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Looking for a HR book

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message 1: by Jossie (new)

Jossie So I read a HR book a long time ago and I can't remember the title or the Author.
The story is about two indivduals who are force to marry each other. The male in his younger years, fell in love with a girl and wanted to marry her. His parents didn't allow him so he was forced to go to a ball to meet the girl he was to marry. The girl who was ready to hate him, instantly fell in love with him at first sight. The man and the girl married. Their marriage was a good one because they were good friends and she never question him. One day the girl of his dream from so long ago husband died and the nam and his long ago love wanted to be together. The man in order to keep his title decided to consumate his marriage with his wife and get her pregnant with a son. He wanted his duty to be done. remember he ended up falling in love with her. I believe the man desgin something of chocolate for a living but I'm not sure.
Can you please help me find the book I'm searching for?

Paula Sounds like an interesting book. i would love to read this also so please let me know if you ever find this book.

message 3: by Jossie (new)

Jossie Yeah, its been awhile since I read it.

Steph It sounds a bit like Ravishing the Heiress by Sherry Thomas, except for the chocolate part and the fact that Thomas's book is relatively recent (2012). I don't know how long ago you read the one you described.

message 5: by Jossie (new)

Jossie Thanks I'll look it up

message 6: by Jossie (new)

Jossie Yep thats the book. Thank you so much.

Steph Oh awesome! I can't believe it was the right one! (And now I'm vaguely remembering that he did buy a chocolate shop.

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