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message 1: by Isaac (new)

Isaac | 8014 comments i wish i could be lyrical,
i laugh into the air
(i thought you were listening - )
i wish i could be charming,
enchanting, bewitching,
mesmerizing, hypnotic -
(where have you gone? i can never
find where you've went)
and my hand runs across the dusty shelf,
where fold scraps of paper
yellow and age, crack and crumple -
(you never knew those words existed,
you've enver know how restless my
mind is, how sleepless my heart is)
they were a useless pursuit, a matter of
foolishness and compromised judgement
filled with moonlit fantasies and the whim
of dreams
(you don't ever hear me, why do i bother talking?)

- if only these words meant anything to you, if
only you knew how much you've driven me
out of my mind, maybe you could show me some sympathy -

(i've written 1,000 verses already, and i'll
write 1,000 more if that's what it'll take)

message 2: by Kriss (new)

Kriss (krisslee) | 5015 comments Mod
ahhhhhh I LOVE THIS. Your voice is amazing and the format is awesome and just... it is very pretty and painful.

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