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message 1: by Teega (new)

Teega Mack | 5 comments A troubled bad ass alpha with MAJOR issues.
A nurturing heroine who longs to save him.
Oh yeah, and plenty of rough sex, too.

Here's the synopsis:

He's got it all: fame, money, sex appeal... but bad-boy artist Hudson Jones is already a complete mess at twenty-five, and all his friends know it. They've witnessed the heavy drinking and drugs, the out-of-control fighting, and the scores of damaged women who have dared to spend the night with him, willing to endure his brutal dominance for the chance to be seen with a star. But no one knows why Hudson has a violent streak, and he prefers to keep it that way. Besides, he's pretty sure he can suppress his habits for Lilith's sake. But when figures from his horrific past resurface and he can no longer ignore the trauma he once endured, his compulsive need for control threatens to take over.

Pleasant, bubbly Lilith Hughes just wants to focus on her art. After all, she's travelled all the way to Canada from England on her parents' dime just to have some time alone with a canvas and a brush. And maybe she wouldn't have fallen so hard for Hudson if her friends hadn't warned her about how screwed up and dangerous he is. But she has become intrigued by this sexy rebel with the mysterious nightmares that have him pleading for mercy in his sleep, and now all she wants to do is fix the broken bad boy and show him the love he's never had. And so what if he is known for being rough in the bedroom? She knows what she's getting herself into... at least, she thinks she knows...

And the amazon link:

message 2: by Teega (new)

Teega Mack | 5 comments Hmmm... I guess I did the link wrong. Let me try that again.

Rough Sketch by Teega Mack

message 3: by Teega (new)

Teega Mack | 5 comments Okay, the Amazon link is above. You can check out the first chapter-and-a-half there. If you want to review, either message me your email or post it here, and I will send you a mobi copy. Let me know if you want some other file format, and I'll see what I can do. Thanks!


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