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message 1: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments Hey! I guess I should make a short form?


And maybe I should add a bit?
I'm thinking the two could be from rivaling kingdoms and the assassin could get caught in the act. Just an idea, though! c:

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Hmm. Not a bad idea.

Maybe a prince/princess and their castle hired a trained assassin/bodyguard to protect them, and to go after enemies...?
Sorry if that's not a very good idea, I'm sleepy right now...

message 3: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments Oh, that's good! I think we should use that, it seems really interesting.

Would you be the prince?

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Yeah, I can be the prince..

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Characters?

message 6: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments Okay, so I think this sounds good! I'll fill out my form now.

Name: Rosie Gale
Age: 17 (?)

Personality: Rosie may seem merciless and cruel to those who don't know her, but that's just a facade she creates. She's a kind person with a deep appreciation for art and literature; always lost in deep thought. It's difficult to get close to her unless you can listen to her opinions on books and pondering thoughts on the universe.

That's not to say she's a pure being. If angered, she will be violent; vicious, and every word that comes out of her mouth will hurt. And she meant it to be like that.

message 7: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments I hope that was okay. I kinda just jumped in.

message 8: by Fallen Catalyst (last edited Apr 29, 2015 06:50PM) (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) That's fine.

Name: Cameron (Cam) Anthony Quinn
Age: 18
Appearance: http://ccjhs.shcsc.k12.in.us/StudentR...

I'm not gonna do a personality, it'll show as we roleplay.

message 9: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments That's good! Want me to start ..?

message 10: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Yes please.

message 11: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments Rosie's eyes darted back and forth between the two men on either side of her; Prince Cameron's bodyguards; in an effort to take in her surroundings. She'd never been in such a huge building. The magnificent high ceilings were almost daunting, and the detailed paintings on the walls amazed her.

"You'll be meeting the prince today," The man on the right said, pulling open a large door engraved with silver patterns. "You best learn to get along with him; I know how difficult you can be; because you'll be protecting him for quite a while."

message 12: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron sighed. The last thing he wanted was more protection. He paced around the library, the place he had chosen to meet this new bodyguard. He heard the door open and turned. He was dressed in a simple suit.

message 13: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments "She's arrived." The man on the right said, bowing his head slightly. Lexi decided to do the same, although she knew how unenthusiastic she looked.
"Rosie Gale. Nice to meet you." Her lips pulled into a tight smile and she made eye contact with the prince, although all she could think about was going exploring around the castle. Too bad that wasn't an option.
She felt slightly awkward standing in front of him, as he was dressed formally and she was dressed in dark clothing and boots, caked with dirt.

message 14: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron nodded. "Cameron Quinn," he said, introducing himself even though she probably already knew who he was. He was doing his best to be friendly, like his father, the king, had told him to. Cameron hated that he had to wear a suit just to meet someone, but it was what the king wanted so he did as he was told.

message 15: by Lexi (last edited Apr 25, 2015 09:37PM) (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments The men walked away and closed the door behind them, but not before saying: "Tea will be here soon. Get to know each other!" And glaring suspiciously at Rosie.

She didn't say a word as she awkwardly strolled over to a bookshelf.
"Oh!" She gasped, a grin suddenly taking over her face. "I love this book. I used to read it all the time when I was younger. It's very good. It really makes you think, you know? And-"

She stopped herself, sliding the book back into it's correct place. "Forgive me."

message 16: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron shook his head. "You're fine." He loosened the tie that was around his neck. "This is a library after all, you can take and read any of the books in here." Cameron told her, walking around.

message 17: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments Rosie sighed in relief, turning her attention back towards the shelf. She wasn't so sure about the prince. She'd expected him to be uptight and rude, but he seemed decent enough. And it wasn't like she could be anything other than decent towards him.
"Beautiful castle." She said, anxious to make conversation. The silence was awkward, and she sensed that he didn't want her there. "I've never been somewhere like this before."

message 18: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "Lucky," Cameron muttered. He didn't like the castle, he didn't like all the rules and everything he had to follow. He hated being trapped in a castle, and only being allowed To go out if he had a guard with him.

message 19: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments She peered at him from the corner of her eyes, frowning, sliding another book back into it's place. The frustration in his voice made her heart feel somewhat heavy.
"I'm not going to pretend I know why you said that. And I'm not going to ask," She whispered. "But, I'm sorry."

message 20: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "It's not your fault." Cameron replied. He paced around the library, biting his lip. He wished he wasn't the oldest/only child. It meant that he was heir to the throne, a position he didn't want.

message 21: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments His pacing began to stress her out, despite her efforts to concentrate on reading.
"Hey," She murmured, tentatively putting her hand on his shoulder. "Are you sure you're alright?"

Well, it is my job to protect him.

message 22: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "I'm fine," Cameron replied, pulling away from her hand. He stopped pacing, looking down.

message 23: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments She slowly lowered her hand, sighing. "Even though I'm supposed to be described as your assassin, I'm supposed to make sure you're alright, too. Please, if something's wrong.."

message 24: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "Nothing's wrong," Cameron snapped at her. He took a deep breath and looked at her. "Sorry," he whispered.

message 25: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments She nodded once, watching him closely. Something obviously was wrong, and maybe there was no way to pry it out of him.
"You've done nothing." She breathed. "I am here to be a friend and protector, not a nuisance. I'll be taking my leave if you'd prefer it."

message 26: by Fallen Catalyst (last edited Apr 26, 2015 07:07AM) (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron shrugged. "whatever. If you want to leave then go ahead, I don't really care." He turned and walked to the door. "I didn't request you to be here, so you don't have to be here if you don't want to."

message 27: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments "If you didn't request me to be here," Rosie sighed, rolling her eyes. It was no use being polite; he didn't seem to care either way. "then why was I called upon? Why am I standing in this room right now?"

message 28: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "Ask my father. He summoned you here," Cameron replied, looking over his shoulder at her. He pulled open the door to the library.

message 29: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments The door slammed in front of her, and she stood in silence, her eyebrows twitching in frustration. She didn't like the way he was talking to her; like she was a nuisance.

Rosie stomped to the door, holding it open, staring up at him angrily. "I can't just go talk to your dad. You'll have to come with me. If you actually care at all."

message 30: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron sighed, looking at her. "You can ask one of the guards to escort you. Since you are a part of this castle, you don't need me to get an audience with the king." He told her.
He turned to walk away from her. Cameron bit his lip, walking down the hallway.

message 31: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments Rosie scoffed. "Now where are you going? I'm supposed to know that. There's a war going on, you know."
She clicked her tongue.
"And I'm supposed to protect you. This has good pay. I intend to do my job correctly, so we might as well learn to get along."

message 32: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "I know there is a war going on," Cameron muttered, not looking back at her. He kept walking, heading toward his room. "I don't need more protection. There is a total of about 50 guards here. That's not including my personal guards or the Kings personal guards."

message 33: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments "Maybe so," Rosie laughed bitterly. "but they're cowards. Would any of them be willing to kill someone; with a blade or otherwise; for any of this? Or would they shy away..?"

She walked slower than him, staying a couple feet behind him. The sun had gone down only minutes ago, the moonlight illuminating her face along with the dim chandeliers on the ceiling.

message 34: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron shrugged. "I don't know, and honestly I don't care." He told her. He stopped in front of the door to his room. Cameron looked at her, biting his lip.

message 35: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments "That's strange, that you don't care." She mused, a bit of nervousness forming in her stomach. "I would. Do you lack empathy for these guards? They are people you know."

Rosie tapped her toes on the floor looking down. "I'd better go learn my way around this castle, I suppose. Your henchman don't trust me. And this is how ill rumors are born."

message 36: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "I do care about the guards. But they chose this job, they signed up for it. They knew that they could end up dying for the castle..." Cameron replied, watching her.

He nodded slightly. "The castle isn't that complicated. Just look around for like landmarks to remember where stuff is." Cameron told her.

message 37: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments "Alright," Rosie sighed, wringing her hands. She turned and began to walk away, but stopped in her tracks. "I am Rosanne Ridge Gale." She said. "If you ever feel the need to confide in me, don't hesitate."

message 38: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron nodded. He pushed open his door and went inside. He closed and locked the door before changing out of his suit into a comfortable pair of jeans and a tshirt.

message 39: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments ((Time skip to dinner, maybe?))

message 40: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) ((Sure. You start)

message 41: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments Rosie pulled a chair out loudly, sliding into it rather ungracefully. The castle's seamstress had hastily put together a rather uncomfortable dress for her, and after much begging, she'd let Rosie keep her boots.

"You shine up well," She'd told her. "Don't drop any food on that."

message 42: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron walked into the dining room, talking to one of his guards. He didn't follow his fathers rules, coming to dinner in jeans and a button down shirt. He nodded at the guard before taking his seat.

message 43: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments Once everyone had arrived in the dining hall, whispering quietly to each other; Rosie began to study each of them separately. She attempted to memorize each person's face.
"We've a new friend with us today!" Said the man at the head of the table, standing up and nodding at Rosie in a friendly manner. "We're honored to have you!"

message 44: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron looked at Rosie and nodded respectfully. He looked up at the man who was his father, the king. Cameron bit his lip. He knew exactly how he was supposed to act and followed it perfectly.

message 45: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments "Thanks." Rosie said simply, nodding. The king's round eyes looked almost criticizing, and her eyes flicked between him and his son.
"Why don't you stand up and tell us what you've done in the past? We'd all love to hear it!"

message 46: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron smirked slightly, familiar with the routine. He bit his lip, his face quickly going back to being expressionless. He looked around the table.

message 47: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments Rosie stood up, staring straight ahead.
"I'm from up North." She mumbled quietly. The people in this kingdom were somewhat wary of people from the North. "I've worked for one princess and one prince, aside from Prince Cameron. I have killed seventy-nine enemies."
She slid back into her chair.

message 48: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron nodded at her when she sat back down. He sighed quietly, looking around. He wondered why his father had hired her. They had plenty of guards already.

message 49: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 279 comments "You're a beautiful girl, and a wonderful addition to our kingdom." A woman a few seats down from Cameron gushed. "Welcome, welcome! I'm so excited you're here!"
Rosie all but nodded, crossing and uncrossing her legs under the table. Something felt wrong; uncomfortable almost. She glanced at Cameron.

message 50: by Fallen Catalyst (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Cameron was staring off into space, tuning out everything around him. He sighed softly, biting his lip. He barely heard the lady gushing about Rosie.

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