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Private Reservation Only Section: (Witch only)

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Ash walked into the club. He was close to giving up on his search for Damien Devereux. He had no clue as to why he had no power. In his bloodline Witches was all that existed. His only real friend in town was Florie. But it was strange knowing a hunter and being friends with her. She killed Witches and she knew his life's story, but that didn't push her to kill him. Why, he could only conclude to be due to the fact that he had no powers. Now he needed a drink and needed to relax. this was the only club in town that he could presume to hold the lifestyle he had yet to experience in this world. He normally kept to his lifestyle as someone from the early foundings of America. He couldn't explain how he knew everything from birth up, but he enjoyed the old life and stuck to it.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments It wasn't that she liked her job. Well, Reyna pretty much despised it. But every once in a while she would hear something helpful, so she did need this job. And she had always been good at it, unfortunately. Carrying her tray, she whirled past the door and the guy just walking in, moving for the small collection of couches in the VIP area. Gathering up her best sincere smile, she was ready once she hit the group of young witches. The instant one of them winked at her, however, she shifted slightly, and the chain around her neck containing her now-dead husband's wedding band swung forward obviously, and they backed off. The drinks dropped off, she gathered up her tray and moved off again toward the bar and kitchen to collect more things to bring out. It was very tedious, but she was always listening and watching. And so far it had been worth it.

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Ash wasn't paying attention at all when he bumped into a waitress serving drinks to a VIP section. He presumed it was for Witches given words appeared once he stared more fully at the sign hung on the velvet rope in front of the entrance.

Ash figured it was spelled to only be revealed to Witches mortals would simply see V.I.P. He picked up the girls tray with his charming smile, "Sorry, are you alright. I was not paying attention to where I was going." Ash said frowning...He handed her tray back to her..."Do take consideration to forgive me." He never was able to catch onto any centuries slang. Even if he was a child in the old years of Salem, Ma he could never loose the talk.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Reyna looked over, jumping backwards to try and avoid the only half empty glass tumbling to the floor. She was quick enough to be able to stay dry and unstained, and she accepted the tray from him. "Thank-" she started, then she saw his face. She blinked a few times, frozen for a moment. Automatically she reached forward to take the tray back, taking a deep breath. And once again that practiced smile slid on. "Oh, no worries. It was really my fault. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. Come here, I'll get you a drink to make up for it." She offered, hooking the tray under one arm and hooking her arm through his with feigned cheerfulness. He was cute enough, she supposed reluctantly, so she doubted that this would be new to him. Which could only be better for her to keep him at ease until she could take advantage of it.

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Ash smiled is charming smile, "Thank you, Miss...?" He had yet to hear her name and it felt rude of him to not introduce himself. "My name is Andrew Zayn Asher Redd...I go by Ash. What might I be allowed to call you?" He felt a bit off as she took him by his arm. It was a gentleman's job to lead a lady, but she seemed to be leading him. "I am not entirely new here, but I am not from a round here...Are the women accustomed to taking charge so quickly?" Ash knew how to drive acar, but that didn't make it any easier to catch up with the times. They changed far to quickly for him and he prefered the old ways to the new ones.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "I can't say for anyone else, but... I'm me. I've never been afraid to say what's on my mind." Reyna shrugged, turning her head over to look at him as she pulled him forward and off to the side. Almost no one went into the storage room during business hours, so it was a pretty good place for the violence she had planned. "Oh, me?" She laughed slightly as she used her foot to push open the door. "My name is Reyna. Reyna Alvar Stark. I think you knew my husband? His name was Viktor Stark. Nice man. I mean, maybe he made some bad decisions, but he was a good person. He never deserved to die." She said conversationally, then stopped. The door swung closed behind them, and she raised an eyebrow at him. "And he certainly didn't deserve to be killed, Mr Andrew Zayn Asher Redd." She snapped flatly, eyes narrowing.

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Ash looked a bit confused for a moment, but during hsi tiem working with Wraiths he often was pinned for murders becuase he could never be caught or put in record under the same identity. He knew very well that the Wraith's still used his name as a fall back. He would never get caught or so they thought. He thought once he left the Wraith Mafia he ahd left it for good, but here it was coming back to him now. He didn't kill the guy personally and he was threatened with death if he told anyone about it. It was rather gruesome how it all happened. "Ma'am...I do not think you understand. It has been a long time since I was fully associated with the Wraith Mafia. Your husbands death is not on my hands. I killed Witches. But I never did it without a cause. If they lived unruly lives and irresponsible I made a point to kill them. I did not kill your husband. I witnessed the crime and I was sorry to have done so. It was unjust. I assure you it was not me intention to see such a man die so cruelly." He knew there would be no shifting the woman's mind, but he could at least try. He truly felt what he said and it bothered him to see people die in such ways. Viktor was hired by the Wraith Mafia so he could take care of his family. Once they came top realize he wouldn't be able to pay Ash was sent to collect while at the same time Viktor had a new target. The target was a wealthy guy who was using his money to sell information about Witches to hunters. He fought back against Viktor and Ash had to see the whole thing. When he reported back to the Wraith Mafia they then contacted the guy who was supposed to be assassinated offering him protection. He unwittingly accepted the offer without question and the Wraith Mafia began hunting Viktor. He presumed Reyna was the one he claimed to be his beloved. Ash knew Viktor's situation and offered a sum of money to hide from the very people who hired him. Unfortunately, Ash didn't get to Viktor in time. He was waiting for Reyna to come home and when Ash left the Mafia must have come in. Ash was sent back as a witness due to his connection that Reyna was blind of between him and Viktor. He may have killed, but he killed for good reasons and so did Ash. Viktor was simply a target for profit. The memory resurfacing began to hurt. "You are correct, Reyna Stark. He didn't deserve to be killed. I thought when I left he would be safe and you would be too. I understand your emotions, but please don't take this out on me. I'm not the killer." Ash knew Viktor's story very well and it seemed even more right for him to come to Grievance Ridge. Ash not only sought Damien, but also answers about Viktor and his wife...now he saw just how horrible it all had become for her. He knew the Wraith Mafia had lost a lot of members, but he never believed it would be because of one Witch still on the run hiding in plain sight in her home town.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Ooh, you witnessed it did you?" Reyna mused mockingly, her eyes narrowing. Her eyes flashed red with fire, and it slowly started winding its way up her arms. But that wasn't the most dangerous thing about Reyna. Oh she could physically harm you, but she could make it worse than that. Pain manipulation wasn't a power most even thought of, but Reyna was good at it. When it came to what had happened to Viktor she was completely ruthless about her vengeance. She had never been a soft or fuzzy person, but since his death she had been completely icy. She'd gone from introspective and not overly friendly to vicious and almost cruel to those that had harmed her or Viktor. She glared at him, lifting her head.
"So. You witnessed it, did you? And did you do anything about it? No? He is still dead. And he still didn't deserve that. You didn't do anything to save him. You watched him die, all that pain, and you did nothing." She hissed. "Lets see if you can handle all that pain he had to because you didn't help him." Stepping backward, she clenched her fist. It had become easier to do the pain thing, and now all it took was a gesture and intent.

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Ash felt like fire was burning him form the inside out. Flames inside of his veins. His veins pulsed against his flesh as they became clearly visible in his neck and arms. It was like electrocution. He gritted his teeth and fell to his knees as his muscles spasmed in pain. He was shaking stiffened entriely as he fell over looking as though he was being shocked to death. He managed a few words, "Please...stop....He said you can...see....memories...." Ash had an acquired pain tolerance any normal Witch suffering what he was now wouldn't have even managed words. "You can't kill me....It won't work..." He may be a Witch, but this girl probably thought him a mortal and simply knew his name by her research. "Please..." He managed his last plea before the pain became so horrible he fell unconscious. He wasn't going to let her get in trouble because of what she was ding. She had the right to seek vengeance and if he screamed she would be killed by the Witches who were here. As everything blacked out in hsi vision he still felt the pain. It was like suffering a thousand deaths without dying. Ash was lost to death and he knew she would only torture him for as long as she could. He would let her. He had no powers to stop her and all she had was time to make him suffer. It would be years before he would even come close to death maybe even centuries longer. Ash was going to be dying forever without Death coming to embrace him. He had not planned for this at all and now he was going to die. He reached out at last forcing hismelf awake and grabbed her ankle tightly unable to control how tight with such adrenaline and pain coursing throughh his body. The charm placed upon the iron necklace was able to extend to those very close to him and especially so to those he touched. The weaknesses that Iron held over witches was extended to Reyna now. Forcing the power to hault. He caught his breath coughing as though he had been drowning. His gut burned like a hundred knife wounds and gun shots filled it. His arms felt weak yet strong due to adrenaline. "Please...let me explain...look into my memories. I had no choice. I was jsut as much a victim as he was. We were both apart of it for the same reasons." He said finally no longer bale to hold himself conscious as his hand fell form her ankle and darkness engulfed him like an old friend.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Reyna made a tsking sound as she looked down at him, shaking her head. "Oh, no screams. Pity. The screams are the best part. He screamed, you know. My Viktor? Oh did he scream. I want you to imagine that, getting home just in time to hear your husband's screaming pleads for his life. But remember, you didn't get there in time to do anything. And not in time to be there for him when he died." She walked around him in a circle, looking down at him. "I do like it when you beg, though." She mused maliciously. She stopped and kneeled down beside his head, eyes narrowing as she looked down at him. "You're missing the point, Andrew Zayn Asher Redd. I don't care if I can't kill you. That just gives me more chance to hear you scream. And if I can't have that? Well, I'll settle for your delightful begging." She smiled as she stood, standing over him. Very deliberately, she placed one stiletto heel on his chest, leaning over to stare down at him. With only a very slight shift of weight she forced the heel to dig into his skin, though not enough to draw blood yet.
The problem with Reyna was that she was entirely focussed on her vengeance. She was not a judge or jury. It was already made up in her mind that he was guilty, and he would pay for it. It would take more than this for her to change her mind enough for her to look to the memories. She waited patiently for him to wake up, keeping her heel pressed down and idly examining her nails as she considered. If she wanted to she could make the pain more specific. If she wanted, she could make someone go through the pain of a bullet to the brain, or she could just do general pain. Now, what was the best way to make Ash pain...

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Ash woke up to the sound of rave music still in his ears. Sweat was dripping formthe Immortals forehead and his body still ached. The pain of a heel in his chest was only icing on the cake. He was looking up at the one of the only persons in the world who seemed to even care that he existed or even knew for that matter. Ash was in a hard spot and there was no fighting a Witch. He couldn't manage words jsut yet. He was sitll in shock. His mission here was perfectly innocent. Now he was caught in the middle of something that already has haunted him for quite some time. He was unable to keep a man from dying and was now to suffer for such a thing. When Ash hismelf would have been killed with him without a second thought had he not been cursed with Immortality. He was sure that the Wraith's were looking itno how to kill him anyway and it made him question if they would have been able to at the time. "Reyna....Please...I deserve this becuase I could not help Viktor....I deserve all the pain of Hell. I'm sorry. I know an apology is never enough for such horrors that you were put through. You were to have his child one day. Even after the miscarriage. Viktor was gifted. He would have made it possible for you to become with child and your idea family was lost to crimes that he was being paid to do. It was the same people who hired him that sought to kill him. There were no three parties. They were plotting against us both. I tried to help him. I am sorry I tried to help you both. Please look into my mind. I have centuries of memories and he is very distinguished among them." He pleaded, but there would be no use. What was she going to do but cause great horrible amounts of pain for him. He would have to let her anyway and he would do so willingly. Then a knock on the door came to Ash's ears, "Reyna? You in there?" It was the risk of Viktor's avenger being caught that he did not scream for help. Her cause was just.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Oh good. You're awake. Because you're damn right your deserve this. You're sorry, are you? Well tell me something. Does sorry bring him back? I don't think it does, because you have apologized a couple times and I am still a widow. Why the hell are you apologizing anyway? I doubt you care." Reyna snarled at him, then looked up at the sound at the door.
Eyes narrowing, she had to make a decision quickly. As the person at the door knew her, it was a safe bet that he didn't have anything to do with Viktor, because she would have killed him. She moved her foot from his chest with an almost hiss of frustration, leaning over to haul him up to his feet. "You say anything about the Viktor situation, and... Well, my plans for you are bad enough. You can't imagine what I already have planned. You don't want me to double it I'm sure." She smiled wickedly. "And if threats aren't enough, than how about for positive motivation, I'll see the dammed memory of you don't tell. If you do, I'll have to kill whoever that is and I really don't want to kill anyone who doesn't have to die for what they've done."
She dusted off her shoe print from his chest and stepped among the shelves of supplies. "I'm just getting a new crate of some new stuff to bring out." She called back.

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Ash understood fully that Reyna was showing mercy for the first time in a very long time. He understood that it only occurred due to an interruption. He was quick to answer, "Thank you...not for stopping, but for listening. You have my word if ti counts for anything." He frowned for a moment as the door began to be unlocked. He stepped back to where he couldn't be seen behind the door. "Are you alright? I could have worn I heard somebody else in here." The man said with a frown. "You need any help?" He didn't come all the way in, but he seemed oblivious of the darkness burning within Reyna. "Crazy how this crowd built up so quick out here. The bar is packed and a line is starting to form. I hope you are handling the VIP section alright enough by yourself. I haven't seen it this full since, well since that club called the Coven gathered last year for some solstice celebration. We have New York state tags in the parking lot. People must be really serious about this club stuff to be meeting every year like this. I mean we never have a business spike like this. so much for the quite town, huh?" It was nearing the Summer Solstice and that meant families of Witches would be gathering for a large hosted event. Ash was curious about the goings on of Coven activity and it compelled him to unlock his powers if they existed at all. A Witch gathering like this meant that only high class hierarchy members got the VIP section. It felt off, but it seemed that evne a Coven stuck inthe laws of the old world still held some form of connection to their roots. In ancient times Witches would travel form all the corners of the world to particular sites where magic can be held strongest ina group on such events as this and would remain for at least a month before leaving. If they came during the Spring Equinox they were not seen again until the Winter Solstice, but if they came during the Autumn Equinox they weren't after the next year during the Summer Solstice. That meant by next year they would gather for Spring.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Someone else...? Oh, no. I mean, I am taking advantage of getting it to have a bit of a breather and listen to a song I wanted to-" Reyna tapped her phone in her pocket, "And now I have to convince myself to go back to work." She laughed lightly. She had been acting for a long time, keeping up the facade of normalcy basically ever since Viktor had died. It was easy for her to slip into that average waitress persona again. She rested her elbow against the wire racks, leaning against it as she studied the guy who walked in. "Nah, it's ok. It's not too much, I can get it." She waved a hand dismissively, smiling slightly. "Hey, I'm not going to say no. More people, more money for my paycheck, more tips for me. Besides, it's not my business why they're here. But I guess since this solstice thing is only a couple times a year, well, might as well travel for it. It's not like an every month thing, you know?" She shrugged cheerfully as she studied him, then turned to the shelf. She quickly spotted a nearby case. She knew they were pretty much always out of that, so she sighed and picked it up. "Well, unfortunately I should probably head out and back to work." She said reluctantly, scrunching up her nose in distaste.

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The guy nodded and turned walking away not bothering to hold the door for her as a bit of ruckus broke out from near the bar. Some drunk mortals were getting into it as always. Witches were lucky to have to drink a lot to get drunk given their perfections. IT meant fewer than one would think would reveal themselves for a good ole fashioned drunken brawl. Ash looked almost shocked at how quickly and easily she recomposed herself into the person that the mortals knew so well. As the door closed he frowned, "Such a gentleman that one is." Ash said, a bit cold, hating how men had become so lazy toward women. A gentleman of English blood was to hold doors open and carry the weight for women. Be comforters, protectors, and companions. Ash was left to consider if he should run or thank her for sparing him. "Will you see my memories now? Or shall I await your arrival outside once you have finished your nightly occupation, Miss Reyna Stark?" He took some pride in being a gentleman of the old world.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Oh yes, you're such a gentleman yourself, murdering people in your spare time, or just turning the other cheek and ignoring it when someone is being killed." Reyna said sarcastically, setting the case back down. She dug in her pocket for a moment and pulled out a packet of cigarettes, pulling one out. With a snap of the fingers, a small flame appearing above her fingers that she used to light the cigarette. She took a brief drag, laughing as she blew smoke out. "Besides, Andrew, I am not exactly a lady." She smirked slightly, shaking her head. Lowering her hand back to her side, the small flame went out as quick as it had come and she took another pull from the cigarette. "Well." She blew the smoke into his face. "Might as well get this show over with. I'm not stupid enough to expect you wait for me to get done with my shift. You're probably considering running now. You wouldn't wait for me." She said very matter of factly. She couldn't really blame him for wanting to run. Reyna had nice, fun plans for someone who couldn't die. Well, fun for her. But assuming he wanted to run didn't exactly help her believe his story. "Think on the memory you want me to see. Otherwise I'll have to go rooting through your mind for it, and firstly I doubt you want me to see everything of your life, and secondly..." She smirked slightly. "I could do some damage up in that mind of yours if I wanted to." She grinned, closing her eyes and concentrating on him. "Well go ahead. You think it up to the forefront of your mind, I'll see it now."

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Ash frowned, "I would wait, just for the record. I have no desire to run from any fate set before me. Even if the Fates themselves did not ordain it so." Ash closed his eyes focusing on that fateful night. It was night time and raining a rather cold rain, but the moon was still making it's debut through the clouds. All Ash was wearing was suit pants and a long black trench coat. The rain was beading off of his bare chest and his cheeks. He buzzed into Viktor's place. Looking around for extra precaution he didn't see anyone visible. Nothing suspicious just yet, but Witches had their ways of moving unseen. Viktor's voice called out on the other end of the buzzer. "Who is it?" "It's me, Ash...I've come to help." The door opened and Ash raced upstairs skipping the elevator. Once he reached the fifth floor apartment he walked in as it was unlocked. Viktor was sitting nervously near the window. "I came to help you and your lover. I can't see anymore innocents die for crimes that they were brought into. You know I'm in the same position, but I can help myself. You are the target and are in grave danger. They are coming for you, Viktor and if you don't get out now you may not be able to at all." Ash reached into his pocket pulling out an envelope. "Here, passports and plane tickets with a sufficient amount of cash to get you anywhere you want. Use my name if you have any troubles ever. Get out of here as quickly as possible. They do not know I came to see you. So I need you to be quick. do not worry about grabbing anything. Go pick up your lover and get out of here. I cannot see you of all people fall prey to the Wraith Mafia. Once you have left they will start suspecting me and we both know how it ends if they even suspect anyone of anything." Viktor nodded looking extremely shocked and grateful for ash's kindness. "Come with us. If we both leave we will have a chance to escape any dark fate that will come to either of us. Reyna is a wonderful woman and a great cook. She will be able to keep illusions on all of us. The Coven is still hunting us down, but they don't know we are here. You will be safer with us, Ash. I know you have survived for so long, but we both have gotten into a mess that isn't meant for us. Bring your son and we can leave for good." Ash shook his head, "I cannot, Viktor. I still have questions needing answers here. The Mafia is relentless. At least with me around I can get them off of your trail. I can buy you some time, but don't rely on me. You need to get somewhere far away. They only have American connections. Anyone else is hunting for them." Ash turned back to the door. "Please be safe, Viktor. Maybe we can both ahve our dreams come true of a family far from dangers." Viktor gave a nod and accepted that Ash would not be able to join them. He looked into the envelope and saw the passports and at least a hundred thousand dollars in large rolls and checks. "Thank you...If I don't make it, Ash. I hope you can still meet my wife one day. I want her to know how great of a man you are. You don't need magic to do great things." Ash smiled, "I only look out for the innocents. You are innocent." Ash quickly left the door closing behind him. Once he reached the wet streets a dark fog set in an unnatural fog. He knew they had come. Once they appeared Ash stood at the door, "I checked his apartment...He had already given us the slip. Someone tipped him off." Ash was holding in the buzzer button so Viktor could hear them. "Personally with the things we are going to do to him and his girl I don't blame the guy for running. I bet he took the bridge to skip the state. No one can catch a plane at this hour." The mafia men looked at him realizing it made sense. "Send a group of five tot he air port jsut in case Viktor isn't that smart. I want a police road block on all city exits. Ash you and these six men are coming with me." The men scattered and the guy whow as tlaking pushed Ash through the door making him lead the way. "I want this place stripped he could be hiding." Ash walked them upstairs as cautiously as possible. He wanted to keep things slow. Once they reached the door ten minutes later they busted in. It didn't take long for them to drag Viktor out of a closet. Ash frowned, "Why can't you let this one go? He has been one of us. He hasn't offended any of us and since when do you take orders from a guy who you were hired to kill yourselves?" The guys paid Ash no mind. Viktor fought back as wind swirled through the apartment mixing with shaking ground, flames, water...and bright light. The palce was flaling apart. Ash took a pipe formthe wall in allthe chaos and managed to knock one of them hard in the head before another saw and pinned him down. Viktor was then held tight by iron. "Okay boys we are going to do this one the old fashioned way. With fist and guns seems to do the trick. Hold him fast." Viktor was punched hard a number of times. Ash was forced to watch with his hands cuffed and a foot to his face. What could he do? It didn't take long before the guy starting packing magic in each punch forcing maximum damage to his rubs and face. Then Vitor managed to cough up blood. Ash frowned wanting help him. "Stop!!! Please!!!" He begged. Then they smirked..."Did Ash help you Viktor? Did Ash warn you we were coming?" Ash screamed out, "Yes..I helped him. Kill me instead. I betrayed you!" The Wraith's laughed. "After so many years of living we know better than to think you were attached to anyone." Viktor shook hsi head still coughing up blood. "I was planning on leaving on my own. Ash came searching for me and I wiped his mind of ever seeing me. He doesn't know what he did. I spelled him to tell me." "Leaving without saying goodbye...manners manners, Viktor." He was punched one last time and a drop of poison was dripped down hsi throat as his veins became visible all turning black. "Let's go...Ash you can be redeemed by the boss." Ash was dragged out still cuffed. The mafia left and Ash was unable to do anything. Viktor claimed him innocent and spelled.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments It was odd to see her husband from someone else's point of view. Almost the entire time Reyna had known Viktor, they'd been together. And now she saw him from the point of view as someone just friends, if even that. Her body remained still as she watched the memory, the cigarette in her hand slowly burning down. It wasn't often she was wrong, and it was even more infrequent that she admitted it. But she knew now that she had been wrong, no matter how much it grated on her to be. She probably owed him an apology, but apologies... That was something she was not very good at. She never really had been. But now she had started to torture this guy, apparently wrongly. How do you even begin to apologize for that? This person, that angry, vengeful one... that was the real Reyna. It was just who she was at her very core. But it wasn't all that was there, it was just one facet of her. And when she saw her husband's torture begin in the memory she sank to the ground on her knees. She trembled slightly as she forced herself to finish out the memory. Watching how he died would only help her gain fabulous ideas for the torture and death she would continue to bring to those that had killed him. Silently she started to cry, her shoulders trembling. The cigarette slipped from her fingers, falling into her lap, but with her fire abilities even though it still smoldered it didn't burn her. At last when it finished she spoke, her voice cracking. "I loved him. Oh, did I love my Viktor, but he was not innocent. I can accept that. I know that. My husband was many things, but I know he wasn't innocent. He did kill people." She paused for a long moment. "But he wasn't a bad person. He saved my life, you know. Twice. The first time I ever met him, and then later, when all he wanted to do was pick me up for a movie and instead ended up taking me away from everything bad I had in my life at the time." She laughed through her tears, her face in her hands. Another moment passed before she spoke again, still crying and voice still shaky but audible. "You said you of all people. What did you mean by that?"

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Ash looked shocked at how her entire appearance faltered into something not brutish and confident, but soft and emotional. Once she fell to her knees he didn't know what to do. he felt her inside of his mind in a way that he could not explain. She was the first with memory manipulation he had encountered and allowed inside his mind. "Viktor I knew was not innocent of vices as all men hold their own vices. His held good explanation. There have been many who have fallen prey to the Wraith's that we worked for. Innocents like him, but none who had hearts like his. Every action he did he did it with thinking fully how many he was saving. With one death thousands are prevented. Viktor of all people could not suffer a fate he did not deserve. As I said if you still feel I am worthy of punishment because I could do nothing to save him so be it. At least then it will not haunt me anymore." Ash may have appeared rather young, but he spoke from another time long before what he appeared to have aged. "Viktor was a friend and a trusted one at that. I tried to sacrifice myself in his stead, but he wouldn't allow it. It was that sort of heart that I saw in him when I met him. He tried so hard to keep you out of his work, but he trusted me and I wanted him to feel he had someone to confide in. He used to talk about his dreams of having a home full of kids far from the complications of society. A home with you and yours' kids. I knew he loved you enough to be the one for him and I wanted to help with that. I'm sorry I failed." Ash slunked his head forward and held out hsi wrist. "I will not run and I will not fight you. Take me now. Tell them you have gotten sick and need to leave early. I will come quitely for whatever punishments you have for me to endure."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Slowly Reyna rose to her feet, picking up the cigarette with her as she did. She took a long breath from it to steady herself, using it as an anchor for herself. Smoking was something nice and normal that calmed her. She let out a long, slow breath, smoke drifting up around her. "No." she said at last, slowly shaking her head. "Viktor did bad things, but he was a good person. Same with you. He... You tried. You failed, but you tried to help him. I'm not saying my vengeance thing is exactly ethical, or that Viktor would be proud of me for it, but I do have my morals. I have my line in the sand that I do not cross, and do punish you would be to take a giant step over that line." she looked over at him, just seeming tired and almost resigned. "I have no quarrel with you. I suppose I even owe you something, both for what you did for him and for what I did for you. So you can call in two large favors from me, and some smaller assistance. I owe you and Viktor that much. Go home, Andrew Zayn Asher Redd. Or stay and do whatever it is that was your purpose in coming here." she said firmly, wiping the tears from her face. She collected herself again, her spine stiffening once again, though that tired look didn't quite leave and for the time being the anger always simmering under the surface, though always extremely subtle, wasn't visible even to someone who knew it was there. 

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Ash frowned with a nod, "Thank you, Reyna Stark for your mercy and kindness. I only ask of you one favor then I will offer my own aid to your cause. I am looking for Damien Devereux. He is said to be the High Priest of the Grievance Ridge Coven. I seek Damien Devereux out for guidance. You see I too am supposed to be a Witch. There is rarity in Witches giving birth to Mortals, but it is unheard of for a powerful High Priestess as my mother, Ann Foster, to give birth to such a being. I know that some how my powers have been suppressed and I seek him out for knowledge." Ash took in a deep solid breath, "If you have any information on him I will be extremely grateful. I also offer my allegiance to your cause and wish to aid you in seeking out the men who murdered your husband and my friend. If you will have me." He was uneasy still trying to determine her emotions, but it set him even further on edge as he spoke. He questioned if she was even apart of the Coven here. Viktor once spoke of a Coven they were running form for his crimes and they considered her an accomplice to a criminal. Viktor was labelled a wraith and they believed ehr to be one as well. He didn't want to endanger her life anymore than what it already was by having her seek out a coven member.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Damien? He comes around here sometimes. If you want him to like you, just convince his familiar to. She's a bit softer and he trusts her judgement. He owns the Lounge across town, Variel's the manager. They'll show up there eventually. But if all your after is that? I'd go to Kali, the Seer. She's definitely easier to get along with and willing to help. But no powers... That's a bit odd." Reyna bit her lip lightly in thought, studying him. She remembered how he'd cut off her power earlier, and she looked around his arm. Finding no bracelet, she studied the necklace. Thinking it was cursed or something she lifted it to examine it, only to curse and drop it again back against him. "Why the hell would you have an iron necklace? There is no reason!" she snapped, examining her fingers. They looked almost burned, but it was fading rapidly even as she watched. Any normal witch would still be in considerable pain, but someone who controlled pain excellently, such as Reyna, was perfectly fine. She studied him for a long moment before nodding to herself. "If you truly wish to help I won't say no to a assistance." she was quiet for a moment before, through gritted teeth, she forced out more words. "I may have misjudged you. For that I apologize, and for the pain I caused with my misjudgment." she finally forced out. Obviously it was nowhere near easy for her to admit that. 

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Ash held his necklace in his grip as she cursed aloud. "I'm sorry...Are you allergic? I have had this necklace since..well for as long as I can remember. It was said to be a gift form my mother blessed with protection over me. Even as an Immortal she feared my spells undoing. However, she must not have foreseen the events that unfolded neglecting me of my elixir that will sustain my immortality. I have been aging and I haven't had the blood needed to keep myself young. I am sure in a few more centuries I will be in appearance to a man in his thirties or forties. However, I have not gone this long without blood since the thirties." He said plainly. "As for your apology I accept it. Thank you. I was also informed that I am not to trust anyone of the Coven except Damien Devereux. The orders were very specific. I will not linger from them too far. With you I have condolences to amend, but with a Seer I cannot permit myself to visit." He informed her. His mind was rushing. Why did the Iron hurt her so quickly. Even one who was allergic would not feel the entire effects of such a thing for a few moments. It seemed almost instantaneous upon her.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Reyna stared at him for a moment. "Good god. You are batshit crazy. That's iron." She waited a moment to see if that would have some effect. Given that it didn't, she made an angry growling noise before starting to explain. "Iron is poison to witches. It's our weakness. It can cause injuries, effect our powers negatively. That damned necklace of yours isn't protection. It's preventing your powers from being used." She shook her head, rolling her eyes. How could someone with a witch family not know that? She shook her head as she moved back to the crate, easily putting the cigarette out against her leg without any pain or burns, tossing the now completely cool cigarette in the trash can. "Well I have an actual job. Find a spot out there to wait out and when I have free time I'll swing by to chat."

"Why did we come here instead of your lounge?" Variel asked Damien curiously as she stepped from the car, closing the door behind her and walking around it to wait outside his door for him. "It's cheaper. And this place is noisy." She pouted cheerfully.

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Ash nodded, "Um, right...well I guess if I were a Witch it would effect me negatively. I guess you answered that for me. I came all this way for nothing then. As far as my family goes...I was born in the 1600's I don't remember much about them and what I know about WItches is only a recent discovery for me. I have known about them all my life, but knowledge in depth about the way things work for Witches is all but unknown." He explained before nodding and walking out of the door. He stood holding it open for her to walk out too as he moved to a booth close to the VIP section and sat quietly...not that quiet mattered in such a loud place with drunkards and whoremongers. He waited for a waitress to come by and ordered a water. He had never drank alcohol a day in his life.

Damien smiled, "All the more noise the better while I'm grinding up agianst you onthat dancefloor getting you turned on." He jked taking ehr hand as theyw alked up tothe bouncer outside and he let them in Damien was wearing a white button top and black slacks. He had sunglasses on and a suit jacket slung over his shoulder. "Come on baby...I want you to enjoy yourself." He siad wlaking her in to the bar where he ordered a few shots and then turned to her. "What are having?" He asked with a smile. Salem isn't aorund so you don't have to play like you hate drinking."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Well even if your answer didn't come from who you expected, at least you still got your answers." Reyna shrugged with a tiny smile, breezing through the door he held open holding the crate. She moved off to drop the crate off, completely ignoring the boss that was yelling at her for taking so long. But after a moment it got annoying so she blinked once. Instantly he frowned and rubbed his forehead as he got a random, unexpected migraine. It wouldn't last long, but enough for him to get off Reyna's back. She took advantage of the distraction to pick up a tray and move off again, arriving at a table to drop the drinks off. That smile was back on her face, the one that could pass as completely sincere, but that in no way was. She swung by Ash's table, chucking slightly. "Oh I love irony. Your boy Damien just came in. White top, black slacks, sunglasses, holding a jacket. He's with the familiar I told you about. She's the one with the dark brown hair and the sleeveless and short red dress beside him. Also, the really nice black heels." She mused before moving off again to take another order.

"Oh I never said I hate drinking. I told you, and I believe I also did tell Salem. I don't hate it, I enjoy it too much." Variel shrugged. "But, since this will be the last night in a long time, might as well have some fun, right? Surprise me." She grinned, kissing his cheek lightly as she folded her arms, leaning forward slightly against the bar. It had been a while since she had come out to a club, besides the lounge Damien owned and she managed. But that was for work and it really didn't count. She looked around the room cheerfully, smiling. Clubs and the like were always so much fun.

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Ash was somewhat grateful for Reyna's input and pointing out Damien for him. Thy were at the bar. He would have to confront them shortly. If he was lucky maybe Reyna was wrong about the iron...maybe he would be able to gain power that has long been suppressed. Hopefully, Damien would be willing to help him. He decided to take the chance not having any opportunity to thank Reyna as she whisked away to other booths. He stood and approached the bar cautiously looking aorund as this place seemed perfect for a Hunter to commit a murder.

Damien smiled, "Gin and tonic for the lady." The bar tender gave Damien his shots and a glass of gin and tonic to Variel. "Drink up, baby...I want to have some fun tonight." He mused palyfully before being tapped on the shoulder by someone. his eyes widened as he turned quickly and then became uninterested. "Can I help you?" Damien asked seeing a young, handsome, and fit guy. "Yes, you are Damien Devereux? I was sent here by the Silent Coven and told you can help me discover what keeps my pwoers at bay." Ash said plainly. Damien at first thought the guy was crazy tlaking aloud baout being a Witch, but then agian here no one could hear without being two feet away. IT suddenly recalled to him. He received a phone call about a descendant of Ann Foster one fo the msot powerful High Priestesses to ever exist. Damien smirked sensing opportunity in this single moment. He had no connection to the guy and if the information eh received was correct then the guy didn't even exist. "Yeah, I can help you, but it will cost you." Ash nodded in gratitude, "Thank you...of course...Anything you desire." Damien smriked with clear malice in his features...."Good meet me at three tonight outside." Damien turned to Variel knowing she would want ot know who in the Hell this guy was and what was he talking about to Damien.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Oh let's be honest. When do you not want to have fun?" Variel grinned, shaking her head. "Although granted, that goes both ways. Fun is fun." She smirked, studying the guy that came over. Cute, yes. He probably would have been even cuter to her if Variel didn't love Damien. She listened to the conversation with interest, taking a drink from her gin and tonic. "Oh come on, he's just a kid asking for help. Don't make him owe you something." She complained, looking at Ash again. "I'm Variel." She said a bit pointedly, given that he hadn't even acknowledged her being there.

"I already told you, it's probably the iron necklace." Reyna shrugged as she passed by, pausing briefly beside them. "Here. Have a free drink." She passed a shot over. "They made an extra, and now it's somehow all my fault. Usually I can handle working but today they are on the fast track to pissing me off." She shook her head, gritting her teeth as another yell from a boss came her way. "Oh, fuck off! I'm coming!" She yelled back at him, rolling her eyes. As he blustered louder, she sighed and snapped her fingers. Instantly he stopped, having forgotten all about her cursing at him. And also remembering that it wasn't even Reyna's night to work, she was just helping out since they were slammed. So he shut up about her and went back to mixing drinks.

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Ash looked at the drink curiously as Reyna handed it over. He handed it to Damien..."Here." He then looked to Variel feeling abit like he insulted her now..."Forgive me, miss. I'm Andrew Zayn Asher Redd. You may call me Ash and as far as kid goes, you would be surprised at how much older I am than you." He smirked charmingly sweet. Ash felt off as Reyna went back to work. Damien simply laughed under hsi breath. "For a kid you seem to be wise beyond your ages. This is my love and my Familiar, Variel. What was she talking about? Reyna? Don't worry I'm not going to sentence her to death because she is in town. I gave up hunting her long time ago. Her illusions are pretty damn powerful." Ash nodded, "Trust me, Damien Devereux...I know far too well what she is capable of." Damien snickered, "Right...anyway pay no mind to Variel. She doens't understand the way of witches. An eye for an eye...I scratch your back and you scratch mine. You owe me something if I manage to help you."
Ash simply nodded, "Absolutely, I will be extremely grateful. I will await you in the lot." He siad looking aorund for Reyna but lost her in the crowd. he hoped she would be present to. He wanted to make sure she was going to let him help her. He walked outside and stood awaiting Damien's arrival which would be in three more hours.

Damien turned aorund grabbing Variel byt eh waist as he downed the last shot given to him by the kid and Reyna. He kissed her deeply keeping his body tightly pressed to hers. He took off his sunglasses and smiled. "Want to go tot he VIP section? I get instant access...or we cna hit the dance floor." He offered chamringly sweet.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Oh you could try, pretty boy." Reyna smirked at Damien, raising an eyebrow. "And Andrew? You got only a small taste of what I can do. There is so much more. If you change your mind and come after me anyway, Damien, I'll be happy to show you what the rest is." She smiled wickedly, starting to back away. "I'll see you boys in three hours." She spun off and vanished into the crowd with her tray, moving toward the VIP section again. Most of them realized she was a witch, but none of them recognized her as the wraith they all thought she was. Which she actually wasn't, they just suspected her to be so because of her helping Viktor. Though, once a witch came in here while she was on duty, she made sure they forgot all about her and Viktor's transgressions.

"You know, insulting me about what I don't understand probably isn't the best way to set up more fun." Variel teased, pouting playfully. Of course that didn't last long before she kissed him back, smiling. "You can get in, yes. But I don't know if I can. Whether to them in your date or familiar, I'm not a witch. Never have been, and they know it." She pointed out. "But it's up to you where to."

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"Well, either way you are going where I go. I assure you of that." Damien said plainly. He was in no mood for Reyna right now. he was trying to stir up some pheromones in Variel and get things going for them again. This seemed like a good way to do it before, but he was slowly second guessing himself now. Damien was quick to take her by the hand walk her to the VIP section. Great, Reyna was serving in there. There was no way he would be able to get any sex tonight, was there? The bouncer halted him nodding to Variel, "She is my Familiar. You either let her pass too or I can ensure a good amount of evidence labeling you as a Wraith." The guy nodded not changing his features for even threats. Damien entered with Variel smiling, "Let's have aseat in the back. A bit mroe privacy wher eI can give you a bit of fun and a good time." He teased playfully.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Reyna headed over to them, but she gave no sign she'd even talked to them before. "Anything you'd like to drink?" She offered with her sincere looking smile, studying the pair. Then she stopped as her phone rang and pulled it out, stepping to the side to answer. "Hello?" Nothing but background noise. "Kali? What the hell?" Evidently Salem hadn't hung up because all the color drained from her face as she heard the hunters in the background. "You two are going to have another waiter, and I'm sure you'll prefer that. I have to go kick some ass." She snapped at them before stalking past and to the door. She snapped her fingers as she walked out, and every employee suddenly remembered that her shift was over now.

"Oh, determined are we?" Variel grinned at Damien's threats to the bouncer, chuckling at just how little it seemed to effect him. "I'm always up for fun." She promised, kissing his cheek. She glanced over as Reyna addressed them, raising an eyebrow as she heard Reyna's half of the phone conversation. She blinked in surprise as the witch went storming out.

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Damien looked with a raised eyebrow before shrugging. "Probably someone who her and Viktor are looking to kill." The Grievance Ridge Coven had no clue that Viktor was dead. Damien paid it no mind that she said Kali because surely there was more than one Kali in town. Kali knew that associating with Rogues and Wraiths would be an act of treason. He presumed that he was the only one. Finally another Waitress came in. "What will it be?" Damien smiled, "I want six shots of vodka and two mojito's with cucumber and lime ribbons extra mint leaf." He looked at Vari for a moment with his usual charming smirk, "What will it be?" He asked almost seductively as if he was trying to seduce her rather than ask what she will be drinking.

Ash watched as Kali walked otu and followed quickly, "What has happened? Where are you going?" He asked having no care for the answer because he was following her anyway. It could be about Viktor for all he knew.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "My friend. The Seer for the coven here. There's hunters at her house." Reyna said curtly, glancing briefly at Ash as she passed him. She had the phone still up and on, and she made a snarling sound at a sudden gunshot through the phone. "I am going to help her." She listened closely to the phone, cursing as she heard the destination. "If you want you can come with me. But people are going to die. I am probably going to be the one killing some of them. If you come I am not going to babysit your ass." She snapped irritably. She swung a leg over her motorcycle and kicked it on, completely unhindered by her high heels.

"Hmm..." Variel mused, trusting Damien's word. She leaned lightly against him, considering. "I don't care." She finally decided, kissing his cheek. "Surprise me." she grinned mischievously at him, crossing her ankles together under the table.

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Ash slung a leg over quick to jump on the back holding onto her waist with no sexual connection. He let her start it up as they took off down the road. He didn't bother with a helmet figuring the police were quiet in this town already.

Damien nodded, "She will have the same." He said as the waitress walked off writing the order down. Damien nuzzled his nose to her neck rubbing it side to side gently before sucking on her earlobe. He slid his hand between her thighs gently adding pressure. "This morning was real fun, when can we do soemthing like that again?" He whispered into her ear as his lips brushed agianst her.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel purred, leaning against him. "Hey, I'm game almost any time." She promised with a grin. Shifting slightly to face him better, she pulled back slightly to kiss him better, full on this time. "I mean, within logic. I'd be happy to go now, however, in the middle of a club is probably not the best place to fuck." She chuckled in amusement, lightly starting to kiss down along his jawline.

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Damien smirked as she kissed his jawline. He gripped ehr inner thigh abit tighter, but not to inflict pain so much as arousal. He was getting hsi way perfectly fine. "I would fuck you anywhere with or without an audience. I would want to show every bit of you off while I'm getting you off." He teased stillwhispering as the waitress came backw ith twelve shots and the four glasses. "On the house, Mr. Devereux. Hope you enjoy." The girl sounded abit off and it wasn't the same waitress this time. He pulled back from Vari for a momennt before raising the mojito to his nostrils. he sniffed it then dipped his pinky in and sucked on it. He surgged it off tossing the straw and downing the drink then the next then making hsi way to teh shots and downing his six. "Your turn, baby...Then we will see about getting out of here."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Hey, I wouldn't stop you. Sounds like it could be fun." Variel grinned playfully, leaning against him happily. She waited slightly impatiently before finally giving up. She didn't wait for him to finish the drinks, once again kissing down along his jaw. She wasn't patient with almost anything, and this was no different. Reaching over, she picked up a shot and slammed it effortlessly, turning back to Damien. She kissed him again, grinning slightly at his minty taste from the mojito he had finished. "After this lets go home and have more fun." She pouted playfully, taking another shot before kissing him once again.

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Damien nodded, "Sounds great..." He said, but for some reaosn that was all he was able to get out. Something was off. the lights seemed ot make the room blur. The whole palce was spinning. Something was wrong..."Finish your drinks..." He said with a rather giddy smile. He didn't know it, but the other waitress was a hunter and she had spiked Damien's drinks with a mixture of frozen basil leaves and crushed St. John's Wort root. Not lethal, but certainly a weakener for Witches. Damien saw everything turning blurry then his hearing became muffled. how oculd he have gotten so intoxicated so quickly. "Come on...finish your drinks." he said trying to keep his head up as he let a small alugh escape his lips.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((Damnit sorry didn't see.))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Excited are we?" Variel teased, kissing his cheek happily. Not that she was complaining. "Sounds good to me." She grinned, finishing the next two shots. Kissing him again, she smiled contentedly as she leaned against his side. "I love you. A lot." She promised with a sincere smile, finishing off the last of her shots and picking up her mojito. She shifted her weight slightly, almost but not quite sitting on his lap, her hip just pressed up against his. Turning to the side, she hooked her legs over his waist, kissing his cheek yet again.

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Damien smirked with alight giggle. He was drugged by ahunter and there was nothing he could do about it. "Oh I am very excited...I want to rip your clothes off with my teeth and lick every inch of your beautiful body. I want to hear your english accent whispered light moans in my ear while I give everything I have to you." The hunter/waitress came back with asmile, "Enjoying your drinks? How about another? When I get back you can tell my who your High Priestess is." The girl smiled causally as she wlaked off. She was presuming both himand Variel to be Witches, but her dirnks which were drugged withthe same herbs had no affect on Familiars, jsut Witches.

((Look at Witch Weaknesses for a better explanation on St. John's Wort and basil. I updated it.))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments The fact that Damien giggled was enough to set off the beginning of alarm bells in Variel's mind. But not too much. She knew it took a lot to get him trunk. She just didn't know what defined a lot. Maybe this was the limit for him. Once again she kissed his jawline, pausing to whisper in his ear. "Whispered? I think you're underestimating yourself if you think all I'm going to do is whisper." She teased, glancing over at the waitress when she showed up. Luckily, Variel was not stupid. She instantly knew something was wrong, and she was pretty sure she knew what. Also fortunate, Vari could be a good actress. She'd done it to her parents for years. Granted, usually she was actually drunk and acting normal, but today she had to act drunk. "Let's go home." She told Damien, biting her lip as she looked at him.

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Damien nodded, "Okay, but first I have to talk to the waitress...Maybe we stay here a little bit longer...God, you are so fucking hot, Variel. I want you so badly. I love your eyes and your chin, your lips, the taste of your tongue...You have amazing hair...it's so soft." He said playing with a small curl behind her ear. The waitress came back with a cruel grin, "Here are some more drinks, cutie...now how about the name of that High Priestess?" She asked with a dangerous smirk. "No problem, hot stuff...The one I forced to commit suicide was named Sonya. The one that Satan killed for me was named Charlie. I was rather satisfied with her death." Damien said with a smile. "Okay sweetie, tell me just who you are and your little Witch bitch friend?" Damien laughed like he was holding back a hilarious inside joke. "I'm Damien Devereux...The High Priest and the future leader of this wonderful Coven. This is Variel, my Familiar...My lover...The mother of my child." The Waitress lost her grin at hearing what Variel was and started backing up in a bit of shock. She wasn't prepared for a shifter.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel wasn't a cruel person, but she started to chuckle at the look on the waitress's face. "Oh come on darling. You brought this all on yourself when you went after Damien." She told the waitress almost dismissively. Hooking one arm through Damien's to pull him up, she darted forward and slid an arm around the waitress's shoulders, holding her tightly from escaping. She pulled the two along with her, weaving her way through the club and outside. Insistently she pulled them both down an alleyway, checking it was empty. She wasn't a killer at heart, but she knew a hunter was. And if she let the woman go, then the hunters would swarm Damien. Which she couldn't allow. Her eyes flashed gold and she sank down, ripping through her clothing and leaving it in shreds. The woman turned to run, but Variel darted after her and tackled her, efficiently ripping out her throat. Slowly she shifted back, snatching Damien's coat and pulling it on. Luckily it he was tall enough that on Vari it was long enough to cover everything that needed to be covered. "Dammit. I liked that dress too. We can go back home or I have a change at your lounge. Your choice." She told Damien, picking up her clothing shreds.

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Damien laughed.. "I can't believe you killed that girl. You are so fucking hot, baby. I want to do you so freaking hard. Salem isn't home we have the whole house to ourselves and I'm sure Erin isn't home either. I don't want to leave a room untouched with your gorgeous body pressed against mine." He couldn't help but speak his thoughts it was the wort he had no choice and the basil was killing his sense finally it took full effect and he went blind...."I can't see anything..why is it so dark?" He said putting his other hand out in front of him with a childish grin. "Will you drive, baby...I can't see a damn thing...isn't that funny?" He said as he started to lose touch...My fingers feel numb too." He said but not complaining or fearful. He simply laughed.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Its hilarious." Variel said dryly, spitting out blood and pulling pieces of skin from her teeth. "I feel like I should be worried that you think me killing someone is hot, but you know what, it doesn't bother me almost at all." She mused, looking up at him. "I guess you're corrupting me." She teased, leaning back. She kissed him, then paused and pulled back, frowning slightly. She used her finger nail to pick at her teeth, pulling out another piece of skin. She tossed it aside and kissed him again, vaguely tasting blood still.

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