell of blood filled his nose, blood filled with power and bliss, and his gums started throbbing. No. This can't be happening! I'm not a monster!

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He whimpered, body swaying almost like he was drunk. He needed food, needed sustenance. He'd starved himself today and the vampirism easily overshadowed his humanity, making him grab Sora's wrist and bite into it, his own fangs breaking through his gums but they stopped bleeding and healed over instantly when Sora's blood touched his tongue. He groaned and bit deeper, flushing down to his neck. Oh god he tastes so good. All I want is more!

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He took a lot, enough to make even Sora light headed. He finally took his teeth out, looking up at him with parted and bloody lips, still holding onto his wrist. The blue of his eyes was almost invisible, the black of his pupils huge. He liked Sora a lot right now, unreasonably so. It made him feel funny inside and he didn't like it.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Quinn." He told without looking away, feeling spellbound by him. He could practically feel the vampirism running rampant inside him, making him see and hear things better than before, making him want things he hadn't before. Making him understand things he hadn't before. Animal things, hunting things, prey and predator and pleasure things. He wanted it to feel terrible but it didn't.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "I heard you...before." He looked away, dropping Sora's wrist. Before. Jesus. I'm dead. I died... He closed his eyes and bit back tears. Still wanting to believe it was a joke but how could it be when he felt no heartbeat and he wasn't passing out from lack of oxygen even though he felt his chest was completely still?

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Before you bit me. You told me you were...a vampire. You're joking right? Those don't exist...it's not possible."

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) His brows drew down and he shifted on the couch. He could still taste the blood on his tongue and it was better than anything he'd ever tasted as a human. Better than the richest chocolate, the sweetest fruit, the saltiest fish...it was indescribable and he could feel a dull ache in gums begging him for more. It wasn't about hunger anymore, there was no such thing to him. Just need. He shook his head and brought his knees up to his chest, feeling tense muscles uncoil from the sped through rigor mortis as he did so.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "How can you possibly help me? You're the thing that did this to me in the first place." He glared down at the cushion, a new fire in his eyes. "What kind of monster do you have to be to make someone else like you without even asking?!"

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "I don't need to understand what I am!" He shoved him, this time his aim was true and his new strength came through, gaining some power through his anger. "I know what I am! I'm cursed! You've destroyed my entire life! You don't even know me or my family or my friends and you just took me away from it all!"

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Quinn looked at him like he was the crazy one. What did he mean, moving away would make him go crazy? He didn't know a lot about vampires anyways but that didn't sound right.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He looked at him for a while but, seeing he was serious, nodded. Looking a lot like a beat up stray dog.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "That's so stupid." He stared at him in disbelief. "You're joking."

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Hey! Get your filthy paws off me!" He resisted but his fear overpowered him, making him weak.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He glared at him for the longest time, trying to deny the tightening in his chest, the urge to cry out to him to come back. He sank down onto the floor unwillingly, buried by the weight of his own body as the emotions drowned him. He'd thought the turn was bad, but this was worse. So much worse. He put a hand over his heart even though he felt nothing there, he felt everything. He closed his eyes as tears overwhelmed him, memories and nightmares all at once. "O-okay okay! Come back!" The the moment the barrier was taken down with Sora stepping even one foot closer, Quinn was overcome with the need to bury himself against Sora's chest, to cuddle him and never let him go. He felt sick at that thought but it was in the background of everything else; he couldn't get it to take control.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "I hate you." He growled at him but still buried himself against his chest, shaking terribly. Talk about separation anxiety! He never wanted to go through that again!

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He shook his head and hid further against his chest, hands gripping at Sora's sleeves vicelike. It had felt like the time his parents had lost him in the mall when he was 5, only worse--like everyone in the world just suddenly disappeared.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He closed his eyes, tears falling down his face. "I want to go home..." He hadn't felt the need to be around his family in ages. He'd taken them for granted for so long that he had never realized how much he actually needed them.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "But what do I tell them?" He sat up and looked at him. "I--I'm not--human anymore, I can't--what do I--?"

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He nodded. He didn't exactly treat his parents well. Lots of fights, storming off, breaking of objects... He was very rash and impulsive.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He nodded again and searched Sora's eyes. Why was he being so nice? Accommodating? Didn't he have to sleep too? Why the hell did Quinn even want to care about any of this? He looked away and rubbed at his forehead as a headache made its way forward. He untangled himself from Sora and stood up, unable to look at him and trying to ignore that he was thinking about asking him to stay over. It was just to ensure he didn't go past the distance. Really it was.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He shivered and crossed his arms. Why did his name on Sora's lips sound so amazing? "How am I supposed to trust that you don't want me to go mad? That you aren't going to use me like an object?" He wanted to say that's all he'd done so far but couldn't; Sora was letting him go back to his family. He had hugged him and cuddled him and let him cry. He was at least acting like he cared still.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He rubbed at his neck and looked at the floor. "I'm going to go home." He zipped up his hoodie and walked past him. There was too much to process.

((So they can go out in the sun but what about other things? Can they communicate telepathically since Sora was the one who turned him and/or feel each other's distress when they're in danger or outside the distance?))

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Maybe they can only communicate within the distance? So if they were in danger and got hauled too far, they would feel the fear/pain but not know why or where they are until they get back within that distance?))

Quinn turned around once he was outside but the door was already shut. He flinched as it was nearly closed in his face and sighed. He walked home but it was slow going. He felt sort of sick and he didn't know why. He hopped up into the tree and ended up sitting there for a few minutes. 'Maybe you just lost the best thing that could ever have happened to you.' He thought, shaking his head and trying to ignore that possibility. He was so new to his powers that he didn't even know about the telepathy. Didn't know how to block his thoughts from being heard by Sora.
He hopped over to his window and clambered into his room, flopping on his stomach on the bed even though he was sideways on it and his feet were hanging over the side. He didn't know what to think about any of this. He hadn't even found himself yet from puberty and now he was changed again.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Quinn was already half asleep when Sora got there. He hadn't moved from the awkward position on the bed he'd flopped in and he'd buried his face into the bed. He shifted slightly and his back cracked. He swore and sat up, stripping down to his boxers and getting under the covers. For a while it looked like he might not make it that far but he did. He'd left the window and the blinds open and hadn't even glanced while he stripped, not caring whatsoever. The tree sort of blocked any view from the neighbours though.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He'd curled up with his back to him, already paler than he'd been in life and looking even more so in the moonlight. He'd passed out almost before laying down and he probably would have been snoring if he could still breathe.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) It must have just been coincidence that when Sora turned to climb down, Quinn whimpered in his sleep and turned onto his back. Even if he was atuned to Sora without knowing it, he couldn't be in his sleep...that would be an overwhelmingly strong bond.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Sure. It should be late august so Quinn doesn't have school yet))

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Quinn flinched and sat up in bed, hair going in every direction. He looked over at the window and stared in disbelief. "Why are you...? How do you know where I live?" He was so dazed he didn't even bother to pull the sheets up to cover his chest.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "You can what now?" He sunk down a couple inches, now pulling the sheets up. "Don't you think that's one of the first things you should have told me?"

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "When I--? Oh no." He blushed and looked away. Great. Now he'll be getting front row access to all my perverted fantasies. He blushed further and whipped his head up to look at him immediately after thinking this. This was going to be a problem.

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