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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 116 comments A somewhat sullen expression on her face, a dark haired young woman strolled into Dark Horse. She had no need for coffee or tea, or for any of the herbs sold on the next floor. No, she needed a distraction of a savory kind. Which was why she'd merely order her drink as she usually did, and watch it cool down. The effect of the action had always been calming for her, for Desdemona. Something about watching the steam disappear into the air relaxed her, eased the tension from her shoulders. She pondered the options on the menu board as she waited behind three other customers. The gloss on her lips shone in the light as she worried her lip, brows furrowing with a decision that seemed a lot more frivolous than one would expect. Simply picking any item wouldn't do; she'd have to know which she didn't buy before and which she'd actually be willing to try. Some were better hot, and others were better still when they'd cooled down. A tricky business, drinking something lukewarm and suddenly flavorless. Temperature was always a factor to think about. Being a woman of great affluence gave her the opportunity to learn as much.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Subtlety wasn't her strong suit. Mostly because with her half black and half white hair, and rather eccentric black clothing style, Kali was pretty hard to miss. So she'd given up on trying to be stealthy as she sailed down the stairs from the top level, she cheerfully chatted with another witch, shaking her head with a laugh. But where she had never been able to resist coffee, her friend was on a diet. The Seer cheerfully waved her friend off as the other girl walked out of the store, the other girl pushing herbs into her bag as she left. So Kali was alone for the moment as she fell into line, behind a dark haired woman who seemed to be still deciding. With her usual blunt cheerfulness she addressed her. "At risk of sounding like a typical cliche teenager, I would advise the mocha latte." She suggested, smiling brightly. "I mean, it's simple but they do it well. Nice balance of chocolate, but it's not too sweet or too bitter with coffee." She explained sweetly, as usual complete sincere with her desire to simply help.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 116 comments Desdemona turned as the girl with black and white hair spoke to her. She nearly resisted the urge to roll her eyes, instead looking back to the menu at what the girl had suggested. It did sound like a typical teenager thing to order, but it had not been long since Des was such a girl. She exhaled softly, looking again to the girl. Now she had to put on a show. The corner of her lips lifted into a half-smile and she nodded her appreciation. "Thanks," she remarked, "I don't think I've had that before; I'll try it." But, what was the point of this girl helping her? She seemed familiar, like someone she might have seen a few times. And then it hit her. The Seer. Among her duties as a Guardian, she was to safeguard the identities of her fellow coven members, and this girl was no different. Kala, Kelly--something with a K--seemed nice enough, though she didn't really care. "I'm Desdemona."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Well hello then, Desdemona. My name is Kali." Kali said cheerfully. She studied the other girl, smiling slowly. "Don't feel that you have to put on a show." She advised. It wasn't that she had tried to read Desdemona's mind, it was just that it happened. It frequently did, so it was nothing unusual for her to have little thoughts from other people drift around into her mind. She had gotten used to it, and it didn't even make her think twice. She kind of wanted to keep talking and tell the girl what she actually thought, which was that her name was really pretty. But she could tell that Desdemona wasn't thrilled with having this conversation in the first place, and even a sincere compliment.... If Kali had to guess she'd say the other girl still wouldn't care. So she kept her mouth shut, though a bit reluctantly.

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((You cannot rp one character in two different places at one time, KT.))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((This one was started way before the other one))

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((Understandable..we can end the other one and you may proceed here if you like.))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((Since this one was started first, can't we just say that in a timeline this would be first and continue both? It's just a one time accident thing.))

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((Unfortunately, no. Sorry, but I don't want one character in the group in two places given timeline or not. End one and proceed with the latter. I'd much rather keep order than have to cope with such confusions. Sorry again.))

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 116 comments ((Ah, should I wait to reply, then?))

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((You may reply, but before KT can she must close the other one.))

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 116 comments ((okay))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments There were many different names that the girl could have told the cute barista boy to call when the coffee was ready, but she settled on her more common one of Senka. It wasn't a true first name, but it was a usual fall back for the ancient girl. The boy commented on her unusual name as she gave it to him, but she simply smiled and ordered a brownie as well, leaning pointedly on the counter as she passed him the cash required. But there was no one in line behind her and, as per usual for her, Senka was bored. As old as she was she'd done almost everything- twice. So her current way to pass the time was to try and do everyone. He was cute enough and she had no doubt he got flirted with a lot, even by the glamorous witches that she knew came downstairs a lot, but even that was nothing compared to her rather specific attraction abilities, and in moments she was positive she had him ensnared.

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Ash entered the cafe. Sure it was late for an all powerful Witch Supreme to be walking into a place for some coffee. It was already 2:00 am. Ash found himself moving to stand behind a lovely vision. Unfortunately, he had severed his magic from strengthening Wraiths and therefore no longer recognized them for who they really were. He only felt the odd sensation he felt in his fingertips when close to another Witch. The mortal cashier on the other side of the counter seemed entranced by the girl. However, Ash was bothered by the fact that he knew nothing of her. So it was time he started publically advertising. "Hello there, My name is Ash Redd. Have you been given the opportunity to read over our mortal guide to Witches? I outed our kind only hours ago today. It has gone global and I hope to see you at our next open Coven gathering coming up in two days time on Sunday." He said offering her a rather thick, but small pamplet with his face printed on the cover posing like it was some old eighteen hundreds photograph.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Ooh, sorry babe. I don't plan on staying." Senka winced, though it was so over the top there was no way it could be sincere. She looked back at the barista, smirking. "I might spend more time here for you though." She purred, leaning forward. She ran her hand slowly down the side of his face, pulling him closer and almost but not quite kissing him before letting him go and straightening. He looked a little dazed as she turned back to Ash. "Baby, I don't need this little infomercial spiel you're doing here." She waved a hand to gesture at him, raising an eyebrow. "I know someone who's going to be so pissed off at you for this coming out deal." She shook her head slowly. Lucifer had gotten pissed at her for implying that magic could be real, she could only imagine what he'd do when he heard about this. She leaned in conspiratorially, as if about to tell him a secret as she rested one hand on his shoulder. "Sometimes it's better to stay in the closet." She told him gently, her voice almost mockingly that of someone talking to a younger kid. Her name was called out and she strode over to get her coffee and food before perching onto one of the chairs, looking out the window nonchalantly. Of course she was waiting for him to come talk to her, and she was so looking forward to it.

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Ash grinned rather amused by this Witch. He approached her and invited himself to sit down beside of her. "I'm sure many people are feeling frustrated by my choices, but it's not their choice to make it is my own. I do not care to share our weaknesses with the mortals nor do I care to share every detail about us. I'm simply calling Witches to stand above history and make a new life among mortals. If mortals choose to go against us and a war is started so be it, but I think they know where to stand with us or beneath us. I will not tolerate Witch or Mortal attempting to cause chaos in my world." He said assuringly. "So what brings someone as dangerous as yourself to such a small town?" Ash was amusing the idea that she was an ancient cursed Witch, even though his heart knew better than to allow such an accusation of innocence. She was a Wraith and she had to be liberated or killed.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Of course you won't. You're a big boy and you're going to run everything, I'm sure." Senka cooed mockingly, patting the top of his head. "You haven't just ruined witches' lives by outing them to people who may try and kill them. You haven't just thrown the world into chaos. Mortals can't even handle people of different skin color and sexuality and you expect them to deal with this? You are stuck in your little delusion of what it will be. You do know people will die for this, right?" She pointed out, though she didn't look exactly disappointed about that. "Scared mortals will run around accusing each other, and it will be worse than the Salem Witch Trials because of the advanced technology we have. There will be massacres and it will all be on you. So maybe I should thank you in advance." She grinned wickedly, raising an eyebrow at him over the rim of her cup as she took a drink, the name she had given marked clearly on the side in Barista Boy's spiky handwriting. "You've made the world so much more fun for people like me. I can't wait." She purred.

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Ash raised an eyebrow studying her. He walked over to the counter real quick and snapped his fingers. The barista backed up a bit shocked, "That's awesome! My first Witch customer!" Ash grinned as the coffee began to make itself and float toward him. Then money appeared on the counter, "Dear mortal, I can assure you I am not the first." The boy was in total shock and amazement, "Wait until I tell the guys at school. This is great." Ash nodded and walked back over to sit beside of the Wraith. "So tell me your name. I know the name of all Witches, So what does that make you?" Ash asked knowing very well what the answer was. He cut himself from the Wraiths so they could no longer draw power from other Witches only one another which was his plan to make them unite with Witches to gain their full strength back. He was moving the game pieces around and it seemed to be working great. "As you were saying."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Glancing up at Barista Boy, Senka frowned. "There's no reason to take my toys away, come on babe." She pouted tauntingly, "Call me Senka. And we both know that you know what I am, darling." She purred, leaning in closer. "Well, you think you do. No matter what you think you will never be able to even comprehend what I am." Her voice turned into a hiss at the end and she laughed as she straightened, smirking. "Tell you what. I'll give you two guesses to figure out exactly what I am. Not just general species, but specifics. You get it, I'll do you a favor. You don't, you owe me one. Deal?" She smirked. It wasn't like he could do a lot for her, but it was just a power play. Even if she lost, well, then her infamy would only grow. There was really no bad side here for her.

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Ash smirked, "You are playing a bet with the Supreme the holder of all power. The odds won't be in your favor. However, I shall play your game." He began to close his eyes and concentrate on her energy. "I'm getting something from far beyond." He was clearly being sarcastic. "I see that upon your Ascension you murdered and took the soul of the Witch you killed and became a Wraith. You have last centuries as a murderer and need I say more? Oh yes a sadistic whore." He said clearly amused by how she might react. Ash was beginning to feel that he could use her to his advantage against Damien and Damien's army. "You have been harnessing your powers ever since and you have been brought to my town to create chaos out of what peace and order I am pushing outward." His smirk was charming as usual and his eyes held that old look in them like so many sorrows filled them, but he still managed a smile. While Senka's eyes to him seemed more ancient and beyond the care for sorrow or emotions for that matter. She was ultimately evil.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Well I mean you're not wrong." Senka smirked in amusement, leaning back in her chair. Her gaze never leaving his she took a sip of her coffee, resting her feet in their tall black boots on the table. "But you aren't right enough. The odds are always in my favor. Specifics, darling, specifics." The wraith taunted him. Obviously whatever rank he was, however powerful he claimed to be, she wasn't afraid of him. She'd played far more dangerous games with far more powerful and dangerous people, he didn't bother her at all. "One more shot before I head off to be the sadistic whore I am and causing the chaos you so dread. And by the way, I won't choose sides. I will slaughter both of you, and you and I both know that there's nothing you could do to stop me if I try." Her voice shifted, going from it's teasing, mocking notes to suddenly ice cold and vicious.

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Ash grinned, "So you think so...Please, I have faced more dreads than a Wraith can cause. Don't try threats dear, they are unattractive on women like yourself. From the sound of it you would have to be the daughter of Satan himself to accomplish a fraction of what you think you are going to be able to do." Ash mused for a moment not fully considering the fact that he was entirely correct. She was the daughter of Lucifer. Ash had done a lot of studying in his years and knew about Witches before becoming one and tended to pass his immortal time by reading ancient books and scrolls. He had come accross the origin of Witches once before in the twenties. He only seemed maybe fifteen at the time but he did find the writings intriguing. Speaking of Lucifer as a Witch rather than an angel.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Senka laughed harshly, shaking her head. "Baby... Oh please. You may think it's unattractive but there are hundreds of thousands of millions of people who actually like women with a backbone. Besides, if I ever decide you're worth my time to seduce I have the powers to do that. I can make someone swoon with a curse word." She said sarcastically, smirking. "You may have faced Wraiths, but you've never faced me. You think you can do anything to me? Oh not in a million years. I will always beat you. And it's no point in even trying, because then all I will have to do is call on Daddy Dearest and you're so fucked. And if you think you can kill me, well, we all know I'm going straight to hell. As if that's bad for me, I'll just come right back. So 10 points to Mr I'm All Powerful!" Suddenly she laughed, shaking her head slightly as she studied him, suddenly quite casual and relaxed. "Not too bad, Ashy boy. One favor it is. So..." Moving her feet she leaned forward on the table, folding her arms to rest on it. "What will it be?"

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Ash was entirely surprised he had guessed right. He was trying to figure how this girl was really the daughter of some made up deity. When he was young everyone believed Lucifer was a real being and not an aspect of what evil is. Ash could never believe in those things, but here she was standing in flesh and blood. "How is that even possible? Lucifer isn't real...or at least I thought." He said feeling entirely dizzy. Those were just stories...I don't understand." He quickly straightened himself, "Very well, I do have a task for you. As much as one night of sex would sound great I must look at what is important and at my obstacles. As my favor I desire you to side with me in this war as my personal assassin." Ash had a fiery glow in his eyes that had never existed before he gained powers. He wanted the one person who gave him powers to die.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Damn, chill your ass. What do you want me to do to prove it?" Senka challenged, raising a pointed eyebrow at him. "And... Well, sorry babe. But no. This would have been easier if you had just gone with the sex as the favor because that's not a problem for me. Some sex, some torture, some dismemberment, some death all because people don't specify stuff afterwards, now that's a good time." She smirked, looking quite pleased with herself. "Usually I do follow my deals to the letter, but that doesn't count. First, that's a job not a favor. Second, I was told not to take sides in this. And I was told that by someone I actually give a fuck about, which is already more than you. So I'll kill.... Hmm, one or two.... Well I'd go with one but since I had to reject one offer, I'll bump it up. Oh, and the two can't be me or my dad. I'll kill two people for you, as long as I get to kill them however I want to."

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Ash felt a bit off that Senka turned down his first deal of joining him. "Well, we can't have you disobeying daddy dearest can we. You can do whatever you want unless he tell you know. Just like a little puppet." He dismissed his own words quickly, "Alright, for now I'll give you one name that I'm sure your father won't be pleased with given that the name I give you is of a person who serves your father so I am told, anyway." Ash grinned staring intently into Senka's eyes. "Kill Damien Eric Devereux. You kill him and I won't be calling upon you for quite some time." Ash promised. "Just remember I still have one more." Ash wanted to play this out as far as he could. She was going to be his secret weapon. And by the time his second kill would come he would have found a loophole to use.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Oh no, I'm not saying that because I obey him twenty-four-seven. I just kill people for him here and there." Senka shrugged calmly. "Better than having no purpose, like you. Heard all about your time with the wraith mafia, by the way. And ooh, are you going to be pissedddd...." She laughed harshly, shaking her head. "Guess why I'm already here, babe? Damien owes my father something and he hasn't paid up. So I'm here for him already. Awesome, one favor wasted already." Leaning back in her chair, she looked rather satisfied with that. "And babe, there won't be a loophole to find." She advised, anticipating his though process. "It's rather straight forward. I will kill two people total of your choosing, and neither of those people will be me or my father. You don't own me. You don't even control me. When I heard you were around I did my research. You shouldn't have wasted your favors on causing death, Ash. If you had asked I could have reversed it. Poor Taylor, poor little Elijah. Wasting away to nothing under fire. But since you didn't save them, now they're my bargaining tools to you. You even think of doing anything to me and I will upgrade them from basic fire to much, much worse. Either I or my father will be in charge of their torture and is that what you really want?" She taunted, "Maybe in the beginning I'll start with something simple. Remember Reyna? It won't take much to make her think you were the one that killed her poor husband instead of the others. Then what? She'll kill you or you'll be forced to kill her. Then maybe it will be Max that turns on you. You even think of trying anything and I will destroy you one person at a time."

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Ash glared at the Wraith and suddenly remembered why he had started killing Wraiths to begin with. They were vile creatures who threatened the lives of everyone with their mere existence. "If there is a Hell then I know there is a Heaven and I know my family did not go to Hell. Try another one on me. My family were all innocents and I cannot even fathom believing that you could harm them when you don't even own them. Taylor and Elijah are passed in peace not burning in misery." He said his voice wavering as he never thought that the memory of them dying would ever arise again after so long. As for Reyna, she knows very well I did not kill her consort. She heard my story in full truth. I would not dare harm another Witch without reason. You have nothing. You only use scare tactics because it is all you have. A few names and connections to me do not give you power over me." He said beginning to sound more confident. "I will not tolerate such blasphemy." Ash stood, "Since your father has commanded it go and kill the Wraith, Damien Devereux. I'll see you when the job has finished and give you your second kill command." He said coldly turning his back on her.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Senka began to laugh, simply because she knew she had gotten to him. And that absolutely delighted her. "Everyone sins in some way. The tiniest things are technically sins and good enough cause for them to be sent to hell. Wearing two different fabrics, having short hair, saying the name of God, wearing torn clothes, eating pork.... The list goes on. They will be in hell if I decide that's where they should be. If the sins are minor maybe they are in heaven for now. But if I find even the tiniest sin, lying, having tattoos, wearing jewelry, they will be mine forever. Your friend believes you now, but I can change that. I promise you that I can if I wanted to. You have no idea what I can do, Andrew Zayn Asher Redd." She stood, and with each part of his name she stepped closer, a hand on his shoulder pulling him around to face her. Her expression was both vicious and triumphant as she stared at him fearlessly. "I know exactly how to control you and you don't even know my name. You can pretend I'm wrong all you want but I know how to pull your strings. So who's really the puppet here, babe?"

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Ash quickly shrugged her hand from his shoulder, "Taylor never got into jewelry and makeup she was an original. No tattoos, beautiful long hair and as for Elijah he never took the Lords name in vain and even as an innocent child he would not tell a lie. My family is pure and you are pathetic to think otherwise. Your threats do not scare me. Don't you have a job to do?" He asked with a harsh intensity about his words. He turned from her again. "I will not tolerate threats and not even your father can prevent the death I will give you should you challenge me." He wanted her alliance, even if she was a Wraith. However, she would be uncontrolled and difficult to work with. Perhaps he could reach out and find a way to balance the scales she so desperately wanted to wane. Perhaps she would then see he is worth joining. He was concerned for his deceased family, but not nearly as much as he was losing all that he had come to work for after gaining his powers. "Make Damien suffer for all his sins." Ash urged as he stood at the door finding himself no longer in the mood for coffee as he tossed it into the trash.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Everyone sins. So many people sin. Literally everyone sins in the smallest of ways, and that's enough for me to get them. It's not worth it usually but if I ask specifically then, well, you're fucked." Senka shrugged calmly, grinning. She perched casually on top of the table, crossing her arms. "These aren't threats, darling. These are promises. If you even think of crossing me, if you dare do anything to me, it will be your family that will regret it. If he can't prevent it then he'll just revive me. You have no idea what you're getting into." She smirked, flicking her hair out of the way and taking a drink of her coffee. "Oh I'm not doing it now. This is too funny as it is. There's no time limit in the favor so..." She smirked. He was so easy to screw with in so many ways and she was so excited.

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Ash glared coldly, "Good, do it. As for my family I have not been given a reason to cross you yet, so you have no cause to do anything to me. If you were told to not choose sides then please stay out of this war." He said pushing the door open and stepping out of the shop. He pulled out a cig and it lit by itself. He took a deep inhale and began to frown. That Wraith was going to be difficult. She got amusement out of others pains. Perhaps once Damien was out of the way Ash could start focusing on bringing international affairs into effect. He wanted someone to speak on behalf of the Witches to the mortals as an ambassador. With Damien out of the way then Salem, Max, Reyna, and Kali would all be up for grabs. They would hold no other connection to the Wraiths and would see that Ash has been in the right this whole time. Their loyalty to Damien would be diminished entirely with his death. Ash felt a bit of joy spark back. Salem was his first target. When Ash was sure that Senka or whoever was going to corner Damien that would be when he would corner Salem. Once his game pieces were in place he could finish off the Wraiths who challenged the authority of the Council of Witches.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments After giving Barista Boy her number and fake promises to hang out, Senka strode from the shop, sliding sunglasses up her nose. She stared at the sky, not even acknowledging him. "Because it's funny is more than enough cause for me, Andrew. This war that's happening because of you is enough of a playground I won't do it just for fun though. Luckily for you. Two minutes ago you wanted me working on your side, and now you don't want me in this? Tsk tsk, babe. Make up your mind. But you have no place telling me where to stand. First of all, fuck you its my opinion. Second... You're the one that opened the world up to all of us not mortal. You didn't give anyone a chance to voice their opinion on that, you don't get an opinion on my stance here." She said insistently. "I will kill him, when I decide to. I will make my own decisions."

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Ash rolled his eyes at her, "Don't worry, dear, I'll step aside and let you destroy whomever you choose. The fewer I will have to deal with when the mortals come to accept us as their own." He said coldly. In the end it will be those like us who remain, the century old Witches who have fought for ages on end just to keep standing. I will see you in Hell I hope one day." He said flicking his ashes hard to the ground and tossing his cigarette. He glared at her and fire began to engulf him. He morphed into his phoenix form squawking violently at her and taking flight swooping low enough that she would have no choice but to move or duck.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Glaring at him but still looking amused, Senka simply raised a hand. A portal appeared just in front of her that his path took him into, the pair to that portal appearing just a few feet away that his momentum carried him through and out of. Then the portals both vanished. "If I do see you there it'll be because I'm peeling your skin off piece by piece. I will never be in hell in the same way as you. If I decide to stay there I will be a ruler. And you... Well, you won't be." She laughed, "And by the way, that's why not everyone will stand with you. Because you're just offering them up for slaughter and they know it. So have fun when everyone turns on you like you deserve. I know I will."

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Ash turned flapping his fiery wings hard in surprise as he had passed through one portal and out another. Ash squawked and ear shattering scream as flames erupted from his wings. He shot a jet of flame in her direction not truly aiming to hit her with it simply distract her while he got somewhere to gather his thoughts. The white hot flames burned a circle around Senka and another circle where the phoenix had just been hovering. Now like a red comet the large bird was off in the skies. Ash had no time or tolerance for such a creature as her and knowing her she would take forever in killing Damien so he needed a back up plan if Damien didn't die when needed. Then it struck him. He felt the air twist around him and a scream of pain filled his ears. He knew the witch screaming it was Erin Devereux. She had not met Ash, but he knew all Witches as they drew power from him. This age was to bring forth the most powerful Witches known. He was a beacon for their power and now one of those were dead. He felt her lifeforce push from her body and finally escape outward to find a new host to grant power to. Erin had Astral Projection even in death she could control where her powers and spirit went. She was heading for her younger brother. Ash followed what only he and very few others would be able to see. A bright green light passing far below among rooftops and trees. Ash was following the spirit and power of Erin.

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Artemus came from around the building out of the shadows examining the sky. "My what a storm is stirring. Bringing out all the power of you baddies, huh?" He said with his charming smirk. "So I overheard you will be killing Damien Devereux...Interesting. You realize that my society has been watching you for over six centuries now, right? Semira Nitya, you have been a naughty girl." He grinned viciously handsome. You know my sister is Damien's Familiar. I want nothing more than for him to be dead, but I can't have my sister dying too, now can I?" He smirked as if pushing for her to attack him. His clothes were lined with a fine iron fabric on the inside. Her powers would be useless on him. Not to mention he had just fed so he was at full strength with his own powers.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Me?" Senka put a hand over her heart teasingly. "Oh, you flatter me. I want to read the notes. It's only fair, since they are on me. I'll edit and correct them for you. Just give me a red pen." She grinned wickedly. This was far too easy. He was just standing there, oh so confident in his iron. But she knew ways around that. It wasn't as though this was even close to the first time she'd ran into them. "Come on, baby. You heard me, I'm not going after him any time soon to please Ash. And of course I lied. I'm not here to kill Damien exactly. I'm here to threaten him, scare him, hurt him, I'm here to make him pay up. And then if he doesn't.... Then I get to have my fun." She smirked. Obviously none of this was bothering her. As she leaned against the wall of the building she was completely casual, sipping her coffee calmly. Then she grinned slowly, raising an eyebrow. "Naughty, huh?" She challenged, taking a step closer. "What are you going to do about that?" She purred.

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Artemus smirked his aura of seduction instantly coming off of him. He was glowing yellow. The Witch he drained only moments ago held the great sin of pride. He looked more closely at Semira/Senka and could have sworn he had ran into her back in England while staying in Bristol. Or perhaps it was in Romania. "I could do a lot, but I'm sure you are much older than myself and I expect a lot more powerful than what I have ever faced." He said beginning to wonder if Witches could sense when a mortal was touched by magic and if they knew if it was protective or a curse. He grinned obviously checking her out. "If you are going to kill Damien or even torturing him...I want in." He said with clear delight in his voice at the thought of destroying Damien and saving his sister. She had to be spelled to love a Witch so much after they had cursed her forever the way they had then forcing her to sleep with him. It disgusted him especially knowing that he was a Wraith.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "You're the one with the connections from centuries ago. You tell me just how old and powerful I am. And hey, with that kind of 'naughty' connotation, I wouldn't stop you." Senka purred, raising an eyebrow pointedly. With a slow grin she straightened up from the building and stalked closer, walking around him in a circle to study him. "I mean the iron is a bit of a turn-off but lose that and I'm down for almost anything, babe." She stopped right in front of him, staring back at him. "And why should I let you in on it? I promise you my kind of torture isn't yours, unless you tie people to a bed and strip them and tease them while you cut off body parts. Just to start. I know you hate who I am, even as hot as I am. Convince me to let you in on it. And again I know you hate what I am but I kill witches too. Species doesn't matter to me." She shrugged.

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Artemus wasn't sure how to take her. As she approached she obviously held centuries of bloodshed in her eyes. She thrived on other people's misery. He grinned rather charmingly, "From our records you are nearly eight thousand years old. Reports of your existence are set back in thousands of historic records. The Egyptians called you Sekhmet, the assassin of Ra. Lamia, the devourer of children, to the Greeks, but I'm sure there is a missing translation in there somewhere. You are known in many countries as a protector of magic, holder of order. Fuck, Lucifer must have had those ancient civilizations believing a lot of bullshit, huh? Your power has levelled cities and destroyed civilizations. I wouldn't doubt if you were the fall of Egypt. Or the reason the Aztecs simply vanished." His eyes sparkled a bit with the yellow glow of his aura. "As for torture...I kill Witches by having sex with them or coming close to having sex with them and draining their soul energy until nothing is left but a husk of mummified Witch.
As for convincing." He stepped closer breaking the space between them with himself as he kissed her intensely unaware of pushing a bit of the aura onto her and allowing a bit of the prideful soul energy to enter her. He stepped back knowing his clothes did not touch her it was only his hand and lips. "Convinced?"

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Once again, you flatter me." Senka purred, "want an autograph? Prove to all your Hunter friends you met big bad Me and survived? But then they'll come after me and I'll have to kill them... But it's up to you." With a shrug, she laughed lightly. When he kissed her she had no problems kissing him back, shifting closer as she did so and pouting teasingly when he moved away. "I mean, that's not really torture exactly. Sure it wouldn't be pleasant to die that way, but that's not torture. When I talk torture I mean spending days or weeks tearing a person apart, bit by bit, over and over again. I've had almost eight thousand years to perfect this. Are you sure you can handle it babe?" She teased, raising an eyebrow at him. "As for an alliance... Well I'm not really convinced, but you're cute and I know I could take you so why not?" She grinned. Despite being about 99% sure he would turn on her, she was confident that she would still be able to beat him in a fight. After all, she had a track record to back that confidence, so why not? "And because I already know you're thinking of how to turn on me... Don't. We could have some fun together, and I'd hate to have to ruin that. I'd hate to have to hurt one of your family members to get to you..." She pouted, running a finger down his chest without flinching at the iron. "But I will if I have to. So don't betray or try to kill me and we won't have any problems, alright?" With that promise, she stepped forward and kissed him again, easily matching his intensity from before.

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Artemus smirked in the kiss, "Well, if it helps, my group has declined my connection to them. I am working off the record now. They have accepted that I have betrayed their trust entirely. However, for some unknown reason I am still receiving hit lists from them. I guess they like having a disconnected killer roaming around freely without rules or guidelines. We are a lot alike in such a manner. Both of us performing the dirty work of those who are too highly involved with mortal affairs to get a little blood on their hands. Perhaps, I could make an ally of you. To think I'm foolish enough to attempt killing someone as ancient as yourself is foolish in it's own respect." He smirked as the sizzle of her finger burning from the iron showed no true care for such mediocre pain. "You are certainly impressive and I'm excited to learn your pain tactics. I want Damien to hurt more than anything in the world. I don't care if it means killing his brother and sister. Just as long as we can make him release Vari." He said clearly holding only a soft spot for his own sister. Apart from that he was a cruel piece of work. Artemus slid his hand up her right arm and cupped her face rather hard keeping her lips tightly against his own. His tongue flicked against hers before he pulled back his teeth hard into her bottom lip before letting go. "You taste good." He said transferring his aura and his prideful soul energy to her, once again uncontrolled.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "I don't give a damn if he's dead, not personally anyway. I'm just here to get what he promised and if not, well then the fun begins." She grinned wickedly, raising an eyebrow at him pointedly. "We start with demanding what's mine, then we go to torture him, then the people he cares about, and then we get to kill him. You can join in on that part... I mean, if you want." She offered, smirking as she looked over at him. "Make an ally out of me.... And do enlighten me, how exactly do you plan to do that? I've made alliances with people over the years here and here, where its logical. And none of them are alive now because of me. Whether they've been killed by someone after me or I've killed them. And I always end up with a plan to kill them. What makes you so special that you think I won't just turn and kill you? Do you plan to 'change my ways,' are you going to try and kill me, make yourself invaluable... What's the plan here sweetheart?" With a smirk she stared at him, making air quotes around change my ways. When he kissed her she responded equally, sliding her hands around the back of his head, her nails digging into his skin. "Are you sure you want to do this, babe?" She challenged with a smirk, though made zero attempts to put him off. "Lots of people have died because they decided to go down this road. Just like you're doing. Why would you be any different?" With those words she leaned forward slightly, narrowing her eyes as she stared back at him, her lips almost brushing against his but not quite. "You have to decide, am I worth the risk?"

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Artemus raised and eyebrow with a very amused smirk, "I can make allies of anyone I, like yourself, will be plotting how to kill you should you betray me or at least incapacitate you. " Feeling her lips so close to his own filled him with a hunger for her. "If held the desire to be your ally I would be your ally but don't think I would trust you enough to leave my life in your hands. Oh no. You are very attractive, puppet, but you won't be making a fool of me tonight. Any persons can align with one another, but that doesn't mean anything about trusting one another." Artemus brushed his lips against hers playfully before stepping back quickly. "Trust me, you are worth the risk. As long as I have soul energy I am eternal. I've never fed from an immortal before, but I'm betting it is like an endless supply." He added looking her up and down greedily. "Come on, should you not be asking yourself the same question?" He spoke playfully. The pride was setting in on him. His aura grew brighter and he as usual he hadn't noticed. "Besides, if you wanted me dead you could do it easily. One of my weaknesses is daylight. I'm a snake without soul energy at daybreak."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "It would be foolish to trust you for many reasons." Senka rolled her eyes, beginning to list them off. "There are hundreds of people who want me dead, if not thousands. I've just met you and you've gone on about your powers so not winning any prizes for trust there. And you're a hunter. A people I'm notoriously not fond of. Overconfident, cocky bitches who make it so much less fun with how easy you all are. Both fucking wise and killing wise. Although for me the two usually go together." The wraith grinned wickedly, running a hand through her hair and looking almost thoughtful for a second as she recalled her favorite moments.
Then she laughed. "Oh honey, don't even think about what you could do to me. I don't have a soul in the conventional sense. You know Lucifer was an angel who Fell, and angels don't have souls exactly. It's different for them. Since he's my father, I inherited that most of that. I have a personality and emotions and everything normal, it's just not in a separate soul. I have the energy of one but not one. Which means I would be screwed if I could actually die, but I can't so don't you worry about that babe." She purred, patting his cheek mockingly. "I mean, there is an alley behind here if you want to test that, I'm down, but do you want to risk it with me?" She challenged. If he said yes she was fine with that, but it was just a game for her. All this was just posturing for both of them.

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Artemus laughed a bit harshly, "Look honestly...I know I can't hurt you. Sure I might be able to leave you incapacitated for a bit but it wouldn't last. I am quite aware of this and all I really had the desire to do when I met you was test my theory of taking from an immortal. Soul or no soul every living body has soul energy. Even the soulless. Hell I have managed to take from the recently departed before when I was desperate. Why should I care what you could do to me?" On top of the desire to test a theory on a Wraith of all people I noted common motives and views. Excuse me for attempting to settle on a common ground. As for Lucifer you really don't know much about your parentage...Not nearly as much as we do. You father is one of the most ancient of Witches...Not an angel. What Christians have placed their faith in is misinterpreted stories." He stepped closer pulling his jacket off and laying it onto his shoulder. "There were seven Witches in the beginning and five mortals. Lucifer was one of those originals. The other six Witches vowed to live among the mortals as equals while Lucifer saw them beneath their kind. He killed his twin brother, Raphael and pulled out his soul power. Lucifer was the first Wraith. Those Witches Ascended beyond our comprehension making two worlds separate from this one. Gehenna, Hell, and Sheol, Heaven both on parallel planes to Caosga, Earth. Sure, God could be real, but Witches were what we call angels and demons and gods. You may be ancient but you are not nearly as ancient as they are. Their existence and names have changed and Lucifer answers to all of his names. As for the others, I know Lilith was the first Familiar, the one we have come to know as Samael made her his Familiar, but Lucifer being more powerful broke the bond and turned her to him. The one we call Abel was the first Cursed One. From that point time changed languages and history nearly forgot them. Funny, the Catholic church preaches of angels and God, but it was they who first discovered the truth and hid it from mortals." Artemus informed her cautiously. "So now I have shared with you...Probably still not trusting me and plotting to kill me anyway...Sex or no?" Artemus was being blunt. He truly saw an ally in her, but he had to gain some form of respect or at least usefulness to prove himself to her which was difficult enough as it was, but with good reason.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments With an irritated sigh, Senka simply rolled her eyes, examining her nails. It wasn't that she was pissed she might be wrong, she didn't give a damn about that. But she was bored. Once she made up her mind about something it was impossible for someone else to change it. Left on her own to consider it she changed thought at light speed, but lectures just didn't do it for her. She pulled out her phone and checked it, scrolling through tumblr until he finally stopped just talking at her. "Alright, we good? Got all that boring ass lecture shit out of the way? Here's a tip, Mikah Ashling. Unless your information helps me kill someone or at least has any kind of real value, I probably don't care. I don't give a fuck what my dad truly is. I know what he's told me, and he's told me dozens of different stories of what he is. I know I'm not as old as them, how stupid do you think I am? Oh, and as for why to care what I can do to you? That's because I know how far I could push you. I know just how much torture I can put you through because I know how to kill you. And I know how to get so close to that line you'll feel like you're dying but you won't be. You'll just wish you were." As she spoke, her voice gradually began to change from as dismissive as it had been to cold and vicious. "As for sex?" She shrugged, shoving her phone back into her skinny jeans pocket. "Up to you. I'm out of practice with not killing people during or after, but for an ally such as yourself, I'll try. If not you I'm just going to go find someone else to fuck and actually murder so... I mean I'm down for the alley if you accept that whole me rusty on not killing people thing. I'm not exactly romantic obviously and it's not like I haven't done it on worse." She shrugged calmly.

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Artemus found it very appealing when she got vicious like that. "Wow, it is such a turn on when you get bloodthirsty." He turned holding the corner of his jacket still laid on his shoulder. As he reached the alley he slung it around and laid it on some empty crates. He turned around at the darkest point in the alleyway. He smirked. At first hsi eyes were closed, when he opened them they were glowing golden light in the darkness. Not like flashlight torches, but simply glowing brightly like a supernatural animal ready to kill it's prey, but he had control tonight he was finished feeding. About fifteen feet away a pile of ashes was all that remained of the Witch he had drained.

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