Bound by Honor (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #1) Bound by Honor question

Do woman love this book because he is a bad boy or because we are desentitized to woman being disrespected?
Tara Zormier Tara Apr 27, 2015 02:55PM
I am not sure if I want to read this book or not. I read the reviews and some very strong contrasting opinions seem to be the norm. So me question stands do you ladies like the book because he is a "bad boy" (and you know that you would never put up with that shit, so it ok to fantasize) or are we truly ok with being treated like trash?

Well i kinda like but dislike the book at some points , during the begining , the relation between the H and h wasn t that great , but the fact that even then he cares a lot about her and how their relationship devlopped was what i liked , he s a total alpha male but really good book

Jennifer Santana AGREED! Their relationship develops beautifully! : ))
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I think there is a difference between what people believe is being treated like shit. That's where the line lies. I think she was treated poorly by her father but not necessarily by Luca. The mafia life is what it is. If you don't like some of the logistics, then this isn't the romance for you. It's as simple as that.

I believe that woman like bad boy style, but that mean we like when he disrespected women.
In this book he was very kind with her and understand her fears.

Actually to answer the question ... I think women love a bad boy. The whole dominating but respecting and HEA are what sucks you in. If it is well written with a story and reasonably gritty - no point (in my view) having a wussy mafia / cartel guy.
I have read books where I thought they were a bit sick - some of Stephen Donaldson's books - not Thomas Covenant - and Clive Barker. Well written but I had to stop reading because they were (for me) horrid ... So I do not think that women read these books because they like reading about being disrespected - I certainly don't. I also did not think these books disrespected these women. However thinking about what went on maybe it is a bit strange ...

Sorry me again - are we desensitized to some of what goes on. Then yes - some of the BDSM books shocked me at the start but no longer. And even to the point where I think I wonder what that would be like - did hubby and I miss out :) It did not affect my liking a book though. I think the growth of a relationship and the HEA are what works for me. I like vampires and werewolves too

I have started reading some books that in my opinion were trash - nothing but thinking about sex, talking about sex, doing sex and then repeat ad nauseum. BUT some of these books had hundreds of 5 star reviews. I thought this book and Bound by Duty were awesome. I also loved loved AJ Adams the cartel series and Beast but certainly the mafia and the cartel guys are awful people. Just google them. And some reviews were unhappy about the way women were treated. I thought they were a great read - I also read alien abduction novels. Do I want to be abducted by an alien - no sirreee I do not. Just suspend disbelief or reality and read it - if you enjoy it the great if not then now you know...

this book sucked but he was never really disrespecting the whole cheating scene though was a bit stupid . . . I felt it killed the book for many people some women cant stand cheaters and yet they are attracted to asshole guys which is sad its like choosing your kettle then calling it black...aria knew even her own father cheated on her mother so it was well established that kind of thing was normal to women in her position

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I liked this book because of it was a peek into mafia lifestyle with a romantic element. I hate my criminal heroes overly sanitized. To me it wasn't about being personally desensitized to disrespect. It's about my failure to understand people okay with reckless killing by the hero, but upset with cheating handled in a realistic manner. This was an arranged marriage with people setting up their personal boundaries in a lawless world. Lines are bound to be crossed.

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