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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Chamberlain (andychamberlain) | 72 comments Hi guys

Just listening to Tom and Veronica's thoughts on the Hugo antics this year, and I'm thinking why not have the Annual Sword and Laser awards? Maybe someone's suggested this and I missed it?

Three great reasons to create the Sword and Laser awards?

1. There' many times more people subscribed to the Goodreads group (>20k) than vote in the Hugos

2. By it's nature the group here promotes and facilitates conversation about all kinds of works, so there can be a lively discussion about the merit of those works, and hopefully that will take precedent over any political agenda / slate from the left or right or anywhere else

3. S and L folk are already well used to reading stuff, and being prepared to look around for what's new and what's good,so they're already geared up for the process of review and selection

I'd suggest you do away completely with this short story / novelette / novella / novel category distinction - different groups can't agree on the definitions anyway, rather let's simply have awards for the works you liked most.

Maybe three Sword and Three laser awards:

1. Favorite work of the year in each of Sword and Laser Categories voted for by GR members

2. Tom's 'Laser of the Year' and Veronica's 'Sword of the Year' - their own choice for favorite work.

3. Best new author for each of S and L of the year. (Sure we could all spend hours arguing the definition of a 'new' author but I'm sure that can be worked out)

Announce the winners at a big convention. This could be the pre-eminent award in Science Fiction and Fantasy within 5 years.

What say you?


message 2: by Rob, Roberator (new)

Rob (robzak) | 6785 comments Mod
We have several threads on this topic already. We don't really need another.

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Chamberlain (andychamberlain) | 72 comments Got it, thanks

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