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Frank Stanford
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The Monday Poem > Crest - Frank Stanford - April 27, 2015

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message 1: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 15985 comments Great choice Ian! Stanford is a new poet to me and I really liked the images in this. I could just see the Mississippi rising as the rain is falling...

message 2: by Diane S ☔ (new)

Diane S ☔ Loved this one too, Ian and like Leslie he is new to me. Love his writing though, may have to look, him up.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I haven't heard of this poet but I enjoyed that. Thanks, Ian

message 4: by Greg (new)

Greg | 7684 comments Mod
An interesting narrative poem Ian - I also have never heard of the writer. I wonder if he writes fiction as well? The poem would work well as fiction with the line breaks removed.

message 5: by Greg (new)

Greg | 7684 comments Mod
Thanks Ian - I'll take a look; curious to see more :)

message 6: by Tejas Janet (new)

Tejas Janet (tejasjanet) | 440 comments I like the poem very much, Ian. Wonderful language and imagery. I've returned to it several times, drawn back by a musicality in the rhythm of the words, especially nice given the mandolin in the poem.

I'm another who has to admit not being familiar yet with poet Frank Stanford. It seems he was held in high regard by many, and died far too young. Thanks for bringing attention to him here.

message 7: by Greg (new)

Greg | 7684 comments Mod
Thanks Ian!

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