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Razor and Ringer
Isabel Isabel Apr 26, 2015 05:16AM
Was anyone else shipping Ringer and Razor so hard and then absolutely crushed when razor and teacup died??

didnt like their romance. Up until she got kidnapped, the romance between her and ben had been slowly built up so that's what i was hoping it would come back to. Bringing this razor dude out of nowhere and having her fall for him so quick just felt like a total 180 for both her character and her arc with Ben. Then after getting betrayed, they up and have sex. I had the same problem with cassie and evan. Dude shot her and played a role in you know, destroying humanity. If only the women in my life were this forgiving.

I like Razor more than Ben. Team Razor

I broke my shipper heart- WAIT!!!!!WHAT!!! TEACUP DIES ... THIS IS... I DID NOT... OMG!

well ..its kinda sorta weird razor came out of no where and then after about a few months an intimate relationship began i mean TBH: it was kinda like Evan and Cassie but kinda sorta more fierce i guess but yah

Ngl... when I first read that Ringer had a love interest in Infinite Sea that wasn't Ben I FELT THE BETRAYAL IN MY HEART( which lbh Ringer had no interest in Ben but still !!! :C) But then I see their relationship developing and Razor being so cute that I couldn't help, but ship. I wonder how Ben will react though...

When I first read it, I had to reread it a couple of times, cause I couldn't believe my eyes. After all the stuff that they'd been through, and the lengths that Ringer went to save Teacup.... i just couldn't... And Razor... I mean they were so nice together... Just, why? And though I read the book when it came out, I'm still in denial. :'(

I shipped them so hard! Omg. I liked her for Ben too but not as much as I liked Razor for Ringer. They were so cute together. I was upset that Razor led Ringer to Vosch. Betrayal! But I got why he did it though.

Diana (last edited Apr 26, 2015 06:58PM ) Apr 26, 2015 06:29AM   -1 votes
YES! Ringer found someone she was happy with and I loved them together and they were so perfect because he just tried to make her happy :'(

And I especially didn't think that it would be teacup that he killed! I mean, its so crazy and horrible but beautiful at the same time :"( *sobs*

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