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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) | 161 comments Mod
((As it sounds.))

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Akane carefully stepped off the train, lugging her suitcase behind her. As it rattled along the cobblestone path, she turned to glance up at the sky, shielding her eyes from the sun. The faintest of smiles graced her lips. "So. Here we are, at last."

"Took long enough," her companion pipped up, leaning casually against the dark-haired girl. "Now then; what should we do first?"

Akane didn't answer, just looked around the station. Almost as though she were trying to find something... or maybe someone.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments [I hope you don't mind....Let me know if I shouldn't be here =p]

Eriol Hiiragizawa was reading his newspaper he had just bought, looking around every now and then, he looked like he had been there for...Quite awhile would be an understatement.

His eyes darted around the station, once touching upon Akane's, then resuming to...Almost scan every person in the station.

'Sakura'll be the death of me....I just know it....' He thought to himself, sighing as he did so.

He shrugs his shoulders as he readjusts his glasses finding his place in his reading (once again ) and carrying on reading...For the moment anyway......

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Akane glanced curiously at him for a moment, then slowly moved her gaze away from him. Her companion, on the other hand, made a beeline for him at once.

"Ah, Noa!" Akane exclaimed. "What are you-?"

The blonde ignored her, approaching Eriol and smiling brightly at him. "Hi, I'm Noa. And this grump over here is Akane. We're new to town."

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol looks up at Noa, giving her and Akane a proper "scan", then after less then half a second flashes his trademark smile.

"Are you now?"

He slowly stands up, putting his newspaper to the side. "I can imagine you have many questions...I was waiting for someone but...If I know her...She'll be over 2 hours late..." He chuckles to himself. "So..." He looks to Noa. "Any questions so far?"

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She considered that for a moment, before flashing him another innocent smile. "I suppose we do need to find a place to stay... I don't suppose you-"

Akane approached the duo, reaching out and grabbed her companion by the hair and yanking her backwards. "We should get going," she told her softly. Her fingers knotted in the strands, as she tugged her further backwards still. "Come on, stop wasting time."

"Ow! Akane, I was just-"

"I know exactly what you were doing. And we don't have time for that."

Noa's expression seemed to darken for a split second, before she managed to untangle herself from her companion's tight grip. Her expression twisted for a moment, before returning to its usual sunny state.

"Oh hush, you," she chided, smiling again as she turned back to Eriol. "Don't listen to her. We have plenty of time to chat!"

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol chuckles. "You two are close then" His expression grimaces for a moment then back to normal. "What would you like to know? I've been here for awhile....Despite my appearance" He chuckles lightly to himself.

He looks to the skies above Tokyo for a moment. 'Well, Sakura, if you want to forget what I was going to get you...I'll show these lovely ladies around'

He looks back to Noa. "My name's Eriol. Pleasure" He holds out his right hand as a polite gesture.

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She accepted his hand graciously. "Is that so? You don't look a day over ten."

"Appearance's can be deceiving you know," Akane reminded her, folding her arms across her chest and frowning again.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol chuckles again. "That they can be. I can assure you, I'm not deceiving anyone" He smiles at them. "So, where can I introduce you to? There's a restaurant nearby that sells nice food...There's a lot of places really"

Eriol's eyes scanned Akane once more, he could almost...Sense something strange about her, but he knew that if he started anything stupid here...It'd be hell there-on.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) | 161 comments Mod
Akane tried to keep her scowl, but the idea of food was much too appealing to pass up. Her stomach rumbled slightly. "... How far is it?"

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol chuckles. "You've got either Tomoeda's Cakes+More, my personal favourite, which would be....Hmmm....About 8 miles outside Tokyo in a nice little place called Tomoeda....Or..." He puts his right hand to his chin.

"Hmmm......There's an all-you-can-eat buffet place that I know that's hidden in Tokyo Station....Which one would you like to go to?" He looks between the two.

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Her stomach growled again. Noa glanced at her, then turned back to Eriol and chirped, "We're fine with whatever, so how about we go where you want to eat?"

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol chuckled again. "Here, let's go to the buffet place" He starts to walk towards where the buffet restaurant is hidden. "So...What brings you both to Tokyo?" He asks, his smile not disappearing for a second.

'These two....Something seems....Somewhat familiar yet strange about them....I'll have to keep an eye....maybe a bit of fun as well perhaps?' He thinks, looking from Noa to Akane and back again.

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Noa's smile seemed to freeze on her face. Akane glanced at her worriedly, then turned to Eriol. "We just... figured it'd be nice to have a change of pace for once," she murmured.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments 'Hmmm....I'll have to keep an eye on that girl' He thinks to himself, casting a half-second glance at Noa, then resuming to the direction he was walking. "That's good. Changes in pace can be nice a lot of the time"

He walks around another corner and smiles. "This is the place I was on about" He motions towards the buffet place ahead as the smell of the restaurant/buffet area floats to them.

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Akane closed her eyes and took in the comforting scent of food, smiling even as her stomach rumbled yet again. "Oh wow, that smells really good...!"

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol chuckles as he walks towards the buffet place, motioning for the two to follow him.

"I'll buy if you two don't mind?" He locked eyes with the person behind the door who opened the door in moments. "Hello Eriol"

Eriol chuckles again. "Good to see you're still here Max. How are they treating you?"

Max looks to him. "Not bad..." He looks to Akane and Noa. "And who are these two lovely ladies?"

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Noa smiled cutely, twirling a strand of hair around one of her fingers as she looped an arm around her partner's. "A pleasure to meet you, Max. I'm Noa, and this is my lovely girlfriend Akane."

The redhead quickly pulled away, frowning at her. "We're not dating. And what are you acting all jealous for anyways?"

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Max nods his head. "This way ladies" He turns and walks into the buffet restaurant. "Two customers!"

Eriol chuckled as he walked in behind them as quietly as he could/wanted.

Max glanced back at Eriol. "Eh..." He looked to the manager. "Three I mean..." The manager nods as Max goes to the table+seats where Eriol, Noa and Akane would have a nice view of the station and surrounding areas.

"If you three would like to wait here. If you'd like to choose your drinks I will get them for you?" Max kept his smile, despite almost having a "smile war" with Eriol.

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"Just two waters for us ladies," Akane told him, somewhat amused as she watched the two boys. "What about you, Eriol?"

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Max nods. "Right away" Eriol chuckles as Max walks away. "Still forgetting me?"

Max glances back at him with a hint of sarcasm. "Lemonade?"

Eriol puts a finger to his lip in thought. "Hmm...Make that Earl Grey tea if you can"

Max groans. "More effort for you...."

Eriol chuckles again. "Think of it as a favor repaid"

Max grumbles as he walks towards the kitchen, various words like 'Lazy' and 'Why should I make HIS drink?' float over but Eriol smiles still as he turns back to Akane and Noa.

"Do you both want to order food when he gets back? He really likes the name, maxine, from what I remember" Eriol grins.

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Akane chuckled. "Well, you two seem close."

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments [Sorry I haven't been here in awhile, I've been..."Snowed under" as it were @_@]

Eriol laughs as he turns to them both again. "Not as close as you two, from what I can see, obviously" He nods towards Akane's partner who, from the looks of it, could be about to faint from the smell of food.

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"Yeah, we're the closest!" Noa agreed, snuggling up against her.

Akane just pushed her away, making a face at that. "You knock it off. I told you, we're not dating."

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol was curious by this behavior, "You don't have to date someone to be close to them...I mean, brothers and sisters don't date yet they are close....At least I HOPE they don't" he chuckled.

Max came back after a few minutes and gave them their drinks. "Alrighty, what'll you three have?"

Eriol smiled at Max earning a groan from him. "No. No. And No again! I can't keep doing that!"

"As you can see, I have guests" Eriol guestered to the girls across from him. "Or has being polite and such gone out of your nature?"

Max grumbled. "You're pushing your luck. You're lucky your 'just' an Englishman...."

Eriol narrowed his eyes at Max. "I'm not just English thank you. Also - you'd be wise to not forget your manners...."

[Do I sense tension in the air suddenly? xD]

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Akane still looked grumpy anyways by Noa's clinginess, though she was also curious about the ongoing argument. Just what was it they were referring to?

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol turns his attention back to Akane and Noa. "You two seem to have a good relationship" He looks at Akane. "Don't knock it. Some people, never, get as close as you two....clearly"

He looks around while Max feels a vein on his forehead but just about chooses to ignore it. 'I'll get you Englishman....I'll get you....'

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Her expression twisted into another deep scowl. "I don't like what you're implying..."

Noa glanced over at her, seeming a little amused.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol shrugs his shoulders. "If you don't like it, then I won't mention it again" He looks to the waiter who brings the drinks to the three of them. "Thank you"

He turns back to the two across from him.

"I can't remember whether I asked this yet...Have you been to Japan before?"

Eriol looked over to the right, feeling his eyes glaze over slightly for a moment before looking back to the two.

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Akane's frown only deepened, as she leaned back in her chair. It was really hard to stay mad at this kid - he was too polite.

"My parents and I visited when I was a little girl," Noa explained, smiling warmly. "Mom went to school in Tokyo, so the city's always been close to her heart. It's nice to visit again though, now that I'm able to appreciate it more."

Her companion was silent, staring down at the table. One hand found its way to her mouth, and she began nibbling at the band-aid wrapped snugly around her right pinky. Her expression was somewhat dull, distracted. "..."

Noa glanced at her curiously for a moment, trying to figure out why she was acting so strangely... Suddenly, she made the connection, and her eyes widened with alarm. "Oh shit! Sorry Akane, I didn't-"

"It's fine." Akane stood up from the table and started to walk away. "I gotta use the restroom real quick. Don't wait up for me."

Noa watched her go, before turning back to Eriol. "Her... sister used to live here," she chose her words carefully. "A long time ago. I don't think Akane's ever visited before though."

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol listened to Noa very patiently and nodded when she finished. "Okay"

He sat and watched Akane very quietly. Not saying a single thing.

After Akane left, Eriol turned his attention to Noa. A few minutes went past, then he whispered something very low under his breath.

"I wondered why I could feel sadness coming from her..."

Eriol's voice went from low to nothing as he remembered a few things himself. "I think we should wait for her. Do you both have a place to stay in Tokyo?"

Eriol threw a glance in the direction Akane went. 'Pain...I know that feeling all too well...' He thought to himself. Holding back as much emotions as humanly possible.

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Noa looked slightly flustered by that. "I-I guess we never thought that far ahead... I just thought we'd find a hotel somewhere."

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol chuckles. "Then in that case, why don't you come with me? I live on my own..." He suddenly remembered that he looked 10 so it would be pretty odd, "At the moment...."

Max looks over at Eriol and Noa talking from where he was hidden....Well....Semi-hidden? Hiding behind a dustbin.

'I'll have you....' Max whispered to himself, slowly clicking something into place.

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"That sounds perfect to me!" Noa chirped, not at all swayed by his young appearance. Then she paused. "... Not sure if Akane'll be on board though. I'll probably have to talk her into it."

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments [Let me know if you don't like this xD]

Max rose out of the dustbin, seemingly without warning, and aims his firearm at Eriol. "YOU! YOU BLACK MAGIC USER!"

Eriol nods at Noa. "Sounds like a pl-" He hears Max's shout, spins around, then narrows his eyes at Max. "Max...We've talked about this....Those are works of fiction..." He whispers, twitching slightly.

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Noa immediately ducked under the table for cover, though she seemed more excited than scared. "What the hell?!" she exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear. "What's going on?!"

Akane finally returned from the bathroom, freezing when she saw the scene before her. Her gaze flickered back and forth between the two boys, then was drawn to the blonde crouched underneath the table. "...?"

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Max growls before howling like a mad-man. "I'll kill you! You're the reincarnation! I am one hundred percent sure of it!!"

Eriol remained silent for several minutes. He didn't more or speak..in fact it looked like he had stopped breathing as well.

Max lowered his firearm, the police subduing him the second he did so, while Max's expression was one of shock.

After around 2 minutes, Eriol turned and began to walk away from the area, the air itself changed around him...Almost as though....Something was manipulating it....

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Akane immediately stepped in the way of his path, as soon as things looked as though they were calming down. "What was that all about?" she demanded.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol lowers his head as he stops in front of Akane. "Its nothing...Just a misunderstanding" He whispers, barely audioble.

Max on the other hand, while being arrested, growls and barks in Eriol's direction. "You liar! You use black magic! I just KNOW it!"

The air around the pair (Akane and Eriol) starts to get colder...and colder.

Temperature as of the minute: 14 degrees Celsius...Odd...As it had been 24 earlier...

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments [Umm....Whoops xD Did I say something or write something that's hard to respond to? Maybe I should re-write it...Can you let me know? =D]

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) | 161 comments Mod
((Oh no, not at all! I've just been pretty busy these past few days... I had a week off from school, so I spent a lot of time hanging out with some of my friends. ^_^;; ))

Akane pulled her jacket a little closer around herself, shivering as the temperature dropped. This was all so strange... Was this kid really as dangerous as the waiter claimed he was? He really didn't look like much, but she wasn't one to time paranoid freak-outs lightly.

After a moment, she pulled her hood up over her head and set to nibbling at her bandaid again. "If you say so," she relented, though she continued watching Eriol somewhat intently. "You wanna eat somewhere else instead?"

Noa finally scrambled out from underneath the table, a peculiar look on her face as she made her way back over and leaned casually against her partner. The smile seemed almost frozen on her face now.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments [I got'cha ;) To be honest? If I had the choice I'd choose friends first xD So anyway...*rubs hands again*....]

Eriol nods his head and rose it. His eyes were almost see through but as he blinked - They came back to what they should be.

The temperature slowly rose back to around 23 degrees as this occurred.

He gestures for both Akane and Noa to follow him.

"I hear you don't really have a place to stay...Would you like to stay in my house? I'm sorry to ask so suddenly, and I am sure my other two friends wouldn't mind either...In fact...I think you two would be MORE then welcome there"

Eriol smiles after a few minutes, then glances at Noa who is smiling brightly.

"You know...You could probably freeze hell with that smile" He chuckles.

There is a sense of magic around him though [I don't know if Akane and Noa can use magic, but, I thought I'd add just in case], its not OVER THE TOP AH-HA kind of magic...

More like Nostalgic yet powerful magic...

Just about enough...

To make anything happen.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) | 161 comments Mod
((Neither of them can use it yet, but Akane's had some experience with it. If that makes any sense...))

Akane closed her eyes at the surge of magic around them, smiling faintly. "... Sure, that sounds fine by me," she finally relented, opening her eyes again. "We don't have anywhere else to go anyways."

Noa looked startled enough by that to actually lose her plastered smile. "R-Really?"

Her companion nodded. "I don't see why not. At any rate, I'd like to get to know you a little better, Eriol. If you don't mind."

The blonde teen's eyes narrowed slightly at that. She continued clinging to Akane's arm with one hand, but began picking at one of the scars on her jaw with the other.

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol chuckles. "I was hoping that would be the case"

He walks past Akane (still stood in front unless I'm mistaken?), slowing down just enough to be heard as quiet as a whisper.

"Follow me you two. We don't have far to go. Keep me aware for anything unusual in the sky"

Eriol glances at Noa. "Don't worry" He smiles at her. "You two are thicker then thieves from what I can see"

He looks at Akane again. "I'll be happy to answer both your questions - No matter how many there are, when we get to my house..."

Eriol's left eye twitches very slightly. 'To be honest...I wonder how they would take Sakura and the others? Hmmm...I'll have to think that through later'

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) | 161 comments Mod
Though his words seemed to reassure the blonde teen, Akane simply frowned again.

"We're not as close as you seem to think we are," she told him, as they both followed along behind him. "It's just Noa, it has nothing to do with me. She's just like that sometimes."

Her companion frowned at her, somewhat sulkily. "Don't be mean! After everything we've been through..."

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol laughed at Noa's comment. "Don't worry, I don't judge things that quickly. I was merely mentioning that you two looked like a good couple in theory"

Eriol (after awhile) eventually stops outside a (wait for it...) 6 bedroom house (?), he reaches into his pocket and pulls out some keys, unlocking the main gates. "'Xcuse the flowers...My gardener has an OBSESSION with them..." He bit on the word as the gates opened.

"If you two would like to follow me?"

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) | 161 comments Mod
Akane scowled as she and Noa followed him through the gates. "It's our clothes, isn't it?" she grumbled to herself, still stuck on the subject. "Red and pink... a perfect match. Or maybe it's cuz we're opposites? I'm so rough while she's so soft and feminine... God dammit."

Ignoring her, Noa flounced forward so that she could keep an even pace with Eriol. "They're quite beautiful," she remarked, her smile much less fake now but still not entirely warm yet. "Maybe he has the right idea, planting so many. Flowers are fragile after all, and you wouldn't want to lose such beauty."

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol was about to chuckle at Akane's awkwardness but decided against it. Choosing instead to make sure she kept her dignity...At least...Around him anyway.

He nodded at Noa after awhile. "Maybe he has..." He walked up to the main doors, but instead of a key or anything, he rose his hand and the doors opened.

He leaned towards Noa's left ear. "Best keep this between the three of us...Can't have EVERYONE knowing can we?" He smirked as he walked through the doors into an almost...Palace like inside.

Huge chandelier (like those found in old stories about Victorian England) hung from the center of the ceiling, straight ahead were four doors, two of which were hidden either side by a staircase that lead to the second level of the building.

Someone had been busy...

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She laughed enough. "My lips are sealed," she agreed, grinning again.

As soon as they entered the main hall, Akane's jaw dropped. "Wh-Whoa!"

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments Eriol walked forwards until he got to the other side of a rather massive dining table in the room ahead.

He spins around and looks to them both. "Now" He pulls out a map...Two of them. One was pink and the other red....

"These are for you both. They tell the rooms and what they are used for. Please remember that second floor room number 6 is out of bounds as it is my room. I wouldn't want you two to be scared now would I?"

He chuckled as he looked to Akane.

"Personally, I believe you two will be rather happy here for your duration in Tomoeda. If you want to ask me any questions...Ask away"

He turns and walks over to the sink. "Can I offer you two any drinks?"

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