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kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments Hello there ^~^

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments hiiii~ so, marvel! have you watched aou already, btw? ^^

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments No I have not. *cries*
And I'm just rewatching a lot of the movies to remind myself of mini-details but I remember the main plots of them all.
Chris Hemsworth ftw

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments you go watch it. the maximoff twins fucked me up so badly ;~; LOVED THEM SO MUCH.
oh, and i'm more of a cap fan, but i love thor as well!
anywayyyyy! ideas? we gonna be avengers? mutants? inhumans? ^^

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments I will when its online cause I can't afford tickets and just #da struggle
Thor is literally everything I ever wanted. Just <333
Erm well I really don't want to use characters that already exist, because I always worry I'm not portraying them correctly. But I kinda wanna do something avenger-like if that makes sense?

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments oh, i see. it'll be available soon, i can tell OTL
thor is my 2nd fave avenger; he's just unintentionally funny and i love him so much.
sure! original characters it is! so, we're forming a team of superheroes or something like that? also, how many characters? can you handle doubles? i'm a very slow replier so if we do doubles, it'll take me a while to respond to rps.

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments I'm crossing my fingers *prays*
Hes adorable. And Chris Hemsworth himself is such an adorkable person <5
Yeah pretty much I guess. I can very easily do doubles, but I usually end up doing singles since its easier to maintain and all. You can choose. We can always make it a duo-team. xD

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments he really is! <3
and yeah, i prefer singles as well. so, you wanna play the girl or the boy? hmm. so ... plot. hmm. do you want this rp to exist in the marvel cinematic universe as well? or just create our own universe? btw, do you watch agents of shield?

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments Hes such a sweetheart. Like damn his wife is lucky.
Erm I'm good with either tbh. yeah if you haven't figured it out i'm pretty indecisive. xD But for the template can we do basics? Its just easier and everything.
Uhh yeah the current universe is probably easier. And yes I do watch AoS. I haven't seen tonights ep. though, swamped with hw so. *sigh*

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments ikr ;~; so damn lucky! you like liam hemsworth, too?
let's just do singles. haven't played a boy in quite a long while so i'm willing to rp a 'him' XD and yep! basic character sheet is fine ;) not a fan of very detailed ones myself.
so, how about we make our characters inhuman? we kinda have some info about them already since skye is one, you know. it'll be much easier ^^

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments Not nearly as much as Chris Hemsworth, but yeah Liams alright.
Okei female I shall be then. I'll post it after I get back from my class.
Inhuman it is. Are we going to have them already be a team, or they meet and the director i wanna say coulson but with the things going on now idk puts them together and stuff?

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments i actually like liam better OTL but okay, i just saw him in hunger games and expendables (i watched that film just so i could see him) so i don't know how he really is irl or how he does in other movies, but damn is he hot *drools* chris is something like a brother to me, lol
yeah, not in a hurry because i'm quite busy myself. i'll try to post my charrie later or tomorrow. basic character sheet, right?
and hmm ... inhumans aren't part of shield, right? i mean, they're hidden from the world and only skye's mom and that transportation man know where they are so i think coulson's involvement would be minimal ^^ let's just say, they form their own team.

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments Mmm true. Liams gorgeous as well, but Chris kinda just stole my heart. *sigh* Bur personally I feel like it would be the opposite with me? Like Liam would be my brother, Chris would just be mine.
Mmmkay. Take your time cx and yeah basic.
Ehh no they aren't. I mean there are some exceptions (i.e skye, thor?) but yeah I guess not.

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments lol different preferences, i guess XD and yep! but um, let's just try to minimize the involvement of already-existing characters in the mcu because i don't want to get things wrong about them, you know.
so my charrie's gonna be, like, a long-time residence of that sanctuary where they're keeping the inhumans (transformed or not). what about your charrie?

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments Hahaha, at least we don't have to fight over them. xD But yeah I totally agree. I'm always paranoid about that so I usually end up posting minimal and just idk I don't like it.
Mmmm I'm kinda thinking of making it like she was out and about in the world, when meeting your char. because at first she didn't think she could handle the powers? but is now ready to receive them and everything. Thats kinda what I wanna do with her. Hm.
Oh general age? Teens or twenties?

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments exactly, lol. you can have chris and i can have liam XD that should work! my charrie's gonna be some sort of guide or smth, like how lincoln is to skye (i'm lowkey shipping them btw). and hmm, do you mind teens? or at least young adults? like, 17-19?

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments It is indeed settled. Wait what about Luke? I mean you can have him, mostly cause I've never seen him in anything really.
I'm scared lincoln is gonna end up doing some dramatic betrayal thing but idk. (tbh I ship skyeward more but skye+lincoln are also adorbs.) Yeah teens should be good. Do you want to have opposite-like powers?

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments lol, i'll settle with liam XD
i'm scared lincoln is gonna die tbh. i just don't see him being in the show permanently but i hope i was wrong. um, i don't like skyeward that much. but like them individually. last two eps of shield made me realize how much i missed ward. wanna see him back with the team again ;~;
great! i'll have mine as 18. and yep, opposites should work. still haven't thought of what power my charrie's gonna have tho, yours?

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments luke'll just be the random guy friend then. xD
idk whats gonna happen to luncoln but something is. which saddens me cause i like the guy. thats cool. i mean you know it is a show at the end of the day, and just one possible ship out there. i missed my ward so much its not even funny. like my bby c'mere. and yesss, i mean i get char. growth and i'm kinda happy they didn't instantly forgive him cause that would be so outta character but still.
okei. ummm I'vebeen watching a lot of avatar stuff lately (again) and just zuko bby. <3 so i kinda want her to have fire manipulation? but i also want her to fly so i may make it like air manipulation?

message 20: by Wanda Maximoff (new)

Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments oh, yeah, i could use another hemsworth brother, i guess XD
i just prepare myself for anything that can happen to lincoln. hope he stay in the show for a long time, but if he wouldn't, cool, no expectations OTL
and ikr! i was hoping they would forgive him but you're right, gonna be so out-of-char, so i was fine with them letting him go but i wish we see more of him in the future with the original team!
AND ZUKO MY BB ;") i had such a huge crush on him, still do, actually. makes me wanna watch ATLA again lol and yeah, air manipulation sounds great! hmm, so i think i'll have water manipulation? doesn't really seem like the opposite of air, but i'm not really digging earth manipulation (no pun intended) OTL

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments ahaha. tis is settled then.
Mmm true. I mean he isn't a regular, so they're probably going to have something happen to him either at the finale or some point in season 3. regardless, he shall be loved. xD
Actually tho, people say that hes going to be in the final couple of episodes for some reasons. so hes gonna be back, and probably gonna slowly turn the team over somehow. coulson is kind of already starting to see maybe ward isn't such an ass and stuff.
ZUKOOO. the amount of zuko blogs i follow would scare you. xD but he is such a sweetheart and just iugaerhguiah. yeah i'll just go with air. and water is fine, really. all right so i think thats all the planning? i'll have my char. up in the next couple hours.

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments yes XD yeah, well, let's see. i guess we still have two more episodes left for this season? please let them keep lincoln for a while ;~; and yay for more ward! and tbh ward isn't as evil as he seems, or at least to me he isn't. i think he's just loyal to a fault, and you know, brought up by the wrong kind of people.
i remember back then my twitter/tumblr usernames were all related to zuko OTL i was once so addicted to him but i've moved on to dedicate my fangirl life to other characters OTL but i still ove him so much!
yes, that should do it then. i'll probably post it later

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments i'll probably post mine, i'm gonna be busy today coz of stuffs but i'll try my best to post it so we can start!

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments Yeah its like two-threeish more episodes? idk we'll see i guess. yess like gimme all the wardness and brett dalton. and yeah i agree. i mean he was only loyal to garret, kinda like how the team is only loyal to coulson. so theres that. and just. loyalty can do a lot of damage. and there is enough good inside of him, it just needs to be harness imo.
ahahaha. zuko is bae. i would've done that but i didn't have a tumblr or twitter. xD too young and stuff. mmm hes my everything. <333

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kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments
( amra maheen female 22 )
   ( ↳ energetic teasing social readable )
   ( ↳ air manipulator deepika padukone )

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments

Caiden Lancaster // Cade (view spoiler)
Twenty-three years old // June 14th
Water Manipulator
Intuitive, cautious, untrusting, gloomy

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments trisscar ♀ ❝ᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀᴏᴜs ᴅᴇʟɪᴄᴀᴛᴇ ғʟᴀᴍᴇ wrote: "... loyalty can do a lot of damage. and there is enough good inside of him, it just needs to be harness imo,"

couldn't agree more! let's hope the screenwriter or director or whoever works on ward's char development bc he's a really interesting and complex character!
you mentioning zuko makes me wanna rp avatar, lol XD
and yay! charrie's finished! you wanna start this one off? ^^

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments He isss~ I think I like the episodes better when hes there because hes so interesting.
zuko just makes me wanna pray that I'll magically become mai. xD
mmmmkay. Gimme a couple moments.

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments agree! and oh, btw, did you ship zutara? because i was a hardcore zutara shipper back then! and sure, take your time ^^

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments
(Crap. I thought it sent. I am so sorry.
And yesss Zutara ftw!!! I was so upset that she chose aang... ;-;)

Amra laid down on a park bench, her eyes drifting across the sky. She reached out and began tracing, forming different shapes in the white, carefree clouds. Sighing, she laid the back of her hands onto her eyes, gathering her thoughts together. Normally the girl was always bouncing, going through life without a care in the world. But some things, couldn't help but be taken seriously. Powers. She could receive them, go through the process. But did she want to? Did she have the responsibility to? Hell no. But you do want them she mused to herself. Another moment passed, her thoughts now speculating what powers she could gain. Super speed, strength, vision enhancement; the possibilities were endless really. Oh screw with it she thought reaching into her shorts for a phone. Pulling it out, she hit a single button, waiting for someone to pick up. As soon as she confirmed with the person on the other line that she was ready, she could get them. "Hey, hi. Uh, Amra Maheen. Is me. Anyways, I am here to say that I can go through the process, get more evolved blah blah blah. Someone gonna pick me up?" she rushed into the phone, realizing how awkward she most likely sounded.

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments
The new girl was Caiden's responsibility. It should have been Lincoln's, but he was already with that Skye girl; Jaiying's long-lost daughter, he heard. He didn't know when he got the job—guiding new members of the secret Inhuman society, helping them through the process—but he did what he was ordered to do to show them how grateful he was for helping him get through his own transformation. Time to serve his own people, he thought. This Amra girl—he wasn't sure if that's the name—was assigned to him, and as a transitioner, he had to make sure she's well-adjusted before undergoing Terrigenesis. Friendliness wasn't Caiden's best suit, so he hoped this new girl would be easier to handle than the last guy that was under him. The 14-year-old boy literally went insane; he wasn't mentally and spiritually prepared, and he was such a pain in the ass that Caiden almost gave up on him before the boy himself did. At least this one's a girl, he said to himself, she's probably calmer than him.

He was perched on the mouth of a well kicking invisible pebbles when Gordon, the teleporter, suddenly appeared out of thin air before him, dust and fallen leaves flying everywhere. “Ready when you are,” he said to Caiden. He stepped forward and held onto Gordon's arm, and together they were sucked into a vacuum-like dimension that sent his stomach tumbling. He never really liked the feeling of being teleported from one place to another. Just when he thought he was gonna throw up again, his feet found the ground and his knees buckled, stumbling forward. Gordon grabbed the hood of his jacket and steadied him before he could end up face-planting on the asphalt. “Thanks,” Caiden said embarrassingly. “So, where's the girl?” Gordon didn't reply but started leading the way. They exited an alley, a park coming into view. Gordon pointed his finger to a lone girl—or should he say lady—sitting on a bench. “There. Amra Maheen. You know what to do.” The teleporter looked at him with his empty eye sockets and nodded before vanishing again. He waited for the traffic lights to turn red before crossing the street, then slowly approached the girl. Caiden sat on the other side of the bench and eyed Amra, daring to look at him. When she finally did, he offered his hand and greeted her with a “Amra? I'm Cade, and I'm here to pick you up.”

[ it's okay! no rush or anything ^^ zutara was a precious ship and i shipped them so hard! they're such a perfect contrast of one another. but i was happy that aang had someone with him, because lbr, he deserved it after being stuck in ice as a kid for a hundred years XD ]

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments 9639
(ah i was personally hoping that aang and toph would be together. and than zutara. and mai [because i love her], i wanted her to get with some mysterious twin who zuko was related too. or ty lee. idk man. someone badass and hot. xD
and holy shit did you see the new episode today. dammmnnnn. i feel so bad for skye. and what the hell are the writers doing with may?!)

After the call had been made, her hands had immediately dropped to her lap, fingering the cell phone. For a couple moments she contemplated taking a jog, desperately wanting to feel the air rush across her face but chose to deny herself of that. For all she knew her picker-up could arrive at any moment and she didn't want to leave them hanging. She shifted several times on her bench, attempting to find something comfortable enough until a dog arrived at her barking like a madman. Grinning, she dropped down to her knees starting to play with the small animal while it barked at her. She attempted to bark back, hoping she was saying something he actually understood which only led her back to the whole transforming thing. Maybe she'd get animal communicating powers? The dog, most likely sensing her attention drifting away, grabbed a hold of her phone, starting to run off with it. "Dammit" she muttered, despite the smile evident on her face. Amra chased the animal down, getting her phone back; she proceeded to pocket it back in her shorts and sat upon her bench. A slight breeze picked up, and Amra took a deep breath, slowly closing her eyes.

Amra abruptly opened her eyes as she felt someone sliding in next to her. She turned her head, wondering whom the stranger would be. Dark hair on top of pale skin with hazel? eyes. He had a rather serious demeanor to him, versus her more happier one. Instinctively she smiled taking his hand. "Hey. Nice to meet you and everything." she started getting the customary pleasantries out of the way. "And awesome. But quick question, how is this all gonna play out? Like are we just going to go to the place, and then I'll go through the process and come out all powerful and then just learn how to control them?" she asked him. She was fairly certain that they had probably told her the process in which she'd have to go through, but at the moment Amra failed to recall any of it. She remembered Afterlife was a gorgeous place, most of the people warm and friendly. And the best part was that they all had different powers; she couldn't remember anyone who had the same gifts as another. But then again it had been a while. Now, more excited to actually arrive, Amra began drumming her fingers against her knee, an old habit yet to shake off.

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments
Caiden couldn't bring himself to return Amra's smile, so he just responded with a nod and rested his back against the bench, hands tucked inside the front pocket of his hoodie. The first thing he noticed about her was that she's not American, and in his opinion, it made her stand out among the crowd of white people. It's not just her skin complexion, which he found beautiful, but also her distinct features that separated her from the rest. He had always had a fascination with different ethnic races ever since his stay in Afterlife. The place was a culturally diverse environment, but everyone just belonged there as if it had always been their home.

When Amra was done asking, he took a deep breathe as subtly as he could. Caiden was not the best talker; he sucked at explaining matters to people and convincing them. Why Gordon chose him to assist Amra was beyond him. “That's the summary, yeah,” he replied. “But it's not as easy as it sounds. Some inhumans are born knowing what they really are, so they have devoted their life preparing for it. Training.” He paused, observing a white Sedan that pulled over in front of the alley where he and Gordon had appeared. “Some are kept from the truth so preparations are done in a different method.” His attention were on the two men in dark suits who stepped out of the car. One of them was holding some sort of device, the other striding towards the alley in a hurried manner. His gut was telling him that he had to stay away from them as far as possible. He rose to his feet and wiped the alarm off of his face. He didn't want to scare Amra. “You wanna walk?” His voice was effortlessly steady, monotonous. He pocketed his hands again and waited for Amra's response, hoping she was in the mood for a walk.

[ i just got home from school! haven't watched aos yet ugh. would ask you how was it but i'm pretty sure by the time you reply, i will have watched it. lol. different time zones, you know. XD and omg, why have i not thought about aang ang toph seriously -__- i liked that pairing! but not as otp, hehe. zutara was just. my dream otp. i was shattered that they're not endgame but not gonna complaing that it's kataang, lol. i'm currently watching the winter solider rn. bucky is <3 ]

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments
If Cade had suddenly shifted towards a more worried and alerted persona, Amra couldn't tell. She hadn't even picked up upon the Sedan; cars came and went all the time. And even if she had spotted it, Amra would have most likely chalked it up to innocence, believing there was no harm towards it. Instead, she merely focused on the explanation he provided her, listening intently. That was the thing about Amra, if you could calm her down enough, to get her to listen to a sentence, she listened completely and fully. Her own green eyes would start to shine, and you could read her mind through the thoughts that flickered to and from within the pupils. After a second, she raised an eyebrow slightly. "So I'm guessing, I'm going to have go through this 'different method'?" she asked putting the quotations around the two words. A bit of confusion and worry fled into her, but she had managed to push them away. The Afterlife had been perfectly safe when she last visited, there wouldn't be that drastic of a change already.

Upon his other question, Amra had accepted without a second thought. "Yeah sure." she agreed. Standing up, Amra pushed back the half-sleeves of her light plaid shirt, taking up the well worn out path. Her footsteps soon blended in with the rest of the park, all of which that became one rather peaceful sound. As the two of them walked, several joggers nodded at her, vague friends whos name she could barely recall. The puppy from earlier was now gone, which she was fine with. It made it easier for Amra to actually focus on the important things. Her voice light, she began posing other questions trying to remember just what exactly she was walking into blindly. "So, what would the other method be anyways? I'm assuming not torture. Or ice cream. Although that'd be cool." she continued lightly, different - although possibly very stupid - ideas streaming into her mind.

(well i mean you probably have considering 17 hours passed since you posted it. xD but imma just say this now, im geting kinda pissed at all the double standards and just ugh. i want everyone to go back to s1, but in a relationship y'know?
ahaha yeah. i seriously thought they were gonna get together (zutara i mean) and just ;-; also it just hit me, azula was like 14. four-freakin-teen. like damn. i can't even feel angry at her knowing her father and just <33.)

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Wanda Maximoff | 38 comments
Relief washed over Caiden once he put distance between them and the men in the Sedan, though he knew he must still take precautions. It was no coincidence that they were looking for something—or someone—in the same place where Gordon had them teleported to just moments ago. He had run many errands outside Afterlife before, and one of the most important things he'd learned from them was that other entities had knowledge of the Inhumans' existence. Some wanted to exploit their species, while others were into restraining their freedom.

Falling into step beside Amra, he absentmindedly matched the rhythm of his footsteps with hers. Though he was tempted to look behind and check on the men, he kept his head forward so as not to raise suspicions, and then proceeded on filling her in with answers. “Yeah, pretty much. Just slightly different, though. Probably not what you might be thinking.” He had no idea what kind of ‛different method’ Amra had in mind, but the tone he caught in her voice as she spoke suggested she was worried, albeit slightly. Caiden couldn't blame the girl; when he had first discovered what he was six years ago, it brought a wave of anxiety into him. It was uncharted waters that should be trodden lightly. Without any guidance from experienced individuals, the inhuman could get lost and damaged. Fortunately for Caiden it was one of the elders of the community that oversaw his transformation. It went not without a pain, but he recovered and embraced his new self in no time.

“I won't use the word torture, but I can't guarantee you that it will be pain-free.” Now that's not the best way to reassure someone, but Caiden thought it was better to prepare her this way than to sugarcoat his words. As vague as it was at least she would know what to expect, or what not to. “There will be acupuncture and meditation and some talking with the elders and the lot. It's the transition of your body that will hurt you. Just imagine going through thousands of years of evolution within moments.” He failed to put into words the rest of what he felt during and after Terrigenesis, but he hoped Amra understood what he's trying to get at.

[ guess what. i still haven't seen aos! ugh. school and stuffs and i have a freakin' headache rn >_> but i agree; s1 was just a happy season, at least until ward became hydra. but everything was fine back there and my fitzsimmons weren't broken yet < /// 3 remember when katara tried to heal zuko's scar? that's the first time they met and i was AJJFSHLKA that time! and azula sometimes pissed me off, but yeah, she's just barely in her teen years and y'know, villains are sometimes interesting and i guess azula was that kind of villain. ]

kc ♀ (prev. trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 19 comments
[sorry parcc is now over, finale week for so many shows (omg agents of shield is tomorrow eek) and just augha. i promise the summer will be better with my answering and length and everything. xD
mmmm the episode is interesting imo. jiaying, ward, revelations are made, some people die. and yeah s1 was just good cause we also got to meet the different characters and everything in general was better
ahafhaughuh. that was amazing. and beautiful. omg i just began thinking about jet. like i personally don't like him with katara but he was a cool guy.
azula is the kind of person that i always wondered how she would have turned out with her mother still there? i mean idk, her mother may have helped her reign in some of that evilness.]

Behind the two of them, the Sedan had people pouring out of them with lab coats, and other instruments. The noise got considerably louder, but naturally Amra brushed it off as people arriving at the park. Instead she focused on her possible mentor - is that what he was? she wondered briefly - instructions. "Not pain-free. So pain as in...bee sting or burning your hand pain or like a million cars over you pain. Because there is a considerable difference" she asked him her mind running over the other words he mentioned. Acupuncture, meditation, talking, elders, transition, evolution. Everything seemed fine. Until his words finally hit her. Until she finally realized what he meant.

Amra stopped for a moment, fear rushing through her veins. Her worry came back ten times stronger, causing her to physically stop moving. Acupuncture meant needles. Needles and her never got along, and she was - to put it lightly - terrified of them. A series of horrible memories with needles engulfed her, her face deathly white. Her smile had evaporated; now it was only a thin line that matched her wide eyes. Breathing heavily she parted her lips slightly to ask one word to Cade. "Acupuncture?" she managed to squeak out before clearing her throat. "Like...with needles and everything?" she asked him her voice shaky. Nothing else he had said phased her, not the meditation or talking to some elders. Hell, she was even okay with going through a ritual in which she'd feel thousands of years inside her. But the needles she couldn't do. Wouldn't do.

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