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Hello, humble people of goodreads

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Lorelei Hello, humble people of goodreads, I the wizard of ************ am here to ask you your favourite, worst, confusing and OMG things about John Greens books. This will be like a mash up of haters and lovers, nerd fighters and nerd fighter fighters.

So peeps talk to me.

Dramapuppy I like that TFIOS is a book with cancer that isn't about cancer.

It's about love.

Teresa I hated the fact that Gus died, not that I wanted either of them to die. Hazel took it really hard. It was just sad. I haven't seen the Movie, yet. I just haven't because I know I will cry when I do. I've had the Movie for almost 5 months.

Lorelei I was with my friends watching it in the cinema and she really related to the story and cried and cried and cried

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Lizzie Mcclure The three parts when I cried the most during TFIOS…..

1. When Gus said " I don't wanna see a world without Augustus Waters." I loved how he said that he would take the robot eyes because of Gus. I loved their friendship, but it made me cry:(
2. The whole part with Hazel yelling at her mom saying she won't be a mom anymore. It was so sad because it was almost like they had been avoiding even talking about what would happen if she died, and she would want them to move on and continue to be happy so that was really sweet but sad.
3. Of course, when Gus said " I lit up like a Christmas tree." WHY:( So sad but beautiful love story<3

Mochaspresso Besides the pre-funeral, the saddest moment for me was Gus begging Hazel not to call anyone when his feeding tube was infected.

I think my favorite moment was Gus taking Isaac to throw eggs at his ex-girlfriend's car. Yes, vandalizing a car is wrong...but I liked the idea of friends being there to support each other. As sick as Gus was in that moment, he was still motivated to get up and help a friend through something. I thought that was touching.

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Eve Favorite: Looking for Alaska
Worst: An Abundance of Katherines
Confusing: what's Margo's damage?!?
OMG: LOVE John Green but enough with the recycled characters and formulaic plots...


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