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message 1: by Mari (new)

Mari (mynameismarines) | 28 comments Mod
Hello friends! Here are the topics for May:

Saturday May 2: Pick a fictional prom/dance to attend. Who is your date?

May 9: Favorite fictional mothers (or if you are doing this topic for another link-up, tells us your favorite "mother moments" in fiction. Example: Harry Potter's mother sacrificing herself for him.)

May 16: Snark Tag (See details below)

May 23: Something you used to love that did not stand the test of time.

May 30: What was your first fandom?

message 2: by Mari (new)

Mari (mynameismarines) | 28 comments Mod
We've come up with our own tag based on the actual tags we use most frequently on our website. The Snark Ladies will answer these questions throughout the week and then we are in essence tagging YOU. Once you answer the questions, feel free to tag your friends and keep it going!

Here are the tags and associated questions:

1. “Contrivance brings people together” – Name a work that relied too heavily on contrivance for your taste.

2. “Taking the parent out of parenting” – Name your least favorite fictional parents.

3. “Sandy Cohen Eyebrow Scale of Non-Negligent Parenting” – Favorite fictional parents

4. “Detecting the shit out of things” – Name your favorite fictional detective or favorite story that features investigation.

5. “1430 on my SAT” – Name your favorite intelligent character.

6. “I hate this fictional character so hard” – A fictional character you hate. Hard.

7. “Dazzling you with my brooding” – Favorite emotional or broody character.

8. “Beware: actual trauma ahead” – Work that legitimately traumatized you as a child (or child at heart.)

9. “Team Feels” – Fictional work that gives you all of the feels

10. “Team Heartless Cow” – Fictional work that gives you none of the feels, especially if it made other people very emotional.

That's it! :)

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