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Today we have a young adult fantasy novel Megan Dent Nagle. Check it out below:

Zora Winnser is the last princess of Samaria, but even though she is the only heir to the Winnser bloodline, she will never rule the Samarian throne. Zora is a baseborn, a child born out of wedlock to Queen Evangeline whose disdain for her illegitimate daughter festers with every passing day.
Zora’s unfortunate birth status is not the only thing that makes her different. She is also a Chimera, a human whose blood is mixed with a sorcerer's-only the Samarian princess doesn’t know it.
When Zora is sixteen, Queen Evangeline decides to marry her off to the Prince of a foreign land infested by dark swamplands. Unbeknownst to Zora, Samaria faces threats from both inside and outside its borders. There is something in Samaria that the race of sorcerers want: azurite crystal mined from underneath Samaria’s mountains. Queen Evangeline is more than willing to give it to them, but at what cost? As Samaria enters into a war they cannot win, loyalties will be tested and all faith in Queen Evangeline will be lost. The only hope in combating Samaria’s bleak future rests in the hands of a traitorous group of Evangeline’s advisors. With the help of other allies in the Realm, those loyal to Zora set out retrieve her from exile so she can take her rightful place as Queen and save the future of Samaria.

2 Weeks to Read (11 of May)

In exchange for this book you are required to write a review and post it to Goodreads and if possible Amazon. Once you have finished your review please post the link to your review to this page.

Please read the other rules for R4R before signing up. These can be found here -

If you would like to apply for this book please enter your email below. The first members to apply will be added to the list. The formats that are available for this book include: mobi and PDF. Please include the format you would like in the comments section when you apply with your email.


Happy reading!

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Dannie JO (thedaniellejo) Is it too late to sign up for this book please. My email is . I would love an ePub please.

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Dannie JO (thedaniellejo) Is it too late to sign up for this book please. My email is . I would love an ePub please.

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