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Adam's Cross (Witchfinder, #1)
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E.M.G. Wixley (stalkingshadows) | 62 comments Do we really know our children? Adam was, brought up in a dysfunctional family, was he innately bad from the start or was his upbringing at fault? From child to adult, things kept happening, bad things. Who's to blame? You decide.

1. Setting fires
2. Severe cruelty to animals such as killing and torturing them
3. Persistently hurts, bullies or violates the rights of others by stealing or vandalizing their property.
4. Continuously breaks major rules such as running away or breaking curfew despite knowing the consequences.
5. Shows no guilt when confronted for doing wrong (i.e., pushing another student down the stairs).
6. Shows a persistent callous disregard for other people’s feelings, not just siblings (i.e., pushing another student down and being unmoved by their crying or distress).
7. Persistently doesn’t care about how well they do in school, even when they know there are clear expectations and they are capable of doing better.
8. They appear cold and unmoved, only showing emotions to intimidate or manipulate others.
9. Blame others for their mistakes instead of taking responsibility.
10. Fearless, doing new and reckless/dangerous activities.
11. They are unmoved by threats of punishment.
They are highly motivated by reward and what they will get out of doing something, even if that act will hurt others (i.e., stealing, lying)
Adam's Cross

message 2: by Bill (new)

Bill (llibrro) | 1113 comments 1. Setting fires
2. Severe cruelty to animals such as killing and torturing them
3. Bed wetting
= serial killer

E.M.G. Wixley (stalkingshadows) | 62 comments Llibrro, Adam could be but there's much more involved. Perhaps it's these external factors.

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