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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Being a dog half the time had given Variel some definitely dog like habits, and running was one of them. She'd never been a fan of exercise before, but now she loved it, and was extremely good at it. Well, only the running part. Weight lifting and the like was still on her list of "Would rather die". So it wasn't that unusual for her to be running at noon, the comfortable tanktop and fabric shorts effectively acting as a coverup for the swimsuit she had on underneath. It was a beach, and swimming was something she'd always enjoyed. As she ran, she debated about changing, but decided it really wasn't worth the effort to find somewhere out of sight to take off her clothes and hide them. She wondered vaguely if there was something else she should be doing, but that quickly left her mind as she spotted the seagull flying low in front of her. She studied it with canine curiosity, her steps speeding up, but repressed the urge to run after it.

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Damien was parked off of the dirt road that led to this part of the beach. He had his sunglasses on and a pair of black gym shorts and no shirt. He walked toward the water when he felt Variel close by. he looked around, but didn't see her. She must have been in dog form. He walked down to the beach with a small cooler of drinks and food. He had a couple of lounge chairs over his shoulder. Once he reached the shoreline he set up the chairs and put the cooler between them. He kicked off his flip flops and laid his head back to soak in the sun. he expected his familiar would catch his scent soon enough. He had to get away from the pressures of being the High Priest for a little while and still kept his phone on him just incase Erin or Salem needed something while at school. He normally let hsi siblings do their own thing and trusted that if they did anything stupid they would accept the consequences like adults. He was less concerned about them getting in trouble and more concerned about what might happen should someone discover he was a Wraith what might happen to them and him?

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments After a time, Variel slowed her steps, not because she was tired but because she could feel a rather familiar presence. She was only adverse to talking to Damien when he was in a bad mood, but it didn't feel like he was. So she turned around, hands going up to tighten her chocolate ponytail as she scanned the horizon for him. But she didn't see him. Frowning slightly, she started running forward again, gradually coming around the bend. This brought him into sight and she smiled slightly as she came closer, gradually coming to a stop beside him. "Apparently I was right in assuming there was nothing that had to be done, so it was alright for me to come." She chuckled, only slightly out of breath as she studied him. Perching tidily on the end of an empty chair, she placed her hands neatly in her lap, her fingers laced together.

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Damien smiled, "I'm glad you are getting out and being active...want something to drink?" He said digging in his cooler for a bud light platinum beer for himself and grabbing a peach fuzzy navel smirnoff for her. He popped the tops off of both of them. "Did you get Salem and Erin to school alright." He asked taking a sip of his drink. The air was a bit cool with a breeze, but the hot sun and humidity made up for it. the waves were calm in the cove and the tide didn't seem at all existent.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Thanks." Variel smiled, accepting the drink. She shifted her position a bit, moving back towards the middle of the chair to properly cross her long legs underneath her. "Of course." She shook her head with an amused grin. "I haven't killed them yet, and I don't plan on starting to." She teased, drumming her long fingernails along the side of the bottle before taking a drink, returning it to her lap, still in her grip. She sighed slightly as she looked out over the water, then back at him, relaxed but vaguely curious. "So what's up in your life that I don't know about?"

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Damien raised an eyebrow and pushed his sunglasses on top of his head. "What are you talking about?" 'Damnit! I need to be careful about what I'm feeling..damn empathy link.' He thought to himself hating that she can feel his inner emotions to the point of practically reading his mind. he hated not feeling in control and someone reading his emotions made him feel like he was not in control of his own mind. "I am just worried about the Wraith's. More deaths will be coming soon. I can feel it. We have lost two High Priestess's to the Wraith's and I'm waiting for one to get ahold of the current one. No one in the Coven will admit it, but Wraith's are far more powerful than any Coven Witch. their powers can grow without restrictions or restraint. The Coven can't control Wraith's and they are able to become as powerful as the High Priestess." He smirked slightly at the thought of him being able to gain more power and be able to take control of the Coven. he could take the Seven Trials of Hecate again and become the leader of the Coven. If everytihng went to his plan then the lord of the Underworld would surely bless him with more power. However, Damien has yet to have a child. No doubt the dark lord would desire his payment soon enough and if it were not to be Damien's first born it would be someone of his bloodline or someone else's infant. He wouldn't wnat to put Salem or Erin through such a thing. he didn't ahve to worry about Variel because as far as he knew she only had sex with him. She feared what may happen shoudl mortals discover her secret and it only made him enjoy her company more as he hated mortals and she avoided them.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments At this point, Variel was used to his desire to become powerful. Of course, without the knowledge of his Wraith-ness she didn't know just how extreme it was, but she was well aware of his power lust. "Then why don't you feel worried about the wraiths? About wraiths, you only feel..." She paused, combing through his emotions more thoroughly to try and explain it more and better put it into words. "Well, I'd say about Wraiths and their power you only feel thrilled. This worry is aimed at something else..." She lapsed into silence for a moment, studying him carefully. But as usual, without judgement.
With what she used to do, she was in no position to judge him for the emotions that he couldn't help. Emotions weren't controllable, which was honestly one reason she stayed alone. Of course, her fear of mortals discovering her was a big part of it, but... She knew he could feel her emotions and for the most part it didn't bother her. She'd gotten used to it. But if she could feel when he was having sex by his emotions, it was sure to work both ways. And that was most definitely the line she wouldn't cross. So she let the matter of what he was feeling drop, though she was still a bit concerned for him. Logically she knew he could take care of himself, no problem. But she was his familiar, and the role of bodyguard was basically in her job description.

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Damien rolled his eyes, "I'm not in the mood to discuss my feelings on Wraith's, or the dangers they pose to our precious royals of the Coven. If you aren't going ot discuss sometihng less about what I'm feeling then silence yourselfand drink your dirnk." He said as the tide finally set in with small waves. the cove was so set back form the open ocean when high tide did come in it was like filling a pool upw ith water. It happened slowly, but surely. "I expect Salem is excited. The school year is nearly ending and his birthday will be coming up real soon. He is supposed to be getting valedictorian this year and give a huge graduation speech. You know he has succeeded in arts and sports. I hate I haven't been to any of his art shows or performances or any of his games not even this year...Do you think he hates me for it?" He asked curiously with the upset feeling that even in his rise to power his siblings may lose their lvoe for him.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "No." Variel said promptly, looking over at him. "He won't hate you. I expect he'll be hurt, possibly, well, probably angry. But everyone wants acceptance from their parental figures. It won't last, and I know you actually care about him. I'm sure he knows it too, but it helps if you show that you're proud of them for what they've done." She explained, speaking from experience. She wasn't the type to throw a pity party or cry about it, she just accepted the fact that her parents didn't pay much attention to her. She knew they still loved her, but she still had a certain bitterness towards them. But Damien at least tried to be around for his siblings when he could, she knew. "Just go to a few, and he'll most likely forget all about the ones you haven't been there if favor of the ones you have." She smiled reassuringly.

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Damien nodded, "Only thing is I feel way too loaded down with coven business and work that I can't take time out of my day to watch him play a game or sing or show off pictures...I will probably miss his graduation too." He explaiend. He realized quickly. He may stop at nothing to get what he wanted, but that also meant he wans't taking enough stops for his siblings. Variel was right, he was their parental figure. Which meant they probably did what they do for his attention. He paid them little to no mind when he was busy and it wa shsi fault. He felt like shit now. He downed hsi beer and set it in the sand before lighting a cigarette.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Don't you dare miss graduation, Damien." Variel warned, giving him a hard stare. "They may not hate you, but that will be something that they will probably never forgive." She said flatly, then sighed. She resolutely looked away from the cigarette, really not needing to get back into that habit. Instead, she watched his face. "I am here to help you. Wasn't that why you chose to have a familiar in the first place, and why I'm stuck with you? I am willing to help you, but you have to let me."

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Damien rolled his eyes and put the cigarette out in the sand ebfore grabbing another beer. "I'm their brother not their father. If they can't understand that I work my ass off to make sure they have a good life then they clearly have their own problems to be worked out. I'm not going to throw a party just because they made it through one part of their lives. They need to learn that people aren't going to always be there for them and they need to learn that life is hard and will continue to get harder. The sooner they pick up on that little fact the better off they are." He sighed taking a sip of his beer. "I love them I really do, but if they try and count on anyone for anything they will only find disappointment. I don't want themt o go through life and hope for thigns that will never come. I'm sure I'll go to their graduation, but that doesn't mean I'm goingot motivate them all their lives. Once Salem Ascends he is gettign ajob and working toward getting his own place. He can't live with me forever." Damien said standing up for a moment and taking a few steps to soak his feet in the rising tide.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "I know you love them. But do they?" Variel asked, raising one eyebrow at him pointedly. "I mean, I think they do. But do you show them you do?" She pushed, "Besides, you certainly act like their father." She pointed out, reaching up to pull the hair tie out of her hair, tugging it out of her ponytail and putting it around her wrist for the moment. Shaking her now wild hair from her face she sighed as she studied him, deciding to let it drop. She didn't really want to get him angry, and she was smart enough to know that continuing along with path would probably drive him that way. "So what brings you down to the beach?" She said eventually.

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Damien was rather reluctant to change the subject now they were on it, but he feared it would push to the discovery of his murders...He sighed breathing out heavily. He then summoned a flame that danced in his hand. "I came to collect my thoughts of the future. I am looking to the past to gain knowledge of the future. There are dark things coming to Grievance Ridge and I fear for the worst that will come. The Coven has grown greatly, but that is not to say that we are at our most powerful. I came here to gather a strategy and plan for the future. I will soon seek council with the Elders and go around the High Priestess and make a plan take immediate effect. I am looking to command an army against the wraiths. We aren't doing nearly enough to eradicate the threat." He explained.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel flushed slightly, straightening up onto her feet. You didn't need to be able to feel her emotions to tell she was embarrassed to have interrupted when he was trying to think. She finished her drink and neatly sent the empty bottle down beside the cooler, turning back to look at him as she stepped out from between the lounge chairs, starting to take a few steps backward and away from him. "Sorry to intrude." She apologized. "I'll leave you to your thoughts then. Let me know if I can help anyway." She smiled slightly.

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Damien frowned..."Wait...Don't go...You can help." He said moving toward her slowly. He stood in front of her and simply started at her intently. "I need to get my mind off of things." He siad truthfully as he slid his hand up her arm with a smile. He then cupped her cheek softly before leaning in to kiss her. He rubbed the top of the knuckles with the thumb of his other hand. Pulling back gently for a moment he sighed again..."I am sorry...I needed to clear my head...kissing you tends to do it." He smiled half-heartedly. He didn't feel like she actually wanted to kiss him and it sort of left him feeling a bit arrogant and rude for not taking her feelings into consideration.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments When he spoke to stop her Variel stopped dead in her tracks, looking back at him. Whether he knew it or not, with little things like that she always did them when he told her to, liking that a thousand times better than him forcing her to. Watching as he came closer, she tilted her head back slightly to be able to keep looking at him, curious. She closed her eyes as he kissed her, tensing slightly but not meaning it in a negative way. She didn't seem to react as he pulled away, but frowned as he apologized, opening her eyes again to stare intently at him. "Damien, it's fine." She promised truthfully, smiling slightly. She was rarely averse to kissing him, it was only when he was angry that she really wanted to avoid him in all ways. He could literally control her if he wanted, but he rarely did. Because of that, she trusted him.

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Damien smiled, "Good, wanna head home for a little bit." He asked kindly. He moved to grab the chairs and picked up the empty bottles and the half smoked cigarette then the cooler. He moved to his car and the trunk popped open. He smiled back at her as he loaded everything into it. Then he lit his cigarette back up. He opened the car door for her hopeful she would get in. He then moved to the driver's side and sat down.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Though she moved to help, Variel was too late as he had it all covered. She stood awkwardly for a long moment, watching him quietly. She smiled slightly as he opened the drawer, moving forward and stepping into the car, settling herself in the passenger seat and closing the door. Variel was really a 'why not do it?' kind of person rather than a 'why should I do it?' person. "So what are we going to do?" She asked, raising an eyebrow inquisitively as she looked over at him.

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Damien smiled, "Well, I thought about giving Erin and Salem some money to go hang at the movies or something and we can make dinner for when they get back." He offered clearly amused that she was doing what he wanted even without him telling her she had to. He put the car in drive and pulled out from the beach. "What are you wanting for dinner?" He asked curiously simply to keep conversation while they drove there.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel shrugged. She didn't want to be a burden, so she usually just made something small and simple like mac and cheese for herself, or ramen noodles. "People rarely want a ton of food right after going to the movies and eating popcorn. I could make you guys nachos or something." She offered. It was kind of habit to exclude herself out of it. Erin and Salem were Damien's family, and she was well aware of that fact. How she fit into it was a subject she avoided, mostly because she did not want to just get dismissed. She could tolerate the current arrangement, her mostly just trying to stay out of their way except for when they asked her to do something.

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Damien laughed..."I'm not actually sending them to the movies. It was my excuse to get you to come over and have dinner with us as part of the family. I want to be able to trust you beyond what magic restricts you. I want you apart of this family. I have no desire to hurt you in anyway and I am not going to make you a slave to us. You have your won room and you never use it. you are apart of this family and I want you to feel like it." Damien explained. Clearly this was another side of him showing today. He rarely showed such affectionate emotions to anyone, but still held his charm. Right now he was dropping the charm and trying to be genuinely nice. It was only around Vari that he actually attempted this.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel shifted in her seat to turn and look at him, quiet for a moment. "And just what part of this family am I?" She asked simply, raising one eyebrow. She wasn't trying to challenge him or what he was saying, she was honestly curious. She didn't know how she fit in, which was part of the reason she tried to stay out of the way. "I know you aren't going to try to hurt me. Emotions thing, remember?" She chuckled lightly. "But..." She paused, speaking slower now as she thought it through. "Just because you don't want to and you don't try to, that doesn't mean that you won't. I don't think you will, but I highly doubt it in fact, but... I can be content with the level of camaraderie we have. I know you really don't have friends or people you trust, but I seem to be the closest you have. And you need someone that you can talk to, everyone does. I don't want to risk that."

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Damien nods in understanding, "You can't risk something that you have no choice but to do. As far as family goes you don't need a title. you just need to know you are apart of it. You are in my family with Salem and Erin and you will continue to be in my family until my death at which time you too will naturally die. " He said plainly. "The part you fit in is not as important as the fact that you do fit into our family. You may be old enough to be a sister to Salem and Erin, but I know they can look to you more like a mother or even an aunt the way you say they look to me like father." Damien explained as he cut another back road and drove to his lovely secluded home. he pressed a code on the buzzer and the gates opened. He pulled up and parked around back. He climbed out and popped the trunk. He grabbed the chairs, cooler, bottles and move dot light another cigarette but he sensed how Variel didn't like it so he quickly placed them back in his pocket. He walked to the door and handed Variel the key.

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