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Hate That I Love You
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An erotic tale of love lust and obsession

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Mykisha Mac | 10 comments Greetings!

I am MyKisha Mac, Author of Hate That I Love You. I come baring good news about my new hot novel that just dropped 4 . 24. 2015. A book I'm sure you would enjoy and all women can relate to. Have you ever had that one special guy, you absolutely hated that you loved? If so, here's the perfect book for you and the members of your book club. It also have all the secret ingredients to what true love is really all about.

First, I'll give you a sample chapter and let you decide if you would like more.


An Erotic Tale Of Love Lust And Obsession.


It’s the wee hours of the morning, and I‘m tossing and turning in an isolated cold bed. Craving Brad’s caress, missing his finesse. I can feel him and he’s not even near me. Whenever I see him, I never want him to go away. I preserve every moment as it may be the last. Holding on to his touch just isn’t enough; I need more, I want more, I want him. Fantasizing about how he feels in between my thighs. Thrusting, thriving, penetrating my walls and staring me deeply into my eyes. Touching the very essence of me.

The torture of his absence is grieving my soul. I am enslaved to his strong hold. Feeling like a caged bird struggling to be set free. The pit of my stomach is in knots and my mind, body and soul is drowning in anguish. Oh how my skin can still feel him as my tongue’s memory recollects the saltiness of his sweat. I entangle myself in his carved wood aroma that has invaded the pillows and sheets on my bed. I can’t help but wonder why am I still allowing this man to have this much power over me? Bad enough he controls my every thought during the day and now without warning, he strikes like a thief in the night. He has taken my sleep and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. My obsession with him is his greatest weapon. This has got to stop.

As much as it hurts, a huge part of me still is a glutton for more. It’s like he’s the sustenance to my soul and I’m grueling myself because I can’t seem to let go. Giving in may be my only option. Then and only then, my hunger will be controlled. The feel of urgency I get, from a measly thought of him is addictive. I find myself seeking that very same high every chance I get. I still can’t seem to understand why I have made him so special. When he doesn’t deserve it and may not even care. He did nothing to earn my love and I love him anyway.

I’m not sure if I can shake this stronghold, his strong grip of my heart. It gets tighter and tighter as the days and night goes by. My whole entire being longs for him. I am a prisoner of my emotions.

As I lay her with tears of contempt, streaming down my flushed cheeks, I know I am in love with my Bradley just not so sure if I can continue to love someone who takes my heart for granted. They say tears cleanses the wounds of a broken soul. If that’s so true, then why in the fuck do I feel like shit? He has awakened my love with little intentions of nurturing it. Does he not understand, love is not a light switch, I can’t turn off and on when it’s convenient for him? I’ve got to ride with it. I’ve got to explore it. If I don’t, it grieves.

There has got to be another way to deal with this. And I don’t have the slightest fucking clue of how to. I don’t understand for the life of me how his love does what no one else could do. Could this mean the mate of my soul has finally found me? Or might he be just another bad habit or a forbidden lover to this yearning spirit of mine? I must find out, I’ve got to find out. If I don’t… my mind, body and soul will not rest until I do.

He is a vital force to reckon with and I can no longer fight his supremacy that has taken full control of me. Ever since the day I met him, I go to sleep craving his touch and wake up craving his heart.

My desire for him won’t go away; I pull out my vibrator and rub it against my body as I fantasize it is Brad. I turn on the little button and the silicon dick shudders on my clitoris. I insert it inside of me but it doesn’t feel like Brad and it’s starting to piss me off. A sudden jerk ejects from my hand, as a chipping of paint hits the floor, along with my vibrator. My wall gets banged up more than I do. I pull the cover over my head as a sound of fierce anger, erupts through the sheets. I’m sure my neighbors can hear me but I don’t give a damn. My vibrator has always been my means of getting my rocks off and now because of him, it no longer satisfies me. I want the real thing, I’m in desperation for the real thing.

Laying here is not doing me any good, I get up and jump into my car. I drive downtown, as my mind is in a maze. Half asleep but awake enough to get to my destination. I park in the French Quarter and walk through the valley of the strip, hoping I’ll see the object of my obsession and he can take me to his place and fuck my brains out and put me out of this misery. It’s dark and soundless, not a lush from the night in sight.

I make it to the club, a place where he first introduced me to Jazz music and made love to my mind. I take a moment and glance around the empty room, Brad is nowhere in sight so I walk over to the bar.

“We are about to close and I only have time to fix one drink,” says the bartender.

I order my usual and I take it straight to the head and place the empty glass on the bar. I can hear the sound of Brad’s heartbeat as I drown out the smooth music coming from the juke box. There’s no one here and the bartender leaves from behind the bar and goes in the back. My heart is sprinting around a track field and I’m standing still. I can hear the sound of Brad’s voice and he hasn’t said a word to me. A crisp breeze creeps up my short dress and brushes against my moist pussy. It’s raging like a wild fire and I need to find my Bradley now.

Maybe the band didn’t play tonight because there’s no one in sight and the juke box is playing all by itself. I don’t care if they are about to shut down, I’m not leaving until I find him. I haven’t come down here in the twilight hours just to return back to an empty bed and hornier than when I left.

“Are you looking for me?” The raspy sound of element of surprise whispers into my ear.

I slowly turn around and scowl my beloved into his deep intense eyes.

“Yes, I am,” I reply with an engaging tone.

“Look no further,” He replies.

Available now on Amazon. Free with Kindle Unlimited or only .99 cents.

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Sontia Levy-Mason (booksbyaqueen) | 2 comments This sounds REALLY interesting! It's on my book list, thanks for sharing!!

Mykisha Mac | 10 comments Sontia wrote: "This sounds REALLY interesting! It's on my book list, thanks for sharing!!"

Thank you Sontia for your support! I really appreciate you AND enjoy your read!

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