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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) | 161 comments Mod
((Where Tsubasa! Syaoran and Sakura were born.))

message 2: by K (new)

K Fai walked into the Clow Kingdom looking for something to eat since he had just been traveling with all of his friends and now was needing a break.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol was sitting on a bench as he let the rays of Sun warm up his face, revealing his mischievous yet innocent smile. He looks around and eventually noticed several people wondering around looking for a place for a break.

'Hmmm.....' He thought as he stood up and began to make small construction plans for a small stall which would sell muffins/bread/that kind of thing.

After around 30 minutes....He was ready.

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K As Fai headed into town he could see everyone else that wandered about and he found a small bakery and decided to go in. Since Mokona wasn't with him, he didn't know what to get but figured he could at least look around and see what was there to eat.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments The second Eriol heard someone in the bakery he pop his head out from the kitchen and smiled. "Just a moment, we are making some muffins. Chocolate ones" He nodded to Fai as he wondered back into the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Eriol walked back out from the kitchen with a tray of freshly baked chocolate-chip muffins and smiled again.

"Would you like to try one?"

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K Fai glanced at Eriol and couldn't help but be taken in with the smell. "I would love to try one," he said. "It smells wonderful!" And since he had come all this way he may as well try something. He would have to remember if it was good or not that would he could bring Mokona.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol smiled as he passed Fai one of the muffins. "Enjoy" He turned to the clock he had placed magically when no-one else was looking (he thought) and smiled. "Just in time for business to open. Let's see....I wonder if anyone's around to help out...." He sighed but kept his smile.

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K Fai took one of the muffins and ate it enjoying the flavor. "This is really good!" he said with a smile. "I bet you must have a lot of customers," he said with an enthusiastic smile.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol chuckled lightly as he put the tray with the muffins in a small display cabinet. "We haven't had many. We've just managed to open up recently. I wonder when we'll get our next set of customers....Say, do you know anyone who would like these kinds of muffins?"

Eriol walked to the side of his small bakery as he pressed some buttons on the till, just to check a few things. "I often even wonder when our main customer will come back....She's not been by in quite a number of weeks...."

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K "I'm sure my friends would love to stop by," Fai said thinking for a moment. "I have two friends who are from here," he said. "They are Sakura and Syaoran."

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol almost stopped as though he remembered something. However, he then carried on, this time putting more stuff out from the kitchen. "Do you know where they are? Maybe they would like to stop by today?"

Eriol wiped his glasses and stretched, feeling his bones, etc, click and relax as he went back into his relaxed posture again. "Would you like a seat?"

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K "I'm actually not sure," he said. "I'm sure they're around here somewhere," he said with a smile as he took a seat. "What else do you have?" he asked looking around and seeing the pastries.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol chuckled as Fai's eyes eyed the pastries. "Would you like a scone? Or perhaps a cream filled doughnut? I made this one today" He pulled out one from the kitchen which had rainbow stars all across the top. "It has cream on the inside, as per what I said, but I think you might like it...."

Eriol had a sense that Fai might like sweet things. He wasn't sure, but he had a feeling.

A good feeling at that.

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