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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Ah, as much of a show off as ever." Variel laughed, shaking her head as they finally came to a stop. "Good to know some things never change." She stepped off the bike, sliding her sneakers off and setting them beside it as she started toward the water. "Come on! Let's see if I am still reigning queen of splash wars." She insisted. Of course, this wasn't all just because she wanted to play around. She just wanted to try and not worry about what had just happened. And she wanted to see if her brother could ever see her the same way he always had. She knew that as a hunter, it would be hard, since she was a Familiar. But she was desperate to get him to at least try. Before she ended up having to tell him she as pregnant and probably ruin all the ground she'd gained with Mikah. Reaching up, she pulled all of her insanely tangled hair back into a ponytail, slipping a hair band around it as she waited semi-patiently at the edge of the water, her feet barely getting wet.

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Artemus pulled to a small gravel spot on a rock face overlooking the water. He killed the motor and kicked out the stand. He moved his leg over the bike to get off before leaning against it. Artemus smirked slightly as he watched Variel move toward the water. He had to admit he did miss their childhood days, he also had to admit that he was now an adult and his career choice did not call for such nonsense. He instead rolled his eyes keeping his smirk as he unshouldered the backpack. As Mikah shifted through it he pulled out two vials. One held a green substance inside ground into a fine powder while the other was white liquid. "Get your arse over here so I can play doctor as always." He said holding the vials up. "Come on now, no time to get those wounds in salt water unless you really want to experience pain. I haven't got all day." He said a bit amused sounding like he was talking to a child. His older twin sister to him was mroe fo achild than he was and always has been. She needed to be taken care of and he always had to be the one to do it. He had to be in control at all times no matter how loose he let himself get he still had to be in control.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Sounds like a plan." Variel smiled, backing from the water and starting over to him. "I mean, it probably could be worse. But still." She shrugged, lifting up the bottom of her sweatshirt to study the burn once she reached him. "Also, why the hell don't you have all day? You're stuck with me for a while at least. So you'd better change plans around and stuff. I haven't seen you in years and I have a feeling there's a lot we need to talk about." The familiar pointed out, looking up at him. "Oh and another question. I can get how you have all these magic things. You kill witches, stuff like that. But how do you know how to use them? And is that unique to you, or do all hunters learn how to use them?" She asked curiously. Carefully she perched on the end of a big rock, crossing her ankles. Wincing slightly, she lifted up the side of her sweatshirt further, uncovering the rest of the burn. "Well, at least I'll have a badass looking scar." She chuckled half heartedly, staring at it. "And before you ask, no. Damien's never done anything to me before. I mean, in play is one thing. And I know I'm not exactly the role model for good choices in life, but I've never stayed in an abusive relationship. That's where I draw my line. And this is ridiculous." She looked down at the burns pointedly, shaking her head slightly.

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((Have you decided about Kali? If not I'm writing Salem out. So you won't have to make hard choices.))

Artemus poured a small bit of the green powder into his palm and jsut a small drop of the white liquid. The powder took to it rather well as one dropped turned it all into a very thick mush with the sweet aroma of roses and ginger. "Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to." Artemus said rather coldly to her as he held her shirt up with his bad hand and rubbed the mush on her large burn marks on her side. "This will heal you rather quickly, Familiars and Sleepwalkers take to it a bit better than mortals." He said plainly as he rubbed it on and then blew on it. It seemed rather instant as the mixture solidified into a rock-like substance on Variel. Artemus then started at the top and pulled away on the substance as it crumbled form her quickly leaving a faint greenish tint to the burn scars. "It will keep it cool and heal it in an hour. Don't worry about getting it wet. It evaporates on its own." Artemus assured his sister. Then the white liquid he turned up to his mouth and just a tiny drop was allowed to fall before he corked it back. He pulled out a crimson liquid and did the same with it. Artemus leaned back against the bike as he pulled off the bandaging and homemade cast. His muscles could be heard sewing back together and as he moved his fingers into a fist bones cracked and popped until at last his disfigured hand and wrist seemed quiet normal and without scars.
Finally, he accepted his sisters questions as she was jsut as persistent as he was. He sighed pulled his biker gloves back on over his hands. "Before when I was first starting training for my society of hunters I did as all have done. I learned to kill. I learned weaknesses and points of vulnerability. Once that had been learned I had been given a purpose to kill. It was a kill or be killed world. I had no choice once I set my mind to joining fully. My society has a small number of scientist and alchemist at it's disposal. Every Coven that has been exterminated one was always kept alive or even two given their natural abilities and qualities in the craft. We learned through trial and error everything we could. Those Witches were the weak ones who offered their secrets in return for their lives. Naturally, as Hunters we were obligated to kill them, but some proved more useful than others. I know more about Witches than what these small community Yankee hunters do because we have resources that will do anything to remain alive. We have mole Witches everywhere. Some do not even realize that they are our moles. We have potion and alchemy at our disposal. We have a Seer at our disposal...a very old Seer who is powerful enough to control her visions to any extent. I know more about Witches than what most Witches know. Unfortunately, few Witches know of the many curses that can be inflicted upon mortals. Every Elder we have captured has fought to the death or killed themselves to maintain what is left of their secrets. Perhaps that is the reason I kept Aurelia alive. She could prove useful as an Elder. We keep tabs on the Coven Witches we seek to invade. On most occasions they send an army...on this occasion they sent me. The msot powerful Coven known will face one man and death will come to everyone of them on my list. Every soul is worth a different price. I have trained for a personal mission like this for years. I'm not about to let it be halted now by your Witch, Damien Devereux. We play dirty and I'm the dirties out there. No one can challenge me, sis...and no one will." He paused for a moment not giving away too much information on his plans for the Grievance Ridge Coven. "As for Damien, you are ignorant for being so close to that thing. He is a ticking time bomb and once he realizes that darkness is all that is left in place of his soul he will be an unstoppable force that not even love can stop. I never thought it was true until intelligence sent me information. He is a Wraith and the Devil acts aloud. We have little records on mortals made into Familiars or Sleepwalkers, but the information I will be receiving will perhaps save hundreds becuase your Coven is already under attack. These yanks are on their way to cleanse the entire town of it's Witches. Their information is not as detailed as our own, but they hold organization such organization is a branch of the government here. Their intellect is not nearly as great as our own, but they have enough information on what cna weaken and kill you and the Witches. A raid will destroy the peace of this small town tonight. When the Witch Covens who have gathered will pay respects to their provider of power on the the Summer Solstice. Pity, because so many young witches will be graduating this week and they will die before such a time comes." Artemus had no heart anymore, but for his sister and Aurelia apparently. He was darkened by what he had become, not to mention what Witches have turned him into. He was afraid of what he has become and was fearful of what eh could do to those he did care about.

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As she lowered her sweatshirt back down, Variel made a decision. Once she remembered that, you know, the sweatshirt and sweatpants she was wearing were her only clothes, she decided that she needed to get more clothes. Whether she went back home or bought new ones, this would not do. "So. You've learned kill or be kill. Logical, in your line of work." She paused, biting her lip lightly. "I want you to teach me. I mean, not for another, what was it, hour? And I know I can't learn everything in a day, obviously. But I want to try and learn how to defend myself. I mean, I can bite someone's arm off. But I want to learn how to do it as a human. And who better to teach me?" She grinned cheerfully, reaching out and ruffling up his hair.
"I know this seems important to you, so you know what? I'm not even going to try and stop you from doing it. But I have a few friends. Two witches and a sleepwalker. I'm not asking you to save them or anything, I just want to give them a head's up so they can get out. Just those three. And none of them are Damien. But also, don't kill him because if you do, I die." She shrugged, looking at him hopefully. "Kali is the seer who helped me out a lot, and Salem... I practically raised him for the past years. I couldn't bear it if something happened to him." She said logically, biting her lip slightly as she looked at him. "The sleepwalker you met, Max. She flatly refuses to become a familiar, so how can you fault her?"

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Artemus raised an eyebrow and combed his hair flat again with his hand having a permanent wave in the front. "I can't promise anyone's safety, not even yours. The hunters here do not even know that I am from another unit not even of this country. They find out and I'm as good as any of the Witches in Grievance Ridge. Americans hate their territory being taken and only want more room for themselves. That holds true to the hunters as well. They never fully plan things out." Artemus knew this was simply a stereotypical opinion on American hunters, but it was his opinion and it meant a lot to him. "As for teaching you to defend yourself in human form...Well, I'm a boxer. I know several forms of fighting and I hardly use any of them half as much as I use this curse to my advantage, jsut as you use your curse to your advantage. I'm an incubus and I kill using seduction and manipulation. That's why Iw ear these gloves." He gestured to the gloves he began to put back on. "If I do enjoy someones company I could use my abilities and have no idea it is happening until it's too late and I'm sucking someones soul out. I teach you how to fight and get caught by my society of elite Witch Hunters I will surely die. In a week they are sending someone to tally up my kills and check on progress. You cna imagine how high expectations are if they only sent one man to do a full fleets job. I can't afford screw ups. I have hidden my curse this long and I have been branded." He said raising up his left arm sleeve showing her on his shoulder the dead and the living serpent tattoo which seemed less like a tattoo and more like an extremely detailed branding used on cattle. "My life depends on this job and I can use more than one asset of myself in this career more so than me wanting to be some foreign language teacher." He gripped the necklace around his neck. He had their fathers wedding band in his grip. He had taken it while they slept soe ven though their father had lost something he was able to keep something of hsi family close by without raising suspicion of contact. "If you only knew the paperwork I hhav eto do jsut because of that small list. I will be punished for letting you and your friends survive. Especially Aurelia and Damien. they are Coven leaders. High Priest and an Elder are not exactly positions you want to pass up on killing. they hold mroe than simple influence in jsut one Coven. they ahve the power to rally Witches who are even without Covens. I have seen it happen before and it was the worst war mankind could have ever faced. Adolf hitler rallied the aid of Witches once and it nearly cost the world it's freedom. I can't stop them from dying, but I can stall long enough for them to get out of my sight." He spoke as if it was insulting to even think he should alue another's life and save it. He had changed so much. Even as an athlete and boxer he is the softer of the twins...or at least he was. Artemus clinched his fist. "It's bad enough I have even allowed myself in the presence of that many Witches without any real action to kill any of them. It is amazing that you are even sitll alive. I once beleived I could kill you, mother, father, and our little sister if it was discovered you were in relation to witches or even associated with them. I amaze myself that I have allowed you to make me so weak. What makes you think that I cna even teach you how tofigght in the first place?" It wouldn't seem that deciding another's fate would be hard to turn down, but for artemus playing the role of death was all he knew now. The years have passed so quickly he no longer felt the need to show emotion or care for even other mortal lives. If a mortal got in the way he would kill them without hesitation and simply be even mroe pissed that an innocent had to die. By innocent Artemus viewed all mortals untouched by Witches was pure and innocent even a murderer as long as he was mortal he was innocent in Artmeus's eyes.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Well, you're a big bad witch killer. Obviously you have the skills, especially since you just said you did. Remember, I go to you for help with everything." Variel grinned cheerfully, lightly and teasingly punching him in the shoulder. "But Mikah, I don't know if you really understand where I'm at right now. Now? You're the only person I have to ask." She said softly, studying him. "I dread being around humans because I don't want them to find out what I am. I don't like witches because they turned me into... This. Damien and Salem were really the only people I have anything even remotely close to friends." She sighed softly. "I know that at this point not even I could change your opinion on witches. But just as an example, look at me. I'm not a great person, but at the same time I'm not a killer or anything. Some humans are worse than witches, sleepwalkers, and familiars. Just try and remember that, okay?" She told him firmly, raising an eyebrow as she stared at him.
"I don't want you to risk yourself. So if it is a big deal..." She stopped and took a deep breath, physically wincing. "If you would get hurt for it, then it's not worth it. I mean, they're my friends and almost family, but I've known them... Well, not super long. Like two... Is it two? Years for Salem. But I've known you my whole life, and unfortunately given the choice I would choose to save your skin. You've done it for me, and I already did it once back at the house and got attacked and alienated for my trouble, so I'm all in now. Just... Damien. And this isn't an emotional attachment thing. But... If he dies, I die. You know that. And you know what? I don't want that. Not anymore. I mean I was never at the point where I ever even seriously considered stepping off a building, but if a car hit and killed me on the way to work, I would not have been too upset. I just didn't care. But that was years ago and now I find myself really wanting to live. I mean, I have you back. Hell I have myself to live for. And... Well... Here's the hard part. It leads in nicely."

"So, um, Mikah? There's something I should probably tell you..." She shifted uncomfortably, unable to look him in the eyes. Or even at him at all, her gaze trained determinedly on the tiny lame waves on the beach. At last she just closed her eyes, her hands resting in her lap for the time being. "So. I mean, you know I'm not queen of purity, no point in dancing around saying that. But..." Her eyes popped open and she stood, beginning to pace in a small straight line in front of him, all the while anxiously chewing on the ends of her hair and still not looking at Mikah. Then she sighed and pulled her hair away. "Oh goddammit! I hate trying to confess things in general. No matter what it is, I always feel like I'm going to be instantly condemned for it. Especially to you. I mean it's not like a horrible sin against humanity, but that's in my mind at least. I don't know how you'll take it now. Hell, I would have been absolutely terrified to tell you even if you weren't a hunter, let alone since now you are. I don't know how you would have responded then, so try and understand why I'm petrified now." Eventually she stopped moving, standing right in front of him, biting her lip. "I may sorta kinda be... Oh fuck it. I'm pregnant." She finally just blurted out, cringing slightly. She wasn't exactly sure of the reception. I mean, she herself wasn't as excited about this as she felt like she was obligated to. And now she had to tell her brother, who also just happened to kill what she was for a living.

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Artemus was going to be the nice brother he always has been to Vari, but before he could even manage a word in more and more of the thought of consequences crept into his mind. Then Variel's words met his ears. She always acted fidgety when she confessed something that she felt he would disapprove of or condemn as something uncalled for and irrational. However, even after so long of it having been that they were even together he felt a twinge fo guilt that he made her feel that way. Like he was a disapproving father to her. Finally Vari managed to work out what she had building up to. She was pregnant. Part of Artemus was rather excited. He was going to be an uncle to a great nephew or niece...then it struck him. Witches and Sleepwalkers had to have sex to complete the bond as Master and Familiar. Vari had slept with the man she first introduced as her boyfriend. The monstrosity now growing as a fetus within his sister was going to be an abomination. No recorded account was ever made of a Familiar becoming pregnant or impregnating their master. His jaw clenched tightly as his knuckles bagan to crack into fists. His upper lip curled into a gritted toothy grimace. "What? How could you betray your own kind so willingly. You claim to hate Witches and fear humans, yet you seem far more willing to sleepw ith what you hate than confront what you fear. I can't even look at you right now. Even as my sister I look at you and only see a disgrace! What were you bloody thinking?! For crying out loud! How could you?! you chose to bring this upon me now. Right when I thought I was getting my sister back I come to find that some demonic entity belonging to Lucifer hismelf is growing inside of you." He turned with his hands on his bike. He couldn't even look at Variel now. "And even more so you ask to learn to fight when in your condition you can't fight without risking the infants death! You really have no idea how to think do you?" He said turning his head to the side slightly still not daring to look at her. "there is a way out of every spell and every curse. Time served and weakened magic, but becoming pregnant by a Wraith is worse than a normal Witch getting you knocked up! I can't believe you had no idea how to use your head and use protection! I could have saved you!" Artemus turned on her and raised his hand as if ready to hit his own sister, but his tightened lips proved he was holding hismelf backa s he bit his bottom lip. "I refuse to let such a creature come into tis world. I gave you my word to ensure life continues for your Wraith master and his brother and the Seer...I even am allowing a Sleepwalker to live, but whatever that thing is inside of you I will not allow it to live, sister! I can't let something that is so unknown come into this world to wreak havoc." Artemus explained clearly crossed between his morals and his code of law. "How can you even accept that you are pregnant with a monster! No one, not even Witches, know if curses or spells are hereditary. It could be a human, it could be a Sleepwalker, it could be a Witch or worse the first born Wraith to exist. We don't even know if it will even be anything that is known! You can't let that thing live insidde of you. If you don't do something abotu it I will. I won't hurt you physically myself, but I cannot stop someone else from doing it." He said it rather matter-of-factly. Artemus was pissed, confused, frustrated, an entirely flustered by all of this news. He didn't really even know how to react. He loved Variel and he followed the societies laws. What was he supposed to say or do? He couldn't simply let everyone live jsut because his sister wished it to be so. He had to draw lines. this was one of them.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "I'm not going to go searching out people to fight, but I still want to be able to defend myself. Is that so horrible or shocking?" Variel protested, but she knew that this whole argument was just a losing battle for her. Still, she had to try. "When else was I supposed to bring it up? You would be mad at me no matter when I told you, and later you'd be mad at me for not telling you." She pleaded with him. When he raised his hand, Variel flinched back away, staring at her brother in shock... And maybe some fear. All siblings tussled around when they were little, but this was on a completely different level. If he was going to hit her, she knew it wasn't going to be just in play. "You are my brother and I love you. Ok? No matter how much you hate me now... I love Damien, and I chose you over him. That should say something at least. I know you're angry, and I can understand it. But God, you rape and kill women to survive. I slept with a guy. I was stupid, I'll give you that. But I can't go back in time and fix this. We have to just deal with this! And I hate to tell you this.... But you aren't really my kind anymore. And Mikah... You really don't understand what it's like for me, or any familiar. We don't choose who our witch is. We don't choose to be a familiar at all. We certainly didn't choose sex to solidify the bond. And I can fucking guarantee it wasn't our idea to have to do what we're told. You saw it. Damien tried to make me kill you. I didn't want to, God, I did everything I could to stop. But I would have. It is impossible for a familiar to disobey a direct order from our witch. I was so scared when I first was to become a familiar. You try living for a year with knowing that unless you, like, killed someone, you would be what was essentially a pet, a slave, no matter what the Coven wants to try and say. But Damien and Salem... They were nice to me. There was no ordering around, no bullying, no taking advantage of me for anything really. I was happy, and Damien was sweet. I was never pressured into doing anything, I made the decision." She said firmly, biting her lip and sighing slightly as she looked at him. "You can stop other people. You are completely capable of it. You just won't." She stopped and stared at him, biting her lip. But her gaze lowered down to the ground and her voice softened, growing quiet. "And... I won't ask you to. I know this is hard for you. Hard enough that that almost hit me. It's not fair to you to try and make you help me. You can just go back to your base or apartment or wherever you're staying. You have a job and a life. And morals I won't ask you to forget or ignore. I'll be okay. I have some clothes at the lounge, and a key. I'll stay there for a while." She said logically, looking straight up at the sky so she could avoid meeting his gaze. Swallowing hard, she wiped the dampness from her eyes and cheeks.

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Artemus glared almost cruelly, "Don't test me! You sicken me and this isn't about my curse. Sleepwalkers cna choose to be and remain Sleepwalkers all their immortal lives, you chose to be tied to a Witch. You chose to become a Familiar. Also, jsut so you know it isn't jsut women I kill. I kill men too. Anyone who I persuade to sleepw ith me is as good as dead and some even before that. At least what I do is to continue living while you simply chose a fate worse than what you were already suffering. How could you?! No, we are not the same kind. I refuse to be compared to sucha disgraceful creature. I am a human...I was cursed. You could have prevented your fate. You could ahve goen to authorities and turned Witches in for what they really are. Instead you chose to be greedy and take immortality with a curse. Instead of that you chose to be bonded to a Witch who is obviously more than a simple Witch. he is in a Coven living undercover as a Wraith. How does it feel to be sleeping with a soulless man who kills? You got pregnant by someone who has convinced you that he is in love with you. How can you be so naive? I cannot express the rage I'm feeling right now from your stupidity. you had to go and get knocked up by a heartless murderer who made you think that he lvoes you. He only loves power. All Wraith's only love power. I hate Witches, but I hate wraith's more. They truly sell what bit of their souls are left for power. they are greedy, soulless, murdering, devil worshipers!" Artemus was clearly enraged, then she started talking about going somewhere else, "You really think I'm letting you stay by yourself? The hutners know that Damien Devereux is a Witch. Even as ignorant as the hunters here are they know that they cannot face him full on, but surely Witches work for him. His lounge will be the first place that they it. It will be a massacre everywhere they go." He explaiend furious at her, but clearly he still lvoed his sister.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel physically flinched back at his words, a whimper rising from her throat. She folded her arms tightly across her chest, almost defensively. "I was cursed too!" She yelled at him suddenly, but her voice instantly dropped back to a normal level. "I saved my friends life and you know what I got for my troubles? I was essentially kidnapped and cursed. So every night for a year I had to lock myself inside my house and make sure not one person came anywhere near the house and found out what had happened to me. You think I could go to anyone? First, no one would believe me. And you think that the witches would have just laid down and taken it?" She gave a disdainful laugh. "They would have screwed with memories or killed the people I told. And what do you think they would have done to me in return? I have no love for witches. Only one. And he... A hunter attacked us fairly recently. They drugged him with St Johns Wort. And when he was on that he still said he loved me. Not to mention I have an emotional link to him. Almost all of the time I can tell when he's lying. After everything you really think I'm so foolish that I love people instantly?" She shook her head, running a hand along her hair as she started to back away from him, still crying silently. "You really think I can stay with you? I got enough of that slut crap from high school. You know, reports all about just how fast my trip straight downstairs to hell was going to be, and explicit details on just how horrible of a person I was. 'How could I do that with someone like that?' I've heard it all Mikah. It is foolish to dwell on it, so it's not a big deal for me anymore. But I am not going to voluntarily stay with someone who's going to do nothing but call me names and tell me how stupid I am and how wrong I was. Especially when it's you. I know you're not the best person ever, but... I have no wish to see that side of you."

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Artemus gritted his teeth turning to face his sister now, "If you choose them over me I will not save any lives. I will do as I came here to do. I will stop at nothing even if that means killing Damien and resulting in your death. I am a member of the Royal Purity Hunters League. Back home we pose as a government agency known as the RHS. I renounced my family, I renounced my friends, I renounced my old life. I have no sisters, no parents, no friends. I am a hunter and I kill Witches, Cursed Ones, Familiars, and Wraiths. I don't want to choose for you Variel. There are ways to avoid being a Familiar. The bond can be broken and I do not wish to see you die at my hands, but I am willing to make such sacrifices. What is inside of you is not human no matter what it might be it is unholy and impure. It is an abomination to mankind and human society. I cannot allow it to be born. Make your choice or I will make it for you...It's me or them." Artemus was very clear and his eyes were stirring with water clearly hurt by his own words, but he was unable to go against something he had been trained for so many years. It had been ages since he had seen his sister and it seemed for the longest time that the part of his life she was involved in could and would never be lived again. It hurt to severe such a connection it was that severing that led him to sneak into the night into their parents home and take a piece of them. The iron ring around his neck was their father's wedding band. It had been made with something from both their father's and mother's families. Solid iron...not exactly a metal of choice for any ring, but somehow it meant something to their family and it meant something to him. It allowed Artemus to keep a piece of Mikah alive. Now it seemed he was destroying every bit of that.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Oh my god you're so dense sometimes!! You wouldn't be alive if I hadn't already chosen you. If I had chosen Damien instead of you, I wouldn't have fought the command to fucking kill you. So yeah. Already chosen. I'm already down that rabbit hole and there's no going back. Sorry if me choosing you gives you a conflict of interest. But just because I chose you doesn't mean I want to be stuck with you when you hate me. I fought killing you with everything I had. And now you don't even care if I die." She snorted out a disbelieving laugh and shook her head raking her hands through her hair and subsequently out of the ponytail. She put the hair band around her wrist, shaking her head as she studied him.
"And you literally called me sister just a few minutes ago. And that ring around your neck? Don't give me this lone wolf 'I am all I have or need' bullshit. I know you too well for that. I know that even when I had my issues and left, you weren't the perfect little child our parents thought you were. But, if you are so hard and lonely and independent, was that all acting? Being unhappy when I left, and then being happy to see me again an hour ago?"

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Artemus was losing hismelf. His composure was crumbling as Vari talked so harshly toward him. It was one thing for him to dish it out because he knew Vari could take things more than he could. He was an emotional wreck and has always been since Vari left. Without his twin it was like losing apart of himself. He prayed that this would all just end and he would awaken in his dorm at college and the society never existed and his sister never was sent off. However, te past could only be changed by those blessed by Satan to do so. His eyes were full of hate, frustration, pain, sorrow, rage, and pure love. "Vari...." Tears began sliding down hsi cheeks. He hadn;t cried since he was child. He never knew why until now. He held it all back and now it was coming out. He hid hismelf from himself and now everytihng was out in the open. Falling to his knees he downed his heads infront of Variel crying like achild who just lost their pet or their parent. "I am truly sorry...I know it's fucking bollocks and I'm barmy for even considering your death. I'm sorry....I love you more than words can describe. I can never go back to our family. I can enver deny the society and I can never let any harm come to you for as long as I am here. I want to truly be able to love your child...I want ot be able to be apart of your lfie again. I simply cannot. Moments ago I hated myself and took it out on you. Now I realize I am at fault. I am to be blamed. There is nothing I can do to choose sides. I am twisted into knots on the inside and I cannot find any release formt he pressure. I'm a bleeding wreck and all I cna do is pray that the pain goes away. Every single night I kill...Every single night another life is taken by my sins. I can do nothing but accept my sins and suffer for them. I cannot go through life knowing what I have even considered to do to you and what I have done to so many others before you. My curse was to make me suffer for such sins and I now see that there shall be no redemption for me in any end. Go back to Damien. He truly loves you. his actions were out of fear...Mine are the actions of true evil intent. I cannot bare for you to see me likethis any longer. I can only suffer and make those around me suffer as well...." He balled forward crying even mroe intesely a small puddle forming onthe ground under hsi face.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Shit, come on! Don't do this, stay strong! I can't be mad at you when you're crying! And I really want, if not need, to be mad at you. It's simple and straightforward and something I can focus on. Nothing else is." Variel pleaded, staring down at him. But as she said, she couldn't stay mad at him when he seemed so heartbroken. She'd wanted to win the argument and prove her points, and if it pissed him off so be it. But she hadn't expected him to suddenly be so emotionally fragile. And now she didn't know what to do about it. Hugs? Empty promises? Distraction? Cash? Slowly she kneeled down next to him, shifting a bit awkwardly. "Last time I saw you cry, I remember all I had to do to make it better was give you a juice box and promise to help you convince Mom and Dad to get you a puppy. I'm kind of a puppy in my own right now though. I don't think that either of those paths really going to help too much here, is it?" She teased, shifting to sit with her legs outstretched in front of her, ankles crossed. One arm slid around Mikah's shoulders and she pulled him closer so he was leaning against her, and she kissed the top of his head. "Honestly I may go back to Damien eventually, but not right now. I'm too busy being pissed at him, and he needs to know that. Fear is powerful, but it's no excuse to attack me or try and make me kill you. Besides, there's someone else I love that needs me more." As was her usual habit, she ruffled up his hair with a small smile. "You are not evil, Mikah. We all have crosses to bear, yours and mine are just a bit different from normal, and yours is a bit drastic. There's always a way to deal with things. With the coven at least they gave me the basics of what was going on and stuff. But I'll bet no one ever told you how to handle yours. Right now we just need to find out more. The more we know, the better we can get a handle on this." She said logically, holding him tightly. "You piss me off sometimes, but you never stop being my brother and I'll always love you, alright?" She said firmly,

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Artemus had lost everything. He had thrown his perfect life away to be a murderer and he was suffering for it. God or whatever controlled the facts of life was punishing him for his sins as a small guinea pig taste of his hell. Hearing Variel was one thing, but physically feeling her near him seemed exactly what his soul needed. He had no true closure at any point in time at all. Artemus simply gave a nod. "I am sorry...There is nothing I can take back and there is nothing I can stop from happening. My life has been planned out form day one and each time I restart it gets worse for me. I don't want you getting hurt, Vari...I care too much about you and I can't truly stop it from happening. I always have every aspect, every second, every single moment of my life planned out. My king has been taken and check mate is being called on me for the first time. What am I anymore? Who am I?" His words may have been directed towrd Variel, but he was really speaking to no one because it felt that no one could solve his problem. He had losthis plans and there were no more steps that could be taken to counter any of this. He hated unforseen events and it frightened him more than death.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "You can't protect me forever. No one can do that for anyone. Oh people can try, but it never works. You can mostly protect someone, but not forever. It'll drive you crazy, nitpicking over things you can't control. You've never been exactly spontaneous, and you said it yourself, you don't like when things aren't planned out to the letter." Variel said logically, her grip tightening around his shoulders.
"You are my brother. Mikah Artemus Ashling. For better or for worse, no matter what else happens, you will always be my little brother. It's my job to bully you around and make sure I'm the only one who gets to do that. I'm supposed to be the older one that looks out for you, but you always get stuck protecting me. Let me do what I'm supposed to and take care of you for a bit." She persuaded, absently mussing up his hair once again. "Maybe tomorrow or the next day we can go talk to Kali. She helped me, I'm sure she can help you or at least point us in the right direction. Yes, she's a witch, but she won't hurt you, I can promise that. Her powers aren't exactly the offensive type, and she's all of 5'3. There's nothing she can do to you, so you'll be ok. Just trust me." She reassured him. "I know you won't like it, but I would never put you in a dangerous situation on purpose." She promised, resting her chin on the top of his head. With a slight sigh she shifted her weight, smiling slightly. "Well if we can't go to the lounge.... What should we do right now? I bet you're staying at the Inn, and I don't think it's the best idea for me to go in there. I'd get revealed and you'd get in trouble for being with me."

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Artemus dried hsi tears quickly understanding his sister. He was nof an of her words, but he understood them. "I can think of no other place to be than wherever it is that youa re right now. Going to the inn won't be half as bad as it would ahv ebeen earlier. Nightfall is coming soon and the hunters will be raiding the caverns where so many Witches of this Covne and otherswill be gathered tonight. It willbe an ambush and I do not think the Witches are prepared for such. they do not realzie the forces comign for them no matter what the precautions are that they ahve taken. hunters no matter how arrogant and ignorant they may be are very resourceful and brute beings. While Witches are clever and manipulative. They cannot manipualte what has already been planned as a massacre." He warned her rather matter-of-factly. "Perhaps we go somewhere close and perhaps you can tour me around for a bit. Then you may arrange a meeting with this Witch Seer, Kali. I do not think she is on ym list at all." He said tempted to check it, but he resisted theurge for hhis sisters sake. "I still have an agenda to keep up with and if I do not start showing results they will send someone after me to kill me and finish the job. Every job I take if failed is risking ym own life. I failed once and under their nose I have managed to escape death as someone cursed for life." He tried explaining feeling weakened by his outburst of emotion. His self-confidence had all but vanished. He was losing hismelf after such discoveries of hsi sister and those she consorted with.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "If you think that it will be alright to go to the Inn, then I'll go. I won't like it, and honestly even the thought just right now scares me, but I trust you. There's really not a safe place I can think of. And there's not enough here to really even give you a tour of anything. It'd just be a stand in one place and point at building for a minute and be done kind of thing." Variel chuckled slightly, looking over at him. "Well. If they need results... Then we'd better give them results." The familiar took a slow, deep breath. "In all honesty most of the coven are assholes that I won't miss and have absolutely and completely zero sympathy for. A few different familiars all got attacked by a witch within the span of two days a couple months ago and they did nothing about it. So some of them completely deserve it. The others..." She sighed and swallowed hard. "I'd rather have you live than them. I can help with those assholes. Everyone underestimates a girl, especially someone who's only a familiar. I can only do so much, but I can get them to let their guard down and get you in. With the others... I will not stop you. Again, I value you over them. But I also... I couldn't help you with those. I'm sorry. But you've done this a while, you really shouldn't need my help, right?"

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Artemus nodded, "The inn will be safe for now, the Coven won't be and well I can handle myself quite fine thank you. If you must know These hunters can kill who they want I snap a few pictures and I get paid for the kill." Artemus siad with a cruel smirk. "Come along then...IF we ar eleaving I say we leave now. The locals probably think me a male harlot or something with as many women that are coming in and out of my room by this point." He said jokingly. He stood starting hsi bike clearly pushing hsi unstabel emotions behind him once mroe into his strong, fun-loving, always serious self.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "If someone is there that finds out... You didn't know. You were too excited to see a family member you hadn't seen in so long, you didn't think it through. Alright then Mikah? No matter what happens to me, you didn't know. That will get you less punishment than knowing and voluntarily taking me in there." She said firmly, staring hard at him. He had done more than enough for her. It was time to return the favor and do what she was supposed to, look after her little brother. But she laughed lightly, pleased he was a bit more himself for now. "Sorry babe. I mean sure you're cute, but not gonna happen." She teased, ruffling up his hair, as she had quickly fallen back into the habit of doing to him, ever since she ran into him again. "Apparently your desire thing doesn't work on me. Thank god, I mean that'd be awkward." She teased again, reaching his side and hugging him briefly before letting him go.

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Aretmus smirked hsi charming smirk, "It would be more awkward than me because once you realized what was happening it ould be too late." He said deathly joking. Artemus pulled his gloves back on and tightened them to his fingers. He then started up the bike and pulled on his helmet. "Hold on tight little sis..." He said jokingly. He revved the motor and took off. He was ready to relax and put his guard down, but that hasn't been possible since he became a hunter and he seemed to be good at what he did even if it did destroy wo he really was. Vari seemed to be the one who rboguht the old him back. They drove down the road for abit and slowly he started coming into familiar ground and passed a group of disguised hunters on the way. They were dressed in suits and unknown to him they were on Kali's street. They were posing as government officials or worse, Mormons. He hadn't made it to the end of the road jsut yet, but it never crossed his mind to stand in their way.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Stepping back behind him on the bike, Variel shook her head with a laugh, smacking him playfully on the side of the head. "Oh come on, I'm older than you! Let me have at least one advantage." She pouted, scrunching up her nose in distaste. Then she looked over at the group of people. It's not like she knew who they were. There was absolutely no way she could. But still, her curious gaze followed the people in suits before she faced forwards again. Lightly tapping on his shoulder, she pointed at Kali's house. "That's where she lives, that seer I told you we're going to see." She called over the wind. It wasn't that she was in anyway worried. She was just pointing out a relevant fact. Plus, he had wanted a tour. There. Now he had his very own teeny tiny mini tour, just for him. He should feel deeply touched. But she was more concerned about where they were going. Why wouldn't she want to go right to the home base of people who wanted to kill her? There was probably all sorts of things that bothered her in there. Staying subtle would've hard.

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Artemus nodded rolling hsi eyes to the fact that if she was of no threat then how would she be able to defend herself to Hunters. He wasn't going to kill the Seer, but if she had been killed before he could do anything to help her then there was nothing eh could do to stop it form happening. The sun was moving west and it seemed rather intent to rain on the parade as the sun may have been visible a gloomy line of dark nearly black clouds hung lower and lower forming a perfect line above them. Magic was stirring and the elements were converging. Artemus knew such a sign meant that the Hunters would notice too and as magic converged so did the elements. During the strongest of rituals and the most powerful of Witch gatherings the world seemed to react unbalanced or with such balance it seemed unnatural. Half of the sky was perfectly clear and a very thick line of clouds divided such clear beauty with looming darkness. It didn't take too long for them to reach the inn...Grievance Ridge, much less Grievance County was not all that big. Artemus pulled the bike to a halt and pulled off his helmet. He waited for Vari to hop off before getting off himself, "This is it...stay close and stay quiet." He said rather harshly to her. He was careful to let as little skin as possible touch her as he put an arm around her waist as they walked to his room on the second floor.

[End Scene]
{Variel and Artemus went to the Iron Horse Inn}

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As they drove Stefan looked out the windows and then it had occurred to him that he never shared his full name with her. "Did you call me Stefan Natter?" He asked trying to not sound too shocked by her words, but more or less he was rather curious as to how she knew. The pine trees slowly started mixing with willows and palms. It was rather beautiful. He had missed Grievance Ridge. He never understood why he came back here. his family was here and he hadn't encountered them in a full year, mainly because he avoided that part of town, but he still wondered how they were and if they were even here anymore. Seeing so much of the town he hadn't in awhile was resurfacing a lot of repressed memories. He recalled when he lost is virginity on a trail not far from the beach. So much he had forgotten here was slowly coming back to him, but that didn't stop the curious fact that she knew who he was.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Ah, Stefan. You forget who you're talking to. I had down time before our date, and I did a bit of research. I know a lot about you. Sorry, but I when I have the opportunity to I want to make sure I know what I'm walking into." Ciara shrugged, glancing off to the side at him. Finally she pulled up at the beach and turned the car off, sitting in silence for a moment. Then she grinned, looking over at him. "Well don't just sit there!" She said cheerfully, leaning across to kiss him lightly. She bounced happily from the car, stripping off the stolen shirt and pants and setting them in her seat. In bra and underwear she took off toward the water, just running right in without hesitation.

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Stefan missed that part about himself. Jumping into things without hesitation or question. He loved the kiss and he felt strange knowing she had done research on him. It made him question jsut how much she knew about him now. It must not have been too bad because she was still sticking aorund him. She probably wouldn't be if she read his personality test results. Stefan then got out of the car not ashamed to admit he was checking ehr out as she stripped and ran. He pulled his jacket off and then began to unbutton hsi shirt. Kicking his socks and shoes off he jerked down his pants in rather tight briefs made of fine red silk. He raced toward the waters after her lvoignn the sound of the ocean beating agianst the black sand. The clouds were divided in a fine line of clear sky and stormy sky and a red moon shined brightly rather suddenly on the both of them. It tented everything black and red and it was even mroe beautiful. He made it down to the water's edge and if it was warm or cold he didn't know he was a naturally cold so everytihng felt so much warmer to him. He waded in up to his bulge feeling the water on his fingertips. "Well, as creepy as this should be is it strange I am only finding beauty?" He said not really looking around anymore jsut staring intently at Ciara.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Some people can find beauty in almost anything. It's a rare gift, but a valuable one." Ciara smiled slowly, looking over at Stefan as she stood beside him, looking up at the moon. "I don't have it, but even I can see how beautiful everything here is." She sighed softly. It would be kind of sad to leave, she realized. The view in other places may be better, but it was never exactly the same. Stefan was sweet, and it was kind of nice to have someone actually know all the details. But at the same time... Vegas baby! She could be rich in an hour, she knew that. It was easy for her to clean them out. Of course she always blew most of the money right after, but it was just so much fun. It'd be kind of sad to leave but so much fun once she finally arrived at her destination. Still, she wasn't in Vegas now. Right now she was standing in the ocean with a hot guy. And that wasn't too bad either. She stepped a little closer to him, biting her lip softly as she looked up at him. "So what now, hot shot?" She teased, leaving it up to him to make the move.

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Stefan wasted no time in reaching out to hold her side and step in closer. His body was pressed against hers. One of his hands slid up her arm while the other held firmly to her hip. His hand then reached her neck his icy touch would have brought shivers to anyone as his hand her hip moved to the small of her back tracing lightly against her spine. Still keeping his eyes intently on hers he tilted his neck only slightly as his hand reached her jawline and his other pressed even tighter making sure she was as close as possible to him. His lips gently pressed against her and he pulled back only for a second staring between her beautiful lips and then her eyes. He kissed more passionately nodding his head just the slightest as his tongue worked against hers and his teeth lightly grazed her lips becoming more and more intense with each nod.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Ciara wasn't about to protest with the way this was going. It was just how she had guessed it would, and she was more than happy with it. Trusting him (and also knowing that his powers wouldn't work on her and she couldn't die anyway) she closed her eyes, leaning forward against him. She shivered lightly as a small chill slowly worked its way along her spine with his touch, pressed closer to Stefan. Slowly her hands slid up his chest to wrap around the back of his neck, her fingers lacing together and holding his head down against hers. When he pulled back she opened her eyes halfway to look back at him and meet his gaze, smiling slowly. When he kissed her again, however, she made a pleased almost purring sound, matching his intensity with ease.

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Stefan smirked mid kiss and giggled lightly..not a childish giggle a rather cute gigglee that a guy would make when kiss a hot check that he would never be able to imagine seeing hismelf with. He pulled back on last time his eyes closed..."You are so amazing...How did this even become possible for me?" He asked before kissing her again in a cute rather sensual way with light pecks. His body wasn't reacting in a physical way of being turned on, but it could be easily seen that he was showing some restraint as his dick could be felt thickening.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Laughing softly, Ciara shook her head. "You know, you said you were cursed for your vanity. I don't understand you. Arrogant half the time, and the other half you're like this. I mean it makes sense for me to do that with my characters, but you..." She smiled, looking up at him. "Not that I'm complaining. Keeps me on my toes." Her smile turned mischievous and she started backing toward the beach again, pulling him along with her. She sat down with just her legs in the water and pulled him down beside her before stretching out on her back, smirking at him playfully as she waited.

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Stefan smirked as he sat down next to her staring at the red moon then down at her. He began to realize slowly that pieces of hismelf were bouncing in and out like her characters. He was unsure if he was losing himself or regaining himself. After so long of being alone and afraid he may be coming back into his vanity. He smirked a seductively, "Guess I got you off your toes, huh?" He said noting that they were now sitting. He smirked wasting no time as he leaned into her abit kissing her deeply. He felt like it was lasting hours, but only seconds were passing by. He moved over her on his hands and knees as he kissed her intensely. He didn't want this to end ever. He felt like being immortal he coul dspend eternity with her like this. He pressed himself lightly against her grinding slightly as he kissed just to get some arousal out of ehr more so than himself. He wanted this moment to not only be his ahppiest, but one of hers too.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments It bothered Ciara how pleasant she felt now. She was used to excitement, enthusiasm, victory, things like that. But she always felt like she could do more, so she was never exactly content or satisfied. But she was at this moment. Everything was going as she had wanted and guessed, and there was no sign of that changing. She was completely content as she kissed him back, but that worried her. She shouldn't be this relaxed and accepting about it. But before she could get to concerned, she stopped herself. She'd leave tomorrow anyway, it would all be just fine. No worries. Why not be happy and content for now? She kissed him back intensely, her fingers tangling in his hair for a moment. She moaned softly against him, closing her eyes once again. Then she retrieved her fingers from her hair and reached behind herself to unhook her bra.

((Time skip?))

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Stefan couldn't explain the moment he was having with her. For a moment it seemed like it was no longer just about sex, but instead about making her happy to make himself happy. He was more and more turned on by the sounds she made as she swooned. Stefan felt his body entangle with hers in a way that he enver believed that he would ever be able to do with someone ebfore. Not only because of hsi death touch, but even before that. He slept around had a night of funa nd wild sex, but this was beyond that. He was in a moment of ecstasy that pushed him into another part of himself. He felt as though he wasn't having hot and rough sex, but gentle love-making. Stefan felt himself agianst her and whether it was hours or minutes it seemed as though it was perfect entirely. His body trembled on the inside for more, but he held back simply to be content with her soft moans and his own as he wrapped her lips and neck and body in light nibbles and soft kisses. It seemed like a form of magic that Witches could not create or manipulate. It was an entirely different form of magic that only he and Ciara had full peace and content with controlling. Once it had ended the moon was behind the trees past the ocean and no longer red, but a shimmering bluish white. As he laid beside of her his knees were angled just slightly cupping his body to hers perfectly it seemed. His right arm was wrapped around hers and his head was propped on his left hand as his right hand gently rubbed shapes on her sides and arm. "Thank you..." He said simply and kindly. It was probably one of the first times he ahd said it in a very long time since he was little. However, it didn't seem enough. He could only smile and hope that it was a clear enough message to say that he had a wonderful time and didn't want it to end ever. Her leaving didn't seem to cross his mind. He only wanted to be in her presence at this moment and in his mind this single moment was going to last for an eternity even if it wasn't it was going to for him every day of his life.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments It was rather perfect. This whole sex on the beach at night thing. At least it wasn't at sunset or sunrise, that would have been too disgustingly cheesy. But it was so perfect and Ciara was so happy, she instantly had to change that. She avoided romantic situations with anyone, let alone people she honestly liked. He spent so much attention on her she felt more like a queen than she ever had-- and that was remembering that she literally had been a queen of the original two tribes when her brothers had died. Granted, she had left, but still she had been officially a queen. But she had never felt as lavished on as she did tonight. She was already breaking her usual self code with having dates with him again, but she could live with that since she was probably the only human contact he would get. But what she could not live with was the romanticism of all this. It never ended well. "I have to fuck on the beach more." She decided aloud. But even verbally ruining the moment she couldn't quite make herself move from the really comfortable position. "I mean, I must admit, coming into this I expected to end up with sand in places that there most definitely should not be sand. But I'm good. I doubt I should put that bra back on or those panties, but I have others and I can wash those. Our dates should always end up here. Remember, unless you try and kill me or something, once a year." She promised, smiling slowly. "And you're welcome, darling. I have to give you your own thank in turn as well."

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Stefan smirked still gently rubbing her side and arm. "Oh believe me when I say that we both need to do this more often. It isn't like everyday I'm going to meet an immortal, much less someone who can live through my touch. Surprisingly, I feel rather sand free...must be the fact we are mostly in the water still." He then rolled onto his back crossing hsi arms under his head staring at the sky. Now all he could think about was not seeing her for another year. "Does it really have to be so long? I mean what if we aren't able to make it back here every year? I honestly am going to try my hand at thievery again maybe work up enough cash and go to the Greek isles...or even San Diego Beach in California. I really want to avoid large populated areas, but you make me feel like I can do it without fear. I mean from the sound of it I was as good as you were tonight...I felt more alive than I ever have." He thought for a moment about her leaving and him being immortal. "What if...Nevermind." He said plainly leaning up for a moment before resting back on his arms again. "I just wish I could find the one I'm meant ot be with...Maybe I could feel like that everytime I have sex instead of back when I would sleep around jsut to do it and have no emotion. I know this is making me sound like a girl right now, but you made me feel things that I don't fully know how to describe." He admitted and as he spoke he started to talk with his hands. "I know this sounds crazy, but finding out about Witches and trying to read up on my curse...I'm just beginning to wonder that even if their isn't a higher being maybe there is such thing as fate. What if we were meant to cross paths?" He asked more himself than her.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Ciara laughed, shaking her head. "When you become immortal you prefer no emotion. If you get attached to someone you'll have to see them die. Not just my curse either. You will outlive them, you'll have to watch them grow old and wither away while you're still young and beautiful." She propped herself up on her elbows. "I hate emotional sex. I mean at the time it's great, the best. But then you get attached to the other person. And with me, well, I don't even have the years with them. You'd better hope that fate didn't do this. Fate has it in for me, and it has every since that crazy bitch cursed me. I am not worth dying, and I can't handle yet another person dying because of me. So well, here's the deal. I like you. That is bad. Very bad. With my curse, like can ramp it up a notch far too quickly and I don't want you to die. So it's gotta be every year, Stefan. Anything else is too often and it wouldn't end well." She fell silent, running a hand through her tangled hair. She rolled over to face him, propping her head up on one hand. "Don't take it personally. Or do, up to you. I don't want someone else to die, and I definitely don't want you to be that someone. Dammit, that's a bad sign." She sighed irritably, shaking her head sharply. Absently she started drawing shapes in the sand, those little Valentine's Day arrows that have a heart as a point. Once she realized what she was doing, however, she hurriedly wiped it away with her hand.

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Stefan nodded in understanding at first, "Yeah...I guess so..." Then it went back to the immortality thing, "But what if...Given we are both immortal...what then? How can your curse affect me if at all? Really, you can't say that you felt nothing from this apart from pleasure. If you do then you are lying to me and yourself." His quick temper was starting to show. "You know what nevermind. I should have expected this much from someone like you. Play your games, play you queens and play your hearts. You are nothing but a fake and a character. The real you probably hasn't even existed since you were cursed. It's pointless even talking about it." He got up leaving his underwear behind and walking rather quickly back up to the vehicle, "I should have realized I was being played like a game. No wonder you were cursed. You can't love so why bother trying to avoid something that you never knew how to do in the first place." He said rather bluntly jerking his pants off of the hood of the car and shoving his leg in them.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Ciara wanted to correct him. She really did. She even started to, opening her mouth with a frown. But then she stopped. This was actually conveniently perfect. He hated her now, and she didn't have to worry about that bit of like she felt. Problem solved. It stung a bit for now, but she knew it would be better in the long run for both of them. So she shrugged as she gathered up her undergarments and strode to the car. "You're right. All this is is a character. The real me was forgotten a long time ago. But I can promise you I can love-" she started firmly, then stopped. Her curse went both ways. Whether she was the one who loved or the one who was loved, the person died. How could she say if it was her love or theirs that killed them? She didn't know their emotions. Hell, apparently she didn't even know her own. But she'd be damned before she showed a crack in her armor like that. Tossing her bra and panties into the trunk she swiftly pulled on a new one of each followed by a spaghetti tank top and fabric shorts. Right before slamming the hood shut, she pulled her purse from the back and pulled it over her head to lay across her body. But she had to complete the character he'd forced her into becoming for now. "Next time you fuck a girl-" she started, then laughed coldly as she stared up at him fearlessly. "Oh yeah. That's right. The touch thing. You won't be able to find anyone else that you're able to fuck. Have fun with that." She opened her car door, leaning against it. "Have a little something to remember me by." Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a deck of cards. Looking through briefly, she smirked as she pushed one of them against his chest. It was the queen of hearts. She walked her fingers up from it to his chin, pulling him down to kiss him for probably the last time ever. Then she released him, laughing.

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Salem was in complete shock holding the car to his chest and realizing it was jsut another one of her characters..."You see what I mean. You cna't feel...You are nothing but a cold hearted bitch! You put up these walls and hide behind your characters. Maybe your own curse will end if you actually come to find how having a heart feels. Playing games with cards is one thing, but palying with hearts is only something a cruel and heartless creature does. I can't even imagine you as being human. What made that witch so interested in you was how much like a marble statue you are. Cold, heartless, and nothing but more stone underneath to be chipped away. Nothing human baout you even exist. I don't even understand how you can try to live. I tried opening myself up and all I found was being better off never meeting someone that I could finally touch...Hell I would have been happy with being able to touch a fly over you!" He shoved his socks and shoes on and grabbed his shirt and coat before alking into the woods. The cloud line then burst in a wave and made everything darkened into shadows. Stefan walked on unable to see anything. He felt tears refusing to fall build up in his eyes. He felt nothing but hurt. He knew how she was fromthe beginning what made him so stupid to think that she would act differently toward him was his own stupidity.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "I don't know babe. You were pretty interested in me before." Ciara smirked. "And damn were you happy to touch me before. I give it two months before you wish I was back and you hadn't ruined any chance for a yearly date. Because you're never going to get to fuck anyone else. Immortals are incredibly rare, so good luck finding one." She made a mocking bow after him as she slid into her seat in the car, but of course, fate screwed her over. Again. Or maybe it was still instead of again, and had never stopped in the first place? Before she could even start the car Queen jumped out past her, the German Shepard puppy making a beeline for Stefan. She cursed like a sailor as she ran after the canine, finding her circling Stefan, giving him about a yard long radius. She made a lunge for the dog, but Queen scampered out of the way just in time and continued her enthusiastic circling. "My curse will never end, I know that. I know how it feels to have your heart ripped out of your chest, both literally and figuratively numerous times. So you don't get to lecture me on how having a heart feels. If I'm heartless it's for people's own good." She laughed, stepping forward to kiss him once again. Then she pulled back, smirking as she backed away again. "I'll tell you one thing though, and I promise I'm being completely honest. If you hurt that dog of mine I'll get to test exactly how immortal you are."

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Stefan glared at her completely, "I have no intention of hurting an innocent dog. However, if there was a moment that my touch could work on you...I would take it right now." He said stopping entirely. He still had the card in his hand and didn't look too keen on releasing it. The dog and made him nervous. He was fearful for it mroe than anything that if it touched him it could quiet possibly die or suffer a lot of trauma. "And how would you know what haivng your heart ripped out feels like? I'm sure you are old enough to say people married by having sex whether they wanted it or not. They had alot fo kids and the man always got what he wanted. No wonder you are so heartless and in such denial of your true self. I can see very plainly after jsut a few hours of knowing you that this is all a character. You are weak and vulnerbale on the inside and you couldn't take heart break half as well as feeling nothing at all. That's why you have so many characters. You say it is manipulation, but all I see is pain on the inside you are to ashamed to show. You know before when I was cursed I came to think that I was shallow for being so vain...Now I see who the shallow one is." His eyes were getting used to the dark only slightly now. "Go on...take your dog and let it see who the real people are as it keeps running from every character you make. The dog seems to be smarter than anyone else who has fallen into your web of lies. At least it knows I'm real. It is a shame to say that a bitch is doing better than you..." He shook his head and walked forward a moment making sure ot miss the rambunctious pup. He had no idea how to get back as it had been so long since he had even bothered exploring the town and everything had changed. Stefan wanted to turn aorund say he was sorry and beg for forgiveness, but deep down he truly began to wonder if that was what she expected. Al of those characters made it imposisble to tell which part of her in each of them was a real piece of Ciara and not some FBI agent, French homeless girl, Russian dominatrix, German independent, etc..

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Smirking, Ciara started to laugh. "Oh it burns you, doesn't it? That for once you were the one being used. That you'll never know if you're right or not. I hurt you so you're trying to hurt me in return. I see. Not very original, have to admit. Docking points for style, but 10 out of 10 for the drama with it, go you. You could go on Broadway." She whistled, and Queen happily ran right over, and a brief sincere smile flickered across Ciara's face as she bent over and picked her up. "Do you really think I would stay in one character long enough to settle down? And do you really think I'd let myself get pushed around?" She shook her head, laughing. The problem was that her physical skills weren't exactly the offensive type. Almost all of Ciara's physical skills were in the sexual type. So it wasn't always a case of letting herself be pushed around. It was a case of for once not being able to talk her way out of her trouble. "Literally heart ripped out? The Wiesensteig witch trials for one. You try a year of being tied up in a church dungeon, thought of as a demon, and being tortured increasingly personal and inventive ways and see how you like it. Figuratively? Oh darling where do I start! Savara rescued me from that damned basement and died in my arms. Alex said he loved me, but as he was dying said he really didn't. I used to have brothers. Seven of them, actually. And I had to watch Arian, Davon, Flynn, Haden, Hendrix, Malaki, Zaire and my mother all die because of me. So maybe I am in pain all the time inside. Or maybe I'm heartless. Take a gamble. Of course it's all characters. We've been over this. But it's up to you to decide which have a basis in reality." She taunted, walking backwards away from him. Then she turns around and strode back toward the car.

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Stefan was hurt and he didn't and couldn't want to full admit that he had been broken down by her in just a matter of twenty four hours. As he walked on he began to wonder if she was pushing it because she didn't want to get hurt in the end. He began to consider that she hurt him because she was afraid of the same happening to her in return, but she played so well that she didn't care Stefan began to ponder if she truly was heartless. She could still be alive and someone rip her heart out literally making her emotional heart toward mean simply fade entirely. So many thoughts ran through his mind as he walked he didn't realize he had walked completely off the trail and up toward the cliffs he just walked. He stopped nearly a hundred feet fromt he cliffs and fell to his knees hitting his fist agaisnt a tree hard as he came to realize that everything was becauseof him. He was stupid and stubborn and he pushed her away and made her turn into abitch because he accused her of being one. She wasn't...in fact she was the only person in this world he wanted to be with and she pushed him away just out of retaliation toward him pushing her away. No matter who was at fault he began to think that she wasn't heartless and he was simply selfish.

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