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This family loving place is in secret ran by Witch hunters. As Witches are subdued by Iron the name seemed to only give off the sign for Witches to back off.

In the basement area and entirely different building is the Headquarters of the local Witch Hunters. Seeming to be much larger than what is visible outside. This is used for studying abotu Witches and Witch Interrogations as well as Weapon Development.
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The car parked outside of the tavern. Salem was jerked out by his shirt and shoved inside. More hunters sitting down to drinks cheered. That's the fifth one this week. Way to Bastien! Maybe this one will get us some answers." A few cheered while a fem more were rushed out and the closed sign was put on the door. Salem struggled, but he had lost a lot of blood just on the ride. "Get that filth out of here! It's blood is all over the place now!" Someone shouted behind him. After that everything became a blur. they walked down itno the basement where a closet door was opened and was shoved in with three other guys. Great was he going to get gang raped or something? Then a jolt mad ehim relaize it was an elevator. An Elevator going down further into the ground. The walls began to turn from concrete to glass as what appeared to be a big laboratory or factory of sorts was revealed. Salem was shoved out of the elevator and dragged down the hall where he was placed in a room that had dried blood ont he walls. He was strapped down to a medical bed and a bright light was put in hsi eyes. The straps had iron string lining inside of them. His pwoers were useless and what bit touch hsi skin felt like fire. "Now, we are going to let you live if you give us the answers that we want. I expect you to do as we say or everyone you know will die." The face couldn't be seen past the bright light in his face, but the voice was very dark and deep. "Go ahead kill who you want. I know you will lose more than what we will. It took an army jsut to get two of us!" He spit in the direction of the voice ebfore he felt blackness in hsi eyes. He had to force hismelf to stay conscious.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Kali had never been an offensive person. Or one with a lot of outward force, really. Most of the things she did were mental, and she had almost no aggressive abilities. Not that they would have helped any, but that wasn't the point. The point was that she had never been even in a fight before, and now there was this. She was shaking, but she didn't make the sound. The iron net tossed over her left crisscross burn patterns on her skin, but still her mouth was tightly shut. She was stubborn enough to not give them that satisfaction. Apparently her silence didn't please them, because one of them pressed an iron cross against her palm.
"Oh, you like the screams, do you?" Reyna mused, swinging one leg over he bike and slowly stalking forward. "So do I. They're my favorite part. When big, high and mighty folks like you want screams?" She smiled wickedly. "I can give you screams." She raised her hands, and stood, bracing. Instantly the hunters outside not over Kali and Max swarmed her, which she expected. All she did was clench her fist, and instantly all of them around her screamed and hit the ground, writhing and wailing in pain. The others paled and some of them started for her. In moments they were on the ground in as much pain as the first.

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Ash stood getting off of the bike. He was shocked to see how much Reyna could do to so many using her abilities. The hunters were taking point on the roof top with guns aimed and crossbows. It didn't take Ash too long to catch on. He grabbed a knife from one of the down hunters and threw it hard hitting a hunter on top hard in the armpit as he fell with a scream. He picked up another knife off of another as a bullet was shot at him. His pwoers may have been suppressed, but that didn't stop some Witch attributes form spiking on occasions. The knife was thrown and sliced the bullet in half hitting two hunters who were rounding the vehicle. "Feels good to be back in the game." He smirked as an arrow was shot at him and he managed to spin low catching it and tossing it back with such force it would seem he had a cross bow of his own as it hit the man in the neck. the last one fell shooting his comrade. While Reyna dealt with the ground units he mvoed to the iron net and jerked it off of Kali. "Are you alright?" He asked examining the dog, "Is your dog hurt?" He hated seeing animals in pain, but the German Shepard didn't appear to be moving. He took in his surroundings seeing they were at some Tavern. "Is this all who they caught?" He asked curiously having heard plenty baout the Witch Hunters as the Wraith Mafia dealt with a few of them even making deals with them.

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Salem was too far underground to hear gunfire or even know he was going to be rescued. He felt helpless now. "Go on Witch tell us who is the Queen of the nest? Who leads you?! We want to know every Witch in Grievance county and we will break each individual bone in your body to get those names." Salem spit again only to be met with a hardcore pressure wash. "You know what is in that water, boy? St. John's Wort. You will be speaking the truth soon enough. Might as well tell us now willingly before it kicks in." Salem simply began laughing being with a high metabolism his body took to it quickly. "I won't tell if you don't." he said jokingly clearly having a heavy dosage seep into hsi pores.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Max snarled slightly, panting. She hauled herself to her feet, shaking out her fur and sending blood splattering everywhere. Some of it was hers, but the majority of it was from the hunters. Kali was shaking, glancing up at Ash. Then she looked back down at her arms. The marks were fading into thin scars all along her skin where the iron had touched. "Max is a SleepWalker." She told him, forcing herself to her feet. "My friend, Salem. He's still inside." She said, completely ignoring him asking about her. It wasn't the main concern. She closed her eyes, letting out a deep breath. Instantly, all of the hunters inside who were daydreaming or asleep collapsed. She'd never killed anyone before, she just knew that she could. And this was a worthy cause. She was shaking as she looked inside. "We have to save Salem. I told him..." She shook her head, biting her lip. Reyna pointed toward the door, and all the hunters on the top few floors screamed in agony and collapsed. "Come on!" She snapped.

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Ash was quick to rush in. He had no weapons and no powers. He was defenseless to the naked eye, but like Viktor he was trained in killing for money. He had a talent for it. Never one of his best qualities that he was proud to admit. He picked up a beer bottle and busted it on a guys head who quickly came to before hitting teh ground hard. "Which way? This place isn't that big. It is on the corner of the street. A top floor and a basement probably." Witches never entered the Iron Horse and once in their pwoers would be useless the walls were lined with iron. Everything metal was iron in this place form the tables joints to the hinges on the door. It made all witch abilities useless. This place was designed against Witches meaningfully and that was never a good thing. Ash moved to the back door and without his iron charm of protection spelled by his mother the iron would burn him jsut like any other Witch. He pushed the back door open, but it led to a small staircase going into the basement. He raced down and saw a few boxes and crates. Nothing unusual. If there was one thing that Ash ahd learned about the world in all his years it was that nothhing was ever as it seemed. He mvoed tot eh only clsoet inthe basement and it appeared as a regular closet. Then he felt the walls which were smooth like glass not rough stone which was what they appeared to be. "I believe I may have found it." He said plainly. "Come on there is jsut enough room for the four of us." He said stepping in and waiting for the women.

Salem was fighting the St. John's Wort and it wasn't easy. "Tell us who are the leaders in the Nest!" "My brother made a deal with the devil. He is High Priest...So much blood...He caused so many deaths and blamed them on you and Wraiths." Salem was given a jolt of electricity he screamed in pain. Then once it lifted he laughed...."Our Seer can't be found. She got away...She is friends with anyone who is lost in their journey." Another bolt of electricity. His veins tightened with his muscles as he gritted hsi teeth..."We are all going to die. Everyone of us. When they come I won't make it. I escaped death once but he is coming for me again." The man who was electricuting him then spoke, "Sir, I think he is speaking in riddles. Perhaps he is telling us everything, but we can't figure out how he is telling us. It makes a witch speak the truth it doesn't mean they can't twist the truth so we don't understandi t. This is the first time we have used this stuff. It was discovered in the French division to work and they seemed to have rather good effects. Maybe we try getting mroe direct answers?" The sound of someone hitting the guy could be heard as he fell to the floor with a thud. "I'll do it myself...raising the voltage to 300 watts." Salem was shocked again and now his clothes were smoldering. "Tell me who exactly is your brother?" Salem smiled, "The lover of a Familiar. The name of our father of the strong and brave. One who tames and subdues. High Priest of the grieving cliffs. Eternal leader!" The hunter was starting to figure it out. It was a riddle of sorts. "Good now who is the vision writer?" Salem laughed again before coughing up blood, "The dark one...Desired Lotus of integrity and perfection." The hunter laughed..."Excellent...Now tell me who is to lead the Coven next?" Salem was usnure how he knew deep down, but he did. It was odd. He had no real contorl over any of it. "Brave, strong man. Beautiful by Grace. John in old tongue. Happiness is Jacob's eighth son...promised a life of abundance by God above. Red! Keeper of the Forest!" Instead of stopping himself he started screaming it out. "Son of the High Power of the first New World Coven! Keeper of the Forest! Happiness is Jacob's eighth son promised a life of abundance! Reigning with power over the Earth and plants the Air, body, mind, and soul! Ages have come so long from here. It is born in our memories! It is set in stone long before our creation! Our leader will rise bound by iron chains of great power!!! Hecate's spell binds him with Immortals Breath! Be warned of his power unleashed! He will seek out the enemies he has long sought. None shall live should he follow darkness only light can prevail in hsi presence should he lead us down the path of sanctum. Not even the deals of Lucifer can bind us! He is a retribution against our wrong doers. Mortals and Witches shall come from a far to acknowledge his greatness and he will lead all beings of magic and light into a new dawn! My brother who plays my father shall be his only true enemy and in the end a great battle will come forth and destroy before it can rise life form the ashes once more!" Salem then passed out. It was buried deep int he subconscious mind of every Witch. His memories simply came forth mroe strongly under such an herbs influence with or without hsi pwoers it had awoken something deep inide himthat few Witches ahve ever been abel to tap innto. It was the voices of the ancestors before mortals and Witches were divided. Salem was lost in his own mind now. Searching the past and future of his own memories. He was discovering hismelf and everyone else. Whatever memories were coming to surface they were not simply his own but all memories. This room must have only had iron on one wlal and inthe straps around Salem, but nearing so close to hsi own Ascension his pwoers began to dig into him isntead of bursting forth.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Before the girls could make it there, one of the guys, still twitched in pain, rose from the ground. But before he could do anything to any of them, Reyna whipped around, kicking a guy in the neck. Her heel went through his throat, and he gurgled and hit the ground. Max was pissed. This was basically the same kind of mission she'd run half a dozen times. The only difference was species. And she didn't have a gun. Which she really wanted. Some kind of weapon (besides herself) always made her even more dangerous, which was a nice feeling. With a snarl, she followed after Kali into the elevator, soon followed by Reyna. The sniper pushed her way through legs to stand at the front, muscles coiled as Reyna hit the button. It was a disturbingly normal feeling to go down the elevator. At least there was no crappy elevator music. The instant the doors opened Max lunged forward, ripping out the throat of the guard before he could make a sound. She lifted her head, her nose twitching and ears swiveling. It was moments later she pinpointed where Salem was, but there was nothing she could do to tell the others. She simply started running in that direction, followed closely by Reyna and then Kali. Occasionally Reyna and/or Max would get sidetracked having to kill some people, but Kali, knowing she was useless at combat, still moved forward. She waited outside the door as the hunters around Salem began to stream out after the actual threats, Reyna and Max. There were only a couple left in the room when Kali sucked up her fear and stepped in. One tried to shoot her, but of course it rebounds to himself as the bullet wasn't iron. She swooped up his gun and shot the other one before kneeling beside Salem. She had just started to undo the shackles when another guard swooped in and flung the electricity back on. Before the Seer could do anything, Max darted after him. The guy was dead in seconds, but a dog couldn't turn the power off. Ignoring the electricity, Max clamped her jaws on the metal around Salem and pried it back, freeing Salem even before Kali threw the switch to turn the electricity off. Kali slid an arm around Salem's shoulder to support him as Max turned back to defend the doorway so they could get out.

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Ash helped kill a few of the guards, but they were outside of the door and he couldn't help but listen to what Salem had been reciting. The hunter who seemed to be the leader wasn't in the room. It was someone else who triggered the electricity. He looked aorund for moment frowning, "Um, who is the kid?" He asked cautiously as he kept looking aorund. It was too easy. How was it so easy? Salem was bobbing hsi head like a drunk and trying to lean on everyone..."What happened to my friends? We were having so much fun." No matter the pain he went through the St. john's Root held it's effects. Salem's leg was still bleeding and it seemed like more blood was pouring out once they moved him. Ash took charge and grabbed Salem from the ladies. "I will take him. We need to get out of here as quickly as possible...something isn't right." He said plainly. He held Salem in his arms like a man holding his bride as he walked out and looked both ways before racing toward the elevator once more. He got ina nd waited for the rest to get in too then once back inthe tavern basement he raced out toward the vehicles otuside. He put Salem down in the back seat. "He needs to get to a hospital. I'll keep the details quiet, but he needs help. Unless one of you Witches have healing powers you will need a full Coven to heal a wound like this. If iron is bad for Witches then this is bad." He explained plainly as he jumped into the driver seat.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Max leaped into the front seat and Kali slid in the back beside Salem. Reyna followed and focused on Salem. With her rather considerable power she easily took all the pain he felt away. "I'll catch up with you there." Reyna called over, sprinting in her heels to her motorcycle. She kicked it into starting and revved the engine, leaving behind a skid mark as she went off. Kali sat next to Salem in the backseat, shifting to put his head in her lap. Much like Variel did, she ran her fingers through his hair. But in an addition to what Variel did, she carefully slid into his dreams, once again manipulating them to have his dreams made up of only his best memories. She withdrew as soon as that was done, returning to sitting quietly.
In the front seat, Max shifted, though she was determinedly still sitting upright. The problem was that even though she couldn't feel the pain, the injury still affected her. Not that she'd let on. She looked up at the sky, wondering when night would end and she could be herself again. Blood ran in rivulets down her fur and pooled onto the seat, some her own blood, and some from hunters.

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Salem may have been injured by a gunshot, but the doctors could easily refuse to give medical attention after having left without being discharged and the fact that he may be on drugs given the St. John's wort. He was quickly unconscious formthe blood loss, but if the wort didn't wear off soon then Salem could be arrested. Not to mention he would be compelled to speak the truth and the truth was he was a Witch. The only reason he spoke in riddles before was because he was fighting telling the truth. He may not fight it if given enough pain killers. He would simply speak the truth.
His dreams were when he was younger and Damien took him and Erin to the park to play. They made their first friends there and Salem got bullied. He was five then and Erin was four. Erin punched the kid hard in the face and hugged Salem. It was violent, but hsi whole life was violent at least in that memory there was happiness.

Ash was flooring it. The speed limit was thirty and Ash was going well over eighty. They passed two cops and sirens were heard ebhind them, but that didn't last long. Ahs wasn't focused on police he was focused on helping someone in need and he felt that it was necessary ebcause of the deaths he ahd caused this night. It felt like his own way to make up for such deaths. One innocent life was grater than so many lives of killers. He was determined to help this kid live.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments It was easy for Reyna to beat them to the hospital, and honestly fun. She'd always loved riding her motorcycle, even under these circumstances. She dodged deftly between cars, weaving around and rocketing forward at over a hundred miles and hour before finally skidding to a stop by the hospital. She jumped out, and a few workers soon remembered that someone else was covering their patients, and a few other workers remembered they had to cover other people's patients. They all remembered that Salem was top priority. As a bonus, all the patients felt their pain slowly melt away.
"What time is it?" Kali called up to Ash, glancing at Max. The SleepWalker was shifting a bit uncomfortably, repeatedly glancing up at the sky. Obviously she was decidedly paranoid about when the sky would lighten and she would shift back, you didn't need to be a mind reader to figure that out.

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Ash looked at the clock on the dash, "Five Fifty-three...I cannot believe I have been out this late. Morning is already here. The sun is going to be rising in a few minutes." He said and sure enough onthe horizon the skies were turnign from dark to a hazed grey. A small group of nurses and doctors raced out to the vehicle. Ash unlocked the doors and got out slammingthe door closed behind him. He never thought abotu the fact tht the Sleepwalker would be changing as soon as the sun was in view. It would take at least twenty minutes to be seen on the ocean horizon a few miles off. He opened the door for Kali to get out as a stretcher was brought out and Salem was pulle donto it gently. He was passed otu entirely. "What is the patients name?" One called out then another spoke, "salem Devereux. He was here yesterday and left without checking out. He was suffering from delusional fits of rage after overdosing and being struck by lightening." "What is the situation now." "It appears the patient has suffered a gunshot wound to the left leg. Entry point from behind, possible bone fractures and excessive bleeding." They rushed him in quickly and Ash followed. "What are they going to do when they find an unrecorded substance in his system?" He asked curiously. He had to be on something when those hunters took him or he wouldn't have been ranting in riddles...What cna do that to someone?" He asked beginning to question if the kid was a drug addict. He kept his voice low looking at Reyna, "How can someone survive an Overdosage and a lightening strike?" He knew about Witches it didn't mean he knew everything there was to know about them. He had been raised by mortals and Witches alike having been given blood all his life. his own son's blood was what kept him looking the way he looked now after his death.
Salem started muttering, "St. John's wort...flowers...lot's of flowers...water them to make them grow. I'll tell you anything." Salem said muttering. "What is this kid on, I won't treat him for anything other thanthe wound. IF he is really stupid enough to drug himself after jsut leaving for the same problem. Let's get an IV in this kid and get me some tools. We have got to get this bullet out and set his leg. I see bone fragment sticking out." The doctor said as they all raced to get what was needed. they gave him oxygen and raced tot eh surgery ward. Ash was stopped by a nurse, "Family members only, sir...I'm sorry you can't go in there."

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((Post at hospital))

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