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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) | 161 comments Mod
((As it sounds.))

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments [Luminesque! I have appeared here...Seems..."appropriate" to me! =p]

Eriol lay in the hospital bed in Ward 6 in the Blue Zone (Most urgent cases). He has lost a lot of blood and some of the doctors/nurses are attempting to treat him for 3rd degree burns, a broken jaw and several fractures on his legs.

(IE: He had been in a pretty heavy fight...It had been a magical one, but he didn't say that to ANYONE)

Sakura had been to visit him on many occasions but each and every time she had been told he wasn't "quite ready" to see anyone. I mean, you wouldn't be if you were him right now...

After yet another round of D+N (Actually Doctor's And Nurse's but Eriol had shortened it too this instead), Eriol had begun to breath properly. 'I wonder who's next...'

Someone was talking to the Nurse about him...But he couldn't see who....

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments [Plus, I am taking the initiative again! =D All hail initiatives! {I can NEVER spell that without the spell checker lol} =p)

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Andrew (architect_studer) | 140 comments [♚ luхєmвurgєrs ♚!] [♚ luхєmвurgєrs ♚!] [Calling all ♚ luхєmвurgєrs ♚! =p This is where one of the many RP's are! :P]

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