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I love Harry Potter

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Josephine OMG, did anyone else become totally obsessed with Harry Potter after reading it? My friends and I went totally nuts about Harry Potter after reading it last year. Then, my mom's friend's daughter, Ella, read the series,and had a Harry Potter themed birthday party. It was so awesome. My favorite book is the fifth one, but I've read the fourth book a ton of times, too, and it's really good. I wish Hogwarts were real, and I were a witch. That would be so awesome. I think I'm most like Hermione. Sorry if I'm going on and on, I just got an account, and I really want to get the characters down to just nine thousand and something, so I'm going to keep trying to make conversation until that happens. Okay, I give up. Please join my discussion! :)

Josephine Seriously, I would love to have an actual discussion with someone who is actually nice for a change this weekend, besides my family. But, I'm super cautious, so let's keep this discussion about Harry Potter.

Will I am rereading the series again.I just finished the 3rd book (for like the 7th time). The first time I read it was prior to the film. At the time I definitely had a different picture of what Lupin, Snape and Black all looked like. I hated the movie because I thought it was nothing at all like the book, but reading it now, after so long from the first reading it, I envision the characters more like the movie. I also don't even remember why I thought they butchered the movie anymore.
Have you gone to pottermore?

Josephine No, I haven't. A lot of my friends have Pottermore accounts, but I still need to ask permission. I'm old enough to have a goodreads account, but I'm still not old enough to judge websites for myself. Hey, which one is your favorite? Most of my friends like the third one best, but I prefer the fifth, or the seventh, because they are the only ones I don't have, therefore, I don't get to read them as often.

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