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message 1: by Chad (new)

Chad Peek (mordrim) | 255 comments Mod
So we have reached the last 30 or so pages of the book. The Dwarves are on the march to make the Many Arrows tribe pay for their actions, the Drow are heading for the first dark hole they can find, and Tiago still has an unhealthy interest in Drizzt.

So let's not waste another moment. Let the Grand Finale begin and then we can all discuss our thoughts of the end of the book, as well as the novel as a whole.

Happy Reading

message 2: by Justin (new)

Justin (berliad) | 106 comments I'm really sorry for not chiming in more during this one. I've been crushed this semester (I teach at a university), and it's been hard to keep up with much of anything non-work related.

Some thoughts on this last part, and on the book as a whole.
- In general, I thought this last part of the book was the weakest part. I'm really, really tired of Tiago at this point, and I'm just not feeling it with Doum'wielle as the latest character who is out to kill Drizzt. She has the potential to be an interesting character, being essentially in the thrall of her sword, but so far I'm not buying into it.
- I did enjoy the fact that Gromph managed to "frame" Drizzt as the source of the spell that undid the Darkening. And it could potentially be interesting to see how this sorts out with Catti-Brie & Drizzt, given that she now thinks he is basically the hand of Mielikki...when, arguably, that role is still hers.
- This little Gromph/Jarlaxle "alliance" (if we can call it that?) has the potential to be pretty interesting.
- Wasn't Bruenor severely (mortally?) wounded in the battle for the bridge? Why didn't that ever come up again? I mean, sure, maybe Catti healed him, but as far as I can tell it was never addressed again. Maybe Salvatore just forgot?

Overall, I enjoyed the book a lot, and really enjoyed this three-book arc that began with Night of the Hunter. The War for the Seven Marches (or maybe there's another name?) has been a fun ride, and I'm looking forward to reading how it impacts this region when we finally get a 5e Forgotten Realms campaign guide. I think Salvatore did a nice job depicting an epic war with fast armies, while still letting his characters play a leading role. Given the numbers involved, that's hard to do. The grand battle for Mythril Hall, with the battle for the bridge down below and the battle between the dragons up above, was epic. I also thought the depictions of the suffering dwarven citadels under siege were very well done earlier in this book.

That all said, as this part of the story comes to a close, I might be ready to take a break from Salvatore for a while. I think he does big, huge, pitched battles really well. But of the remaining plot lines, seeing what happens with Regis might be the one that still tickles my fancy. The others...Catti-Brie and The Shade/her parents, Drizzt & Catti-brie & Mielikki, Tiago & Doum'wielle vs. Drizzt, and even Gromph vs. the Matriarchy...I'm just not that interested right now. Hopefully that will change in the six months until his next book drops.

message 3: by Scott (new)

Scott (scott_mosher) | 11 comments Do we even know what the next book is going to be? I did a very quick search and found "DESCEND INTO THE UNDERDARK
RAGE OF DEMONS - Fight alongside Drizzt Do’Urden in the new Dungeons & Dragons storyline on computer, console or tabletop this Fall." at Is this the next series? Is this what awaits the companions in Gauntlgrym? The associated blurb indicated that Drizzt would revisit his dark side as Mielikki and Lolth battle over Drizzt.

message 4: by Chad (new)

Chad Peek (mordrim) | 255 comments Mod
Hi Scott,

Spellstorm by Ed Greenwood is the next book I believe. The last I knew it was scheduled to hit shelves on June 2nd(ish).

message 5: by Scott (new)

Scott (scott_mosher) | 11 comments Hello Chad,

Please forgive my vagueness! I was unclear. I was referring to the next Drizzt book. The next book in the The Legend of Drizzt series. I'm glad that I was able to catch up with The Sundered Book Club again! I did see that the next book to read is Spellstorm. I'm looking forward to reading it with the group. :^)

message 6: by Chad (new)

Chad Peek (mordrim) | 255 comments Mod
Sorry Scott,

In that case I believe the next Drizzt book is Archmage which is due out 9/1 I think.

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