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Tammy Ferrante | 7 comments Treasure of Calliope is my first novel and is a story that I first started writing up while completing Nano/2014. The story is the first in a series of nine books called The Chronicles of Zeus' Daughters. This is a Young Adult series from the perspective of a young woman who learns that she and her cousin are Zeus' daughters, and he has many enemies. Her family is in danger, and when their parents disappear, they have to make a deal with the nymphs (fairies) to get their help in finding her parents and saving her family.

Although there is a romantic subplot between the protagonist, Kyra and Greek Titan Atlas, the romantic scenes between them are clean.

Here is the link to the PROLOGUE, CHAPTER ONE, and CHAPTER TWO --

The book is structured into 3 Acts - each act has 9 chapters. The first act is completely written (28,784 words).
If you are interested in reading all 9 chapters of ACT 1, please PM me.

Story Synopsis

I’ve dreamed of adventure my whole life, but no adventure is worth having my family’s lives in danger.

I’ve had the same nightmare for weeks until the dream that I had on the night of my birthday, when a man named Atlas appears and warns that my family is in danger. My world is quickly turned inside out when Zeus shows up on our front door announcing that he mine and my cousin Dara's biological father. He tells us we are in danger and we need to leave our home. A guide sent by the Fates named Phoebe tells us that Zeus has made many enemies and it is those enemies who are now coming after us. When our parents disappear, we call our aunt and uncle for help.

Phoebe tells us that we have to seek the help of the Nymphs but must first pass three challenges. One tempts us with power and riches, two tempts us with all the knowledge of the future, and three makes us face our worst fears – sharing our innermost secrets. The Nymph’s Queen instructs us to find and return the remains of Calliope’s son, which is hidden in three vessels somewhere on the Island of Lesbos.

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Tammy Ferrante | 7 comments Wil Scott, Great Scott Editing -- thank you for your time and comments in reading Act 1. I will be making the modifications this week and will re-post to Goodreads.

This is my first experience with Beta Readers on Goodreads and this has been a very positive experience for me.

ReadWriteLove28 | 164 comments Hi! Your novel sounds very interesting and I would be glad to discuss beta reading it for you. For more information on my beta reading services, please look at my website and contact me through there.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you!

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