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Duchess Natalia of the Northern Lights in the sky (duchessnataliaofnorthernlights) | 233 comments Name:Rose Emily, Mason
nicknames,rose rosie.
Gender: female
Faction of Origin:Amity

Appearance Written Description
hair color:black
eye color:brown
height:5 feet 5 inches
body type: skinny, not too strong but with some strength
skin tone:Asian color
any distinguishable marking:Heart shape with Justin's name on it on(rose has a crush on him.) on her shoulder.
personality: she is a kind sole, she loves learning ,fighting and computers. She wants to leave her mother and sister.

family: fill in the full name, age, and a one sentence personality for each person. at least one living parent necessary. siblings must be also designated older or younger.
Mother:Amanda Mason. Strick, kind.Rose hates her the most
Father:Michael Mason. Kind amity member, never fights, closest person to rose(in her family)
Sister:Nicole, She is rude mean, annoying. She always insults her Rose, 3 years older

History: She was born in Amity, She really loved how free dauntless was. However on her free time, at school she goes on the computer and learns some programming. She was never really enjoyed being kind all the time. She hated farming, She planed to leave her mother and sister at the choosing ceremony, she would really miss her father however.

-Nicole her sister
-her father dieing


-computer crashing

- shooting guns

-loves to learn
-how to fight

Weapon of Choice:
Faction they want to go to:dauntless, erudite
Aptitude test result (divergent) dauntless, eruidite
Faction they choose at choosing ceremony:dauntless
I know it is after the date.

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You need to fix the formatting

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