Rose (Rose, #1) Rose question

How did you like this book?
Estella Estella Apr 27, 2015 04:24PM
I think this book was fantastic because Rose used clues to find out who stole Maisie and other children.

I try to read ALL the books I give to the grandkids. Rose, was wonderful. It is delightful, funny, thoughtful, just beautifully crafted. I think the target audience as late elementry level (but fine for the children that are old souls). Rose is an orphan. She was always an orphan. She has that spark of wanting to do better (no, no a princess or lost heiress which is great) but plans to work hard and success. She is compassionate while being practical and she is magical but is rather horrified at the thought. Her interactions with her employer and new "family" takes place in a setting like Victorian England with all the class structure. It is thoughtfully created and you NEED to read this too so that you can talk to you child about the way things were and how so much has NOT changed for the better sometimes. LOVE it and ordering all the rest times two (one set for each group of grandbabies).

I enjoyed it.

Totally! If you haven't read the other three books in this series, DO!
Also, there is another series that takes place like 50 years after this series with another magician girl named Lily (by Holly Webb).

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