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The Accidental Highland Hero (The Highlanders, #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Highlander Romance about Girl from Ireland sent to Scotland to Take Place of her Deceased Cousin [s]

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Patricia | 7 comments This is a historical romance book I read a few years ago and can't remember the title. I would love to re-read it and any help you can give me would be great! The book is about a young girl who grows up in a castle in Ireland and almost drowns picking up rocks. She is saved by a young man, they kiss and her abusive cousin comes along and he hides. Later, her female cousin dies and because she resembles her so much she is sent to Scotland for a marriage. During her trip over the Irish sea, there is a storm and she almost drowns again and hits her head and loses her memory. She is found and brought to a castle where she falls in love with the laird of the castle. She keeps trying to escape, but is always caught by the laird's men. The story keeps going in this manner and is very cute and entertaining.
Hope someone can help! This group is always great! Thanks so much!

Patricia | 7 comments I found the book by going through the Highlander Romance book. It is called the Accidental Highland Hero by Terry Spear.


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