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The Dark Tower Series: Books vs. Graphic Novels
Joe Joe Apr 27, 2015 09:01AM
Hey, so I really want to get into Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I'm also a huge comic book/ graphic novel reader and discovered there is a comic series based on the books. I was wondering if 1) Would it be better for me to read the books rather than the graphic novels, 2) Does the comic book series include the entirety of the book series (I know there are 7 books, but only 5 graphic novel volumes) and 3) Does the graphic novels leave any important scenes/characters out or change anything drastic from the original story?

I just want to get the best Dark Tower experience possible and rather not spend money on a 7 book series and several graphic novel volumes.

Please let me know. I want to start reading as soon as possible!

Get the 8 books, then, if you want more - read the graphic novels.
To me the graphic novels are the poor man's version of the books. They flesh out some aspects of the overall story and give some more background, sure. But the books are so much better!

I suggest you read the books first. I have not read the graphic novels and have no opinion on them, but I believe the novels read first will give you a much deeper understanding for the graphic novels. To me it is much the same as reading the book first then watch the movie.

I read the graphic novels first, and thought they were really well done. But now that I'm half way through the novel series I can see that the graphic novels really had to weed out a lot of the narration and some plot to get to a story. It's gorgeous artwork but it comes at the cost of some of the story. Do both.

Read all the books in the series. Someone needs to make them into movies. It'll be a huge commitment but I can see Josh Brolin as Roland.

The Dark Tower Graphic novels touch more on Roland's life BEFORE the events of the novels take place... Or at least, the few I have read have. I prefer the novels? Despite the fact that there are many of them and they are very long. I love a good long book. My suggestion is the same as Annemarie's read them both, but do as Papaphilly said, read the books first and then comics.

Thanks everyone for the recommendations!

I am having trouble getting through the first book at all and I love Stephen Kings writing. So I seen the graphic novel set and thought I might try that. Has anyone read both?

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