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An arts and crafts store in the Corner Kingdom.

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Ruby (rubyyy) Ruby walked in through the door, bell jingling merrily.

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Delilah walked into the store. Wow, what a trip. The Charming Kingdom to the Corner Kingdom. Why does she keep doing this? She walked up to Ruby, trying to make a little conversation.

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Ruby (rubyyy) These look good...oh! What pretty colors! Oh, I wish I could have them ALL... Ruby thought to herself as she breezed through the fabrics section of the store.

"Oh! Hi!" Ruby said with a start as she turned around and saw a girl about her age was walking up to her.

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Delilah smiled. "Hi! I hope you don't mind me just talking to you, I know it's weird when someone at a store just randomly walks up to you and starts chatting.'

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Ruby (rubyyy) Ruby shrugged, "Meh - I was just buying some fabrics for Aunt - you?"

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Ruby (rubyyy) "Oh yeah, and I'm Ruby by the way - Ruby Quigg."

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((Try to only make one comment at a time during rp.))

Del shrugged. "I'm Delilah. I don't know what I'm doing here to be quite honest, I actually live in the Charming Kingdom.

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Ruby (rubyyy) ((right sorry I will remember that))

Ruby grinned. "Oh? Well then, welcome to the Corner Kingdom and enjoy your visit, Delilah!" She made a deep and grand bow, side-braided hair sweeping the floor before she straightened up again.

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Ruby (rubyyy) ((?))

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"Haha, thanks! So you can call me Del if you want," Del said. Maybe Ruby could become a friend, who knows.

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Ruby (rubyyy) "Alrighty Del - here, do you think you could help me decide between this dark red, and this light green? It's for curtains at my Aunt's house. Now, personally I'm partial to red, but.... well, what do you think?" Ruby said, holding up the two colors.

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Del pressed her index finger against her chin, like she tended to do when she was thinking. "It depends what type of house. Red would probably be more modern, and green perhaps more simple but nice." She didn't have an exact word to describe the green colour, so she just said simple but nice.

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Ruby (rubyyy) Ruby looked back at the two fabrics. "Well, Aunt said something light and airy, something that can blow in the wind. Both of these are thick, so..." She put the two down, and went down a different isle, muttering to herself.

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Del shrugged. She wasn't much of a help. She stood there, waiting for Ruby to come back. What was she in here for, again? Oh, yes. She wanted some art supplies to keep her busy. She went in a different isle and found a big kit of art supplies. It was the best she could ask for. However, it was quite expensive, one hundred coins. She would have to go back to her home and get the money and return, and that would be a long trip.

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Ruby (rubyyy) "I've found it! This is perfect!" Ruby popped her head out of isle four, holding a roll of light blue fabric, a wide grin spread across her face. She went up to the cash register, paid for the fabric, and went looking for Del, who was looking down at a kit of art supplies a few isles over. "Oh, wow that's a great kit - are you gonna buy it?" Ruby asked, staring down at the kit.

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"I'm not sure. I really want it, but it's one hundred coins. I only have about twenty-five. I'd have to go back into my home in the Charming Kingdom to get money and come all the way back here. It would be a long trip, don't you think?" Del asked. She felt like this was a big, difficult decision but she did love art.

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Ruby (rubyyy) "Well...here!" Ruby said, handing Del a pouch full of coins. "And don't worry about paying me back, it's what friends are for, don't you think? And, anyway, that art set looks pretty epic to me."

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((Is Ruby supposed to be another version of you, like the same personality and you would do what she does? Since you share a name?))

Del widened her eyes. "Seventy-five coins? No, no, I can't!" she exclaimed. She did want to take it, but it was too much. She was really shocked, really. She couldn't make that much herself.

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Ruby (rubyyy) ((I dunno, kind of, I guess- why? :) ))

Ruby shrugged. "I don't mind, really! I have no use for it. I don't have anything I wanna buy, the trees and birds are good enough for me!" She grinned, and shoved the pouch into Del's hands.

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((I just forgot to ask before.))

"Oh my gosh, thank you!" Del exclaimed. "I can definitely share my art kit with you, maybe we can use it together," she said. She was still admiring how many things the kit consists of, from pastels to pencils to paint.

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Ruby (rubyyy) ((Ah))

Ruby grinned. "Sure! That'd be cool...so, you like to draw, huh?"

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Del clapped. "Great!" she said. "Yes, I do. How about you?" she asked. She was so happy, she couldn't thank Ruby enough.

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Ruby (rubyyy) ((I gotta go))

"Meh, I like climbing trees and spending time up in the cool air, it feels good when you're in a stuffy, small house sometimes," Ruby laughed a little.

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"Oh yes, very good!" Del exclaimed. "But what I meant was do you like to draw?"

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Ruby (rubyyy) "Oh, well, I don't know - I've never really thought of myself as a good artist," Ruby shrugged.

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"Oh. Well that's okay!" Del said.

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Ruby (rubyyy) Ruby grinned and nodded. She's really nice... she thought.

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