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Unanswered Questions

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Anna Sobczak I don't Know about you... but this ending left too many unanswered questions. Does Day ever completely remember June. What happens to the government? What does June Do? What does Day do? just to name a few

kayla tulop Obviously.. I mean it is obvious to anyone that reads it.. We will never know unless she writes another book which is highly unlikely

Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict The ending is open to interpretation. The fact that Day says that June seems familar hints that he might completely remember her. Also in the ending its hinted that the government is doing better and so and so. I think what I like most about the ending is that its such an open ending. Unlike most books/movies it shows that the story still goes on even after the book finishes. The main plots of the government and the characters lives were solved but there is hints of there being stories after the ending which is completely realistic because thats what would happen in real life. Anyway, the ending of this book does hint at good things happen.

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Nora well in prodigy i think day says he wishes they could meet on the street... just like that ending.

Anna Sobczak yeah but they meet on the street WITHOUT REMEMBERING! sad. so sad.

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