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((you post first...pretend they're in the Entrance Hall...ALONE!))

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((na..i dont like this))

"Look, love, Im sorry. It's over...And...will you forgive me? For all the things I've done?"

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Alex glares at her for a second.
"I know you hate me...but I still love you!"

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"What do you want then?"
((watching vampire academy...eww....dmitri's so ugly!))

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Alez follows her down the corridor.

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* Alex

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"See you tomorrow"

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"Piss off!"

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Alex followed her further down the corridor, until she reached the room.

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He slaps her back, much harder than intended. She suddenly bursts into tears but Alex feels no pity. He just stood there, staring at her outside her bedroom door.

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"Shut up" I really didn't want to fight, but now she was just pissing me off.

((my mum said yes, you can come over!))

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"No. I won't get lost!" He moved one step closer

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She probably thinks I'm perving on her.
"No. i know this can happen!"

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Kate knocks on her best frient, Elizabet's door. She wanted to show her her new ball gown.

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"It's me, Kathryn!"

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ths wt it looks like

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"What's up with you and Alex? He can be a stupid git at times...but stalking you? That's just him being an idiot!"

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"Gorgeous! This dress looks great on you!"
Kathryn moved around her in circles, staring, awe struck at the dress.

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((look at this character creation I made for one of my RP groups:
"тнєяє'ร єиσυgн σf мє тσ gσ αяσυиd"


Nickname: Chris, Ed
Age: 20
Nationality: Spanish





Personality: He is a very enthusiastic teacher, who loves all his students and friends.
History: He was born and grew up in Spain, where he learnt to be an artist for three years. At the age of twenty, he began to work in an academy, teaching Spanish to young people.


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"sure!" I agreed, eager to help out my bff.

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((watching the fault in our stars))...

((you post first...it's in one of the threads...ok?))

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Alex follows her. "Please, let's talk this through!" I urge, desperate.

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Alex couldn't take it anymore. He kisses her on her lips with great force, crushing the two together. It lasted for about half an hour. Or what felt like it... But what was to come was really unexpected.

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Alex smirked. "I know you have feelings for me!" and I kissed her more, we were both there, embraced until...

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((ok. I will tell him asap))

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Jay | 2 comments ((Can you fill me in on what I'm doing quick??))

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((basically, im a dude called alex and me and elizabet (zaynah) used to be in a relationship. then, we had an argument and we're enemies.I keep on trying to apologize but she refuses. so basically, I kiss her and now we're sort of ok now but then you (my bff) comes in..))

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((and asks whats going on..ok...unless u have anyother ideas?))

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Jay | 2 comments ((Cool I guess I'm Rick!))

I smile down at Elizabeth widely. "I'm doing alright, what are you guys doing?" I ask, my curiousity getting the best of me as I look at the two.

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Alex looked at the newcomer. "Nothing...We were just..." Should I tell him or not? I mean, I don't even know him. He's a total stranger.?

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((let's roleplay!))

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((ok..so u start!))

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((sure..i'll make it!))

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