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A Story Like the Wind
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. novel set in Africa, young boy meets bushmen [s]

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Cathy | 3 comments I started reading this book in 2009, but had to return it to its owner and never finished it. I only remember random details. It was about a young white boy growing up in rural Africa. His family moved their because his father was the minister of education or something like that. The boy and his friends makes clay animals out of mud while they are supposed to be watching for lions and the lions attack. He also meets a bushman (I think the bushman gets caught in a leopard trap?) and kills the leopard. They also talk about springboks being able to change back and forth into bushmen. This has been bothering me for years, so if anyone can help that would be amazing!

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Liralen | 709 comments Was this middle grade or YA? (Or something else?) Do you remember anything about the cover?

Cathy | 3 comments It was a moderately advanced book, I wouldn't call it YA. I don't really remember the cover, but I think it was just a generic picture of Africa.

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Liralen | 709 comments Generic like this? :)

I'm not sure if you mean 'moderately advanced' as younger than YA or an adult book. If it's not adult fiction, perhaps it's on this list?

Cathy | 3 comments Thanks so much for your suggestions. It wasn't on that list but I found it on another list!! It is A Story Like the Wind by Laurens van der Post!
I found it on this list:

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