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message 2: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Hey! :) I can do a vampire or a werewolf for paranormal but I could also do a human with weird fetishes and possibly even a serial killer or something super dark if you're into/okay with that.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments Well, I had a story line I really wanted to do, it's similar to beauty and the beast.

There was a young prince that was cursed by a witch. Every night he turns into a large wolf. A beast more like it. He tried to hide the curse from his parents, but one day he killed them in his wolf form. Since the murder of his parents, and now he was technically king. But, he sealed himself in the walls of a the castle until a princess broke the curse. One day though, a women thief runs to the castle to take refuge from guards under the small new rule. The prince finds out she isn't a princess and is furious, he makes her his slave and tells her that the only way to live is to find the princess to break the curse.

message 5: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) It's not bad, but I usually prefer to involve more elements when doing a romance. Beauty/beast is a really overdone concept for me, and though my werewolves do turn into wolves I usually base it more on mood/anger than the lunar cycle.
I could maybe do a more modern version of this. Prince/princess isn't really something I write.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments Oh okay. How about a famous rock star instead of a prince. And the girl can still be a thief, but she has to find him someone who he thinks is beautiful. Also, scratch the part with the night time. We can put mood. Maybe we can just seal him away in a abandoned building in the woods.

message 7: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Does he have to be famous? That might make privacy an issue. He can be a musician/performer, though, I'm cool with that. But I think he'd have an okay enough handle on his curse that he doesn't really need to be so far sealed away, but he can be in the suburbs maybe, not right in the middle of the city or in a populated area, since he'd like privacy anyways.
He could have had rich parents so the place can be really nice/enticing for the thief but are you set on having the middle woman? He can be sort of a jerk but I wouldn't want his human self to be cruel enough to kidnap someone and be holding them captive for days while he goes out and does whatever. Arranging to find someone to fall in love with also seems a bit... I don't know, artificial I guess?
I could see maybe if she (the thief) found out the truth of him being a werewolf, then he would follow her around all the time to keep her aware of his threat of hurting her if she were to deliberately get him found out. But I think maybe it would be more interesting if he ended up falling for her rather then demanding that she goes out and finds a "pretty girl" for him, and it ends up being about him trying to show her he's not a monster.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments Alright. So scratch out everything expect that he's a wolf, she's a thief, and he has dead parents? Then insert everything you said. But, I'm confused about how she is going to 'try' to get him reveled when she is trying to hide herself from people.

message 9: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Maybe werewolves can be a known thing? Not of epidemic proportions but perhaps there's been rumors/talk and appearances--something more substantial than say, Bigfoot or the Lock Ness. If they are real, then hunters would probably exist, so maybe my guy found out about them the hard way and doesn't want her talking to anyone about it because he can't tell who is and who isn't a hunter until it's too late and he doesn't want scientists/paparazzi/news/etc coming to his door or trying to do things to him. He basically wants to live as normally as possible and her finding out about being a werewolf threatens that normality.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments Okay and also as huge motivation, there could be money as a award to whoever finds a werewolf. It gives her a strong reason to turn him in. Does that seem okay?

message 11: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Yes! I like that :)

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments Alright. Do you want to make a character sheet?

message 13: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) If you'd like me to, sure. What stuff do you want included?

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments Name, age, appearance, personality.
Not much.

message 15: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay)
Name: Brandon Lynch
Age: 20

Personality: He's always been a bit of a snob since he's used to being entitled ever since he was a kid. He came down to earth a bit once the curse started coming through and was briefly depressed when he killed his parents. He got into music after their deaths, which was when he was 13. He went through 3 foster homes and intense therapy until he was 18 and inherited the house and money from his parents and has been living there every since. When they put him on anti-depressants, his aggression increased and he ended up on a slew of pills but eventually went cold turkey, on his own without telling anyone, because he could feel the curse just under the surface and knew the pills were making things worse.
He's a bit of a loner and high self-protective and self-serving, tends to be a little crude to keep people at a distance he feels safe, but opens up to them considerably when they display the same interests as him. He's torn between wishing the curse away and wanting to find someone who accepts him for it, because despite himself he does like running through the trees and hunting as an animal; that feeling of freedom.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments Name: Liv Sanders
Age: 18
Appearance: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201...
Personality: Liv was almost thrown to the streets when she was curious about werewolfs and wolfs in general as a child. She didn't have much friends because of this curiosity and her parents seemed to shun her. So, she gave up on wanting to be more and learned to despise wolves. When her parents past away of a disease, she turns to a street group who steals. She pays no mind while stealing and enjoys it wonderfully. Though, she is always waiting for someone to adore her, to love her, and possibly need her when no one else did.

message 17: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Okay. Sounds good. Where should we start? When she breaks into his house? Does she do it on impulse or does she plan a little so she knows about alarms/dogs/potential wealth/etc?

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments I was thinking we can start with her running away from a house she already broken into. Then, running to his house to hide not really knowing anyone lived there. Do you mind if you start?

message 19: by Alexander (last edited Apr 27, 2015 07:11PM) (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Nope, I can. What time of day would she be showing up?

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments Night since that is the best time to rob someone.

message 21: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Brandon was wandering around the house even though it was almost 1 AM. It was getting close to the full moon and even though his curse wasn't ruled by it he could feel the pull of night begging him to go outside. He did indulge in that pull occasionally but he couldn't tonight. He had the entire weekend, making a trip into the countryside out of it. Letting himself turn again tonight would be not only exhausting but painful.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments Liv ran. Her lungs burned as if someone was burning them on the inside. She had her bag around her, nice and steady. She heard some of the police sirens as she ran and ran until they weren't even there. She saw a good looking house and the window was opened. 'How relaxing.' She thought as she climbed through quietly.

message 23: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) The lights were off because of the late hour and Brandon could see in the dark so half the time he never even remembered to turn them on anyways. His bedroom window and the living room window were open to let some of the night air in; he liked the smell of it out here where it was fresh and full of grass and bugs, not smog and stink from the city.
He wasn't paying full attention since it's not like every night someone decides to break into his house. So it was a few minutes before his scent drifted to him. He tensed immediately and growled quietly before his brain was even aware of the reason why.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She didn't hear the growl as she tried to look around in the dark. She found a chair and smiled. She sat down in the chair and let out a sigh of relief. Now she could somehow rest. She closed her eyes and leaned back into the chair.

message 25: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He'd been in the kitchen and set down his glass of ice water on the counter. Feeling like he was prowling as he headed into the living room. He saw her and looked at her, two distinct instincts rising within him, one to protect his territory and the other he'd really rather not admit to.
"A house this nice wouldn't be left without security if no one lived here you know." He said from the doorway without turning the lights on. The only light came from the stars and moon seeping in from the open window.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She flinched when she heard the voice, but still didn't move from the chair. She even crossed her legs. "Some security if I'm already in here. If I was robbing, I could of taken 20% of your stuff already." She said.

message 27: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "You can go ahead and try. Anything in here you'll find weighs no less than a table. I'm not that stupid." He turned the light on now, realizing the longer he left it off the more suspicious it would be. He hoped his eyes hadn't glinted in the moonlight like they sometimes did. Usually only when he shifted his gaze and he'd been looking at her the entire time.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She covered her eyes when the lights came back on. She looked at the guy. "Okay listen." She said. "I'll be nice to you and give you a offer. I get to stay here and you name your price. I won't steal anything. I'm just really pooped out." She said now standing up. He seemed off to her. It was odd for her.

message 29: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Did you get a look at the house? I don't need money. And why the hell should I trust you when you've just come here from a theft?" He gestures at her back vehemently, believing maybe she burst a couple brain cells in the run over here.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She glanced down at her bag. "I'm serious! I mean, you don't need the money, but I need somewhere the stay." She said. The thought of running around again made her feet ache. "Really. Just one night. Then we will never see each other again." She said raising her hands.

message 31: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "I don't trust you." He told her blatantly, accidentally letting a bit of a growl come through with it. His canines were just a tad sharper than the average person's, his pupils a little smaller than normal in this lighting.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She flinched slightly when he growled. Like a wolf. She started to back away. "I'll do anything you want if you let me stay. I'm really tired from running and my feet are even bleeding." She said trying to keep her voice from going desperate.

message 33: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He straightened up, shoulders lowering as he closed his eyes briefly. Stay calm. You can't let her realize. If she gets convinced she'll go get a bounty on you. "Fine." He said, thinking he could maybe keep an eye on her through the night to see how much he'd given away. "I'll have you know this is the stupidest, most impulsive thing I've ever done. And if I find anything missing in the morning, I'm coming after you. Get upstairs into the bathroom to take care of your feet."

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She sighed and nodded. She had to admit it wasn't her most heroic moment ever either. She walked upstairs and when she looked back, she flinched when she saw some sharp teeth. She quickly walked upstairs to the bathroom to clean her feet.

message 35: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He didn't move from the doorway right away. After she had passed he found himself leaning in her direction slightly to get a better inhale of her scent. Smells good. He sighed to himself. It's been too long since I've been with a girl. You must be nuts to be letting one stay here like this. Once she's up the stairs, he follows, glass in hand, thinking about where to let her sleep.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She cleans her feet properly and wished she had some bandages. Instead, she filled the bathtub and stuck her feet in. She let out a satisfied sigh as he feet seemed to calm down from the pain. Once she was done, she put her boots back on and walked out.

message 37: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He was waiting out in the hall, by the banister of the stairs. He needed to keep her close because he didn't trust her. "You can sleep in the guest room." He pointed down the hallway to a door at the end. His room was right by the stairs so he'd hear her if she tried to go anywhere.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She nodded and quietly walked to the guest room. She glanced back at him for a moment then looked forward again. She walked to the guest room and was thankful to see a bed. She set her bag down under her feet so she would feel if he took anything. She laid her head down on the pillow and let out a sigh before falling asleep.

message 39: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) The room was empty other than the bed, a rug, a side table, a desk, and a book shelf. There was a closet too but everything was empty. He must clean (or have a cleaner) every so often though because there was no dust anywhere. The sheets were thick and warm and the pillow was soft. It and the mattress felt like memory foam and there was a decorative fur on the end of the bed she could use as a blanket if she needed.
Brandon stayed sitting on the stairs until he heard her heart slow. He brushed his teeth and headed to bed, staring at the ceiling almost until it was light out by the time he fell asleep.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She woke up early and got her stuff. She stretched and got her bag along with other things. She walked downstairs and then stopped at the kitchen. Her stomach growled and she quickly started to grab some food without thinking.

message 41: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Brandon stirred when he heard her get up. He heard things moving downstairs and made his way down, his clothing rumpled from sleep because he'd forgotten to get out of them. He stopped in the kitchen with a yawn, a dog-like squeal coming from him as he did so.
"Help yourself. Not like you broke in or anything." He sat down at the island, where there were two stools. The island was big so there was no table.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments "I will help myself thank you." Once she managed to dump the food on the counter, she started to dig into all the food. "I've forgotten to eat yesterday. Thank goodness I found this food." She said as she ate without thinking much of it.

message 43: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He looked at her as she ate, seeing how she wolfed it down--pun intended. He frowned as he watched and tilted his head. "You don't get regular meals, do you?"

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She shakes her head. "Never have, never will." She said in between bites. "It's hard to find food without going against someway or another so I seem to survive without it." She said finishing and looking at him.

message 45: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Brandon looked at her for a while. "Do you know how to cook?" Are you crazy? You've just met her and she's a criminal! What do you think you're doing?? He wished he could answer his own question but he couldn't other than saying seeing her like this made him hurt inside.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She shook her head. "I know how to steal cooking if that's close." She said with a small smirk. She saw the look in his eyes. Some sort of pity. She would be lying if some of her confidence went down the drain at that moment.

message 47: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "You don't have a steady place to live, either, do you?" He couldn't help himself. Something paternal inside him just ached for her and all the suffering she must have gone through to get here--not that she looked all that badly off, mind you, but the wolf inside him had been lonely since birth and wanted a mate, a lover, more than anything else. A partner. I'm quite sure you must have gone insane, Brandon.

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She stared at him a bit before glancing away. "No." She said flatly and threw away her trash. "I had no choice. Both of my parents died of disease. I didn't want to go to a stupid orphanage or go into the adoption system and just hope someone will want me." She decided that she would just tell him since she will never see him again. Plus, it's not like he had anyone else to tell.

message 49: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Stay here." He gave her a second to hear it but talked over her as she started to argue. "I have no need of money. My time would be much more well spent teaching you how to cook and whatever else you've lost out on."

Møøńšhådöw {Stars are only visible in darkness} (moonshadow16) | 3419 comments She stared at him. "You're as crazy as I am." She said with a smirk. "As much as I love crazy people, I don't plan on staying here. The last time I checked," she lifted the bag, "I'm a thief. Why keep a thief in your house?"

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