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Don't You Forget About Me (Cate Whelihan #1)
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Don't You Forget About Me 99-cent Sale

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Carolyn (cmastfalk) | 8 comments 99-cent sale today through Friday - good Catholic fiction. Romantic suspense. Theology of the Body fiction.

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Don Mulcare | 16 comments I had the opportunity to read and review DYFAM (Check Amazon for the review). Let's not forget that this is also a Theology of Food fiction. Take a step back to your last high school reunion. Invite a few mafia types and dead bodies, any you're smack in the middle of Tomato Pie Territory.

If you've been good and deserve a reward, buy yourself a copy, for less than a dollar.Try it, you'll like it.

Celia (cinbread19) Thanks for the rec, Don. This book is hilarious.

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Don Mulcare | 16 comments I'm not sure of the difference between tomato pie and pizza.

message 5: by Celia (last edited May 01, 2015 01:33PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Celia (cinbread19) tomato pie has no cheese. I remember my first experience with it. lived in NJ at the time and ordered it off a bowling alley menu and was horrified when it arrived w/o cheese. it did have mushroom on it, i think (this was in 1974). just no cheese

in DYFAM, it almost seemed to have an upper crust too, but that was not my experience

PS. finished the book. got more out of it than just laughs.

PPS. your profile picture remnds me of a tomato pie!!

Celia (cinbread19) OK, I did some more research. Today's TP looks like a pie piece. The pictures I have seen have plenty of cheese. But I still stand by my original experience. What I described was called tomato pie at the Eatontown Bowling Alley.

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Don Mulcare | 16 comments Those are hot peppers on a red flannel shirt.

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