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Aurelia felt the snake slither between her legs and she wanted to move and try to break free. Though before she could do anything her groggy gaze met Artemus's cold one. She barely understood what he said and and opened her mouth to say something, but his fist collided with her face, giving her a bloodied nose and a deafening crack sound, though she was knocked unconscious once again. Like Artemus had predicted her wounds had healed within a matter of minutes from receiving them. As he picked her up, she rested against his chest, though was unaware of what was going on. As soon as the iron touched her wrists though, they started to burn her and caused thin red marks. She had become dead weight against him and if he wasn't careful, unknowingly she could've taken them both out. On the way to the inn she shifted and nuzzled his back though fell unconscious soon enough.

They had arrived at the hotel and as he carried her, she was nestled against his chest again. She flopped against the mattress as he threw her onto it. Her wrists had already healed themselves by the time he had cuffed her once again. The burning had occurred once again. She was laying there peacefully at least until water was splashed onto her and she woke with a gasp. She coughed slightly and hissed as the iron stung against her wrists. She then spotted Artemus and gave him an exasperated look. "God you still haven't killed me yet." She grumbled and leaned back.

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Artemus smirked, "Oh no...I want to have a bit of fun first. Haven't you ever heard of playing with your food before eating it? Well, I'm playing. What game first? Perhaps we play house...I'll be the father and you can be the babysitter who is unaware of the pleasures that await her before she dies? Or a favorite of mine, doctor...You can be the patient while I give you a physical before operation?" He wasn't hungry for a soul anymore and that only made pleasure more easy to seek out. "So go on now...what do you want to play?" He said putting seduction into his words.

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Aurelia gazed at him wondering if he was serious. As she saw he was she couldn't stop herself from laughing. It was a wholehearted laugh that filled the room. "Out of all the hunters I've encountered you are definitely the most humorous of them all." She commented with a smirk resting on her lips. "Oh please do surprise me, I may just find this event more humorous." She replied and that indignant glint in her eyes returned. She gazed up at Artemus and knew no matter how much pain he inflicted on her, it wouldn't have been anything she hadn't already felt. She had died so many ways that being raped and then killed wouldn't be too worrisome for her.

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Artemus gritted his teeth pure rage in his eyes. He pulled out the standard Hunter Witch prod which put out over 100 watts of electricity. He slammed it hard into her leg. "You can either humour my enthusiasm and live longer or you can wait for your death to come in a very gruesome way. You see it would have been pleasurable for you." He pulled back the prod. "Oh no, not now. I am going to filet your skin from your body and I will let you know now I've had plenty of energy to last me a while. I want your death to ahve more menaing than pure sexual pleasure. I am going to make you bleed and beg for death." He promised cruelly.

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Aurelia screamed as he electrocuted her. Her body jolted and tears brimmed from her eyes. As he stopped, she fell limp against the mattress as her body trembled in pain. She gazed up at him and decided to play along, at least if he gave her that decision. "Ok Hunter, though may I ask you something?" She asked him and without waiting for an answer she continued. "Why does a hunter have the powers of a witch?" She asked, her voice was weaker then before and with all the iron surrounding her she wasn't healing as fast as she normally would. She then actually thought over a game they could play. As much as she wanted to just get her death over with, she figured why not have some fun first. She then couldn't help but keep the idea of an alien out of her mind. Gods Aurie keep her head straight. She quickly scolded herself and waited for him to do something to her. She knew that tonight was going to be painful and she just prayed she passed out quickly that way she wouldn't have to deal with the pain too much. Though at this rate she figured he would draw this out for days if he had to.

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Artemus gave a far more vulnerable look to her like a teenage cast out formthe crowds and contemplating suicide. I have no powers of you demons. I am nothing like you worshipers of Satan. Naked bathers of the nights moon!" He spit on the floor with disgust as if having eaten a rotten fruit. "If you must know simply to prolong your agony with made up loss time...I am cursed. I was leading a group of hunters back in London and we found a Coven. Naturally no true great leader ruled it or the fight would have been far more fun. I lost everyone of my men in a slaughter. Someone had betrayed us and tipped them off. They had no Seer...We were the ones who became ambushed and what was meant to be a quick and painless death for the Witches became a bloodbath of my men. I was left beaten and alive. They cursed me as an Incubus. The curse I do not know the name of, but I am quite aware of it's basic extent. I am cursed to have to feed on soul energy. I must do so through sexual encounters willing or forceful. Every Full Moon in order for me to survive I must claim a victim...while during the daylight hours I am forced to take form of a serpent. The first earthly form Lucifer himself had taken. In order to take human form again during the day I must absorb a small morsel of soul energy. I was told of this after they had cursed me and that I would near my release should I find someone willing to offer pieces of their own soul for my survival. they said if it does occur the one will always be close to death, but never truly die. For as long as I only take parts of their soul at a time then time itself will heal their soul if they are truly of pure intent in offering themselves to me. By pure I mean with true love in their heart. I personally think it was to keep me suffering and from committing suicide. just something to keep me searching for and never find. I can't be around anyone without the inner urge to drain them of their soul. It is a primal hunger that must constantly be fuelled. I feel weak if I do not do it at least once a week. The abundance of Witches here, however, may provide em with an every night meal." He actually shared a vulnerable part of himself with her. It had happened for the first time in a very long time he felt human talking about it. "I was twenty-one when it happened." He hated this feeling. He had grown so used to being empty of child-like care and void of emotion and pain. This feeling was far from that experience.

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Aurelia listened to him intently and as he explained everything to her she simply sighed and her eyes grew distant. "A curse. Now I understand why you've condemned us all. Don't blame you really, I was cursed too." She said gently and pain seemed to fill her eyes. "Seventeen, I was only seventeen and I received the curse of death. Not only death, but renewal also. I have lived so many lives I just want to stay dead, but every time I get killed I pop back up and receive a far more crueler death then the one before. I've never lived past twenty-five though. I thought I was going to make it this time also. So close, yet here we are." She said her voice trembled slightly and as she gazed at him, something about him just broke her heart, he reminded her of someone, she didn't know who though. "True love isn't a fantasy either, but it sure does hurt like hell. Especially once you lose them forever." Her gaze had softened and memories from past lives flooded her system and she bit her cheek so she wouldn't cry. She then continued her gaze landing on him. "Go on, do as all of the hunters before you've done, slay the wicked she-devil." She said bitterly and her voice almost cracked. She closed her eyes and prayed that once he did kill her she'd stay dead. She knew he wanted to cause her excruciating amounts of pain and even if her death wasn't fast she just prayed she would stay dead. Aurelia was sick of this game her curse has caused. It's become tiresome and she felt ill on the inside as she laid there. Whether that was from the iron or from something else, it didn't really matter as long as she stayed dead. Death, it was a horrible thing to wish for, however, Aurie has done horrid things in her past heck last night was one of those horrid things, but it didn't seem to matter as she kept receiving second chances.

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Artemus downed his head hearing her own curse. She was a Witch no matter what. She deserved death for the crimes against nature that she has conducted by simply using her magic. He clenched his fist as tight as his jaw glaring at the floor, but in truth glaring deep into his mind. He was staring at another part of him. He stood with his blade and without second thought looked into the eyes of the one who begged for death just as he predicted and gutted her clean. She would choke on her own blood before bleeding out onto the floor to die. He would clean his blade and kiss her cheek with a pray. Making sure to leave her eyes open so she could not ascend into Heaven.
Then, he saw another part of himself deep inside. It was this art he acted upon so thoughtlessly. He pulled out his blade with a cruel look in his eyes, but it was not cruelty for her, but himself. He would have to punish himself after this. He raised the blade high above her with a clean slice and then another her wrist were free of the iron cuffs. He considered killing her and being done with it jsut like all the others, but something was off, different as if one of his own past lives were making him stop as it had remembered her. He turned his back to her tightening his own grip on a desk as he dropped his blade to the floor with a loud echoing cling. "Just go! Okay?! Just go and count this as your second chance. You say you are cursed with death and rebirth...Feel life and escape death. Perhaps then Death with claim you at last for a final time. Perhaps Death will be merciful and Hell will be cruel. Just leave!" His last words to her forced tears. He had omitted everything he had been trained to do and believe in for a single Witches life of constant misery. Who knew she could die any day now and he would simply face her again in twenty years.

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Aurelia watched him for a moment but as he pulled out his knife she couldn't watch. She wanted to struggle and try and free herself and to live, but she couldn't. She was always doing that, trying to live. Now she wanted to die, she really did and he sliced at her twice. Her hands fell and she opened her eyes and slowly say up, completely shocked. She didn't move as she was too stunned. Then his words hit her and her eyes softened. "The only way for my curse to be broken is for my true love to kill me." She replied and got up from the bed. She gazed at him and her gaze fluttered to the door though she didn't move towards it. In fact she moved towards Artemus and she hugged him from behind. "I'm sorry." Aurie may have had a death wish, but her apology to him was sincere. She didn't care if he did kill her now, he just seemed lonely to her and Aurelia hated seeming people upset. Call her bipolar, but even when her enemy was upset she too felt sad. She slowly felt her strength return to her as she stood with her arms wrapped around a cursed witch hunter. It was one thing if he was just cursed, but Aurelia was hugging a witch hunter. She didn't have any powers that she could truly use as her defense. "I don't understand. Why haven't you killed me?" She asked confused.

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Artemus glared again at the floor. "Something inside me told me that you still had a life to live. Call it God, Lucifer, or just a growing conscience where one had not existed before. Where part of me feels like you should die the other part of me feels like you should live...then there is the third part of em that wants you to live to suffer only to grow old and die and be reborn again. You say it has taken it's stage before you are twenty five every time. Part of me wants you to live beyond it into old age only to die knowing you had a full single life and you are to repeat it for eternity. But as I said a piece of me also wants you to live so you can pick when you die. Consider this God's second chance for you. your entire life may be full of them, but this is one that I was ordained to permit. Something more than myself made it impossible for me to kill you." Artemus admitted before his eyes turned cold with hate and jealousy..."At least you are able to love. If I find my love I will kill her one way or another and it will be just as if not more painful for me to do so. No life will amount to that of whom I'm destined for. Now, get out of this bleeding place before I do kill you! I said a second chance! If you make it so easy next time I will be forced to give no chances at life and perhaps none to death either if the society desires a live specimen." Artemus admitted accepting no hug no touch as he stood mroe straight shrugging ehr touch form him. He had not felt such a sensual touch in forever it felt like, but no matter he was not keen on feeling it again. "If you truly want to exchange something for your life save your thanks and provide me with information on someone very important to me. I seek a girl by the name of Variel Ashling. Have you heard of her?" He thought it to be a long shot becuase surely his beloved sister was not associated with the servants of Satan. thana gain last he saw of ehr she had quite the wild streak.

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Aurelia had released him and gazed at him as he spoke. She had listened to everything he said and found it quite interesting. "In the end I always die, so guess it really doesn't matter how I die." She commented and as he brushed her off she pouted. That was something Aurie liked, attention. Maybe it was due to her siren powers or that she was just female. Then he asked about Variel and Aurelia laughed. She had found herself sitting on the edge of the bed once again. "Oh that's rich. So what do you need with her anyways?" She asked curiously and wasn't sure whether or not she should disclose that kind of information with a hunter even if Variel was just a familiar, she was still Damian's familiar. As Aurelia sat on the bed she stretched and finally her lack of sleep was catching up with her. She laid back, so her legs were still dangling off the edge of the bed. As Aurelia waited for an answer she started to drift off. This wasn't one of her best ideas, but she was exhausted and this bed was the closest one to her. She didn't wait for his reason of wanting Variel before she curled on her side and fell asleep soundly. Even though she wasn't trying to she was playing with fire, she obviously was by now. Aurelia's breath slowed and she slept like a baby.

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Artemus went to answer and say it was his sister, but when he saw the Witch was asleep something deep inside felt the desire to kill her, but something even deeper told him to do what was the more human action. He pulled the sheet over her and sat in the chair by the window. He kept the curtain cracked slightly looking for any sign of someone coming up. When someone passed by the window he ensured there would be no glancing in. He could easily take advantage fo the Witch, but he felt mroe and mroe like he couldn't. What was wrong with him? He was losing all of hsi training for hunting and killing Witches over one single Witch.

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Aurelia was on the center of the bed and she didn't make much noise. She had a surprisingly quiet rest. No dreams plague her and she barely moved. Though after almost a hour of sleep her eyes started to flutter and she started shaking. Her powers of precognition kicked in and images flashed by. Lights blinded her and nothing made much sense. Booming voices, and something else filled her senses. This feeling that filled her was something she had never felt before. It practically entranced her as her vision grew more vivid she started shifting and her breath grew ragged. She started mumbling in another language and unknowingly she was spilling out details of the coven, if she was speaking a legible language it could've been any hunter's dream. Her heart rate spiked and her vitals went haywire. Her voice didn't seem to belong to herself as she laid there. She repeated one phrase several times, it would've translated to "they will rise." She said this phrase in the foreign language once more before her body went rigid and fell limp against the bed once again. She groaned softly before she shifted into a small ball and fell still and silent once more.

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Artemus knew nothing of the language that Aurelia was speaking in, but he did know someone who could easily figure it out. Artemus recorded the last bit before she started to repeat herself over and over again. He stuck the recording in his pocket and frowned, "She knows something..." He said quietly to himself. The guy he knew went to college for foreign languages and was fluent in both German and French and was gifted in figuring out basic context in other languages. He was very talented and best of all he was human. Artemus stood and looked over her sleeping form. It was time for the both of them to leave. He moved to her and shook her lgihtly, "Wake up...It's time tog o. You and I have overstayed our welcome." He said plainly. He grabbed his bag and stood ready with his bike helmet and gloves. "Come on get up. They find any sign of you ahving been here and you will be hunted as a main priority. The hunters in your area are vicious.they have no true skill but to bring pain as quickly as possible, but they don't understand that there are more ways than simplistic pains that can get a Witch to start talking." He explained sounding of cruelty mixing with excitement in his voice.

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Aurelia seemed quite peaceful. As he shook her gently she groaned and shifted. Her eyes cracked open to gaze at him, though she really didn't hear what he said. She yawned and rubbed her eyes tiredly. She really only heard the end of what he was talking about with the hunters. She lifted herself up so she was sitting up. "Why'd you wake up? I'm sleepy" She complained, almost sounding like a little kid. She may have the title as elder in the coven, but Aurie was still quite childish especially when she was tired. She hadn't really paid much mind to the cruel excitement in his voice as she had been waking up. She hadn't even gotten up from the bed yet as she gazed at him, her eyes were droopy and her posture slacked, but her hair still looked incredible. Aurelia gazed Artemus and realized she didn't know his name. She would've thought more on the subject if she wasn't still half asleep. She gazed at him and realized he had his stuff in his hands. "Are you going somewhere?" She asked curiously, not realizing that was why he had gotten her up, because they were both leaving. Aurelia hadn't even realized that she had a precognition as she slept, so although Artemus had witnessed it, she had no idea it even happened.

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Artemus nodded, "We are both leaving. I can only take you so far a safe distance form here and then I have to drop you off. You said you knew Variel...Where does she live?" He asked desperate to get in touch with his long lost sister. The society of Hunter that he was with didn't have surveillance on him so he would be able to see at least one family member. He opened the door only to a crack and peered outside for a moment before shutting it back quietly. A group is rallying outside. Witches are getting hunted tonight. I expect where I leave you that you will be safe long enough. I am not killing you or even hurting you if you tell me where my sister is." He asked coldly. It was late afternoon and the sun was high in the middle of the sky. Outside the air was humid and hot. For most it would be hard to breathe for those who aren't used to the air it would be really hard to breathe that meany Artemus was used to the dampness, but the heat was murder.

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Aurelia didn't reply to what he said then he mentioned Variel again she she laid back down and started laughing quite loudly. She finally stopped laughing enough to give him an answer with a cheeky grin resting on her lips. "She lives with a witch." Aurie giggled and found this quite humorous. Variel's brother was a witch hunter while she was a familiar how tragic. "It's quite an interesting family you've got." She then said and almost seemed like she was high. Though in truth it was the herbs from the hunters outside. As Artemus had opened the door fragments of ash wood and basil had drifted in and Aurelia was laying on the bed and her gaze stayed on Artemus. Though almost as soon as the ash wood kicked in so did the basil. Her sight became doted and her body felt numb. "I can't see." She complained even though she was gazing right at him. Her other senses were still intact, but they also seemed to become a bit dotted as the fragments on Basil settled in her system.

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Artemus frowned, "Are you alright? Damn it!!! They are packed for a full assault. They have basil mixed with that ash dust. How do they expect to get anything accomplished with that mixture? Witches go stupid for ash wood it's like a sex drug...they gonna have sex during interrogations? I have never hunted with the stuff after seeing what heavy doses do." He said before turning on the Witch. "What about my sister? Damn it! Tell me who the Witch is that has her under it's spell!" He ordered almsot in a frantic desire to find her now. She could be a mindless servant spelled by the witch to do their bidding or worse become a sex slave. A lot of whore houses in Europe were ran by Witches who were gifted in seductive and glamour magics.

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Aurelia's next sense that left her was touch. She squirmed uncomfortably as she couldn't feel anything. "Variel is a familiar." She the managed to say though she had lustful desires even without having all of her senses. "Hunter I can't feel anything. What'd you do to me?" She asked him accusingly, not realizing there was a raid assembling outside. All she knew was that she was blind and she couldn't feel anything and she wanted to have sex. Her hearing started to waver on her next. She was losing all of her senses. Though of course her most prominent ones were the first to go. She couldn't do much as she laid their almost going completely senseless. "I don't like this. I can't see. I can't feel. I can barely hear anything. And I want to have sex." Aurelia was quite blunt, but when she wanted something she wasn't afraid to admit it even if it was just because of the ash wood.

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Artemus raised an eyebrow, "I didn't do anything. You will have to wait those feelings out. You losing senses could be the way I get you out of here." He said with a smile reaching under the bed to find a complementary body bag for foreign hunter body disposal. He pulled it out and laid it beside of her, "Get in the bag, now!" He ordered harshly as the raid started knocking on doors to gather any out of towners wanting to join the hunt. Artemus frowned, "Now!" He ordered tkaing no answers and having paid no mind to what she said about Vari as his senses started heightening with paranoia. He pushed her over intot eh bag rather forcefully and zipped it half way up. "Play dead they are here." Just as he spoke a hard knock on the door came. "Just a second." He moved tot the bathroom and turned on bath water. He opened the door and a crusty looking man with some years under his belt and a redneck accent smirked, "You gonna head out with us there England buddy?"
Artemus made a grimace, "Unfortunately, no...I have my own business to handle. I just killed a hierarchy position." He said nodding to Aurelia. "Alright, well if you change your mind we are driving them devil worshipers to the caves and we gonna flank em' from behind. It's uh gonna be a pretty nice bloodbath. If you change your mind meet us somewhere close. Take it easy and stay off our turff unless youn's are uhwith us." Artemus mickingly gave a salute with two fingers, "Will do, there buddy." He said with a mocking country American accent. He closed the door and sighed hard, "I hate American hunters." He said with pure disgust in his words. "Come on stay stiff and stay silent...understood?" Why was he even wasting time to save her life. It seemed so pointless.

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Aurelia really couldn't hear much of what he said. Before she even knew what was going on, she was in a body bag. All she heard was dead and she heard banging on the door. She laid still in the bag, but more powdered herbs infected her systems. An urge or rather desire overcame her. She heard that door close and started giggling. She started repeating the phrase from when she was asleep. 'They will rise.' She continued to say it in the foreign language and continued to giggle. "And you all will perish." She finished off cruelly. She then started spouting absolute nonsense from her previous lives, nothing was of great importance, though now she was completely deaf so even if he said something to her, she wouldn't respond. She then went on about the massacre he had described to her earlier. "There was so much blood, I was covered in it, but I didn't kill anyone. I was simply the one the had get the information. Then they cursed someone. It was a bloody massacre. I was too young for that. A bloody massacre." She continued repeating herself and tears fell onto her cheeks, though she made no move to remove them.

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Artemus frowned as she started talking about his own past. How could she have been there? She had to be his age..."Shut up and some on...They are gone now." He said zipping the body bag up and pulling her over his shoulder. He hoped she would keep quiet...maybe if she lost her hearing entirely she would be like a deaf person and say nothing. If she did speak maybe someone would think that he was going to bury her alive. He put her on her stomach over the motorcycle and put his helmet on. He held her with one hand and started the bike and took off. He was taking ehr back to the Devereux Lounge. He had to make sure she would be found by someone who could help her. The place was overflowing with Witches on his lsit and he picked ehr as first. He had his target andhe was helping ehr escape now. As he pulled into the parking lot he didn't pull his helmet off. Instead he pulled her off the bike and unzipped the bodybag. He sat ehr up against the building, "Are you alright?" He asked looking ehr over.

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Aurelia had stopped talking as instead she had taken up crying over absolutely nothing. Her mind was addled and she felt sick. She was having a reaction to being filled with all these herbs. She was fading. As he picked her up, she knew she was moving but couldn't actually feel his touch. She was then set onto the motorcycle and once again she felt absolutely nothing. Well, almost nothing. The vibrations were evident, though the most prominent was the grew sickness. As he stopped and took her out of the body bad, she looked dazed and although she couldn't hear him it was almost like she knew what he was saying. "I don't feel good." She said simply before falling forwards into him. She was drugged up on so many herbs that it wouldn't be a surprise if there was also iron in the mix. Well there was that and get curse always had a lovely way of kicking in at the worst of times.

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Artemus frowned, "I'm saving your life this one last time after that you are on your own. I have acure Witches don't even know about." He pulled out a vial and shook it as it turned from clear to black. "Bane of Ash, Bane of Iron, Bane of Basil...and a list of other things too. I made it incase something caused a Witch to come closer to death. Here...You won't feel a thing." He promised as he stuck a syringe down into the liquid and filled it half way up. "Well, the first part is fine...the last part is you feeling the worst pain you can imagine times ten as you vomit up anything poisonous to your body." He said the last bit quickly unsure if she could even hear him as he stuck the needle into the thick jugular vein on her neck and pressed down. The liquid went in quickly. Someone walked out looking shocked, "Is she okay?" Artemus looked at him seriously. "She is fine she is has a severe allergy to shellfish go away she needs space." The guy listened racing back in. Artemus stood up and backed away knowing that black and crimson liquid was about to come forth from her. He hated himself so badly for helping ehr and yet felt so compelled to continue helping her.

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Aurelia couldn't hear him at all. As he stuck the needle in her neck she didn't even flinch. Though she felt the cure flood her system and like he said she felt the pain. She had begun to vomit up every poison in her body. Black and crimson swirled into a small pool. Pain laced through her and tears streaked down her cheeks, but slowly her vision and other senses returned to her. Her body was free from all the toxins that the hunters had given her. She gazed at Artemus before easing herself back against the building. "What did you give me?" She asked him curiously, her moment of being high was over and now she wanted to know what was going, at least before she passed out. Although there were witches around, Aurie doubted that anyone would show up to her rescue, no one ever did. At least no one did until Artemus. It was strange how her own allies seemed like complete strangers to her, but her gravest enemy she trusted. Aurelia gazed up at Artemus and pursed her lips. "So hunter do you have a name?" She finally asked.

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Artemus shook his head, "What I did was help you the anti-toxins I provided you with are for me to know and Witches to not. My name is of no importance but if you must know me by something call me Hunter. I enjoy being named after my title of profession. It isnt my real name, but I have no intention of sharing my identity with a Witch." He said it rather flatly to her but with no true coldness in his voice. "Are you going to be alright on your own? Also, the information on Variel ashling will be very much appreciated. Where does she work or live?" He asked in no mood for disturbance any longer. He got the soul he needed to survive another moon cycle and the soul he needed to remain human for the day.

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Aurelia didn't reply. She was tired and just wanted to curl up on her bed, but here she was in an alley, only half awake talking to a witch hunter of all things. She then thought over what she could give him about Variel without risking Damain coming after her. "She's Damian Devereux's familiar. Find him you'll find her. Though you better not go kill either of them otherwise you're going to have some problems." She said tiredly. "As being ok out here by myself. I'll be just peachy. Probably still be here in the morning and I'll wake up with a made migraine, otherwise I should be just peachy." Her words were completely hollow. She knew that she would pass out and no one would pay any mind to her. She may be a high rank member of the coven, but she had been dubbed the disposal one ever since her curse was enacted. "We'll go on leave me alone, I'll be here." She said and sighed softly. She figured that he would leave and with her luck the hunting party would find her. Though she was just too tired to really care.

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Artemus sighed with abit of anger..."Listen..I can either call you a cab or let you tag along until I make it to your house...as for my sister. She is not Familiar. You have lies jsut as every Witch does. you won't hit me where it hurts no matter how hard you strike, Witch. You are lucky to be alive still and I will not be as gracious as I ahve been this day. You will suffer in the end jsut as all Witches are meant to. I will fidn my sister and she will prove your lies false." He assured her. "Let's go so I can toss you once I know you are safe." He siad pulling ehr up hard and forcing ehr to walk back to his bike. He pulled out his phone and tightened his helmet strap. IT covered hsi face perfectly and the gloves covered his skin. He looked aorund ebfore going down a list of names on his phone and clicking on Devereux. "It's a whole brood of those fucking spellcasters. I'm going to kill them if they have done anything to my sister. It is they who will have the problems...escaping Hell." He started his bike taking ehr arms and wrapping them around his waist as he did a wheelie holding her hands with one arm and shooting down teh road. He was determined to get tot eh bottom of it all.

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He was in denial. It was almost humorous as Aurelia knew she wasn't lying. "Deep down you know I'm not lying. I mean I did tell you when I under the influence of all those freaking herbs and crap." She said as she gazed at him. Though before she knew it she was being dragged to her feet. She stumbled into him and struggled to walk after him, the only thing that kept her from falling was his tight hold on her upper arm. She barely made it on the bike without passing out. Though he wrapped her arms around him before she had a chance to. As he held her arms she slid up and nestled into his back. Then the wheeling came and her arms had tightened around him instantly. As they were off she had began to pass out and her arms loosened though stayed around him because of him holding her there. She forced herself to stay awake though, not wanting to be on this thing passed out. She didn't feel safe like that.

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[End Scene]
Artemus and Aurelia went to Devereux Residence

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Trust me. I'm not going to go around and shouting the truth." Variel laughed mirthlessly, jumping at every little tiny sound. It was obvious she was scared, but she didn't admit it. Probably never would. Her gaze went up to the sky and she bit her lip, but didn't say anything about it. As they moved she stuck close to his side, keeping her head down so luckily her hair his most of her face. Her nose twitched and she kept jumping, whining softly. "I don't know if I can do this, Mikah. This iron and I can smell hazel and mistletoe and this is not going to end well." She warned, slamming the door shut after him. At last she moved away, pacing around the room anxiously.

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"You will be fine...Most of the hunters have moved on. tey are raiding the entire town and it will be like anarchy out there soon. This is the safest place for you. You won't get hurt for as long as I'm here." Artemus promised her with a smile. "You look tired why not get some rest. Around night fall I expect you will have to go somewhere without me. I won't be able to cotrol the urge to hunt for souls and that half of me doesn't really know sister from whore Witch. It has a taste for anytihng new." He warned her rather coldly. He was clearly ashamed of the curse and he had the right to be. Him keeping himself alive was a sin agianst the code.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Well, half of that used to be accurate, but I'm all mature and boring now. Yay me." Variel grinned, shaking her head. "But most doesn't mean all. Not gonna lie, I still don't feel very safe. It's like being a cat in the middle of a pack of dogs. God am I antsy. I really don't like this at all. I trust you but I really don't trust anyone else here. I mean I know you said that I'm safe because you're here, but sorry if I'm still weird. It's not that I don't trust you it's because... Well... Yeah. Safe from everyone but you, is what I'm hearing. If we need I could go stay with Kali for a bit. Then you can get your deal done, and after you're all okay come over and we can just talk to Kali right away? It'd be efficient at least." She suggested.

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Artemus rolled his eyes looking out the window..."Okay, fine...At least I know you will be safe there." He grabbed his helmet off the desk and looked otu the door seeing no one. "Okay, come on then." He gestured as he stood at the door pulling his helmet on. "Act drunk...they never leave my room without looking dazed and confused...lost even." He told Vari plainly.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Ah, drunkenness. My old friend." Variel smirked, shaking her head with a grin. "Now let's see how good of an actress I am." She took a deep breath and let it out, smirking slightly. She leaned against him, starting to giggle from the absurdity of it all. Usually she was trying to act not drunk, and now she was trying to seem hammered to a bunch of hunters wouldn't kill her. This was one for the record books. Luckily the seemingly random and pointless giggling only helped her act improve.

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Artemus shook hsi ehad with a smile. "Lean on me..." He offered evne though she already had he gripped ehr waist tightly and walked her back to the bike. He helped her on it before climbing on himself. "Good show." He said as a couple fo hunters walke dout watching him closely. He already ahd his helmet on as always, but they saw something suspicious. He expected this much. They didn't like foreign hunters on their turf. Artemus started the bike and in a sharp donut he turned all the way around making Vari hold tightly with one hand on hers. He began speeding toward Kali's in hope that they could get there and he could go have sex and feed by sunset. Otherwise he would be too weak to stop a flea.

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