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Yea it sounds awesome. Post-apocalyptic then?

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cool cool. will you mind me being a girl as well?

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I mean I don't mind it if you don't

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Fxf I suppose but either is okay

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Hm ill just make a name and find a picture really quick

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Name: Alice Green
Appearance: http://data2.whicdn.com/images/580352...

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Alice was feeling vulnerable and scared. She had gotten separated from her family in a fight with another group. She was left to wonder alone until she came across these people. She stepped before her looking up and gulped.

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"Alice.." she whispered timidly bowing her head in submission. She cleared her throat and tried to seem less weak,firming her stance. "Alice." She said a bit louder.

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She held her arm awkwardly. "Erm.. no. I'm lost. I lost my family.." she said honestly in hope they would help her find them.

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"Wait what??" She said confused, backing up. "I just need to find my family."

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"We have to save them then." She declared crossing her arms stubbornly.

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"Like an idiot?.." she repeated getting taken aback by her insult. She furrowed her eyebrows. "What sort of leader are you?? If it was one of these brainwashed zombies," she said gesturing to the soldier like people. "you would be after them in a heartbeat... or would you?"

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"Kid? You look no older than 15 maybe 16." She challenged. "You're the child here not I." She turned her back on her starting to walk away.

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((I don't care it's up to you :) if you hhd something else in mind thats okay too))

"And what use am I to you?" She questioned stopping for a moment.

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She was caught off guard by the compliment and blushed a bit turning around to watch her walk off. She met the eyes of the others and quickly looked away.


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((Omg this has to become a thing))

She smiled smally back. "Alrighty then." She replied letting him lead her away.

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She marveled at all the supplies, especially at the food. Her tummy grumbled and she blushed. "Sorry..." she muttered.

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She scampered off excitedly. She had eaten in at least 2 days. She went for the mac n cheese supply immediately.

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She jumped a bit in surprise trying to remain composed. "Erm, yes I suppose I am." She made the purchase and shoved the box in satchel and searched for a pan.

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((Alice more knows she is bi :P and wow that is nice looking girl ♡.♡))

"Meh, thanks for the tip but they'll take me as I am or not take me at all." She said with a smirk and chuckle.

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"Just that I'm not going to change for anyone." She said blushing deeply when she met her gaze.

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She looked down shyly her courage draining from her. "May I begin tomorrow?.. I haven't eaten in quite awhile and I just bought this food and all.."

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((Sure :) ))

*tomorrow around 8*

Alice reports to her training waiting for Lily.

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"Hello." She said nodding her head. "What will my training consist of?"

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She shifted on her feet uneasily. "With knives??" She said incredulously.

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She nodded nervously. "Okay, okay. Just be careful.."

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She didn't really know how to prepare her self so she just watched closely trying to remain focused.

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"Yes please. " she said gratefully.

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She draws in a breath shivering. She turns to look at her watching her give her instruction getting lost in her eyes.

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She shook her head coming to her senses blushing deeply. "Yep yep I got it.#

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She nodded making herself focus on Lily's every movement. "Ready."

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Alice leaned out of the way and rolled past her hopping back on her feet.

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She winces, unable to avoid the second attack. She cursed under her breath trying to hide her pain.

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She starts limping to a nearby place to sit. "Yea I'll be okay. " she said painting a smile.

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"Its okay theres no need for all the fuss." She said trying to stand again but falling.

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((I know I'm fangirling a lot right now!!))

She blushed softly diverting her gaze from Lily. She actually cared about her?... "Thank you." She said. "For tbe training and medical help and all.."

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Alice blushed even deeper clearing her throat awkwardley. She stood and undid her pants looking away as she shuffled out of them.

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"Please dont feel bad..." she said at a soft tone letting her wrap her wound.

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She winced standing. "Yes yes I'll be okay."

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She nodded taking her hand for support. "Will you please?"

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"Thank you, Lily." She said kindly stepping in. She drew in a breath. This was more than she had ever had in her whole life.

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"Wait!" She said grabbing her arm. "Stay with me a bit. "

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She joined her clearing her throat awkwardly. "So..."

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