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This is a new thing! It will be great if you all look at it to see the other Arenas and the Memorials of all the tributes. It's a trial, and I will be starting with Arena One. It will take me a while, but if anyone else cares to do it, please let me know!

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░A░r░e░n░a░ ░O░n░e░

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Hyra Lade, District One

He wasn't particularly nervous. Not at all. The only thing that scared him would be the tributes, which was the main part of the Games. His Mentor had told him that (if he wanted to risk it) go to the Cornucopia, grab a weapon you're used to using and can use well, kill a few tributes then run away. He decided that would be his plan. Not that it was a brilliant or rubbish one, but it was the only one that had stuck in his mind. He hadn't been there when his district partner was sorting out her plans, but it seemed to him like she had everything covered. As for allies, he had no idea if he had any of them. Choice of weapon? Simple: Daggers.

"Now. I'm a nice Career, unlike the others. I don't know who you are, or which district you're from, but I'm going to let you go. Now you run away, as fast as your feet can carry you, away from me. If I ever see you again-" Hyra narrowed his eyes, "-I will sure try to kill you." He grinned. "Happy Hunger Games!" He rolled off the girl, forced her to stand up and pushed her towards the forest.

Hyra stared at his dead District partner. "No," he whispered, falling onto his knees, realizing what he had done, what he didn't want to do, that he was panicking because he wanted to win, what he did out of haste and wished he could bring her back. "No.. No, Malia. Malia. Malia! MALIA!" Hyra yelled, knowing that she wouldn't be coming back. Her cannon had already sounded.

I won...

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Malia Flynn, District One

It was hard to see in the dim lighting. Her skin pricked from the lack of clothing. Of course, they just had to be dressed in clothing that barely covered their bodies much less kept them warm or protected. Her hair floated around her shoulders as a cool breeze washed over her. Swallowing nervously, she was harshly given the tracker injection in her forearm before being pushed into a tube. She was closed in from the rest of the world, being pulled up in the glass tube. She felt like she was being clamped, the walls closing in on her. The sudden feeling of claustrophobia overwhelmed her as she rose in the tube. The timer counted down with a loud voice, echoing in her ears with every number. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she was hit by the sun's rays and emerged in a tube.

She whiped her head to the side as she heard the announcememt surrounding her of her last name. No one here called her by her surname except for Ronnie. She felt safer alreadhy. She nodded her head in agreement, wiping the remainder of the wet blood into the grass before heaving all of her belongings and joining Ronnie. "I thiknI saw him behind the Cornucopia." Malia explained, her voice shaking slightly as she turned to look at the dead tribute.

She cried out when the rock hit her back. She gasped out from the pain, falling forward on the mossy floor. A thick rock hit her in the side of the head. And then another on her turned jaw. She was bloody and beaten all over. But now, she was not strong enough to lift herself up and even attempt to throw her spear. She had blacked out from all the pain that filled her before the knife punctured her back and split her skin. Though she wasn't awake to feel it, the wound spilled blood and the beating her body took was much too much. Another heavy rock settled on her and the same time as the sound of a canon shooting off in the distance.

I am Malia Flynn.

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