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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments It was hard for Variel to contain herself from snorting in derision at the guys faith, but she managed to do it. She had never really placed a lot of faith in God, but it was after Krystal got sick that she really became an atheist. What God would let people got through that? She'd argued with Christians about it before, and their insistence that it was to teach a lesson. That was when Variel usually punched them to shut them up. So knowing it was Salem's magic, plus her own pre-existing disbelief, she didn't even acknowledge the guy's idiotic faith. "Based on how he is now, what do you think the odds of him going into a coma are?" She questioned worriedly, looking down at Salem. Once again she started playing with his hair, looking down and seeming to concentrate hard on that to distract herself from the bad news she expected was coming. But she was still listening for the paramedic's response with growing fear, biting her lower lip hard.

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The paramedic shook his head, "It's hard to say. I find that coma's are induced not because of medical conditions so much as a person's willpower to remain alive. The mind has to rework itself into reality. Therefore, it will keep the body alive for as long as it feels there is still something to be accomplished. It will be his willpower that determines whether or not he will wake up from such a thing. If the kid feels no desire to keep pushing forward he won't wake up. If he feels that there is still something to be done he will force himself awake. I've seen people stay in coma's for years before coming too just to get their lives back on track. It is a big reawakening of the mind, body, and soul when it happens. Most say they just felt like they were asleep, but psychiatrist have done studies showing that the brain is very competent without the body. If his soul is strong his brain will keep his body going to give him the time he needs to figure out what needs to be done." He shook his head, "After what I've seen with this guy so far, I'd say either he has a strong will or someone is making sure he finds the will to be strong." They pulled into the ambulance unloading and loading dock and pulled the stretcher out. They raced in and nurses and doctors were on the Salem almost instantly..."What happened? On the radio you said something about lightning?" The paramedic explained what he knew so far and then an officer stepped in as there was suspicion of foul play.
Salem was rushed back to an E.R. room where they worked on him, but Vari wasn't allowed back given that she wasn't a blood relative. Damien who was behind the ambulance wasn't there, yet. The waiting room was silent because apparently everyone heard about Salem's case over the intercom. Having the flu didn't seem half as anticipating as the status on Salem. The town was small not a lot of bad things happened that everyone would care about, but at this moment Salem may make the news.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((Can I have Kali show up, having heard that a coven member was hurt, or should I not...?))

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((You can bring in anyone and everyone you feel like...I'm always open to new twist...never ask always be confident that your choices you make will work out.))

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((oi where'd ya go?))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel stumbled back, sinking into a chair and putting her head in her hands. Great. Now what was she supposed to do? She had never been good at just sitting around and waiting, but now... It was a thousand times worse.
"Well that was a news announcement I've never heard before." Kali mused as she breezed in, so casual Variel lifted her head to stare at the newcomer. "Relax, doll. It's not that I don't care, it's that I look at caring differently. He's going to be just fine." She waved a hand dismissively, peering to the back room with an interested, raised eyebrow. "Hm. I wonder if they'd let me watch...." She mused, using a hand to rake her black and white hair back. She softened as she looked at Variel, softening. "Don't worry." She soothed, sitting next to the familiar. "Damien is almost here. He's worried too. But Salem will be ok." She promised. She couldn't see when, but she knew eventually Salem would be fine. However, she didn't know if it would be hours or years.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((Sorry I'm at a friends house playing Mortal Kombat for the first time lol))

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((lol what fun...haha..been there before.))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((It was fun xD we died a couple times but I'm not surprised lol))

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((Oh and sorry I wasn't on yesterday I had to be taken to the emergency room and hae test run over really bad pains. I had to have a CT scan and an ultrasound and a number of chest x-rays.))

Damien walked in with rage on his face. Only Variel would be able to see that the rage was to disguise the pain. "Where is he? I saw the lightening, where is he!" The last part wasn't a question it was a very loud and aggressive statement of demand. He didn't bother with checking with the receptionist he forced the doors open with pure strength something no mortal could accomplish the doors were key entrance only and locked at the top and bottom when closed. "Tell me where my brother is!!!" He said jerking a doctor up by his collar. "He was just brought in due to drug overdose and lightning strike!" The doctor pointed to the room and the curtain was closed. Frantic nurses and doctors could be heard behind the curtain. Damien ripped the curtain down and walked in, "Is he going to be okay? I swear I'm going to kill him when he wakes up!" The doctors pumped his stomach, but couldn't get his speeding heart rate under control. Once he actually saw Salem full on he lost his rage entirely. Tears slid down the sides of his cheeks. He nearly collapsed. Security guards walked in and kept him from falling once they dismissed the incredible strength for an adrenaline rush from hell. "Come on, son let's sit you down somewhere." They pulled a chair up and sat Damien down. Variel and Kali were free to walk in now because Damien had broke the doors they couldn't close automatically and the doctors weren't risking them getting stuck closed if they did managed it.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((That doesn't sound good D:))

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((It wasn't good, I have a very high pain tolerance and because of that pain tolerance I haven't gone to the hospital in four years. It was really bad to the point I was in tears and just because I don't have insurance they ran the test and refused to admit me into the hospital and actually find the real problem telling me that it isn't what they thought it was so I have to leave. I was denied medical service pretty much because I have no insurance to cover the cost of all those test they were running on me along with treatment for the actual problem. After the test they said everything they checked for was good so if the problem persist seek a family doctor or basic physician. Problem is still persisting, but I can't go to a regular physician without insurance at all. Believe me I tried. And the free health clinic can only do so much.))

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((gtg I'll reply to yours tomorrow ^_^))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments When Damien walked in Variel jumped up, starting over to him. When the security guards started to work on him, well... She was already hyped and stressed. One more thing, Damien being threatened, and that was enough. She snarled fiercely, darting in between Damien and the security guards. Eyes flashing, she glared at them, standing in front of her witch protectively. When they backed off she rushed back to Damien's side, sitting next to him and lightly kissing his cheek. "It'll be ok." She promised as much to calm him as herself. "You're the one who told me he'd be alright. Believe in what you yourself said." Biting her lip, she leaned against him, trying to ease her breathing back to normal.

Standing, Kali slowly walked across to stand in front of Damien and Variel."He will be alright." She said softly. "Like I said. I cannot see when, but eventually he will wake." The Seer promised, studying them. With a soft sigh she pulled out a chair to sit across from them, going quiet and simply sitting and waiting.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((Ooh, bet that's fun...))

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Salem may have been limp and practically dead, but his mind was working in overdrive. Not only was Atmokinesis kicking in, but Mnemokinesis was also kicking in. He saw flashbacks of the dreams he had tried so hard to suppress. He watched his last mother figure before Variel commit suicide so the other High Priestess could take rise. He then watched his brother drain the blood from a girl almost entirely. She had been watching him and Erin as children. Then he saw his brother murder his real parents in the car on the way to the ceremony during which Damien was to ascend, but he ascended in the car. It was then that he jumped up from his sleep breathing heavily. He then realized with his new power that it was not dreams it was repressed memories. His memories of his brother's horrible acts and crimes. What brought on almost complete cardiac arrest was his eyes meeting with Damien's as he awoke. Damien stood quickly in shock, "Salem? Are you alright?!" Salem started to hyperventilate and his heart rate started speeding even faster. Salem fell back jerking and doctors rushed in. "His temperature's rising...I need ice packs, stat!" A doctor called trying to keep Salem focused on him. His lips were turning blue and he was almost completely pale. He was jerking all over the shock of opening up his own memories before his Ascension was far too much strain on his mind and powers. It took a few minutes, but he went back into a calm rest and seemed almost entirely fine again, finally. The doctor walked up to Damien and the girls, "Which of you is a blood relative?" Damien then stood, "I'm his brother, I have full guardianship over him. What's wrong?" The doctor gave a reassuring smile..."He is fine..he needs his rest and we will transport him to his own room. He will need at least forty-eight hours of surveillance. We will also need to ask the one who rode with him here a few questions and anything you can tell us about his situation that could help will be appreciated. We can't see any burn marks from the lightening or scarring. We need your permission to take blood samples and then there will be an officer to interview you about the events. What we have heard is lightening strike, overdose, and he has multiple bruises on his ribs and a possible fracture in the same place. We will have to do x-rays." Damien nodded, "Yes, anything you need. I will help with whatever I can. give him the best of your service I'll pay anything that the insurance doesn't." Damien said no longer caring if the mortals find out about Witches so much as caring if Salem is okay.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Standing, Variel started to agree to help, but she didn't get a chance to say anything before the other girl cried out. Kali doubled over, her head in her hands. Because of her Seer powers and the spike in Salem, she Saw. Everything that Salem had seen about Damien she did too. As it looked like she was having some odd kind of attack, she was swarmed by extra nurses. The problem was that with them helping her up, it meant skin to skin contact. And that meant that she could see everything.
There was a young woman on Kali's shoulder, helping her up. In an instant, Kali could see everything. A small blonde girl was running through a yard, running right to her mother's arms. Then the blonde was standing with her mother over a grave. Both were crying, and Kali could feel the girl's lack of comprehension of what had happened to her father. The the girl was going to school, walking through hallways that changed from preschool all the way up to college. The woman got married, and her and her husband were expecting a baby girl. But recently, maybe only a month ago, the woman had miscarried.
In the time she'd gotten back onto her chair, Kali had seen the entire life of a woman and felt all of her pain. But she was used to it. Not to say it didn't effect her, but as she wiped blood tears from her face, she focussed on what was really important. She extracted herself from the nurses, waving them away and assuring them she was completely fine. She caught Variel's hand, and since she was braced for it she managed to not see Variel's life. Instead, she sent an image to Variel. One of the highschoolers beating up Salem. Before Kali pulled away she could feel the rage erupt in the familiar. "Don't kill them." Was all Kali said before turning from Variel and to Damien.
Variel kissed Damien's cheek, backing away. "I'll be back. I promise." She swore before turning and running out the door. She was not a person who could just sit around, especially now that she had an outlet for her pent-up anger and frustration.
Wiping away the red stains on her cheeks, Kali stared at Damien, studying him. "I believe we need to talk. Actually, I believe that you should talk and explain, and I should listen." She said flatly.

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Damien turned from his brother and looked after Vari as she left, "Where is she going?" He demanded..."What are you talking about? I need to explain nothing to you. Your job is bless and damn marriages and pregnancies. Don't tell me what I have to do. I won't be ordered around by a lesser rank. I am the High Priest and you are simply the Seer..." Damien became worrisome. If she knew then he would have to dispose of her the same way he disposed of the two High Priestesses before the current one. He looked at her almost enraged that she would make such a notion that Damien had to do anything under her orders. "I need to talk and explain things to the police unless you would rather them learn about us. I will be talking to the doctors in a moment and signing a few forms. I won't be bothered with your oracle nonsense." A doctor and a police officer walked up to the two and Damien straightened his form and hushed the conversation with Kali quickly.
The officer spoke, "If foul play was a factor do you know who would have done it?" Damien shook his head, "No...He came home depressed, but I figured it was just a game thing. I noticed the bruises, but when I aske dhim abotu them he refused to answer me." Damien sounded more enraged than hurt that Salem actually refused him of anything. "I see, and according to the paramedics you said something about his medications were switched from minor headache relief pills to nerve medicine which is a narcotic. We also have in the report that alcohol could be smelled on his breath. Do you know when he started drinking?" Damien shook his head, "No, officer...If he did consume alcohol it was without my supervision or consent." Damien was rather believable in his lie and seemed to be able to handle his composure rather well. Damien looked at Kali who still had bits of blood on her eyes. He was hopeful the mortals would dismiss it as running makeup. The girl clearly wore some freaky things, why not blood coloured eyeliner.
The doctor then stepped back with the officer and talked before the officer shook his hand and left, "Yes, officer...we will notify you when he wakes up." The doctor then moved back to Kali and Damien. "Alright, when the paramedics said lightning struck him is there any witness account to this?" Damien nodded, "Yeah, she just left...Variel was in the ambulance when it happened. I heard thunder when I was getting ready to walk out and follow them before I saw the flash of lightning, but the paramedics were mistaken, it didn't hit the ambulance at all otherwise it would have left more than one victim. It may have made contact with the vehicle, but it didn't strike it. I watched the bolt flash for a moment and it came in at an angle from the sky hitting the interior of the ambulance, but I didn't see it hit Salem."
The doctor nodded, "Thank you for your time, we are going to be placing your brother under a few test. I will need you to sign off on a few things, does any medical practices offend your personal beliefs or religion?" Damien shook his head again, "No." The doctor nodded writing on his pad, "Alright sign here and here and date here. We will do a CT scan, X Ray, and run a few brain scans to make sure everything is working appropriately and we will be holding him for a two days hopefully he will be well enough to go home soon."Damien took the pen and paper and signed where the doctor had marked. "Thank you doctor...I have to go home is there anyway that I can be contacted when he has been placed in a room? I already filled out my number." The doctor patted Damien's shoulder and gave a kind smile, "Absolutely, don't worry he will be in good hands." Damien then stood looking at Kali for a moment and pulling a pack of cigs from his pocket as he walked toward the door. He was not about to give her a chance to speak while in the hospital. He walked outside and looked around. No one was around so he lit his index finger on fire and lit his cigarette. He never carried a lighter anymore because he had mastered pyrokinesis. He puffed the smoke blowing out perfect circles while looking around for Variel. He awaited the Seer to follow knowing very well that she would.

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((You don't have to match that if you don't wanna. It is mainly a monologue.))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((Good since there's no way I could lol))

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((lol..yeah I got bored just waking up and al and sort of just wrote as if I were rping with myself and you just kept butting in lol haha jk. Sometimes I just get lost and forget that "hey someone has to reply to this."))

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((I don't want your guarantees I want your rps!!! {:O))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Kali waited fairly patiently, examining her black pained fingernails as she did. Frowning, she paused as she felt the intense anger directed at her. She scrunched up her nose at just how much he wanted to harm her. She knew it wouldn't work with her abilities though. Her Pain/injury Reflection was something she didn't control, it was just automatic. No one could harm her, it was a simple fact. When he moved outside she drifted after him, brushing off a speck of lint from the ripped black skinny jeans. "Yes." She said flatly. "I am "simply a Seer." But I am a damn good one and I can See everything. I Saw your brother's thoughts. I can read yours now. The worry, anxiety, the rage. So is it oracle nonsense that I know you killed your parents?" She challenged, folding her arms as she looked up at him. She didn't sound condemning, however. Yet. In her opinion everyone should get a chance to tell their side of the story. At this point it would take a hell of a lot to convince her it wasn't his problem, but he should get a say. And delving into minds without permission was not something she did very often, and she was unwilling to now.

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Damien turned on her glaring, "Why don't you mind your own business." He then laughed once he heard her accusation. "You must be ill or faint hearted to accuse the High Priest of murder. Do you not think that the High Priestess would have figured such a thing out by now were it true. If you are looking to place someone on the gallows seek elsewhere. Your visions are false. I have no recollection of killing my parents. I have told everyone that Wraiths were the ones who killed them. I was unconscious when I ascended so do please reach into the mind of another and see false memories once more. I will declare you unfit to be placed so highly." He tossed the cigarette down. "Now if you'll excuse me I'd like to clean my house and straighten things up before I have to come back here to check on my brother. "Honestly, if you think that I killed my parents would I not kill my siblings as well? Given that their memories could be unlocked with a number of rituals and spells I find it would be hard to have gone so long without getting noticed. Now if you would like to push the matter further I would be happy to recollect all of my memories in front of the entire counsel." Damien challenged ehr with his tone as if daring her to delve deeper into his mind or Salem's. He was basically giving her a nonverbal threat for her life. If she pushed the matter he wouldn't need to do anything because he would speak to the dark lord of the underworld and ask for her death. But already he has asked for too many favors without any true price being paid. Damien owed Lucifer an innocent soul and if he didn't pay up eventually the deal would be off and Damien would not be able to reach to the top of the Coven and take control. Damien will be forced to the bottom and possibly killed.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments After a moment of staring at him, Kali started laughing. "My goddess are you arrogant." She shook her head with a snort, "I do not claim to know everything. But if there's something I do know it's how to find out people's secrets, no matter what they are. And I know yours, Mr High Priest." Suddenly fierce, she took a step forward toward him fearlessly, looking up at him. "I know she doesn't know. But is the High Priestess a Seer? No. That's my job. So when I say I know your a Wraith, nothing you say will make me stop knowing that. You didn't kill your siblings because there was nothing to be gained from it. You got your parents' power. Your siblings were too young then, and now you're attached to them." She said with absolute confidence. "Now. Your option now is to try and explain to me why, not that you didn't because I know you did." She said patiently, folding her arms.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((I'm sorry I'm not on my posting A-Game but I'm watching Lake Placid and God do I love Betty White so much.
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((HAHAHAHA XD That's funny...I watch the Golden Girls just to see her...lol and the proposal)) (view spoiler)

Damien glared, "You want to know why? You really think you can comprehend as to why I killed them?" Damien took Kali by her hand and jerked her toward the parking lot like a misbehaving child. He moved tot he passenger side of his car and pushed her into it. "Buckle up." He said coldly as he got in and started the car. He pulled out hard and fast until the tires started screeching driving down the road to the more deserted part of town closer to his house. He drove her to Silver Moon Beach. Once they pulled up to a dirt road he drove it all the way out and finally came to a stop where a tree had fallen, "Come on." Damien only drove her out so far because if she decided to turn him in he would have to kill her. Or ask Satan to do it for him.
He expected she would follow as he walked down the road. It was night time now and it took about twenty minutes to reach the beach by foot. He had his car keys in his pocket with his cigarettes. He then turned to face the Seer. "I was young and all I could think abotu was the power that I would gain simply by taking another's life. My parents had powers that were suppressed by the High Priestess because of their disloyalty to their Coven. I hold nothing but loyalty to my Coven. I felt if anyone deserved to have their powers stripped from them entirely it was them for proving such disloyalty. I ascended by my parents deaths and I felt more power than anyone could ever imagine. After that I had to kill off those who suspected me of such an action. I wasn't about to make their deaths pointless or without meaning so I took their souls for power as well. No one deserves to die without meaning to their death.
As for Salem and Erin. I love them enough to care. My plans before were to kill them once they ascended, but I can't..you are right abotu that...I can't kill them because I care about them." He gritted his teeth and punched a tree with a thundering sound as bark shattered like glass. "I was eventually approached by the Lord of the Netherworld. He told me he had high expectations of me. No one ever had high expectations of me. He had faith in me that I would be able to bring Witches back from the Dark Ages to the age when we had power over mortals. He offered me a chance to lead the Coven into the new Golden Age. All I had to do was offer my first born. I haven't had kids for that reason. I have no first born and therefore no death will be wasted. Satan wants an innocent simply to get what he wants. Hell is filled with damned souls, but innocent souls haven't existed in Hell since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He lives for innocent souls to be cast into Hell. I'm not going to put an innocent through such torture. My parents weren't innocent. The High Priestess who committed suicide knew far too much and suspected I would kill her. I wasn't going to if she simply kept her mouth shut. It was when the new High PRiestess after her was brought forth that the Dark Lord came to me. He killed her, not me. He wanted me to rise to power. I did, but I'm not where he wants me to be because I haven't paid my dues, just yet. Even if I wanted out I wouldn't be able to get out. My soul is his until I offer a new one in my soul's place. The Guardian who was killed found out I was practicing dark magic under the surveillance of the dark ruler and so many deaths later have had to be done so that I may live to take our Coven into the Golden Age. If I do not kill after so long I begin to age from the overuse of power. Witches who choose not to kill for strength and still abuse their powers wither away. What is the point of having power if it will kill you in the end? I'm a Wraith for the good of the Coven. This wild goose hunt for Wraiths has been a hoax ever since I killed my parents. Everyone is on such a high alert for them they are far too blind to see that the threat is actually a blessing in disguise." Damien explained in a heated wave of frustration, literally his entire body was emitting heat. So many emotional walls were torn down. He was falling apart in one night. He fell to his knees as tears escaped from his eyes. "I'm trying to save our kind from extinction. The real threat is not Wraiths...it is mortals. We hold such fear of our secrets being revealed that we do not see who holds the real power. Mortals imitate us simply because they envy us with their Wiccan religions and their desire for power. They abuse such power. I look to better all of our kind for the greater good. With Witches inrule we will have no need for war over territory. We will be set under a single Coven united as whole over mortals keeping them in line." He explained further as he weeped.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Kali, not being one for physical contact, flinched and pulled away when he grabbed her, but she still followed after him, stepping into the car without complaint or hesitation. She was silent as they drove, and just as quiet as she walked down the beach after him. She jumped slightly as he destroyed the tree, but didn't say anything. Throughout all of this she remained quiet, listening patiently and intently. It didn't really help that when he spoke of the last High Priestess he basically said that if she told anyone about this he'd do his best to kill her, but she didn't blink. No one could kill her, they would just end up killing themselves since it would rebound. "I believe you." She said finally, staring at him and surprising herself. Then she stopped.
You would think that as a Seer, she would expect everything. But one thing she did not expect was for him to start crying. She stared at him, blinking almost helplessly. She didn't want anyone to cry, but she had something she needed to know. Almost hesitantly she walked closer to him, kneeling beside him and cautiously sliding an arm around his shoulders, doing her best to try and calm and soothe him. "Eric. The Seer before me, his name was Eric. Did you kill him?" She said, suddenly fierce. "I know he was killed by Wraiths. But was it you?" She pushed. "Don't try to lie to me. I will know. Did you kill him?"

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Damien downed his head unable to look her in the eyes. "Kali, I'm sorry...He got in the way. His death was like so many before and after him. I was going to kill the Wraith, but instead the wraith evaded my attack and Eric got in the way. I decided to try killing Wraiths, but it isn't the same power that comes from a pure Witch. I didn't want his death to be meaningless...So I took his soul and I killed the Wraith. Another reason why I brought you here. If you want to see the face of the man who attacked Eric he is at the bottom of this cove. I tried defending Eric only to kill him in the end. I'm so sorry...I swear I tried helping him. I actually came to his home to ask for guidance and help. I knew I could trust him beyond any High Priestess or other member of our Coven. I wanted to get out of Satan's deal...I came for his help and I was too late at stopping it. I tried Vitalum Vitalis, but it didn't work. The power I intended for the Wraith was meant to destroy his evil soul, but instead it killed an innocent. He didn't suffer...I promise you this. The spell killed him instantly. I barely had time to retrieve his soul...but the pain I felt when I did regrettably prevented me from being able to absorb his power and spirit. I held on to it instead. He was the only true unintentional death I had ever committed and the one I regret the most." Damien explained knowing very well the Seer would not be so forgiving to killing the only person she felt cared about her.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments When he apologized at first, Kali knew what was coming. She froze, but she forced herself to listen to what had happened to her friend. She withdrew her arm from around his shoulders and staggered to her feet, staring at him. A small breeze tousled her black and white hair, but she didn't even seem to notice. The only powers she'd worked on we're her mental ones. She knew that she had an air power, but she had done absolutely nothing with it. So with the sudden outburst of emotion with her rage and anguish, it started to grow out of control. "You..." She started almost incoherently, stumbling backwards. Logically, she knew it wasn't his fault. The problem was that she wasn't really thinking clearly at the moment. Years of not knowing exactly what had happened to her friend, and now the cause of his death had been right in front of her all along. Before, she honestly wouldn't have turned him in. She would have monitored him really closely and set numerous ground rules, but now... Eric had been her only friend. He'd helped her, and he was gone because of Damien. The wind around them picked up, but she didn't even seem to notice as she collapsed to her knees, her face in her hands. Around her the wind picked up into a tornado, but it didn't even move a hair out of place on Kali. She cried in the middle of the tornado, but the wind didn't effect her at all.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
Damien felt the winds pick up and instantly became concerned, "Kali, you need to calm down. I understand reason is in your mind, but you can't let your emotions control your powers...please..calm down. Don't think about what hurts you think of what has made you happy. Don't let your powers control you. You are the master of your own gifts. They are only a part of you that you hold control over. Take control, Kali!" He said trying to shout over the roaring winds. He would accept her rage, but he would not let her destroy herself. He wanted power to have power he had to have loyalty. He knew she would never forgive him for the incident that took place, but she had to know he was only pushing toward a brighter future and Eric was a horrible mistake. The wraith reacted faster than he anticipated. Damien killed the Wraith out of rage for what he had made Damien do and he could not stop reliving such a moment. It was that memory that forced such emotion out when he saw Salem. He only told Variel he would be okay for her, but in truth he felt Salem won't be okay in the end. The only way that Kal found out about him was because salem had flashbacks of his past. The past that had scarred him for life.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Eric made me happy!" Kali yelled at him, finally lifting her head from her hands. By now her cheeks were running with the red tears coming from her eyes, but she didn't seem to realize it. Despite being psychic, there was a lot she didn't realize, all of it about herself. She didn't realize how much she had loved Eric, both before he had died and now. It just didn't click with her the amount of emotion she felt when he had died, and now, knowing what had actually happened. "You took him from me!" She accused, rising slowly to her feet. She was usually a sweet, nonviolent person, and this was the first time she actually wanted to hurt someone else. Most of her powers didn't really lend themselves well to fighting, but now she had wind she could use. Most of her power was mental, and she had never really wielded a power before. So when she held a hand out to either side she was shaking slightly, but she didn't hesitate. Forced by the winds she controlled, water from the lake behind Damien rose, swirling up into a funnel. Meteorologists must be having panic attacks. She glared at him, her pale blue eyes beginning to lighten to a pure white with the force of the power she held. "He made me happy." She said again softly, her voice cracking slightly this time.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((I changed her views on Eric from friend to love because I though that would make her anger more reasonable lol))

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
Damien was cornered and had no way of escape without hurting her, but her life was not to be taken by him. he knew this. he couldn't do it unless she threatened to let him out, but after long knowing her connection with Eric he still would never be able to harm her. Damien only knew one thing he could do. "I know you loved him and I it hurt me just as much to know I killed him. I told you I could not take in his spirit and power, but I did manage to keep it. It may not be him, but it holds all of his memories, all of his thoughts, power, everything. I want you to have it!" Damien said yelling over the roar of wind that sound like a train over his head and the whistle that seemed almost ear splitting. He cupped his hands to his mouth and a ball of bright white light came forth. Damien fell to his knees again and held the soul of Eric up to Kali. He was offering it to her entirely. She could take it in to gain more power and control and have a piece of him in her always without being a Wraith. Damien was offering power to her without the consequences of death on her conscience.

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((lol I noticed and it felt right.))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((When I first wrote her history I almost had them together, but I couldn't make it work so I dropped it. I like this better anyway :P))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "It could never hurt you as much as it does me." Kali hissed viciously, the winds around her picking up sharply with the sudden spike of anger. She had been named after a Hindu goddess of power and destruction, but the name also could mean Lord of Death. And for the first time, the Seer looked like she was going to live up to her name. She stared at him as he offered up the pure soul, hesitating. She could see that it was actually Eric's because of the aura she could see around it. She took a deep breath, suddenly fascinated. She could see auras and thoughts and the like, yes. But she had never seen as much pure, raw energy before. Slowly she took a step forward, her eyes going from Damien to the soul. She gradually made her way closer to him, finally slowly reaching out to take it with a trembling hand. The instant her fingertips brushed it, the soul vanished and she cried out, and visible energy sparked from where she had touched it up her arm just under the skin. She could feel it under her skin moving to her heart, and when it finally got there she collapsed. The wind died down instantly except for directly around her, but she didn't move even when red dripped from behind her closed eyelids.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((Oh god now I have to come up with more powers for her to have since she got Eric's. All I know is that she will be excellent with the Sight since she has it doubled now. But the others she gets... Wanna help since I have no idea? :3))

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
((um...you don't actually get the gifts of that particular Witch when you take their power. You get the power, but not the gifts. It can either enhance your current gifts or in a Wraith it will unlock new gifts that they would not have been able to unlock without someone else's power. It's like a blood transfusion..you become stronger because you needed the blood, but it doesn't mean you will start behaving like the person whose blood you took. Although when counting her abilities I could only count eight so it could unlock a new power she was unable to unlock before. The Seer has Nine abilities total this includes her element and The Sight. As far as the Sight goes it has manifested in her with Precognition, Retrocognition, & Psychometry. You still have seven powers after the Sight: Pain/Injury Deflection, Dream Manipulation, Omnilingualism, Air Manipulation, Mind Reading, Prophecy Construction, & Aura Reading. You still have one gift you can add))

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Damien stood in fear and moved toward her fighting past the hard sphere of air around her. He held her in his arms.."Kali? Kali?!" He was unsure if a pure Witch could even take in a soul, but it certainly held different effects than when he took a soul in. For him it was physical changes mostly. He looked younger with each soul he took and stronger and more and more god-like rather than human. Damien felt as though he had killed her, perhaps pure Witches died when they took in souls. He knew it couldn't be because anyone could become a Wraith through dark magic. This was a lighter aura she had. She was being given power, yes, but would it make her a Wraith? She took in a soul of a dead Witch, she didn't kill and take the soul to Ascend because she was already Ascended. Would she have to collect souls to survive from now on like Damien does, or was it different because it was sacrificed to her?

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