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ENDING! *Spoilers*

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emma What are your opinions on the ending?
For me, it was really, really sad! One of the saddest endings I've read, but it didn't really make sense. How come Day can't remember June? I know that it's because June was only in a short period of his life, but it was still really unnecessary.
I also didn't really like Tess. She was really annoying, and I didn't like how she ended up with Day, and June ended up with Anden.

Nadia True.Well day forgot who June was because he lost his memory.But,I do regret that tess with day ship.I mean,to me june belonged to day,and tess was just sitting there being annoying.

Iulia but, guys. In the end there was Day and June all the way. June broke up with Anden, after giving it a shot, living together and that stuff. June and Day bump into each other on the street, and he still had her paperclip ring and you can see that so much more will follow. So it was a really beautiful ending, from my POV.

Nadia I agree.It was a beautiful and emotional ending

Veronica It was sad but june and day were given a second chance.

Ilana i feel like it was bittersweet. While i wasn't necessarily an Anden fan when he was introduced to us, i think that it's great that June gave him a chance and really gave their relationship a chance. They had something great both personally and professionally and i think that it was worth the years that they invested.

what was so bittersweet though is that Day lived -but did he really? and June was so willing to just make it work with the way that Day was now - that he didn't necessarily remember her but had a sense that he did - that made me really sad. I love that the door was open for them to have something down the line, but i wish that they could have been happy together since that's where they were going throughout the story.

Robin i hated that Day didnt remember June or what they had together, but i realized something like that was going to happen when she kept saying she would do anything for him to be okay and survive. so when he woke up with no idea who she was, yes, i was definitely sad, but not surprised. as the book ends there is foreshadowing like with Day still wearing her ring to signify its importance and it seems like there is a trigger of hope of Day remembering certain aspects of her and i hope one day his memory does come back entirely and they do end up happy together - i just would have liked to have seen it.

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Rozus it's cheesy YA ending really pissed me off, 'losing memory'theme is so popular in YA books and it's just cheesy drama. I thought it will be different with Legend and Marie lu, my expectations were too high. She's like every YA author. She destroyed her characters and their relationships and everything, they deserved much more than some fucking every YA book losing memory pointless shit ending,

kayla tulop I don't really think the ending was shitty, but it was sort of satisfying. It is kind of realistic for a book. For example, Allegient was amazing because of the ending. Roth didn't end it with some shitty happy ending. Seriously.. Any author that writes a book with a happy ending it basically shit. Every author should know that not all books should end it like that because us readers always know what will happen. There are some books that need the happy ending because of us readers root for it.. For example, Mara Dyer series which was absolutely amazing. So the ending of this book was satisfying because of the realistic ending that Lu gave us. It is basically a lesson telling us, not everything will start and end the way we want it to. I know I know.. it's a book.. don't be so fucking dramatic.. but lets be real endings like this basically made me realize that books won't end up the way we want it to because it isn't how we see it, it's how the writer sees it. Yeah she should write another book or maybe even book 3.5.. but if you have a problem with it write your own fucking fourth book to make yourself happy lol
^^dude what other book has a losing memory theme?

Christian I think that June shouldve still introduced herself to Day as his girlfriend after he lost his memory because then they will hopefully be together because really the ending killed me IM STILL NOT OVER IT. DUNE

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Rozus shitty ending because of 'losing memory', not because it wasn't happy ; / i like Allegiant ending.

Aisyaraisya Iulia wrote: "but, guys. In the end there was Day and June all the way. June broke up with Anden, after giving it a shot, living together and that stuff. June and Day bump into each other on the street, and he s..."

I agree with you, I hope somehow Marrie wrote some novela. IT WOULD AWSOOOOOMEEE

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