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Which Faction would you choose?

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Emily Brent Which faction would you choose and why? Amity, Euridite, Abnegation, Candor, or Dauntless?

Kirsten Dauntless because I love excitement and running and action!!!! I consider myself brave too.

Lorelei Amity because its nice and laid back

Meka Erudite, because i get to learn all i want with out people trying to hold me back.

Lizzie Mcclure AMITY:) It seems so nice and peaceful

Majlinda Rusi Dauntless all the way.

Anne_Linde Amity, friendly and peaceful :)

Nekaris Faction less or dauntless

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Emma I would be Divergent- but I would choose erudite or dauntless. Maybe amity or abnegation. Definitely not candor.

Dhfan4life I took the test in the back of the first book and got Candor. At least more folks would understand my "bluntness" over there lol. But fun wise I think Erudite be great too, outside of taking on the world stuff that is.

Amity did seem cool and like regular peeps. But after reading Insurgenet, I'm not really sure about them. Good and interesting decision making. But something about their unofficial leader just is off to me.

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Ree Amity seem to have it easy. I think I'd love to spend the whole day holding hands and singing with my peers.

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Alex Whelan Amity, everything would be really happy there. I just wish I could always live like that

Rachel Abnegation

Melissa Dauntless

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I'd love to be Amity (to always be peaceful and happy), Erudite (I love to learn) or Dauntless (the bravery, excitement, adrenaline, activity). I'd maybe get bored in Amity though

Bridget I like to think I could handle Dauntless, but realistically, I'd choose Amity. I can go for feeling happy and friendly all the time, even if I do need a little peace serum in my bread to help me out ;P Plus I love the flowy outfits they wear in the movie (though Tris's movie outfits are all pretty great too).

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izzi Amity!!!

Mcmeki Erudite

Viktoria I love the idea of Dauntless but I think I'd go for Erudite

Gabby I would love to be Dauntless because of all the excitement and adventure and funness (is that a word?), but being realistic because of my thousands of fears including needles, I have to say that I would choose either Candor- because I think it would be fun to go around and tell people what I actually thought of them and not be looked down upon, or Erudite- because I love to read and I think that would be the faction that would give me power and the possibility to lead the other factions against the stupid creators!

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dauntless, bc it's the most exciting faction i find the rest boring.

Kelly Brigid ♡ Dauntless, because it seems like the most exciting, but based on every Divergent Aptitude test I've ever taken, I belong in Erudite, haha.

Selah Harms Definitely Dauntless. I would totally fail the initiation for all the other ones.

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I would like to be Dauntless, but I think Amity is more of my thing.

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Mae Lucker Most of the population would be divergent because we are all like Tris because in the story it explains divergents are the people who have 'evolved' into multiple personality characteristics instead of just one though i believe my strongest factions would be Erudite and Dauntless maybe Amity but perhaps not because i like debate but also make peace in it.

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Ruby I would choose Erudite because I think I value the pursuit of knowledge. I might also consider Candor.

Hannah D. My choice would be Amity. They are peaceful and kind and are the embodiment of a good moral compass. If only everyone could be like that!

 Princess Gabriel The Bookish Bookaholic of the Western Timbers of Librarianland (aka Gabriel the Bookaholic) My choice would be Candor. I like honesty,but I may not like spilling all my secrets. Maybe Erudite.

Siti Nur  Badriyah Dauntless would be my choice. I love adventure, and challenge, and another fearless things. Eventho I still have a fear of something. But being a Dauntless can teach me to be fearless

Lucía Luna Erudición *se encoge de hombros*

Halle I would pick ether dauntless or erudite or amity

Taylor Harris Either Erudite or Amity. In Amity I wouldn't have to worry about dying before I even made it into the faction; and I love knowledge and reading, so Erudite would be good as well. Abnegation sounds too boring, Dauntless would be fun if I didn't have to jump onto a roof out of a moving train, and Candor is just irritating. :)

Charlotte Erudite or dauntless x

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