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Audra ((This is so cool, I love your little notes about each place.))

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Audra Lauren walked into the auditorium, shutting the door quietly behind her. She enjoyed exploring and bwing away from all the drama of her pack. She had been to the auditorioum for orientation but had decided to come explore, she stopped when she heard a voice and saw a girl sitting on the edge of the stage.

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Audra Lauren smiled, walking down the aisle, "Don't stop on account of me, you sounded beautiful." She said meaning her words. Her voice was sweet, Lauren didn't know this girl she was probably from a different pack but it's good to make friends.

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Audra Lauren grinned and shook her hand, "Lauren Crawford, Delta of Magia Segreto. Nice to meet you!" Meeting another person of her rank was something she could now check off of her high school to do list.

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Audra ((Sorry I forgot!!! Give me a second))

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Audra "Been here very long?" She asked, most people came to the academy their freshman year but sometimes they stayed with the pack to learn from their own pack befor learning from others.

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Audra "I'm a Junior, but I didn't get here until the end of my Sophmore year," she didn't mind being here. It was basically normal high school but with more territorial boys who really liked to show off.

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Audra Lauren laughed, "They definitely can be that, it can be very annoying." Lauren was excited she had found a friend of her own rank and gave herself a mental high five.

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Audra Lauren looked at her watch they still had plenty of time before the next class, "It makes all the girls go crazy. I don't understand it." Friends, friends are good to have.

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Lyneth walked into the auditorium, she hid behind a curtain. She didn't want anyone to see her singing of even see her singing. She relaxed and started to sing "I see Fire' softly.

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