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My Heart Is Broken. Now What? 12 Practices To Heal The Emotional Pain Of Being Abandoned By The One You Love
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message 1: by Patty (new)

Patty Hayes (httpgoodreadscompattybluehayes) | 6 comments My book is FREE, today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday)

These are 12 practices to put in place when you've been dumped, left wondering why they left. When there's no closure to a relationship, it adds an extra sting.

My book will help people dealing with heartbreak when they've been abandoned by the one they loved.

Enjoy and please share!

Patty Blue Hayes

message 2: by Las (new)

Las Lugosi (laslugosi) | 13 comments Hi Patty. This is a point of curiosity, not a comment on your book. I am genuinely interested in understanding why people on the West side of the US (vs the East I suppose, if we have to contrast) have developed such a therapy culture mentality to deal with ... life. Isn't life supposed to be inherently a combination of crapy things, punctuated occasionally by something nice? We perceive it as such anyway, don't we? As a result of our brains only being able to think at most ten minutes into the future, aren't most of us inherently messed up as it is? So if that is the case, why does the culture on the West coast seemingly tilt towards wanting to band aid over this issue rather than fix it? I understand that my point is to a certain extent a bastardly thing to write, but I am honestly fascinated by the level of BS a lot of people are so willing to shovel in order to escape the coldness of reality.

message 3: by Patty (new)

Patty Hayes (httpgoodreadscompattybluehayes) | 6 comments It does seem that California has that reputation for being 'out there' about personal development. I grew up in CT and agree there are geographic differences.

I think you'll find people all over the world who want to improve themselves, their enjoyment in life, their recovery from setbacks and heartbreaks, etc.

The mind is extremely powerful - it creates our reality. Think of the glass half full or empty; same glass. It all comes down to our beliefs and how we view life.

The reptilian part of the brain which was to keep us 'safe' from predators is still active but in modern day society now is triggered by perceived fears. 'I'll fail', 'I'm not worthy', 'It's too risky', etc.

So - if you're a person who believes people are bad, or the world is scary, or "reality is cold", then that is what the experience will be.

We're all having different experiences - I think that's what makes human beings so fascinating.

I appreciate curiosity :-)


message 4: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Carlo | 12 comments My Romantic Suspense “Hearts Under Fire” is on a FREE PROMOTION on Amazon until May 2nd.

I had it transleted in English after the success of the original Italian version.

message 5: by Las (new)

Las Lugosi (laslugosi) | 13 comments Hi Patty, thanks for the follow up. I should not have asked your opinion - now I want to buy your book to see what you wrote. LOL

Certainly, I agree with the concept of the modern human brain being induced to react to perceived notions of fear rather than actual danger. Some of us, at least people who write and publish and attempt to make a living at it, would not necessarily be classified into that position because we have to be bat crap crazy to believe in our ability to sell books. That point being set aside, experiences certainly shape people. My experiences growing up in Transylvania are vastly different than those experienced by people who grew up in CA in the 1970s (my age group). But I am always curious what binds us together as a species, as opposed to what separates us. What is the 2% difference in our brains from that of our next closes living relative, the chimp, that allowed us to rise to two feet, and walk out of the African plains to dominate the Earth the way we do? How is it possible that we are capable of ... blindly going where no human has gone before... as a species, although some of us have to be dragge dkicking and screaming towards the future? LOL

BTW, the part of me that is ruled by the "wiseass" gene has to point out that science would never consider a glass half empty. It is either full of a liquid or gas.


message 6: by Patty (new)

Patty Hayes (httpgoodreadscompattybluehayes) | 6 comments Las -

That is genius about the glass always being full of something, lol. I'm not too science minded, although now I love quantum physics, but that is so true. Liquid or gas, it's full.

Are you still in Romania, I guess it was Hungary when you grew up there. I was near Brasov a few years ago volunteering at an orphanage in Baile Tusnad. I plan on going back in the spring of 2016.

I will check out your profile to see what you write :-)


message 7: by Las (new)

Las Lugosi (laslugosi) | 13 comments Thank you for checking out my profile. I know exactly where B Tusnad is, spent many summers there as a kid in the late 1970s and early 80s. I left Romania in 1986, have been in the US ever since. I'm on the opposite side of the country from CA, live in Florida. I write about Dracula, for two reasons. One, I'm from Transylvania, and two, my last name is Lugosi. I think I am prohibited by international law from writing about anything else before I publish at least 3 books on vampires due to my place of birth and last name combination.

OK, quantum physics, now THAT grabs a person's attention. I am quite certain you know who Brian Green is, he is a string theory physicist. I just finished watching a lecture by him with other physicists, on the subject of neutrinos. I am fascinated by quantum particles. One thing one learns from these guys, Green, Tyson, Krauss, Feynman, etc, is just how integrated we are into the Universe. On a philosophical level that is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world today. We appear to have an arms length detachment from reality both in the physical as well as mental sense from the Universe and each other although there are more particles pulling us together than pushing each other apart. Yet, personal gravity, or as we call it, the law of attraction, breaks down on a daily basis amongst people. It is truly baffling.

message 8: by Summit (new)

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message 9: by Maria (new)

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