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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Hi! c: Do you have any plot ideas?

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Hey! Thanks so much for making it. I was thinking something supernatural?

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Yeah, that sounds good. Would both of the characters be supernatural, or only one? And it's no problem!

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Maybe both? We could have them in sort of a world of their own aha :)

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Oh, okay! What kind of supernatural beings? ^,^

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Well, we've got quite a bit of options :)
Evil-hunters (as in demigods or Shadowhunters if you know what those are :D)

You can pick, or we can combine any of them :3

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments We could go with the cliche angel/demon scenario? :0
Or perhaps two vampires?

That all sounds good to me, though!

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Why, cliché happens to sound good right now :P

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Alright, cool! Would you rather be the angel or the demon?

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Um, that's a great question XD I really can't decide, you pick.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Could I be the angel? xD Here's the form either way. I figured it'd be kinda short.


Hope that's okay! :P

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It all looks great! I'll have it all up soon :)
Although I'll warn you, usually when I write up history and personality, they aren't all that detailed :P

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Name: Griffin Jared
Age: 23
Appearance: http://images1.fanpop.com/images/phot...
Personality: Griffin is in general pretty laid-back, but he always has his guard up. He's a bit of a womanizer, prone to one night stands, but does it in search of actual feeling. Life in Hell, with the rest of the demons, was pretty bad for him, but once he and his daughter escaped, life of Earth is looking up.
History: Griffin basically lived off the streets. His parents abandoned him at a young age, so he's learned to fend for himself. Two months ago, a girl that he vaguely remembered meeting at a bar showed up and handed him a child. Not wanting his daughter to grow up in the same conditions he did, Griffin managed to get them both out of Hell. He's currently living in a small apartment on top of a restaurant, with his two month old baby.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Oh, no, it's alright! xD

Name: Wren Gale
Age: 19?
History: Sent to roam the Earth and be a guardian angel for whoever she deemed worthy. Hasn't chosen anyone worthy of her blessings just yet.

Personality: Quite skeptical of others around her, it's difficult to become acquainted with her. She tends to stay to herself, alone with her own thoughts and ponderings, but once she gets to know you she'll be violently protective and kind.

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Aww :3 Looks great! Would you like to start?

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments ((Yeah!))

Wren walked into the empty restaurant, pulling her black trench coat around her tighter, shivering. It was hardly four AM, and the streets were abandoned and barren.
Since there was nothing decent to eat in her own home, she'd decided to stop for some coffee and maybe a pastry. She'd never been here before. She sauntered up to the counter warily, rapping her knuckles on the counter. "Morning," She groaned tiredly.

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Griffin heard the little bell on the door ring, indicating that someone had walked in, and he stepped out of the kitchen, little Lily in his arms. "Morning." He said back, in a hushed voice, not paying much attention to the girl that had just walked in. "I'm so sorry." He murmured, indicating towards the baby in his arms. He shifted her to one arm and finally looked up. "What can I get for you?"

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Wren glanced at the child momentarily, all wrapped up, before smiling tightly at the man in front of her. "I'll just have a blueberry scone. And a large coffee, as black as you can make it, please." She opened her briefcase, pulling out a perfectly straight, unwrinkled ten dollar bill; and daintily placed it on the counter.

Waiting for him to accept her payment, she investigated his features, sizing him up. She'd never seen him around town before.

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"Coming right up." Griffin said, managing to pour a cup of coffee and use tongs to grab a scone one handed. He set them down on the counter, taking the money and giving her change as well. "Enjoy." He said, studying the girl. She was surrounded by an air of purity, for some reason, and it kind of frightened him off. Someone like him should not be anywhere near somebody like the girl in front of him.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments "Is something wrong..? She said, narrowing her eyes suspiciously. The look he was giving her gave her a deep sense of discomfort, but her feet stayed glued to the floor.
"Have I met you somewhere?" She inquired. Maybe he was an actor who played an evil character, or something. Either way, she felt unsafe; but intrigued nonetheless.

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He stared at her through narrowed eyes, his grip on his baby girl tightening. "Angel." He muttered, finally placing it. As quickly as he could while keeping Lily safe, he reached under the counter and pulled out a knife. "You will not touch my baby, or me, or I promise you, you'll regret it. My kid has a shot at life here. I'm not letting you send her back to Hell." He said through gritted teeth, holding the knife steady in one hand, his other arm tightened around his sleeping child.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments "Listen, I'm not after your child!" She hissed. "I'm only following orders. I'm here to bless. Not to take. If any angel's going to take your.. precious demon child .. it's not going to be me."
She pulled her own switchblade from her trench-coat pocket holding it up mockingly.
"I won't hurt you if you want hurt me. Got it?" She felt her face heat up in response to being accused of such a thing. Her heart pounded violently in her chest.

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Griffin kept his eyes on her as he slowly lowered his knife. "What do you mean, you're here to bless?" He asked warily.
"And my child is only a demon because she was born that way. She's the sweetest thing in the world. Not like other demons. She doesn't deserve this." He murmured, taking his eyes off of the angel for a second to look at his precious baby girl. When he lifted his eyes up to meet the angel's, he saw that her face was flushed red, something that made him internally shiver. Had he caused that? For some really weird reason it intrigued him that he was able to mess with her emotions.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments "That's great, sir. I'm an angel; yeah. But I'm here to be someone's guardian, not to-" Wren choked on her own words, blinking furiously. "You know? I don't have to prove myself to you. Just know I'm not gonna take your kid. Sorry for the misconception."
She lowered her knife, sliding it back into her pocket quickly.
"If you won't hurt me, I won't hurt you." She repeated.

Somehow it was strange to her that this man wasn't at her throat already. Was it true that he only cared about her daughter? Could his intentions truly be so pure?

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"Fine then. I won't hurt you. And you won't hurt me. I'm actually willing to make you a deal." He said, leaning forward on the countertop. "And you don't have to prove yourself to me." He replied, a somewhat gentle undertone to his voice, seeing her getting upset.
"Look. You're an angel, meaning you have all these crazy protection powers, right? What if I told you I have someone who needs protecting?" He asked, staring at her. "And in exchange, I'll give you demon powers whenever you want it. If you want anyone gone, or something stolen, anything like that, I'll do it for you. Okay?" he asked, hoping beyond hope that she would somehow see how desperate he was and help him.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Wren took a deep breath, taking a short moment to close her eyes and think. She'd never met a demon like this. It made her stomach flip, but she understood he was serious, however strange it may be. She nodded cautiously.
"The baby, I'm assuming?" She said softly, hoping to get rid of the attitude she'd been giving him before. For now, she told herself, she'd be at least decent towards him.

She leaned herself against the counter, taking a small sip of coffee. Maybe she'd be late for work. But did that matter?

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"Yes." He replied in a gentle voice, lowering his eyes once more, so that his long lashes kissed his cheeks. "I'm scared that someone, Angels maybe, might realize that she's in the human world and banish her to hell. I don't want that for her. She at least deserves a shot at having a decent life." He explained, keeping his eyes on Lily. She'd become his sole reason for living and it would almost literally kill him if anything happened to her.
He looked back up at the angel, who seemed to be considering it- a good sign, at the very least. "I promise, I'll do anything."

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((By the way, thanks for adding my book. I really appreciate it. :D))

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Wren remembered the day she was given her task. Find someone truly worthy of your blessing. They had told her. And give it to them, ten-fold.
It wasn't wrong if that worthy person was a demon, right?
She was still doing her job..right?
She shook her head to clear her mind, locking eyes with him once again.
"Okay. I'll do it." She breathed, running her fingers up her wrist, a nervous habit. "I'll do it. And if there is ever anyone I want taken down, I can tell you. Correct?"

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments ((No problem, it looks really interesting! I'll be getting to it soon!))

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Griffin was shocked silent for a few seconds, before finally finding his voice. "Thank you." He said gruffly, overcome with a feeling of relief that he hadn't felt in a long, long time. No more constantly worrying about someone taking his kid away from him, no more anxiety over her safety.
"That's correct." He said nodding. "Anything at all." He placed a ghost of a kiss on his child's forehead, grateful for the protection about to be placed on her.

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((Thank you :3 If you'd like a place to get it, I can send you a link. Or you could get it off of iBooks (: ))

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments ((Do you think you could message me a link because it seems really great!))

"Well, thank you." She said quietly. "And I'm sorry for the rude introduction. I'm glad things have worked out."
She nodded stiffly, her eyes trained on Lily. A new feeling of content had risen in her chest, and she wasn't sure what it was. Maybe it was because she finally found purpose for roaming meaninglessly on the Earth for years. Or, maybe it was because she knew she was doing something worth her time.
Either way, she was happy.
"I guess we'll be spending a lot of time together." She said jokingly.

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((Sure. I'll pm you :D ))

"I'm glad too." He said honestly. A small smile played at his lips and he stuck his hand out for her to shake. "I'm Griffin, by the way. And this is Lily."
"I can't thank you enough for doing this for me. I appreciate it very much." He told her, blinking a few times rapidly. "And I guess we will be. I don't really think that's a bad thing anymore, as long as we're not trying to knife each other down anymore." He joked back.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments "No promises." Wren chuckled, taking another sip of coffee, longer this time. She grimaced at it's bitter aftertaste. She didn't understand how comfortable she had suddenly become in this restaurant when previously she'd been on the verge of angry tears.
I've formed an alliance with a demon. She reminded herself, but there was no feeling of guilt or regret. Only content.
"How long have you been here?" She asked seriously.

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Shifting Lily upwards so her head was resting on his shoulder, Griffin looked at Wren, her aura of purity no longer seeming threatening.
"Not very long." He said truthfully. "Only about two months. I left right after Lily's mother gave her to me. I've only just started with the restaurant business, and it's pretty difficult juggling a baby and a business." He had spent way to much time baking pastries with his child in his hands, unwilling to let her out of his sight for even a second.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments "You run this place by yourself?" Wren's eyes widened, and she shifted on her feet. It was ridiculous how impressed she was. It was hard enough being a demon hiding from hunting angels; and being a father; but he ran a restaurant? By himself?
"I work at the stationary store up the street a ways. I've been here for five years. I don't have any kids. That's really all there is to know." The corners of her lips tugged into a small smile. "Also, if you ever need help around here.. just let me know?"

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"For the most part, yes." He nodded. "I usually have someone come in around the lunch rush so I can get in a few hours of sleep but that's pretty much it. I'm usually wary of new hires, and a nanny is totally out of the question." Griffin explained.
"Five years, that's quite a bit. Are you living anywhere near?" He asked, curiously wanting to know more about the life she lived. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind. I hope that wasn't an empty offer, because I just might take you up on it." He added, playing at a small smile.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments "I live on the outskirts of town, in a small house near that fabric shop. Do you know of it?" Wren gave him a toothy grin, shaking her head. "And I wasn't kidding. I'd be glad to help you. I don't really know much of cooking pastries, though. Fair warning."
She nodded, nibbling on the pastry she'd bought. "That's very impressive, actually."
Wren began to pay attention to Griffin's features. He looked like she would expect of a demon. Attractive, but not in a gentle way. She chuckled at her own thoughts.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments (Hey, not sure if you're here or not, but how quickly do you think their relationship should progress?)

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Tuning his free hand through his hair, Griffin shook his head. "I can't say I've heard of it. I haven't had much time to take a look around town yet." He explained.
He grinned. "Good. I've been looking for someone to help me out with basic tasks, making coffee and such, and getting the little one off of my hands for a bit." He chuckled, glancing at Lily at making sure she was still asleep. "And there's no better person for that then her guardian angel."
He walked around the countertop, standing right next to Wren. "Here. Would you like to hold her?" He asked,

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(Not sure… up to you :) ))

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Wren scooped Lily into her arms gently, trying to stop her smile from growing any wider. A strange feeling had welled up in the pit of her stomach-- something like content, but it was different. She grinned at Griffin.
"She's beautiful." She declared. "Your daughter is so beautiful."
The only sounds you could hear were Lily's rhythmic breathing, and the occasional passing of a car. The sun had not begun to rise yet, but Wren felt more awake than she had in months.

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Griffin looked at his baby girl in her angel's arms with loving eyes, looking up to give Wren the same look. "Thank you, so much." He responded. "She, ah, looks more like her mother than she does me, I think. I can't exactly say much about her, though. She's made it clear that this was my daughter, not her responsibly." He gave a sad smile.
"It's sometimes a little scary, you know, that Lily's going to be growing up without a mom. I'd do anything for her, no matter what, but there are just some things that are more geared towards a mother, things that are only a product of a mothers love." He explained, keeping his eyes trained on the baby.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Wren wanted to ask questions, but she was certain that was off limits. Griffin seemed broken. The glint in his eyes made her mind go foggy with pity, and she longed to do something to make him feel better. That was probably impossible, though, she told herself.
"I'm sorry." Wren said, sincerely, looking up to meet his eyes. "I know how hard this will be, and has been on you. I'm no mother. But you know I'll protect her. As best as I can."
She gave him a tight smile before looking back down at Lily.

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"And I seriously can't thank you enough for that." Griffin said, smiling up at her. "You know, I've always had such a bad image of angels. Even you, because Hell, you could run off with my kid any second now. But, I don't know, I just get the vibe that you're for real here. You're really going to do this."

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 58 comments Wren chuckled to herself, tilting her head as she looked at Lily.
"I never expected to meet a demon like you, either." She teased, but her words were true. "One who you could tell actually cared about his daughter like this. It's unexpected. Nice, though."
Wren passed Lily back over to Griffin: He probably wanted to hold her, anyways.
"The mother," She spoke softly. "Was she.. was she human?"

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