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message 1: by Teiran (new)

Teiran Smith (teiran_smith) | 4 comments My book is a work in progress. The rough draft is complete at roughly 80,000 words. I currently have 6 chapters (roughly 17,000 words) I am ready to have read. What I would like is for the Beta to read the first 6 chapters that are ready, and continue on with me as I complete the story. I typically complete 1-2 chapters per week. I need someone willing to tell me what works and what doesn't. Is dialogue believable? Is story descriptive enough? Grammar issues?

Synopsis of my book:
Sophie is obsessed with Rooter, the bad boy one percenter biker who lives next door. They've never met. She watches as he comes and goes. Watches him play with his dog. Watches him drink beer and grill out with other bad boy bikers in his Motorcycle Club, the Hellions.

Sophie is the beautiful, all american girl next door and Rooter is absolutely smitten. He watches her as she sunbathes in the backyard. As she laughs and parties with her friends. As her roommate, and possible boyfriend, constantly berates her. He fantasizes about swooping in as her knight in shining armor and stealing her away. But that's completely unrealistic. Rooter is by far worse than that dipstick can ever dream of. He's the worst kind of guy. And Sophie is a good girl who deserves better.

One afternoon, Rooter witness her being verbally accosted by her jerk roommate, Mike, and offers her protection, should anything ever happen. Shortly thereafter, Mike's rage turns physical and Rooter comes to Sophie's defense.

Sophie and Rooter embark on a new friendship, in which Rooter comes to her rescue several times over. Sophie falls head over heels for Rooter, but he makes it perfectly clear a romantic relationship isn't possible for them.

He tries desperately to put distance between them, but fails miserably. Every time he pushes her away, she winds up in some form of trouble. He finally gives in and admits his feelings for her only to have his worst fear realized.

Being together puts her in the worst danger yet.

Teiran Smith

message 2: by Hayley (new)

Hayley (hayren) | 14 comments Okay, I'm kind of intrigued. These days I pass on MC books because there are so many now and most are badly stereotypical.
But I liked your synopsis. I actually posted to this group offering as beta-reading, proofreading or editing.
my link text
So if you are interested then please message me.

message 3: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (nancylm) | 17 comments I love to help - my email is

message 4: by Silvia (new)

Silvia (drumgenie) | 158 comments Hi Teiran,
I would definitely be interested in your novel. Check out my website to see my services, testimonials, and pricing. If you feel like we would be a good fit, please fill out the form submission so we can talk further.
Thanks and best of luck!

message 5: by DB (new)

DB (DB's Guide to the Galaxy) (dbgalaxy) | 0 comments Hi, I would definitely be interesting in reading this book.

message 6: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Champion Hey Teiran

Your synopsis is amazing and sounds like something I would definetly be interested in reading and assisting through the story process.

Here is a little blurb about me:

I am an avid reader, who enjoys a good love story above all else.

When I first joined goodreads, I did a few beta reads and then got very busy with starting a new career; I am now settled in that career, which allows me 8hrs on my ereader a night (I know best job ever), and looking to jump back into beta reading.

Like I said above I love a good romance. I read mostly YA romance and I do not do any religious or super sci-fi books, but other than that almost all is fair game.

With my previous beta reads I provided feedback on character development, plot flow and spelling errors. However if given a list of specifics you are looking for I can work with that as well. I do not have an editing background, but I am willing to do my best to assist.

I do most of my reading Monday to Friday, while working, with this I have approximately a 24 to 72 hour turn around with feedback depending on length of read.

Shoot me a message, I look forward to hearing from you :)

message 7: by Teiran (new)

Teiran Smith (teiran_smith) | 4 comments Hi Tiffany! It would be great if you could read for me. Where should I send the first 6 chapters to?


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